• Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • [MV] CLC (씨엘씨) _ BLACK DRESS
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    CLC releases its 7th mini album ‘BLACK DRESS’ with eye-catching looks and a captivating performance in February, after giving a strong impression with its ability to express a number of concepts and diverse charms like a chameleon by releasing a series of tracks ‘Hobgoblin’ and ‘Where are you?’ in 2017. As shown in the title track ‘BLACK DRESS’, it describes the woman’s mind to seduce her partner with a fashion item of black dress in a playful way. The heavy beat and addictive sound will charm your ears.
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  • Girl Group Cult
    Girl Group Cult 52 minutes ago

    Hewo fellow hoomans!! I just uploaded my new video "|things all kpop fans can relate to",it includes CLC, i hope u can check it out :3 uwu (sorry for selfpromo cccc)

  • Don't make MOMO MAD
    Don't make MOMO MAD 4 hours ago +2

    I can't believe this video doesn't have 30m views yet. Sorta pisses me off. Have a great day Cheshires and take care.

  • ChillsxNini
    ChillsxNini 6 hours ago

    Yeeun is so brave to cut her hair like but she looks so hot with shirt hair

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.406.773 fighting cheshires 27M

  • K- DFR
    K- DFR 18 hours ago

    27M vamos

  • fresh.chesh Chesh
    fresh.chesh Chesh 20 hours ago +1

    who else on a clc marathon before september comeback?

  • Carat Cheshire Insomnia
    Carat Cheshire Insomnia 21 hour ago +2

    Can't wait for their comeback this September!!

  • Artyom Vdovenko
    Artyom Vdovenko Day ago +1

    0:38 how hot she is 💖❤😋

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.381.743 fighting cheshires 27M

  • The Unknown Gamer
    The Unknown Gamer Day ago +1

    Thank you.....WOW...

  • ANNY
    ANNY Day ago +1

    So beautiful💕

  • Dhia Zara Rania
    Dhia Zara Rania 2 days ago


  • Eaint Moe
    Eaint Moe 2 days ago +2

    Girlcrush CLC
    We love queens CLC

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.355.544 fighting cheshires 27M

  • LiL_MeowMeow ._.
    LiL_MeowMeow ._. 2 days ago +1

    The fact that it’s black dress but their in suits makes living worth it even more.

  • Sou Sou
    Sou Sou 3 days ago

    Did they copy Bs&t by BTS or I'm Just...

    • Bourby
      Bourby 10 hours ago

      @Sou Sou BTS doesn't own the fact that you can put paint on statues and certain colors. Stop comparing these two MV, the only thing they have in common is that they are both GLORIOUS.

    • Sou Sou
      Sou Sou Day ago

      @αlιѕнα ' ok .. ;-;

    • αlιѕнα '
      αlιѕнα ' 2 days ago +1

      some armies finna have some problem with other groups ''copying'' ... everything a group yall dont stan does something its apparently ''bts started this'' ''they own this'' ''these groups are copying'' like no ... it happens so many times on twitter now on here ... bts dont own an item , bts doesnt own styles and groups like vixx or soloists like sunmi have had 'bs&t items' and they were made way before the wings comeback so keep that in mind .... a most recent ''group copying'' with some of yall is about monsta x ''copying'' bts with a greek mythology concept when yall just had 1 bside called dionysus... hyungwon from mx grew up reading greek mythologies and plus comebacks take a while to get ready so they probably thought of it before dionysus but yall still didnt listen
      its like some armys have an obsession on picking on other groups , if you dont stan the group dont say anything and stay in your own fandoms and this is coming from an army

    • кαмι ‘
      кαмι ‘ 2 days ago

      @Sou Sou then why'd you say they did?

    • Sou Sou
      Sou Sou 2 days ago

      @кαмι ‘ gurl can we stop
      They didn't copy it :/

  • nella
    nella 3 days ago +1

    still iconic

  • We are ship BANGPINK

    This is song i like best of CLC❤️❤️

  • Nisa Manich
    Nisa Manich 3 days ago

    i love u elkie

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.328.748 fighting cheshires 27M

  • just a person
    just a person 4 days ago +5

    CLC ARE HAVING A COMEBACK IN SEPTEMBER! Please save up votes in starpass to get them the win they deserve!!

    • clc uwu
      clc uwu 3 days ago

      Download StarPlay instead :) it's the new starpass.

  • Daniel Lam
    Daniel Lam 4 days ago +1


  • clczoned
    clczoned 4 days ago +4

    Cheshires please do save money for their album. yes for the album. a lot are international fans so we need physical sales for them to win in a show. september is their rumored comeback month, because nothing official statements from cube yet(?).
    please do buy the album. they need sales! i'm a student but i managed to save and i am ready for their comeback! CLC RISE!!!

