All the little things | Panti | TEDxDublin

  • Published on Jan 8, 2015
  • This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Ireland's foremost "gender discombobulist", Panti, shares her experience of the little, everyday things that can have a huge impact on the wellbeing of gay people. Panti expresses her thoughts on navigating a world in which the simple act of holding hands can be a political statement in itself.
    Panti is Ireland's foremost "gender discombobulist" and "accidental activist”. She was also presented with an Irish 'People of the Year' award in 2014. Panti's creator Rory O'Neill sparked a national furore when he appeared on national television and named certain individuals and organisations as homophobic. When Panti took to the stage of the National Theatre to defend herself, her ten minute oration became an international sensation.
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  • brandonisi
    brandonisi 5 days ago

    I have to be honest, I came into this having my doubts because I’ve never really understood drag queen culture...but wow. Her comments about being jealous of the little things straight couples take for granted were spot on. I’ve always felt that but she put it into words so perfectly. I’ve been with my husband 14 years. We are 100% secure in our marriage and our relationship. But if we ever find ourselves at, say...the mall....holding hands or those little touches aren’t something we can casually do. It’s very conscious. Excellent talk!

    This might be one of the most moving talks I’ve been fortunate enough to watch. Hey

    JSWMI Month ago +1

    Love her and deeply appreciate her Ted Talk.

  • Zane M
    Zane M 3 months ago

    🤡🤡🤡🤡 in the comments

  • Sterling Nykamp
    Sterling Nykamp 4 months ago +1

    Preach hunny!!!

  • owen lunney
    owen lunney 5 months ago +1

    panti thank you

  • pso777atlantika
    pso777atlantika 6 months ago

    I would have loved to see her at the very end of her talk, invite her partner out on stage then, facing the audience, taken his hand in hers and stood there before an entire public audience and held hands with another man.

  • Andre Poidomani
    Andre Poidomani 6 months ago

    I am 47 and I am tired, I am 47 and I am exhausted, I am 47 and I am human.
    Thank you Panti. While this is an old clip it,is still so relevant.
    If you take out the terms Marriage and insert “religious freedom” it’s the same argument.
    I’m from Australia and only in recent years did my monogamous relationship of 20 year go to a public referendum, which was successful. But not without a vile and hideous campaign by the religious right and bigots.
    How my personal life effects those out side of it, I am still wondering.
    We are now in a religious freedom phase of trying to put us back in the closet and make,it ok to vilify LGBTI communities (case still pending).
    I am tired of fighting, I am tired of being scared and I am tired of being tired.

  • calypso666
    calypso666 8 months ago

    is that 'her' name panty?

    • 420gamerxnoscope69
      420gamerxnoscope69 7 months ago

      the guy's name is Rory O'Neill, in this video he's dressed in drag and his drag name is Panti Bliss.
      I hope that cleared it up for you.

  • adrianandshane
    adrianandshane 9 months ago +1

    Such an incredibly powerful talk. Very relatable. Beautifully delivered.

  • Terry Lawrence
    Terry Lawrence 10 months ago

    Is it the next step in human species? We need some help then.

  • Zeminar
    Zeminar Year ago

    Absolutely phenomenal - delivery had me gripped!

  • Inanna Lynn
    Inanna Lynn Year ago


  • MDF
    MDF Year ago

    Beautifully said. Thank you.

  • probablyjustme77
    probablyjustme77 Year ago +2

    Kill it with fire before it lays eggs!

  • roque hidalgo
    roque hidalgo Year ago +3

    I watched this so many times this is an amazing speech this should be more recognized this for me is one of the greatest speeches of the 21st century

  • Sean OToole
    Sean OToole Year ago +2

    I'm a straight American guy that is trying to understand. This is a great speech. We try to bring and understand our LGBT friends. When one of our friends slips (their words) and they think that they have embarrassed me they are easy with all kinds of apologies. They have never said or done anything that bad. How do I explain that any embarrassment of mine is on me for my ignorance. We have an annual Halloween Party that we include them in and we always tell them to bring someone but they don't.
    When people ask me about being friends with them all that I can say is "No LGBT person has ever hurt me!" and I always add that no "Person of Color has ever hurt me either!" "The reason that he powers want us fighting them is so we don't figure out who the are the real enemy is!"

  • Johnny Hyland
    Johnny Hyland Year ago +1

    Oh my goodness,
    What a beautiful speech. Love you Panti Bliss

  • Johnny Hyland
    Johnny Hyland Year ago

    Oh my goodness,
    What a beautiful speech. Love you Panti Bliss

  • Johnny Hyland
    Johnny Hyland Year ago

    Oh my goodness,
    What a beautiful speech. Love you Panti Bliss

  • Johnny Hyland
    Johnny Hyland Year ago

    Oh my goodness,
    What a beautiful speech. Love you Panti Bliss

  • Johnny Hyland
    Johnny Hyland Year ago

    Great Speech

  • Johnny Hyland
    Johnny Hyland Year ago

    I Loved this Speech. Very good speech. Thank you

  • Johnny Hyland
    Johnny Hyland Year ago

    I Loved this Speech. Very good speech. Thank you

  • Johnny Hyland
    Johnny Hyland Year ago

    I Loved this Speech. Very good speech. Thank you

  • Johnny Hyland
    Johnny Hyland Year ago

    I Loved this Speech. Very good speech. Thank you

  • Johnny Hyland
    Johnny Hyland Year ago

    I Loved this Speech. Very good speech. Thank you

  • Nicolas Palomares
    Nicolas Palomares Year ago +1

    I have no words to express how impressed I am by your speech. One of the best speeches I have ever heard. I am 45 years old now and I totally agree with you. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Best wishes.

