TimesTalks: Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish


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  • Cricket Lee
    Cricket Lee 8 months ago

    Kevin’s a good soul. Good man!

  • J P
    J P 10 months ago +1

    Kevin Hart, please take your hand away from your mouth and speak up!

  • AnisaOMG 999
    AnisaOMG 999 11 months ago

    Kevin my boi still funnyer

  • Mikes Craftsman
    Mikes Craftsman Year ago

    blacck people helping each other, thats harmony..

  • Garry Wright
    Garry Wright Year ago +1

    I love both of them and I'm so glad they are at the top of their game. Keep grinning!!!!

  • Akhil Sindher
    Akhil Sindher Year ago

    11:35 😂

  • nope not
    nope not Year ago

    Kevin u r good keep z good work

  • Williams' Photography & MDubFilms

    39:43 when you think your timing will get the crowd to applaud, but nahhhhh LMAO!!!

  • Thomas Ledford
    Thomas Ledford Year ago

    Awesome show and two wonderful entertainers

  • J'e Reyes
    J'e Reyes Year ago +1

    I'm not yet done watching this but I'm already loving Tiffany and Kevin's friendship more and more as individuals and I hope they'll be more and more successful 👏👏🙏🙏❤❤

  • Wain DY
    Wain DY Year ago

    Steph makes me stiff by laughing

  • Oreo Emesis
    Oreo Emesis Year ago +1

    They need new chairs. NOBODY can find a way to sit comfortably in them. lol

    • Cricket Lee
      Cricket Lee 8 months ago

      Oreo Emesis
      Except the host....She looks pretty comfy!

  • Leo Saan Henry
    Leo Saan Henry Year ago

    Do not forget 'Tommy Davidson"!... "TOMMY DAVIDSON"....

  • eyasu fikre
    eyasu fikre Year ago +1

    57:18 funniest ish ever lmaooo

  • Diane Collier
    Diane Collier Year ago +1

    Bring back the Carmichael Show. Shame shame shame they cancelled that show

  • Emma Mills
    Emma Mills Year ago

    I’m a big fan of both of them what good advice they give too n how humble Tiffany is bless her heart from what she’s been threw an inspiration and Kevin what a good man I love how he looks out for her like family humble funny amazing people can’t wait to see the film 👌🏽🙌🏽 xx

  • gina duchard
    gina duchard Year ago +4

    When the lady was talking in the beginning, I was ahhh RU-clip got me with a clickbait

  • MrJL1012
    MrJL1012 Year ago +1

    go guys

  • Antoni Jone
    Antoni Jone Year ago +3

    Lol she stay hitting that hand wave dance.

  • SkrtandPlay
    SkrtandPlay Year ago +4

    That brothers voice scared the whole audience

  • The Wondertwins
    The Wondertwins Year ago +1

    Id listen to kevin on the daily for inspiration haha

  • PJ
    PJ Year ago +2

    He barely let's her talk tho. I notice this on all interviews. He talks for her, over her and really he's just bigging up himself on some fake humble shit

  • Young Black King
    Young Black King Year ago

    This interview was real & raw! They're telling their own stories of their journey reaching success! The highs & lows of making a name for yourself and being passionate of whatever it is that you're destined to do! I learned so much for them & laughed at the same time😂😂😂

  • CaliCruzin
    CaliCruzin Year ago +1

    My 2 favorite comedians 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • jay yaj
    jay yaj Year ago +1

    You can make an inspirational book out of this talk by compiling everything Kevin Hart and Tiffany said.

  • Mohammed Alshaikh

    فهمي في عج

  • Eri Angelino
    Eri Angelino Year ago +4

    Kevin so deep in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. "They don't find you, you find them. Hard work is success."
    And Tiffany my Eri sis, you are in the right track, keep pushing.

  • KK
    KK Year ago +1

    Thanks Kev!

  • Williams' Photography & MDubFilms

    Katt Williams got them trying so hard to prove him wrong. LOL

    • Williams' Photography & MDubFilms
    • Miguel Pacheco
      Miguel Pacheco Year ago +1

      @Williams' Photography & MDubFilms namaste por vida 🙏

    • Williams' Photography & MDubFilms
      Williams' Photography & MDubFilms Year ago +1

      Lmao I like what you did there. But truthfully king I am peaceful brother. I was just enjoying your juvenile behavior. I always wondered how folks get to cursing each other out in the comments so I joked around with ya. Figured you were lonely and i had a little time. I'm editing video and pictures. Trust everything i was saying was all in fun. I don't know you. You don't know me. But like I said, speaking your mind on if you think a comedian is funny or not is not a down the community issue King. Choose your battles. It's crazy to battle a black man on Black man shit. LMAO!!!

    • Miguel Pacheco
      Miguel Pacheco Year ago

      @Williams' Photography & MDubFilms Notice all the stereotypes you're throwing out. You're just another angry black man but look its not your fault. And im sorry .

    • Williams' Photography & MDubFilms
      Williams' Photography & MDubFilms Year ago

      Peace out El Pollo Loco LOL Now yo got me speaking Spanish LMAO!!!

  • Reneisha Brooks
    Reneisha Brooks Year ago +1

    Kevin Hart is so long winded that I found myself fast forwarding a bit. Lmao

    • PJ
      PJ Year ago

      Tell me about it. Even Tiffany just talks about all the lessons Kev taught her. It's one whole "Kev is brilliant " promo tour

  • Reneisha Brooks
    Reneisha Brooks Year ago

    I love it! They were allowed to be themselves without having to be all formal.

