The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses | Adam Ruins Everything

  • Published on Sep 14, 2016
  • Did you know that a single company controls 80% of all glasses and sunglasses brands?
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 14 011

  • jorge munoz
    jorge munoz 2 hours ago

    Nope nope

  • Rainbowcake
    Rainbowcake 4 days ago +1

    Should've gone to Specsavers :)

  •  4 days ago

    Here in India, glasses cost around $40

  • Mathew Bishop
    Mathew Bishop 5 days ago

    our world is fucked.

  • Ivan Cruz
    Ivan Cruz 5 days ago

    Top 10 anime betrayals

  • deEpANsHU sINgH
    deEpANsHU sINgH 5 days ago

    Dude the prices on everything in America is so fucked up.

  • Atul Sharma
    Atul Sharma 6 days ago

    Luxottica 🧐

  • Amusement Alex
    Amusement Alex 7 days ago

    1:07 Who thinks all girls can whip their ponytail and do this?

  • WolfOfJustice
    WolfOfJustice 8 days ago +1

    Luxottica are the biggest cunts on the planet.

  • Riti Aggarwal
    Riti Aggarwal 8 days ago

    400$? Lol glasses in India cost 500-1000 rupees on average which is about 7$ -14$ :)

  • communist cannon
    communist cannon 9 days ago

    Emily:"glasses are bad"
    me:"Another reason not to be a nerd"

    • Zuxlshl
      Zuxlshl 9 days ago

      *How does wearing glasses make you a nerd*

  • Mr. Mountaindew
    Mr. Mountaindew 9 days ago

    Emily ruins Adam

  • - Cucuric -
    - Cucuric - 9 days ago

    Glasses (plastic/metalic part) dont cost much, the real price comes from glass

  • Furisin
    Furisin 9 days ago

    So basically, go get your eyes lazered so you don't need glasses?

  • Zebulization
    Zebulization 9 days ago +1

    So, anti-trust laws failed to prevent a price controlling monopoly, which was the entire purpose for the creation of anti-trust laws? Not surprised really.

    • CJ Hunt
      CJ Hunt 9 days ago

      Was their purpose to prevent monopoly? Or to create an illusion of monopoly prevention?

  • Mario -_-Rodrigues
    Mario -_-Rodrigues 10 days ago

    Wait in India high end glasses cost $60 max

  • Tyler Snakovsky
    Tyler Snakovsky 10 days ago

    The world is rigged by the 1% where pauns to their chest game of life

  • Drool01
    Drool01 10 days ago

    *Laughs in Phillipines*

  • D3rkgam3r
    D3rkgam3r 11 days ago

    I got two pairs for $100

  • Stefanie Koperski
    Stefanie Koperski 11 days ago

    So some people can see for free
    Some people buy little tiny pieces of plastic to put into their eye
    And I have to pay $400 dollars to see clearly and might possibly have to get a surgery

  • TarmacTomato 677
    TarmacTomato 677 11 days ago

    Remember no Luxotica

  • ConquestZero
    ConquestZero 12 days ago

    You ruin her wedding she ruins your looks, personality and life wow

  • Ana
    Ana 12 days ago +5

    lol and i'm just sitting here watching this with my $12 prescription glasses I ordered online and my $50 phone

  • SnipeyCat
    SnipeyCat 12 days ago


  • Ashlia ashie
    Ashlia ashie 12 days ago

    i dont give a frick i went to blind to eh eyesight

  • Jake Bourque
    Jake Bourque 12 days ago

    It should be Adam only she's annoying

  • Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar 12 days ago

    You guys should watch the first covergae of luxottica's monopoly. They interview the CEO in it and he is sinister and evil af. Like you'll get real chills listening to him.

  • Max Andersson
    Max Andersson 12 days ago

    Is it like this in Sweden 🇸🇪

  • Cisco4kid1990
    Cisco4kid1990 12 days ago

    This is actually fucked up I have an eye stigma and I can't even afford to buy glasses so my eyes keep getting worse and worse I live on SSI like WTF SMH SERIOUSLY

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput 14 days ago

    My glasses are 40 pounds??

