A Tool Chest For Alec Steele

  • Published on Apr 30, 2017
  • Well here it is guys! My way of saying thank you to a fellow craftsman for blessing me with a gorgeous hand made chisel. If you missed the chisel video click the link below.
    Alec's unboxing: ru-clip.com/video/xglHnNZWdsk/video.html
    Chisel video:
    My tool store: samuraicarpenter.com/japanese-saws/
    My website: samuraicarpenter.com
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  • john smith
    john smith 12 days ago

    isn't that alec's touch mark on the top, I can see the good intention, but that's supposed to be a mark for things he makes, instead, you should have used your own on it so he has 'your' personal creation.

  • atzo naftaniel
    atzo naftaniel 12 days ago

    To be honest I watch your videos because of you. You are so handsome. Can't stop looking at you.

  • José Duarte
    José Duarte 25 days ago

    The homily at the end of the video was by itself worth viewing. You have many good elements of teaching methodology: thematic instruction, activating prior knowledge schema, guided instruction, and Freirean empowerment. Would you please add diagrams and specs?

  • aviario R.J
    aviario R.J Month ago

    exelente trabajo amigo. de que país eres saludos de chile🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • killertoast
    killertoast Month ago

    Your channel along with many others have inspired me to repair and build things in wood and all purpose house-maintenance, just wanted you to know! :) Thank you for the content

  • B Brown
    B Brown Month ago

    Your skill on a bandsaw is absolutely incredible.

    I'd also like to know how long it takes you to build these projects. I know setting up cameras and editing adds a lot of time, but this 15 minute video makes it look like you threw this box together in an hour or two.

  • Dolphinboi
    Dolphinboi Month ago

    10:45 That's actually a pretty cool shot

  • Dolphinboi
    Dolphinboi Month ago

    A marking gauge sounds so goddamn useful for precision cuts

  • DarkForce X
    DarkForce X 2 months ago

    Those peg extensions lock down on your wood saw are awesome. Im gonna make those tomorrow 👍👍

  • Keith Stewart
    Keith Stewart 2 months ago

    when I watch you work, I can smell the sawdust, thanks for all your inspiration!

  • a synd
    a synd 2 months ago

    My dad and I created a fine furniture woodworking LLC that we have been slowly growing over the last 14 months. It all started with your workbench video. Then, when you and Alec hooked up on gifting each other things, I'm hooked even more. Thanks for renewing true craftsmanship.

  • Adam Smythe
    Adam Smythe 2 months ago

    4:44 Cool mitre pull saw

  • Mark Clemence
    Mark Clemence 2 months ago

    I had to go to mute at 2 minutes in, nice video tho

  • JimmyJak
    JimmyJak 3 months ago

    I thought the jointer was supposed to remove twist? Why use the chisel

  • Kevin Doyle
    Kevin Doyle 3 months ago

    Brilliant video, what timber did you use?

  • Raymond O'Reilly
    Raymond O'Reilly 3 months ago

    I like the old rifle over your head, like an old Lee Enfield 303

  • pee wee
    pee wee 3 months ago

    Bruh that band saw accuracy got me moist :o

  • Orville is the new Trek

    Absolutely breathtaking, I love precision craftsmanship. Keep building.

  • William C Allen
    William C Allen 3 months ago

    It is an absolute joy to see such clear passion manifested in such craftsmanship. Love it.

  • rolando salvania
    rolando salvania 4 months ago

    awesome, how i wish i am as lucky as alec, I would settle for a number 5 planner bro lol. Love your work. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

  • Mr. Aldrich
    Mr. Aldrich 4 months ago

    I enjoy the sounds of life in the background. A good father always has his kid around him when he is enjoying life and making something.

  • Mr. Aldrich
    Mr. Aldrich 4 months ago

    10,000 times better to watch then Bob vila's program ask this old House

  • Jean-Paul Teterra
    Jean-Paul Teterra 4 months ago

    Seed definitely fell on fertile soil here

  • scottbelen
    scottbelen 5 months ago

    You are a very talented man, thanks for the great videos

  • Moises Robles
    Moises Robles 5 months ago

    I'm sure that you couldn't find better opportunities here

  • Moises Robles
    Moises Robles 5 months ago

    Alec steel just move to the us you can do it to

  • Moises Robles
    Moises Robles 5 months ago

    If you don't have enough work in Canada then you should move to the US

  • Moises Robles
    Moises Robles 5 months ago

    I like your shows but the only thing that I see is just projects for your house I don't see you doing anything on the Outfield that's where you find the real problems

  • Andre Emmell
    Andre Emmell 5 months ago

    Thanks for the wonderful, creative, and simple spirit of woodworking project. I live in an apartment
    so low noise is paramount. I started to use the Japanese manual methods and came across your
    projects and how you make them. I have been hooked ever since. Thanks for these wonderful
    videos. Please continue to make them.

  • Samuel Fitzgerald
    Samuel Fitzgerald 5 months ago

    It's kind of sad that, as far as I know, Alec hasn't brought this to the States with him...

