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  • Published on Jun 17, 2020
  • 2001 THE CURE

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  • Mr B
    Mr B 3 months ago +112

    What’s so cool is that even acoustically, the Cure is the genesis of alternative. No computers, no sound machines, pure alternative genius. Each day I appreciate this band more, and I listened to the Cure from day one.

    • TraumUTube
      TraumUTube 12 days ago +1

      the same with me. listened since days one ..they seem not to fade away but to gain

    • david pretiz
      david pretiz 16 days ago +2

      The Cure helped ma a lot...!
      Thanks Robert

    • Stu Wright
      Stu Wright Month ago +1

      we`ll get you a medal

    • marcus
      marcus Month ago +1

      @mitchell miller uhh...Cure early 80s... Smashing Pumpkins late 80s to early 90s..But your assessment is spot on otherwise.. 2 great bands.. Love them both

    • mitchell miller
      mitchell miller 2 months ago +2

      Back in the day, when the Cure and the Smashing Pumpkins ruled the world!

  • Blake McVey
    Blake McVey 3 months ago +488

    This is simply one of the greatest bands of any genre in the history of popular music.

  • aldret aldret
    aldret aldret 3 months ago +22

    I love everything. Sometimes I imagine the new sounds of their next album they will explore, the new atmosphere they will offer.
    To me, each time everything comes logically because it is already germinating inside the melodies.
    The only thing they have to do is to withdraw one of the numerous creative ideas and to emphasise it in order to see in which direction after they can go and how far with it.
    Their universe is vast. Elevation, spirituality. It is in the air now. They can explore mystery, reach mysticism. In the age of Aquarius.
    It can be electric, aerial, galactic, a music in a flow of energy. In the four or five dimension. Cristalline bodies. They can play with the invisible we all feel. The white light versus the darkness of space. La matière noire aussi. Belle thématique: les notions quantiques à visiter d’une façon artistique.
    The energies and the frequencies, vibrations from the elementals. Air, earth, water, fire. Colors and black or white. Clear voices and whispered lyrics. Contrasts and harmonies. Des superpositions d’échos lointains et/ ou rapprochés. Par exemple. Well. I am waiting something around these ideas. 😁😘😘😘🌹

  • Peter Todd
    Peter Todd 3 months ago +169

    The production is superb, and Robert's voice, oh my, just magic, it doesn't age.
    Thank you, thank you, so nice to visit the awesome 80's again.

    • Lo Kro
      Lo Kro Month ago

      Yes ! Some sorcery !?

    • Becky M
      Becky M Month ago

      Was thinking the production is great, too! The drums and bass are totally tight and everything else falls into place off them. Everything sitting right where it should. I was never into them at the time, but gaining appreciation now.

    • Nadeschda Sternhagen
      Nadeschda Sternhagen Month ago +1

      keep some of the eighties right up high into future again

    • Scott Carpenter
      Scott Carpenter Month ago

      @David Macleod Perry and 2 drummers in the cure? (:

    • Darren Lamb
      Darren Lamb 2 months ago +1

      @dazlamb haha... well fellow darren lamb and cure fan I'm not actually named Darren Lamb.. but close. I am indeed a Darren (a sure sign of being born in the UK in the 70s) but the Lamb part is only the first half of my surname. Take care.

  • 박혜은
    박혜은 7 months ago +175

    Boy, this is a masterpiece!!! This band is so versatile!

    • lino dial
      lino dial Month ago +3

      God I friggin' love The Cure, and the acoustic versions here are outstanding!!

    • Temple Of The Martyrs
      Temple Of The Martyrs 3 months ago +1

      put masterpiece on that my friend

  • Si j'ose dire
    Si j'ose dire 3 months ago +74

    Ça sonne super bien, comme ça, en acoustique, et puis c'est super bien filmé....j'adore! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rafael Iglesias
    Rafael Iglesias 21 day ago +2

    They are amazing. I remember how some of my friends looked at me when they first came out and I said this is one of the best bands ever

  • ArthurQuantize
    ArthurQuantize Month ago +41

    I cannot believe his voice hasn't changed after all these years, when absolutely everything else has 😳 They're all just as amazing as when I first heard them, and they strummed that chord on my heart that said 'Yes!'. Thank you for this set, love it!

    • AC AC
      AC AC Month ago

      Bem , eles têm mais de 40. Vale.

    • periurban
      periurban Month ago +8

      This is 20 years old.

  • Gorka Floyd
    Gorka Floyd 2 months ago +3

    Thanks for sharing! The Cure is one of my favorite bands and they sound amazing playing acoustic guitars. 🎸👍

  • K BH
    K BH 3 months ago +53

    This always takes me back...so hauntingly beautiful, the lyrics puncture my soul, and then envelop me like a warm hug. And then there is a playful side that is bouncy and catchy and happy. They swing like a pendulum. LOVE love the Cure. Thanks for sharing!

  • Christian Alander
    Christian Alander 3 months ago +123

    Hearing them play acoustic proves that at the heart of The Cure's magic lies truly great songs.

    • marcus
      marcus Month ago

      Yes...No autotune...no mumbling of nonsense lyrics...no sampling...ripping off other artists... Original..

    • 789mark789
      789mark789 Month ago +1

      @Jay F I miss the horns on Close To You. I don't know which release had the horns, though.

    • William Perri
      William Perri 3 months ago

      And you are just discovering this? I mean, most of this are fully aware but thank you for your input.