  • tak um
    tak um 14 days ago +5

    that twist with pierre makes me so sad. They had such good chemistry D:

  • corey the boss
    corey the boss 14 days ago

    Adam ruin Emily ruin her and get revenge

  • Orion Moreno
    Orion Moreno 15 days ago +3

    3:50 "Colin Moriarty, at yer service!"

  • Derek Miller
    Derek Miller 15 days ago +13

    Adam: I hate this, glasses are really important to me, they’re like 40% of my personality.
    Emily: Oh suck it up.

  • Derek Miller
    Derek Miller 15 days ago +20

    Emily: I’m the Adam now.
    Adam: (Whimper)

  • iChoose Doge
    iChoose Doge 15 days ago +1

    Should’ve gone to Specsavers

  • Mauro Pari
    Mauro Pari 16 days ago

    so no one is going to comment about Ray being Bob Vance from
    vance refrigration

  • Dj Kermit
    Dj Kermit 16 days ago

    My glasses cost 100 lol

  • Eren Öğücü
    Eren Öğücü 16 days ago

    Wait she hates Oakleys no wonder Adam ruins her everything she had it coming

  • Stick On Fire
    Stick On Fire 16 days ago +5

    Lmao 400$ for glasses. I'm sitting here paying like 100$ for photo (turns to shades when there is sun light) protection from strong lights, and it's dust free too, with the frame ofc.

  • Green Claw
    Green Claw 17 days ago

    Yea i am glad my glasses are worth like 20 dolars

  • I don’t know a name
    I don’t know a name 17 days ago

    My pair of glasses costs 50 euros

  • Sean Koske
    Sean Koske 17 days ago

    Glasses are not 400 dollars mine are 40

  • Joseph Hess
    Joseph Hess 18 days ago +1


  • ellie_teixeira1
    ellie_teixeira1 18 days ago

    Petition for more Emily ruins...

  • Kai H
    Kai H 18 days ago

    Glass cost 400 dollars in America

  • Ziggy Ingalls
    Ziggy Ingalls 18 days ago

    Adam got KARMA!

  • Wan Ryan
    Wan Ryan 18 days ago

    For the whole time Emily's face is like "First time?"

  • Useless Foogless
    Useless Foogless 18 days ago

    I don't live in America so Luxotica doesn't own the glasses store in my country

  • Derek Miller
    Derek Miller 18 days ago

    Luxotica never bought out Staton Optical

  • Alexa page
    Alexa page 19 days ago

    Well fk I guess I'm going to get contacts

  • Endzi_ The_Fangirl
    Endzi_ The_Fangirl 19 days ago

    She's talking about glasses with a dioptre under 2 (positive or negative) but the ones over 2 actually has glass that is ectualy worth a lot. The thing that is actally over priced is the frame.

  • Im that one emo kid
    Im that one emo kid 19 days ago


  • A_YT
    A_YT 19 days ago +1

    Did Emily do this to get back at Adam for the dog thing?...

  • koala koala
    koala koala 21 day ago

    This hit home

  • vominator
    vominator 22 days ago

    Yeah, sorry RayBans were $70 back in the 80s

  • Wynnie W
    Wynnie W 22 days ago

    Haha too bad luxotica i am in Indonesia

  • gacha daniel
    gacha daniel 22 days ago

    She is starting the arguement in a glasses store oof

  • Rainbowcake
    Rainbowcake 22 days ago +1

    What about English glasses shops?

  • Nandos and Cocoa
    Nandos and Cocoa 23 days ago

    4:18 pretty cool huh?😂

  • Rob
    Rob 23 days ago

    I always wondered. I mean sure the glass is perfectly custom made for your needs and might have some extra stuff like color change under iUV, but the frame is just fragile plastic with a bit of metal

  • Dreden Downen
    Dreden Downen 23 days ago


  • Kevin Aalberg
    Kevin Aalberg 23 days ago

    In Norway we have sunglasses that cost 200 kr

    GEORGIE MARTIN 24 days ago

    I meant to say did Adam ruins glasses or did Emily ruin glasses?

    GEORGIE MARTIN 24 days ago


    GEORGIE MARTIN 24 days ago

    So did Emily ruin glases for did Adam ruin glases

  • Blackout Lol
    Blackout Lol 25 days ago

    Ok ok I’ve heard of Adam ruins everything but not Adams friends ruin everything!

