Discovery Wild Australia's Deadliest Shark | Nat Geo Wildlife Documentary

  • Published on Aug 8, 2015
  • Discovery Wild - Australia's Deadliest Shark | Nat Geo Wildlife Documentary Subscribe: .

    Discovery Wild - Australia's Deadliest Shark | Nat Geo Wildlife Documentary Subscribe: . documentary,national geographic,documentary (tv genre),national .

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Comments • 157

  • Kimmy Dunlap
    Kimmy Dunlap 26 days ago

    When you step into the ocean you are taking a risk! Sharks keep the balance of the ecosystem. This issue doesn't seem to keep people out of the water, does it? The beach, the ocean is not our birthright we don't belong in the ocean we don't live in the ocean and just because we play in the ocean (at our own risk) doesn't mean we kill whatever marine animal calls it home.

  • alfredo lopez
    alfredo lopez Month ago

    There no need for sharks and all should be caught and killed

  • Kids Mundo
    Kids Mundo Month ago

    I love sharks they are my favorite animals 🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈

  • jamie muncy
    jamie muncy Month ago

    I’m sorry for the losses that those families have dealt with but we need to understand that we are entering their home. If they were to come into our homes we would more than likely kill them. When we enter the water especially where sharks are known to be, we all must exercise caution. That is their domain.

  • Diana Garcia
    Diana Garcia Month ago

    I'm my mother's daughter and take her advise about the ocean.You don't swim in my toliet,I don't swim in yours . And it works.

  • Ginger Menjivar
    Ginger Menjivar Month ago

    Sharks don't want to kill us they mistake us as seals.

  • FallattheDiscotwentyonetimes BTS

    When that woman said we should kill them because they are killing us I died. um does she not realise that when we go into the ocean we are going into their world. We have no right to kill them because people don't understand how the sea works. When you swim the the ocean you are their food. We look like seals and guess what they eat, seals. They come close to shore because that's where the food is. If people can't understand that we are going into their world then don't go into the ocean.

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas Month ago +4

    Thats what sharks are meant to be doing. Call it god or nature or whatever. That's a sharks job. That's what a predator should do. I respect the fact I dont have gills and fins. I leave the ocean to the sharks.

  • Ste P
    Ste P Month ago

    I'd have thought their fundamental " Britishness" would give Australians more sense....but it seems they really are turning as crazy as the American's.... leave...the ....fucking...sharks.....alone!!!!

  • Archie Morris
    Archie Morris Month ago

    Sorry for your loss I understand people love suffering and if it the attack happens over a drop off people need to understand the shark is just being a shark no disrespect to anyone who has lost a love one I would say know your waters where the drop offs are stay safe

  • Michael McIntosh
    Michael McIntosh Month ago

    humans are stupid! lol lets go swimming in the one place that we know we could get eaten. lol

  • Lena Hall
    Lena Hall 2 months ago

    people are trying to say sharks are bad to humans and killing humans but humans kill more humans than sharks kill humans

  • Nathan Griffin
    Nathan Griffin 2 months ago +1

    Kill all sharks just a bunch of pissed off fish there's no need for them

  • Cool Waters
    Cool Waters 2 months ago +1

    Why was the guy shocked who it was? he had just been watching him with binoculars????

  • Wink Wonk
    Wink Wonk 2 months ago

    I despise shark documentaries because they always overdramatize everything and turn sharks into these glamorized evil monsters, when really sharks are just minding their own business. In fact, sharks are helping humans more than they’re harming them by keeping the ocean population under control which contributed towards keeping our oceans healthy. The health of the sharks also determines the health of the ocean. As for attacking humans, you’re more likely to die by getting hit in the head with a falling coconut, or be mauled by a hippo, than be attacked by a shark. We should be thanking sharks for all they do for us instead of portraying them as villains.

  • Missus Styles
    Missus Styles 2 months ago

    They’re in their fcking territory!!! It’s not like they swam ashore and then started attacking people!

