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    00:24 - Mistake #1
    05:40 - Mistake #2
    08:08 - Mistake #3
    11:46 - Mistake #4
    15:26 - Mistake #5
    19:16 - Mistake #6
    21:13 - Mistake #7
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    Today you'll learn 7 reverb mistakes that I've made in the past. By sharing my experiences with you, I want to help you avoid these mistakes and stop you from wasting time figuring them out yourself. Using reverb should be fun and easy so watch now to find out how. But first, be sure to download the free reverb cheat sheet: www.musicianonamission.com/reverb-cheat-sheet

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  • IamPaulToweh
    IamPaulToweh 15 days ago

    could you do one that focuses on vocals? kind of hard to hear in the midth of everything else for us beginnings

  • luggus fibber
    luggus fibber 17 days ago

    oh yeah are they (BIG!)?

  • Rose
    Rose 23 days ago +1

    Love ur videos man ty for everything


    Thank you for existing

  • sleepisoptional
    sleepisoptional Month ago

    not one mention of gates???
    try a gate on your snare verb keyed off the dry snare. you can push way more space and control the tail via the gate release knob

  • Subramaniam Chandrasekar

    Sometimes you insert effects sometimes you remove the the (guitar) effect unit to sound good. Good video

  • ARVi
    ARVi Month ago

    Great tips! Thx. I would add - Try to automate reverb if U don't want to push sound back but still want some depth :)

  • Precious Uwaheren
    Precious Uwaheren Month ago

    mistake #7 is just me

  • Tuomas Helin
    Tuomas Helin Month ago

    Sometimes reverb can be used to emphasize a part of lyrics. Take a listen to what Martin Hannet did with the song "Twenty Four Hours" on Joy Division's album "Closer". Listen with good headphones to the verses " I never realized / how I wanted time / put into perspective..."
    Anywho, "Closer" is a master class in the (creative) use of reverb.

  • Sean Peckham
    Sean Peckham Month ago

    Educational video but I didn't get as much out of it as I could've because I just got so tired of that annoying song and started skipping whenever you played it

  • John Costopoulos
    John Costopoulos Month ago

    great tutorial!!! Thanks so much

  • Niamh O'Connor
    Niamh O'Connor Month ago +2

    Maybe he's just in a zoo?

  • sacredgeometry
    sacredgeometry Month ago

    p.s. It's not "edge on the side of caution"... it's "err on the side of caution",

  • 3DEN FPV
    3DEN FPV Month ago +18

    this is the most annoying song i have heard the last 290 years XDDD

  • Cr8Tron
    Cr8Tron Month ago

    Yes, but, usually, doesn't a "drastic impact on the tone" = too much reverb?

  • troeteimarsch
    troeteimarsch Month ago

    just go down that abbey road and u're fine..

  • Mad Cat
    Mad Cat Month ago

    Loving your channel man, really enlightening and well portrayed. Can you link to a good video for making waveforms?

  • K Romanova
    K Romanova Month ago

    Mixing and mastering tutorials are always rock songs 😂😂

  • Bill Graper
    Bill Graper 2 months ago

    I put a lot of reverb on my song "Heaven" - but I think that's one rare case where it actually sounds good. I normally don't add much to the vocals. Sometimes it doesn't sound like there is any reverb at all, because it's so subtle.

  • jorgepeterbarton
    jorgepeterbarton 2 months ago +1

    -predelay to give clarity and size
    -compress AFTER reverb, allowing it bigger but shorter as it brings up the tail, but lowers when the instrument 'attacks'
    -sometimes turning diffusion, size, or whichever name is given can be 'larger'.
    -you can EQ in so many ways, like an intentionally audible reverb tail could be eq'd in the same way you'd separate two instruments! if you want it separate, you can also make it blend in more, or add prescence, or mud, whatever you like.
    -dial it in full wet, then mix back the dry after and you won't feel like trying to hide it after if that's what's needed.
    -don't turn down the decay on drums: use a gate! it doesn't need to be fast, it can have a slow release/hold so it only comes off just before the next hit. Or you can find a way of ducking the verb from the snare. Or as above use less verb but compress it so its brought up only when snare isn't playing.