  • S
    S Year ago +2

    Honestly Kevin is starting to cringe me out with his wisdom voice. It was okay when it was once in a while, but it's nonstop in this one. It's also because he says weird shit like call himself a mogul and shit like that which makes me think he's not as self aware as I thought he was. Then again he is the only person that I'm aware of that has literally learned everything he knows by making a mistake in that area first.. I'm still a fan of his funny side though

    • PJ
      PJ Year ago +1

      Yep, he pretty much is a life coach at this point. I'm over his talking about himself in the 3rd person. He spends a lot of time congratulating himself. Yoda on a promo tour

  • Wealthbuilderz TV
    Wealthbuilderz TV Year ago +1

    They are putting in work for this movie. I hope it’s good

  • The Many-Faced God

    Those questions were lame as fuck as if those people ran to the mic smh such a wasted opportunity and so unfair to the people that went up with legit questions to ask not just looking for 10 seconds of attention
    "I'm a model actor and comedian my name is blah blah blah when are you going to make a movie with a bunch of other big name actors" daahhh fukkkkkk
    "What was your lowest point and how did you get out of it" *next* *question* "what was your rock bottom and how did you change it" give me a fucking break 😒

  • freshbux914
    freshbux914 Year ago

    Wat tv show

  • Edwin Szeto
    Edwin Szeto Year ago +1

    O... Tiffany.. Hope you realize your quick comment about "comedians with mental illness" can hurt the personal and professional lives of comedians already coping with depression, bipolar, substance abuse...
    If you don't mean to broadstroke "Mental illness", you can just describe their behaviors, instead of using the "Mental Illness" label

    • Oreo Emesis
      Oreo Emesis Year ago +2

      Edwin Szeto she said no names and there are a LOT of fucked up comedians. Why would you become involved with sick people when you are trying to succeed whether that is alcoholism, bipolar or morbid obesity?
      People are drawn to healthy people.

  • lickitandlikeit
    lickitandlikeit Year ago +2

    Have they even slept in the past month what the hell 😂

    • PJ
      PJ Year ago


  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera Year ago

    So beautiful this relationship.....Props Kev...U da man....

  • aligonza7781
    aligonza7781 Year ago +2

    Why does tiffany talk like she slow

    • James Morgan
      James Morgan Year ago +8

      Says the genius who can't capitalize names, or have proper sentence structure. Now go retake your airbrushed selfie and simmer down.

  • DEKU
    DEKU Year ago

    The Voice of God

  • junior senior
    junior senior Year ago +1

    2:21 she said im introducing myself . She know they aint that funny lmao

    • Quentin Buetow
      Quentin Buetow 3 months ago

      junior senior - You shot a slick slug, but ya ass watched the video. ✌🏻💯

  • ashu fikadu
    ashu fikadu Year ago +1

    🇪🇷 🇪🇹 Tiff’s ready 😂 ...so much respect to kev for giving what he has

  • Seon Gomez
    Seon Gomez Year ago


  • ITS TEE b
    ITS TEE b Year ago +1

    Who ever she married this time around is gonna be a lucky man. She's a wonderful woman😍

  • Charlene Walker
    Charlene Walker Year ago +2

    nice, lovely; continued blessings to all

  • Trey Banks
    Trey Banks Year ago

    Loved this! But they fucking fasho🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  • MaryJeena
    MaryJeena Year ago +2

    Such a dope interview. Totally enjoyed the vibe 😍🙂

  • B Dawg
    B Dawg Year ago


  • B Dawg
    B Dawg Year ago

    🤣🤣shit got weird at the end they had tah bounce

  • Sonji531
    Sonji531 Year ago +1

    I love how Kevin pulls her coat when she's popping off a lil too much.

    • Quentin Buetow
      Quentin Buetow 3 months ago

      PJ - That's what **MENTORS** do ...

    • PJ
      PJ Year ago

      He's a lil controlling. He wants her to be a female Kevin Hart

  • PudWhacker
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    CHICOIZPAIN Year ago


  • Philippe SHOCK Matthews

    This was phenomenal! Many great gems were dropped. Thank you Tiffany and Kevin for being the best you!

  • Titus Greatness
    Titus Greatness Year ago +1

    Class of 3000

  • Thespectre82
    Thespectre82 Year ago

    this should be viral

  • yohi w
    yohi w Year ago +7

    I think they secretly love each other!

    • Sandy Smith
      Sandy Smith Year ago


    • Sohani Yadav
      Sohani Yadav Year ago +13

      Why can’t people just appreciate a good friendship between a man and a woman

    • The Many-Faced God
      The Many-Faced God Year ago +5

      They're like brother and sister hes known her for like a decade. If he wanted to hit it he already has

    • Karen Hampton
      Karen Hampton Year ago +2

      yohi w definitely some kinda connection..

  • Domenic tv
    Domenic tv Year ago +84

    They on a hell of a press tour for this movie

    • Williams' Photography & MDubFilms
      Williams' Photography & MDubFilms Year ago

      and it still flopped. SMH Katt Williams said... nevermind LOL

    • Miguel Pacheco
      Miguel Pacheco Year ago

      @The Many-Faced God dick he's producing, no shit. Smh@u

    • The Many-Faced God
      The Many-Faced God Year ago +1

      Ya because Kevin put his own money up for this one he wanna make sure he gets it back Haha when its studio money he barely even tweets about it smh

    • Ca Be
      Ca Be Year ago +1


    • neci596
      neci596 Year ago +2

      Right?! They're everywhere

  • KvngMarTV
    KvngMarTV Year ago +11

    The *Voice Of God* was the best part of the interview 😂😂😂

  • Marcus Mcdow
    Marcus Mcdow Year ago +2

    Martin is the King

  • INFINITE 2020
    INFINITE 2020 Year ago