  • LSmallCatL
    LSmallCatL 3 months ago +1

    ..... and along came a box jelly fish..... invisible..... tiny.... deadly.

  • LSmallCatL
    LSmallCatL 3 months ago +7

    "There is no price you can put on a human life..... "
    Well the human understands the danger and last I checked.. we don't "need" to surf for any other reason than our own enjoyment.
    Maybe we should start flattening mountains because so many climbers are falling off a cliff?
    The "bubble" curtain doesn't work on every shark... and the great white is different to other sharks in many ways. The only actual deterrent is electromagnetic waves that are uncomfortable to even the great white.
    For diving... the best deterrent is still to not go alone... , to be aware of your surroundings and to spot the shark before he spots you.

  • Sarah Almeida
    Sarah Almeida 3 months ago

    Humans are the ones polluting the oceans and affecting the wildlife that reside there, including sharks. I reckon that's why they're looking for food closer to shore. They have less resources now than they used to. Sharks are an important part of the ecosystem so anyone who says they should be destroyed should definitely be more educated about them.

  • Dawna Newton
    Dawna Newton 3 months ago

    Heres a thought..STAY OUT OF THE WATER! thats where they live. They dont come to the land..phht..people are evil.

  • demistefy
    demistefy 3 months ago

    has anyone ever tried to design a banded sea krait pattern swimsuit, maybe there is common knowledge in the animal world that bright coloration and some certain pattern are known to be avoided

  • Pat Backus
    Pat Backus 3 months ago

    Stay out of Perth ?

  • Pat Backus
    Pat Backus 3 months ago

    Camaflage wet suit ? Sharks can’t see very well to begin with ! Anyhoo you buy it

  • WeeeWriter
    WeeeWriter 3 months ago +2

    I wonder if someone can invent a surfing suit that has a built-in vibrational system that irritates and repels sharks?

    • Proud Military Brat
      Proud Military Brat 2 months ago +1

      They are working on it. They have also made a spray.

    • Kasjo
      Kasjo 3 months ago

      The shark comes so fast and the teeth are so sharp. I guess that would help all to late

  • keelsmac01
    keelsmac01 3 months ago +2

    Fear mongering...we have “scientists” who feed them, bait what do they associate with humans? Food.

  • john doe
    john doe 3 months ago +1

    sharks are not monsters

  • Aaron Bourn
    Aaron Bourn 3 months ago +1

    Step right in!!welcome to the food chain,poor starving shark has to resort to eating humans,cause humans killed all the shark food

    IMONEIN MILLION 3 months ago +3

    Your on there patch when you hit the water its game on for them prey is prey

  • K Mag
    K Mag 3 months ago +1

    Nature has inhabited the oceans since time began and humans, well aware of this, choose to go out into the sea where TOP predators live... but humans don't like being the under dog, and although each white shark attack victim made their own choices to sUrf, the answer, apparently, is kill the shark. 🙄😟😐

  • John Stone
    John Stone 3 months ago

    Bewilders me that people who go into the water where they know there are sharks. Sharks are needed in the wild so week and sick fish are taken out. Man goes in the water and its like they have more of a right to be there more than a shark that lives there !

  • J . Bird
    J . Bird 3 months ago

    The only thing terrifying is the
    thought process that accounts
    for seventy percent of this bad
    dissission .
    I have my own surfer friend named
    ben ,
    Yep . . . Keep moving nothing to see
    here 👍. Hey dude .👍 Peace ! ! ! !

  • albert bahoogadin
    albert bahoogadin 3 months ago

    Still makes me laugh......."deadly" "man eater" "killing machine".........yet when compared to mankind the great white is a total pussy in comparison!!!.........the only deadly man killer on the planet is man himself!! Just a shame we kill and destroy everything else as we do it to one another...........biggest mistake the universe has and will ever make, mankind!