    -use natural reverb and distant mics and find you don't have to do any of this unless its an intentional spacey track. lol.

  • Boss Bunny
    Boss Bunny 2 months ago +13

    00:24 - Mistake #1
    05:40 - Mistake #2
    08:08 - Mistake #3
    11:46 - Mistake #4
    15:26 - Mistake #5
    19:16 - Mistake #6
    21:13 - Mistake #7

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 2 months ago +1

    Am I the only one whos kind of triggered by the fact that the sign which says without is green and with is red

  • iTzNoxy
    iTzNoxy 2 months ago +3

    Couldn't make it through this one. Song was too annoying. :(

  • Stephen Pliska
    Stephen Pliska 2 months ago +2

    sometimes the songs you use in these videos are so cringe. The commentary and information you provide is on point but damn these songs dont even slap. At the very least a song should slap.

  • Ben V
    Ben V 2 months ago

    Nirvana In bloom?

  • Tony Littman
    Tony Littman 2 months ago +2

    I have a sudden urge to research African owls

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 2 months ago

    Quality video! I wish the Michael ten years ago would have watched that

  • Lucas Vaughn
    Lucas Vaughn 2 months ago

    I liked the vocals, sounds like smashing pumpkins

    • Sean Peckham
      Sean Peckham Month ago

      what, how? it sounds like if a flogging molly cover band tried to be maybe lou reed or mick jagger

  • TheGRider56
    TheGRider56 3 months ago

    Awesome lesson!

  • emmanuel de la cruz
    emmanuel de la cruz 3 months ago +1

    So, where do they come from?

  • Christopher Clarke
    Christopher Clarke 3 months ago

    Just as a little follow up and with being creative, one way of approaching reverb is look out as where would you like your band to sound like there playing (environment). Small room, large under a bridge, subway, etc.
    In which case look at the characteristics of the sound of the environment. And try and simulate it in which case you will need to consider the pre-delay time. (the time it takes for the first reflection from a surface the sound vibration/s reflect off). Some, if not most Revs will have presets but it may require a little tweaking. To create the the environment in mind. As was mentioned in the clip tone will also play a fairly important roll to create your enviroment. Keep in mind often the large the room the longer the pre-delay/s time and often a dip in the high end frequency and attenuation as the sound travels further from the original sound source.
    This is just a quick start for any one viewing the comments to start the ball rolling if some would like to get a little more adventurous when feeling more confident with using reverb and not to take anything away from this very useful clip for those unsure or having a few hick ups using reverb.

  • Music Islife
    Music Islife 4 months ago +5

    Jesus Christ, that is some terrible singing! That vocal needs lots more reverb cause I can still hear it...

    • Sean Peckham
      Sean Peckham Month ago

      the singing isn't that bad per se, he would definitely sound better if the songwriting were better

  • ezion67
    ezion67 4 months ago

    For more electronic music I like to have 2 reverb buses. One with a short and one with a "longer" (2, maybe 3 seconds) reverb to push some sounds in to the background.

  • J L N
    J L N 4 months ago +13

    I feel like I could learn a lot from this video, if only I could get past that horrible song. I can't.

    • Sean Peckham
      Sean Peckham Month ago +1

      ​@Ding Wall Yeah, but it's still a valid criticism of the video. Why make things harder and more unpleasant than they have to be? This should be fun as much as possible unless or until there is a professional or personal reason for it not to be.

    • Xtan
      Xtan Month ago +1


    • Ding Wall
      Ding Wall 3 months ago +3

      Your loss. If you ever want to mix properly, for yourself or professionally, you'll have to listen past your own preferences and hear what's going on in the mix.

  • Theo Void
    Theo Void 4 months ago +1

    Im freakin' out!!!!!