    • clczoned
      clczoned 3 days ago

      Lananna pre orders happens every comeback. so far no date yet for clcs comeback.
      following them on twitter and following clcinternational on twitter really helps to be updated.

    • Lananna
      Lananna 3 days ago

      @clczoned but where can you pre order does clc have a website?

    • Lananna
      Lananna 3 days ago

      @clczoned oh okay thank you

    • clczoned
      clczoned 3 days ago +1

      Lananna hello!! you can always buy online :) but for clc if im not mistaken, it is always(?) limited. so i recommend pre ordering so that freebies will be included when buying albums.

    • Lananna
      Lananna 3 days ago

      this is going to sound stupid but I don't know how to buy albums or anything

  • son lightstick bükücü

    coming from google assistant :D

  • Thasyaandin MELODY of CUBE

    For Cheshire, let's keep peace during next cb, don't blame others, don't bring any other idol than CLC and talk bad about them. CLC is cheshire priority, let's ignore bad comments and take it as poisoned haters. If the fandom get bad name, no one will come closer to CLC. Endure it, even tho it's hurt, tell the haters to stop in nice manner.

  • noodle da ilha flutuante


  • -mystery-
    -mystery- 5 days ago +1

    *le gasps entire video*

  • yeon k min
    yeon k min 5 days ago

    who is at 2:00....looked like jisoo!!

    • STAN_CLC
      STAN_CLC 4 days ago

      Chang Seungyeon, leader, main dancer, lead vocalist and sub rapper
      Has a RU-clip channel ru-clip.com/channel/UCPBnTm5J5ghObC9xFh5pq3w

  • marie c
    marie c 5 days ago +6

    Do you like clc?
    Comment -yes

  • 심윤일
    심윤일 5 days ago +5

    Ha ha... I'm being attracted by this song... I think the songs of CLC are almost all good...

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.278.491 fighting cheshires 27M

  • LuEli Yang
    LuEli Yang 5 days ago +2

    *they did it for fellow lesbians*

  • Rotong Li
    Rotong Li 5 days ago +1

    2:08 me streaming clc songs

  • jimin _ jhope 14377
    jimin _ jhope 14377 5 days ago +4

    It's beautiful😭❤️❤️❤️

  • santino ventesingco
    santino ventesingco 5 days ago +2

    This is the first time that listen to their songs and they deserve more views, recognitions and awards.. I am starting to like them.. By the way, what do you call their fandom name and who is who?

    • just a person
      just a person 4 days ago +1

      They are a 7 membered group under cube entertainment debuting with Pepe( which is a really good song!!)in 2015. The group consists of seungeon, Ellie,sorn,yujin,Yeeun,seunghee and eunbin. Unhelpful guides to CLC are really useful to getting to know the members. ❤️ Please consider supporting CLC and their comeback in September as they are still sadly underrated!💞 And joining the family of Cheshires!

    • Rainism Yangz
      Rainism Yangz 5 days ago

      The fandom name is cheshire

  • fantasthicc hakim
    fantasthicc hakim 6 days ago +2

    what's the name of clc's fandom club andddddddd where do i sign uppppppppppp

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.252.676 fighting cheshires 27M

  • longninjakat
    longninjakat 6 days ago

    Is it just me or like black dress and black suit are both songs and........you now what never mind....

  • Harley Quinn Talks
    Harley Quinn Talks 7 days ago +6

    CLC comeback this September! Pls be ready

  • Eu sabia E vc ?
    Eu sabia E vc ? 7 days ago

    Pq só sou eu que falo português? 2019?

  • mxthilde_hz
    mxthilde_hz 7 days ago +2

    CLC comeback in September !! Their mentioned it during their performance at Water Bomb event !

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.228.996 fighting cheshires 27M

  • Charlotte Louise
    Charlotte Louise 7 days ago +3

    *Im gay now*

  • Lalisa is my religion
    Lalisa is my religion 8 days ago +3

    This song is so good that it's been a year and here I am 🙈

  • Rosemary T
    Rosemary T 8 days ago +5


  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.205.329 fighting cheshires 27M

  • Farzana Sharmin
    Farzana Sharmin 9 days ago +8

    I'm a new fan but I know some of their names -
    These much only

  • 수민이
    수민이 9 days ago +5

    02:30 전설의 시작

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.182.469 fighting cheshires 27M

  • kbigciDe
    kbigciDe 9 days ago +5

    Sorn is terrific

  • Shaira ismyname
    Shaira ismyname 9 days ago +3

    Clc : BLACK DRESS!
    Also CLC: *Wearing black suits*

  • Pink Blue Panda
    Pink Blue Panda 10 days ago +4

    Very like this song

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.159.004 fighting cheshires 27M

  • Hyeongi Park
    Hyeongi Park 10 days ago +4

    i miss yeeun's long hair

  • V N
    V N 11 days ago +3

    Why are there so many comments about loving Sorn? I'm not complaining I'm just confused. Does she get a lot of hate? BTS had a similar situation with jhope a couple of years ago.