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed 3 months ago

    Natural order of nature being restored by sharks. They don't want predators in their territory. Sharks aren't interested in human meat (can never fullfil their appetite). They r just protecting their own hunting grounds/home for baby sharks.

  • Planet Life
    Planet Life 3 months ago +5

    you wanna explain to me why wet suits have always been near the color of seals? lol....

    • Kasjo
      Kasjo 3 months ago +2

      because it does not matter to the shark? When he looks from the bottom up, shadows are always dark

  • Planet Life
    Planet Life 3 months ago

    Just saw a nile crocodile documentary and the guy said they have been around for 400 million years and then this shark documentary guy saying they've been around for 400 million years. Where are they getting this 400 million year number from on different species? In scientist minds did live on earth start 400 million years ago? lol it's laughable in some respects.

    • SeriMoSway
      SeriMoSway Month ago

      LoL You should learn the timeline of Earth and life on it!

  • che holly
    che holly 3 months ago

    Keep in mind, I don't want anybody to die in the ocean on the land because of an animal attack whether it's a mammal or a fish. However, we really need to be cautious and aware of the fact that we are not the only ones that our existing on this planet therefore we need to be aware and careful.

  • che holly
    che holly 3 months ago

    Somebody made a very profound statement. The ocean does not belong to us. In fact the land does not belong to us we have to learn that there are other species that have the same exact right as we do when it comes to this planet. Whether it is the ocean or land. They have just as much of a right or if not more of a right because they have been around longer than us.

  • Infinite5oul
    Infinite5oul 3 months ago +14

    Killer shark, bah! no such thing. You're in the ocean, and you're not top dog, you're food!! Stay out of the water if you can't handle the risk!

    • Michael McIntosh
      Michael McIntosh Month ago

      @K Mag speak for your self cause i havent killed anyone or killed a shark.

    • K Mag
      K Mag 3 months ago +1

      Exactly, the shark was an eating shark had to kill it's food, just as many hunting animals do, including us, but where as humans ARE KILLERS, the shark is not . Don't see army's off white sharks marching in on places, blowing them up and stuff do we, no. More evidence we are the killers not the shark... we want to kill the shark too.

  • Violeta Martinez
    Violeta Martinez 3 months ago

    I got bet by one a small one

    CRAZY ACE 3 months ago

    Those lifeguards and those waters are some brave men. this would be me on the coast (somebody help him hurry up swim follow my voice).

    CRAZY ACE 3 months ago +3

    I've done commercial fishing before and I've seen what lurks out in those Waters. And I do recall a Time that something was following our boat around eating our fish whatever it was I don't think it was a shark this would hang out under the boat until we were about the Reel the fish in and then it would Chomp them in half and we're not talking about small fish either I just remember the first mate saying imagine if that was your leg. I respect the ocean and what resides in it.

    • keelsmac01
      keelsmac01 3 months ago

      Katrina Knox maybe killer whales. They are known for that,,,

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee 3 months ago

    400 million years? Yeah, ok..

  • Tom Larson
    Tom Larson 3 months ago

    let the punishment ( rehabilitation ), fit the crime ever heard of bang sticks ( 12 gauge ).

  • Noah Kuzel
    Noah Kuzel 3 months ago

    So start shooting sharks. Problem solved...

  • Hank Heffman
    Hank Heffman 3 months ago +10

    stay out of the oceans, its where the "monsters" live,,dumbasses

    • Michael McIntosh
      Michael McIntosh Month ago

      right lol i mean im sorry but im not going to swim in any body of water where their are things that could literally eat me. lol nope not for me.

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 3 months ago

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    Oboy Phan 3 months ago

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    Oboy Phan 3 months ago

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    Oboy Phan 3 months ago

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    Oboy Phan 3 months ago

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    Oboy Phan 3 months ago

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  • Randell Darcky
    Randell Darcky 3 months ago

    Great Whites always look happy

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 3 months ago

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    Oboy Phan 3 months ago

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