  • Alan Angel
    Alan Angel 6 months ago +46

    Did we ever figure out where those animals came from?

    • Music Islife
      Music Islife 4 months ago +2

      I dunno but I'm freakin out!

    • J L N
      J L N 4 months ago +3

      From a syringe or a glass tube, I'm pretty sure.

  • JuggStickk Official
    JuggStickk Official 7 months ago +8

    if you divide 60,000 by your bpm you will get a perfect decay time. If it is too long continue dividing by 2 until it sounds right. Your welcome guys!

    • Cr8Tron
      Cr8Tron Month ago +1

      @Sean Peckham I agree that one still needs to know how to use their ears. But JuggStickk did in fact say to adjust from 60000/bpm as a starting point, which is essentially saying to use one's ears.
      However, the more specifically I think about this (and from experience), it's probably more likely going to be the case that you'll need to continue *multiplying* by 2 until it sounds "right". And the predelay should be more like an eighth or sixteenth of 60000/bpm, considering that most reverbs' predelays can't even be set for as long as a quarter of that time (unless we're talking close to 200 bpm). Also, it should be noted that properly setting the decay time will involve subtracting whatever the predelay is set to, if there's to be any integrity with all this RT60 business.

    • Sean Peckham
      Sean Peckham Month ago

      "perfect," not perfect. use your ears!

    • Cr8Tron
      Cr8Tron Month ago

      Good one!! And, despite any abilities to host delay times with project tempos, people should already know to use the number 60,000/bpm for calculating delay times!!

    • JuggStickk Official
      JuggStickk Official 7 months ago +2

      And the predelay should be half of the decay time

  • Sin Bad Music
    Sin Bad Music 8 months ago

    So u added a reverb "underneath" the stereo delay but u had the reverb in a separate channel? Is that to keep the stereo delay a bit audible while feeding some of it into the reverb? Thanks in advance

    • BALTA
      BALTA 3 months ago

      Sin Bad Music reverb / delay with reverb

  • Chamber Music Art
    Chamber Music Art 8 months ago +1

    Well done. Very convincing approach. But I'm surprised that you only sent the snare and Guitars to the reverb. You can't have cohesion if you don't put all instruments in the same room. Just try to send all groups, instruments, submixes etc... to the same reverb and dial the send amount to your liking. You'll be happy with how everything will find place in the same room reverb. Just a thought.

  • Nick Bird
    Nick Bird 8 months ago +3

    been watching your videos all night and I feel like I've learnt so much, loving your channel!

  • Jozean's InstruMentals
    Jozean's InstruMentals 8 months ago

    Man, I’m sorry but I just need to ask, what are the lyrics on your intro song, I keep trying to understand it heh :/

  • Brian McLaughlin
    Brian McLaughlin 10 months ago +1

    Can you please show me where you were featured on Produce Like A Pro? I see the keywords come up on the Google search and I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!

  • Ryan Olson
    Ryan Olson 10 months ago

    I watched the long video about the masterclass you offer. I was wondering why you don't recommend the course for someone interested in producing EDM music? This is what I want to do, and am basically a novice. I plan to include vocals in my tracks eventually, but was wondering where the line is drawn in your head when you said that the class is not for musicians producing EDM, trap, etc. Is this hard and fast? Please let me know, I'm extremely interested.

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  10 months ago

      Hey Ryan,
      Shoot us an email at support@musicianonamission.com and we can answer all those questions!

  • goodshorts
    goodshorts Year ago


  • Cayne
    Cayne Year ago +75

    8th mistake: ignoring pre-delay setting.

    • Jack's Vocals
      Jack's Vocals Month ago +1

      60,000 ÷ bpm ÷ 4 ÷4 = pre-delay setting

    • Jessica Moreno
      Jessica Moreno 3 months ago +3

      @Brady Hickman get the pre delay to shoot up just after the original sound. Sounds clean that way. If you want to get technical dont even worry about predelay and use sidechain compression so it comes up automatically after the sound has finished playing.