    • V N
      V N 10 days ago +1

      @Maddie Fagerland okay sure I'll check it out 😊

    • Maddie Fagerland
      Maddie Fagerland 10 days ago +2

      @V N I believe all of the Thai idols are in a group chat together actually haha. I think they're all good friends since, like you said, there aren't many of them. And I would definitely check out Sorns YT channel because she's done 3 videos now with Minnie from (G)I-DLE, who is also Thai.

    • V N
      V N 10 days ago +1

      @Maddie Fagerland thanks a lot 🙂 I think shes really pretty too. I could tell she wasnt Korean just from looking at her and when I found out she was thai I was actually more excited because Thai isnt really represented much in Korean groups and I've been really close friends with someone in thailand for about 2 and a half years. (Unrelated I think she looks a bit like an asian Dr. Cameron from House MD in this music video lol)

    • Maddie Fagerland
      Maddie Fagerland 10 days ago +4

      Sorn has one of the most unique faces in K-pop. I think she's super pretty personally, but she doesn't really fit into Korean beauty standards, so she has gotten hate before unfortunately. But she also has her own RU-clip channel (Produsorn) where she records and edits all of her content and I think a lot of people (including myself) have fallen for her bubbly and hilarious personality. She's also just super real about her life as an idol and it's super refreshing. In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons to love Sorn haha. Hope this helps with the confusion.😊

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.138.181 fighting cheshires 27M

  • Eyal Oged
    Eyal Oged 11 days ago +3

    Wow I just came here after watching the B side Distance and it’s the first time I get everything about this clip

  • Shiny Shownu
    Shiny Shownu 11 days ago +7

    CLC is *THAT* girl group

  • TheKawaiiNeko x3
    TheKawaiiNeko x3 12 days ago +6

    can we just talk about that girl who was pole dancing that charisma is DAMN BIG BOMB i feel gay

      CLC BTS EXO 10 days ago +1

      You should also find out her full pole dance in the song "Hands to myself" by Selena

    • stan clc
      stan clc 12 days ago +1

      TheKawaiiNeko x3 she's eunbin❣️

  • Little Black Bunnny
    Little Black Bunnny 12 days ago +8

    Almost 30M yesss go girls!!

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.113.222 fighting cheshires 27M

  • Jereme Jade Sudares
    Jereme Jade Sudares 12 days ago +13

    Black dress: 26M views
    Hobgoblin: 26M views
    Which will you stream?

    Two of them, I dint say "one"

  • Alliteration or something


  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 12 days ago +5


    • Cloud Strife
      Cloud Strife 12 days ago

      @clc uwu May i know your gender...

    • clc uwu
      clc uwu 12 days ago +2

      @Cloud Strife my bias is Seunghee and Yeeun. ♡

    • Cloud Strife
      Cloud Strife 12 days ago

      @clc uwu Same here and my bias is Yeeun to how about you?😊

    • clc uwu
      clc uwu 12 days ago

      I love yeeun and i love them all! ♡

  • Seunghee beauty
    Seunghee beauty 13 days ago +8

    Happy Birthday Jang Yeeun, Stay healthy.

  • V N
    V N 13 days ago +2

    2:58 IDK if any CLC stans used to watch House MD but she reminds me of like an Asian Cameron and it bothers me that no one else has seemed to notice

  • Ferniii 04
    Ferniii 04 13 days ago +5

    Alguien habla español????

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.088.416 fighting cheshires 27M

  • · fresh french ·
    · fresh french · 13 days ago +5

    914,011 to 27M!
    3,914,011 to 30M!♡

  • Neelofar Noor
    Neelofar Noor 13 days ago +5

    Aug 2019?

  • Donald Smith
    Donald Smith 13 days ago +4

    Asian women are hot😁😁😁

  • Jess De Los Reyes
    Jess De Los Reyes 13 days ago

    The beat sounds like gdragon's bullshit song.

  • Dawn
    Dawn 14 days ago +5

    2:31 - 2:42 most iconic scenes in any mv

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    26.063.630 fighting cheshires 27M

  • Fira Chugoku
    Fira Chugoku 14 days ago +2

    2:30 i luv her short hair