  • Ron JL White
    Ron JL White 6 months ago

    I seen the unboxing then the build. Liked, subscribed and hit the bell. Nice work!!!

  • Bruce Barnes
    Bruce Barnes 6 months ago

    You my friend are a true Craftsman exquisite box

  • Brendan Stempski
    Brendan Stempski 7 months ago

    wow you are a great guy and a talented carpenter. +1 sub good luck on further projects

  • Hamish the Irish Amish
    Hamish the Irish Amish 7 months ago

    Get a few years on you and you won't be doing assembly down on the floor,,,,,,,,,great project!

  • Bowra Gak
    Bowra Gak 7 months ago

    Great job man...I am inspired....Problem is tools are so damn expensive. Im going to try with what little i have though

  • Brett Wordon
    Brett Wordon 7 months ago

    If you don’t like the music in your video, why don’t you just change it, instead of walking round with ear muffs?

  • Spasquicky modt
    Spasquicky modt 7 months ago

    would you make a chest for another poeple, poeple who don't have million of dollars?

  • Ryan Tonhauser
    Ryan Tonhauser 7 months ago

    There's nothing more rewarding than a close sharp shave. Fantastic collaboration. I'd be o come out for a vs I and help out. My style is Arts an Crafts (stickley, green and green). You have stoked me to combine the 'samurai' with 'arts and crafts'. Very excited. Thanks

  • pthomgalaxy
    pthomgalaxy 7 months ago

    It must feel great to make something so beautiful with your own hands. Inspirational

  • Vince Dibona
    Vince Dibona 7 months ago

    Gorgeous! This reminds me of the days when I would watch the New Yankee Workshop. But this is better.

  • Ezonial
    Ezonial 8 months ago

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but any chance somebody knows what music is used in this video?

  • George Daws
    George Daws 8 months ago

    Great work, a pity 242 people gave it a thumbs down? they must be experts who could see faults no one else could.

  • lowflyer55
    lowflyer55 8 months ago

    Not only was the chisel wrought for you by Alec Steele a spectacular piece of work, but this box you created for him in return is a thing of rare beauty. Your outstanding craftsmanship and art was then capped off by the soulfulness of what it really means to be a father. I was the same way with my son when he was tiny. He's 14 now...big as me...and we're not just father and son, but we're best friends. But back to your work -- thank you both (you and Alec) for sharing your excellence with us.

  • the English rocker 666 001

    Such a beautiful piece of art and beautifully made

  • Seanfrtd
    Seanfrtd 8 months ago

    Tripod malfunction? I thought that was a intentional transition 😋

  • Jo Eltham
    Jo Eltham 8 months ago

    What a beautiful gift. Alec was over the moon. Just seen him fighting with the packaging. This is going to be a beautiful collaboration. You are an artist sir.

  • Alfred Calanoc
    Alfred Calanoc 9 months ago


  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 9 months ago

    I like how you uses Alec Steel’s chisel to remove the twist.

  • Steven Terhune
    Steven Terhune 9 months ago

    What was the name of the tool you used to score the wood before you started chiseling???

  • jahartmn
    jahartmn 9 months ago

    Rebirth of craftsmanship... YES!

  • thisoneisforcommenting ok

    love the work hate the finish

  • Patrick Teague
    Patrick Teague 9 months ago

    Came here from watch from Alec Steele. Amazing crafsmanship you have there. I look forward to watching more of your videos and I've subscribed.

  • Vibical
    Vibical 9 months ago

    Greatest anime crossover of 2017.

  • KingBobXIV
    KingBobXIV 9 months ago

    Oof, that tripod malfunction, and at the best part D:
    Clearly, you and Alec need to collab to make a set of damascus tripods :P

  • Ira Dole
    Ira Dole 10 months ago

    what (company) are the all black power tools? And is that a custom tool vest you're wearing?

  • bluesky6327
    bluesky6327 10 months ago

    Here in the South, the only appropriate response to the end of this video would be PREACH! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • GDB Motovlogs
    GDB Motovlogs 10 months ago

    Why the dislikes? This is art!

    THEVIKING 10 months ago

    You rock!

  • Eredirn Celiener
    Eredirn Celiener 10 months ago

    a fascinating process, how could it possible that almost 200 user didnt like it?

  • David Parry
    David Parry 10 months ago

    nice job

  • Nick Henno
    Nick Henno 10 months ago +1

    Came from steeles channel

  • mickpunx
    mickpunx 10 months ago

    What if you get alec to make some hand planing blades and you make the planes 💡

  • Raul Antonio Araya Bugueño

    Excelente maestro su trabajo felicitaciones desde STG de Chile

  • 2late 4most
    2late 4most 10 months ago

    Make me one

  • Lester Grayson
    Lester Grayson 10 months ago

    Is that a 303 British hanging on the wall behind you

  • iBacon
    iBacon 10 months ago

    Be sure dude, you've been a massive inspiration for me. Keep doing the good work.