    • Brady Hickman
      Brady Hickman 5 months ago +2

      I have never heard of that before. All though I'm very new. I'd love to see something on that

    • Matt Glista
      Matt Glista 7 months ago +3

      THIS! Especially on vocals. All the songs I've ruined ignoring predelay...

  • Rex 84
    Rex 84 Year ago +7

    Different for electronic music it is used as a effect to drive the track sometimes

  • Killa Kable
    Killa Kable Year ago +2

    I like Breverb as my go to Reverb EchoBoy for my delays 👍 Great vid, thanks dude!

  • Sam Turner
    Sam Turner Year ago +1

    when EQing the reverb, should you match the bands to what instrument it applies for?

  • Hello
    Hello Year ago

    Hell diggin down

  • repawnd
    repawnd Year ago +4

    Your music sounds like a blend of Kurt Cobain and David Bowie :)



  • Harry Official
    Harry Official Year ago +2

    Am I the only one who is not finding any difference between with and without reverb

  • Stefan Aguinaldo Soerensen

    Which channels in your opinion should i focus the verb bus on to be able to influence the main mix sound like this?

  • Victor Ngwana
    Victor Ngwana Year ago +1

    The lyrics is bestiality!!

  • DrFillyBlunt
    DrFillyBlunt Year ago

    Great tips. Some of this I know, some I don't. Your videos are really helpful.
    I like using a compressed and band-passed early reflection in rverb or truverb to fatten up the body of snares.
    It isn't hard to have snare transients that tread water in a mix but the meat of the snare can be tricky.

  • Marks Music Place
    Marks Music Place Year ago +4

    Great points on reverb,. I just wish you guys would use better singers in your demo videos.

  • Xeotroid
    Xeotroid Year ago +1

    What do you think about convolution reverb? Each impulse sample you can have pretty much sounds like a different reverb plug-in and it can give the sound a unique atmosphere, plus it can be used for interesting effects.

  • Ricky ♫ Guitarman ♪

    Very interesting! thx

  • CoComit
    CoComit Year ago +5

    Great tutorial however I wish to hear something for predelay which has a big impact for a right reverb

  • cbrooks0905
    cbrooks0905 Year ago +5

    I’ve never been so annoyed by the dislike bar. I’m just going to chalk it up as other mixing channels who can’t compete with your guru-ness. Dude... ...the nuggets in this video... ...and all of your others...
    ...funny thing is, most of the things I learn from your videos is in the realm of affirmation/confirmation. Many times I’ve thought of ideas, not sure whether they’re right or wrong (especially being that I’m self taught) just to stumble across one of your videos wherein you articulate the very idea I had. There’s so much to gain from this kind of validation. Really, what I’ve learned, in general, and from you and other great channels [Warren H., Steve Albini (comes off a little pretentious but I get him), Andrew S.....all of them...👍) is that it all boils down to art and personal preference. Of course you must learn the “bread and butter”, but after that, you’re creating art. If it sounds good. It’s good.
    Thanks for making these videos, my friend. If only the casual listener knew the service we provide, as musicians and engineers...