  • Emiko 123
    Emiko 123 25 days ago

    3:29 what about contacts? or is that also Luxotica?

    BOSTON DA BEST 26 days ago

    Adam ruins everything I mean Emily ruins everything

  • The Pelvis Presley Show
    The Pelvis Presley Show 26 days ago +1

    I can imagine Marx and Lenin laughing at us from above ☹️

  • Niks Ostrovskis
    Niks Ostrovskis 27 days ago +1

    In Europe, best glasses cost 200 euros and you can get low quality glasses at 30 euros.

    • alentu
      alentu 22 days ago

      where i live the most expensive ones are 280 and the cheapest are around 20, and when you buy one you get one for free as well, so basically two glasses for 280 for example.

  • Ryan CPH
    Ryan CPH 27 days ago

    She’s a contacts person. She’s not one of us!

  • Sam Stein
    Sam Stein 28 days ago

    i know i should be stressed about this since i need glasses, but 1. i go to a private optometrist that literally costs $15 down and the rest on insurance and 2. i just need a frame i like then i dont care

  • Michaelflash123s stuff

    My sunglasses were from poundstretcher and they costed 1 and a half pound

  • Bloodline Painter
    Bloodline Painter 28 days ago

    And now I'm happy too live in Germany

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 29 days ago

    Adam got adamd

  • Microwave
    Microwave Month ago +1

    My prescription glasses are $100 Raybans they are so many options for frames that are cheaper

  • tanner
    tanner Month ago

    i think this is the first adam ruins everything video on something that actually effects me

  • shook tea
    shook tea Month ago

    Yeah, glasses are hella expensive but oflest we can see. •^•

  • Caleb Lopez
    Caleb Lopez Month ago

    Adam got owned

  • Aelin Arcaron
    Aelin Arcaron Month ago

    Thank God I'm in the UK and if you are under 16 you get free glasses

  • underscore
    underscore Month ago

    emily's hair. its so longgg

  • Ismail Loufa-Monroe

    At 1:30 they have a cooking spoon

  • Romsicle
    Romsicle Month ago


  • Heather Chandler
    Heather Chandler Month ago

    What's up with Emily's hair?

  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell Month ago

    Wrong show, I know, but 'um, actually, Julius Ceaser would never have said 'Et tu, Brute?', as he would have spoken Classical Greek. Instead, he would have said 'και συ, Βρυτε?' (and you, Brutus?), or as Suetonis reported 'και συ, τενκον?' (and you, child?)'

  • user name unknown
    user name unknown Month ago +1

    I’m from Britain so suck it

  • ZzTiJix_rages
    ZzTiJix_rages Month ago

    Did no one else realize the bad guy in this video is from one of the "Suite Life of Zach and Cody" episodes when they were in France and the rich girl got con-ed?

  • Michael Martucci
    Michael Martucci Month ago

    she got a cheep phone!

  • Adam Crandall
    Adam Crandall Month ago

    I get what they are saying. But I got 2 sets of good frames for 30 a pop. So the whole iphone costs the same schtick kinda falls flat.....

  • Faw Shaw
    Faw Shaw Month ago

    Yay Emily, give Adam a taste of his own medicine for a change, before he ruins medicine. New Adam is pretty too.

  • Spectrix Spectrumist


  • Spectrix Spectrumist

    Adaming the Adam

  • Spectrix Spectrumist

    Hello darkness my old friend... I've been destroyed by Adam twoooooo...

  • Spectrix Spectrumist

    How to kill an Adam 101:
    *Become the Adam*
    Also (0:48) the face of a man about to feel how it is like to meet him... The... Irony? IDK

  • giver cz
    giver cz Month ago

    "Luxotica owns all glasses" solution: eye contacts or europe

  • Adam Selvig
    Adam Selvig Month ago

    I’m glad I’m not using glasses anymore

  • John Eskins
    John Eskins Month ago +1

    Jeeze, do you not have a monopolies commission in the USA? Surely, Luxotica’s takeover of Oakely should have been illegal?

  • name of person
    name of person Month ago

    I still need my glasses to see far away.

    LUCA DONOVICH Month ago

    *Luxotica would like to know your location*