  • Buddy B.
    Buddy B. Year ago +1

    Everything Patty spoke about I have done without actually realizing how my actions were based in fear. I never discussed all the little things I did on a daily basis not even with my partner. Had we talked about those little things then as Patty says they would no longer be the little everyday things that straight couples do without giving it much thought.

  • Gerard Mazzarese
    Gerard Mazzarese Year ago

    My daughter would not be caught dead on a dress. You look terrible in that dress.

  • Faisal Irzal
    Faisal Irzal Year ago +2

    Powerful message. Thank you so much!

  • Mitchell Finlay
    Mitchell Finlay Year ago +2

    i'm a guy holding hands with a guy and i'm not asking to be noticed. i'm not asking if this is a safe place to hold hands out in public. i'm not asking to be looked at any differently than any other ordinary couple holding hands as they walk down the road. because i am that ordinary couple. i am ordinary. i am boring. i'm not asking, i'm being. human being.

  • Click Click Expose
    Click Click Expose Year ago +3

    3 years later and this is still a remarkable speech to watch. Be proud of who you are!!

  • Philipp Stöveken
    Philipp Stöveken Year ago +1

    amazing talk. keep going sister

  • Álvaro Maurício
    Álvaro Maurício 2 years ago

    Today i had to deal with ignorance and stupidy... for the first time in many years. I know i will always have to ponder the cons everytime i kiss and hold hands in public... it gets easier with time... but this feels like a setback... not appreciated...

  • takis papas
    takis papas 2 years ago +2

    So well articulated. Correct.Accurate. Nothing more nothing less

  • Madz C
    Madz C 2 years ago

    Loooove you Panti! Thank you for speaking out and educating human beings.

  • Rob Noordink
    Rob Noordink 2 years ago +1


  • Tim Justice
    Tim Justice 2 years ago


  • Frans Blokhuis
    Frans Blokhuis 2 years ago

  • tmokhachane88
    tmokhachane88 2 years ago +2

    I am also fed up! Such a good orator though, well done.

  • yescandles
    yescandles 2 years ago +2

    I am 65 years old and so exhausted there are times I don't even want to be myself anymore.

  • Alessandra Ferrara
    Alessandra Ferrara 2 years ago +1

    Great great talk.

  • Jake the Snake
    Jake the Snake 2 years ago +2

    Truer words were never spoken.

  • Caleb Benites
    Caleb Benites 2 years ago +2

    I just love this

  • Dianne S
    Dianne S 2 years ago +2

    Excellent speech. Eloquent and heart-felt.

  • Ariana Marble
    Ariana Marble 2 years ago +3

    Panti is so incredibly fabulous.

  • ok
    ok 2 years ago +2

    Wonderful speech.

  • Ella Biddy
    Ella Biddy 2 years ago +1

    I felt this way when I had a girlfriend. So many stares. Also I spent this whole video trying to figure out whether her hair is a really good wig, or fucking amazingly styled real hair.

  • Alexander S. Bauhart
    Alexander S. Bauhart 2 years ago +1

    Go Girl. I LOVE YOU~!!!!

  • Hannah mich
    Hannah mich 2 years ago +2

    An excellent speech ! My spouse and I are lucky in that I appear male so we can get away with an emotional embrace. In reality I was born with an intersex body that had both male and female bits but a female brain. So I express myself when we are alone together and yes this is painful.

  • Spiral Python
    Spiral Python 2 years ago +54

    This should be required viewing for EVERY HUMAN. This is one of the best orations I have ever had the privilege to hear. Thank you.

  • Dawan Robinson
    Dawan Robinson 2 years ago +3

    Courageous speech

  • Missy Marie
    Missy Marie 2 years ago +1

    I love him!

  • Sergio Viula
    Sergio Viula 2 years ago +2

    Absolutely wonderful! Daring, brave, corageous, thouroughly true. Thank you TED Talks and PANTI! Panti, you are just amazing. Luv ya!

  • Rick Meijer
    Rick Meijer 2 years ago

    I'm 62 and let's leave it at that... the point he makes is so blatant, we should not have to have to have to make it anymore..

  • BowtiesAreCool
    BowtiesAreCool 2 years ago +1

    I'm 13 and I'm already fed up with it

  • VoyagerOne
    VoyagerOne 2 years ago

    That's a really powerful speech.

  • KoSeKu
    KoSeKu 2 years ago

    im 26 years old Turk living in Turkey and i hold hands without care

  • Titch
    Titch 2 years ago +4

    I always try not to notice but I can't help smiling when I see a gay couple holding hands or cuddling etc. Because I'm a gay teen from a small homophobic, rural town and it gives me hope.

  • Aaron Lamont
    Aaron Lamont 2 years ago +1

    i love that he addressed the main issue which rarely gets addressed but many gay and straight ppl know that it is the reason for the disgust at homosexuality: the sodomy.