  • rif
    rif 10 months ago

    Around 2:00 and 2:30, what holds the saw's track down on the wood?

  • Chris B
    Chris B 10 months ago

    I’m sorry if it’s been answered before but why do you paint your power tools black?

  • Roi Czechvala
    Roi Czechvala 11 months ago

    I loved this. I subscribed, and it gives new hope for us rough guys. All we can do is make book case's. But damn fine ones.

  • Roi Czechvala
    Roi Czechvala 11 months ago

    I watch Alec's projects as I know nothing about forging and I find it fascinating. I have subscribed to your feed as it pisses me off. I am a rough carpenter. I'll build you a house, but I can't do the interior. I have much to learn. Thank you.

  • Paulo Henrique S.M
    Paulo Henrique S.M 11 months ago

    Profissional, um alô daqui do Brasil.

  • fourp4nts
    fourp4nts 11 months ago

    o m g ! h e u s e d A l e c ‘ s C h i s e l ! !

  • ian's forge
    ian's forge 11 months ago

    can i have one please

  • galanie
    galanie 11 months ago

    SO good to see an actual craftsman rather than some guy with a lot of expensive power tools! Also, Thank you for not putting some kind of ugly red dye on that lovely cherry wood! It will now age to the most incredible color ever, that you can't get with any stain.

  • Trudel Albert
    Trudel Albert 11 months ago

    You should have kept the kind of twist wood and put then in the box

  • crokey64
    crokey64 Year ago

    Damn I love those kid sounds.......... good on you for keeping them in the mix. Such a great mix of tools, techniques, precision. Love. Good points on getting out there and doing it, rather than just watching. Time to get out and do something. Love the chest - that is art right there, brother..... love it.

  • Arda Onarıcı
    Arda Onarıcı Year ago

    man i fucking love you

  • WarBerJr02
    WarBerJr02 Year ago

    Do you have a video that can explain to me how to select wood?

  • Renner
    Renner Year ago

    Alec Steele sent me :)

  • Elijah Quinn
    Elijah Quinn Year ago +1

    204 people disliked this because they have no soul. thanks internet.

  • jon whyt
    jon whyt Year ago

    Is that a Lee Enfield on the wall? How on earth did you get one?

  • toomdog
    toomdog Year ago

    As cool as the box was, the best part was at the end.

  • Randy Yewell
    Randy Yewell Year ago

    That has to be the prettiest tool boxes out of wood ive ever seen. Well done sir! Im subscribing.

  • ibeat theleaves
    ibeat theleaves Year ago

    How much did shipping cost? It must have been a fortune! I love the content 😁

  • The Ginger Man
    The Ginger Man Year ago

    nothing quite like beautiful craftsmanship

  • Willy Mans
    Willy Mans Year ago


  • Galland 34
    Galland 34 Year ago

    Beautifully made, and a treasure to take these images with me to the next world. Thank you so much.

  • The Cow Conspiracy

    Thanks for keeping the 2nd Amendment alive up on the cabinet! Cool ducks!

  • The Cow Conspiracy

    And so....now i want one!

  • Art T.
    Art T. Year ago


  • JimmY
    JimmY Year ago

    does Alec sell these chisels, id pay any money for one of those

  • Matt Fleming
    Matt Fleming Year ago

    Came from Alec Steele and subbed immediately. 2 of the hardest working master craftsmen on RU-clip. Thanks for the inspiration, guys!

  • Marian Hruby Pumper


  • Rafany Xaviersantos

    Maravilhoso parabéns

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes Year ago

    You ant no samurai your a white man stick to your own crap like redneck carpenter shame on you shame

  • Alain Rivard
    Alain Rivard Year ago

    i could not agreed more , being a 26 year ebeniste living in Canada mostly B.C. and Quebec, facing the adversity of cheep mass production as created lot's of hardship for us craftsmen true the years , i think that what you guys do is phenomenal and hope that pep's will wake up and pick a piece of metal or wood and see the hidden gem in it and get busy creating something unique and priceless , remember you get what you pay for , so stop paying start making .

  • rodney adams
    rodney adams Year ago

    that cabinet behind you look like got bords corner going like log cabin that intersting. is any nils or wood joints hold it or just glue and fact clamped in that shape?

  • Rational Viking
    Rational Viking Year ago

    I'm watching this as I'm eating and making coffee before heading out to add another shelf to my outdoor workbench :D People like yourself has inspired me to spend all my free time making stuff. I started just under two months ago when I realized that I'm an alcoholic and I quit drinking. I needed to stay busy somehow, and I've collected a lot of tools already, and I'm making benches, boxes, hammers, shelves and various storage facilities for all my stuff. It is really a life saver, my place of peace, my freedom from self. I honestly haven't felt this way about a hobby before.
    So thank you so much for being part of this community that has helped me out from under the rock in so many ways :D I've finished my lunch so I'm heading out again now haha. Cheers

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson Year ago

    Super nice!

  • DDLC Sayori as a Backpack

    that malfunction still had great cinematic value