  • fenton15
    fenton15 Year ago

    some reverb- (like the defunked sonitus fx stock cakewalk reverb) come with eq

  • audiomez
    audiomez Year ago +1

    There you go man. Just an opinion from an old school audio geezer....but unless one is aspiring to truly Avant Guard tonality, and resonance of experimental ambience one should develop an acute auditory appreciation for (and back up mathematical verification) of temporal boundaries and cohesive coefficients for multiply treated delay, (pre and post), room size values, damping and gating factors co existing within a work, that the mixing and/or mastering engineer should notice might get dialed in using a solo bus beyond 4 hours of mixing, and fail to note those rumbles and roars (particularly in lows and low mids) across adjacent tracks resulting in diminutive effects on subtle yet nano seconds of brilliantly attack, placed and perfectly pocketed licks that exist as subtle nuances of brilliance within the work. The cancellation and masking effect of reverberation (usually resulting from aural fatigue during mix down), has ruined many otherwise perfect would be masterpieces. For an example of near perfect mix samples I propose one audition the subtleties and brilliance of Steely Dan's "AJA" project. That sweet spot I propose you keep referring to (despite the Pro Tools generation) is how the human auditory systems discriminates "things" that are cohesive IN NATURE.. Singing in your shower accompanied by a flatly equalized acoustic guitar, renders a acoustical result the auditory cortex just recognizes as mutant, and variant in my opinion. Such as that would likely never occur in a natural ambient acoustic environment. Values numerically and within Q slopes (eq bandwidth) should resolve to approximations of logarithmic even and odd number variables (or be dampened rather steeply when in doubt.) I'm old school, and plead guilty!! Food for thought!! Did you know that one of the leading causes of "hit by vehicle deaths" is having a total unilateral hearing loss in one ear??? How does the unfortunate pedestrian know from which direction an approaching vehicle is approaching???? Think about this in relation to the topic!!!

  • neovxr
    neovxr Year ago +1

    while you tried out I thought the fabfilter sounded most modern, and - tadaa
    you followed with a more detailed explanation then.

  • neovxr
    neovxr Year ago

    someone must be a fan of the Rolling Stones :) :)

    • Music Islife
      Music Islife 4 months ago

      Sounds like the Beatles LSD era to me...

    • neovxr
      neovxr Year ago

      why video remake?

  • Vambibuda
    Vambibuda Year ago

    always useful info.

  • Caesar Oleksy
    Caesar Oleksy Year ago +1

    And Replika! ... love how Replika sounds... but great tip to use a few and combine in the mix depending how they sound! Thanks Much!

  • AMK
    AMK Year ago +28

    Song is stuck in my head. Did someone have a bad camping trip?

    • Jazz Haze
      Jazz Haze 3 months ago


    • goodshorts
      goodshorts Year ago


  • AMK
    AMK Year ago


  • Karuveli RaSa.Mahendran

    Superb... tips... thank you so much..

  • Volo Official x
    Volo Official x Year ago +5

    I admit i've never thought about switching stereo/mono the reverb aux, in fact it's correct to do it in different cases. What about using a mono reverb in a dense mix in order to avoid to add messiness and vice versa spread it to stereo in a roomy mix?! sounds sensible, right?!

  • Иван Турпак

    Cool video! Great information)

  • 龍哥
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  • William Oliveira
    William Oliveira Year ago

    Nice vid as always rob.

  • Giulio Boobzilla
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  • riversideproductionz

    Keep sharing this great info man!

  • Chris Padgett
    Chris Padgett Year ago +77

    I had to stop the video at 7 minutes because you said something extremely critical - make sure the reverb ends between snare hits. I am in the process of recording a new piece and have fallen in love with the flt plate reverb in studio one. The problem is, I leave it on the factory setting because I do not know how long is long enough or too long (which is why I use the flat plate, very subtle reverb that adds just enough room sound). As soon as you said to solo the snare and make sure it ends between hits, I went to my current mix and checked it. Sure enough, the reverb tail bled between hits. I shortened the snare reverb, and instantly the snare jumped out of the mix. It was no longer buried in a Claude Monet sea of reverb. Now I need to finish watching this video. Thanks so much!

  • Sven Lindecrantz
    Sven Lindecrantz Year ago +4

    If you don't eq the reverb it gets messy in the mix

  • Rafael
    Rafael Year ago +35

    Just a suggestion for future videos; Try exaggerating the wet signal in examples such as these (and then dialing it down) so we can more easily hear the applied effect while the music is playing.
    Nice tip about making the reverb tail die out before the next snare hit btw.

    TEE VEE Year ago +208


  • Chris Horton
    Chris Horton Year ago +1

    Thank you! This was actually really helpful for me.