    • Jay F
      Jay F 3 months ago

      Beautiful. But I miss the strings on Lullaby

    • кош империя
      кош империя 3 months ago

      long live Rock'n'Roll 2021 =🎸🎸=


  • stmm
    stmm 2 months ago +21

    Los verdaderos músicos, se escuchan mejor en acústico. Gracias The Cure!

    • Rob Guty
      Rob Guty 2 months ago

      DIFIERO creo que los buenos grupos en vivo suenan mejor que en estudio, ojo en vivo no acústico cualquier tema de Metallica en vivo es ufff peor en acústico mmmmmmmm que te digo

    • Raphael Almeida
      Raphael Almeida 2 months ago +4

      Please, come to rockinRio 2022

  • Juan M. Andrade
    Juan M. Andrade 3 months ago +24

    Increíble, lo que es capaz de transmitir, una música entrañable y dulce a la vez y con ritmo leve que no decae. Grande The Cure. La última canción magistral.

    • miguel rejas
      miguel rejas 3 months ago

      SIMPLEMENTE ATEMPORAL su música! Muy vigente por cierto.

  • church mouse
    church mouse 3 months ago +15

    Thank you so much for this. The sound is beautiful! What a priceless upload…I’m with most of the others here: o, nostalgia! ❤️

  • FJM76
    FJM76 3 months ago +19

    Stripped of all the reverb and delay Robert's voice remains utterly note perfect. Incredible

  • Emerson Lopes
    Emerson Lopes 3 months ago +16

    A melhor banda de todos os tempo!

    • RF M
      RF M Month ago +1


  • Elaine Deehan
    Elaine Deehan 2 months ago +3

    Wow, why didn't I appreciate them back in the day. Fab musicians 😍

  • Darren Walshe
    Darren Walshe 3 months ago +3

    No other band sounds like the cure, special!

  • Ricardo Gnecco Falco
    Ricardo Gnecco Falco 3 months ago +5

    Muito bom! 💥🎶 80's rules!!!

  • Jaime Arturo Reyes Hernandez

    Wow! A forest es una canción que utiliza mucho los sintetizadores, al pasarla en versión acústica no pierde nada! genios!!

  • Pepe Mollinedo
    Pepe Mollinedo 3 months ago +33


  • CAT 1990
    CAT 1990 2 months ago +12

    A forest is soooo good! Over 40 years and this is the most amazing version I've ever heard 💯👊🙏

    • Jabbar Jabbinski
      Jabbar Jabbinski 2 months ago

      That must be from before 2004, Perry Bamonte on guitar...

  • John Piers Cilliers
    John Piers Cilliers 3 months ago +6

    I ticked off one of my bucket-list items when I saw these guys live. Each one of them just as brilliant as the other! One of my "greatest bands of all time" the other two being "The Clash" and "Pink Floyd". Ok... perhaps not only those three, there are also a few more.😁😁😁 🎸🎸🎸🎸

  • jodeskid
    jodeskid 3 months ago +2

    Awesome! 20 years on, still incredible!

  • Richard Rigg
    Richard Rigg Month ago +30

    Tremendous. I would never have thought of "A Forest" as an acoustic song.

    • Bryan Brodie
      Bryan Brodie Month ago +1

      My thoughts also

    • Greg Kosinski
      Greg Kosinski Month ago

      Honestly my favorite version now. When he started playing the arpeggios at 0:26 I knew it would not only be serviceable but legendary.

  • James Heron
    James Heron 3 months ago +7

    I have so much respect for The Cure! One of my only childhood bands that actually still sound as good on and off record, if not better! than ever before!!!! ❤️

    • Patricia Mays
      Patricia Mays 3 months ago

      Yes, they do sound better in a way because they've had a few decades of practice.

    • кош империя
      кош империя 3 months ago

      long live Rock'n'Roll 2021 =🎸🎸=


  • Beck Peterson
    Beck Peterson 3 months ago +5

    Love this 💕 one of the greatest bands of all time

  • Keith 1966
    Keith 1966 2 months ago +1

    They sound amazing! Just brilliant.

  • Chuck Friebe
    Chuck Friebe 3 months ago +16

    Brilliant! Pure brilliance! They transcend all music trends.

  • Bill Lowenburg
    Bill Lowenburg 3 months ago +40

    A Forest is one of my favorite songs by anyone, and I've been listening to pop music (and many other types) for 60 years. I like the electronic versions of it even more, especially the extended dance mix. Several years ago I visited the UK and only then discovered the song, having drifted away from The Cure for some time. I'll always fondly remember listening to it on headphones late at night in Edinburgh. Thanks for this great upload.

    • Holgual Oxford
      Holgual Oxford 6 hours ago

      Love "A Forest" but this version didnt do it for me. The original version when they, I guess, had a slightly punk vibe is my favorite.

    • Darren Lamb
      Darren Lamb 2 months ago

      Edinburgh is a beautiful city. My favourite Scottish city for sure. I love all things medieval and Edinburgh ticks all my boxes.

    • Марина Матвеева
      Марина Матвеева 3 months ago

      @tasos diaforetico You're delusional...

    • tasos diaforetico
      tasos diaforetico 3 months ago

      Yes it's epic, it hot me into a different way of life and though, and flamenco guitar

    • Daniel Meola
      Daniel Meola 3 months ago

      Totally agree, feel the same, i listen ti every version i find.

  • Mariska Delaere
    Mariska Delaere 3 months ago +7

    All I know is . I love this

    After all these years, still one of the most phenomenal bands I've ever heard
    Not enough words to truly do them justice

    the cure is my cure

  • black1582
    black1582 2 months ago +3

    Thank for posting, it’s amazing! Some of their best performances ever!

  • Paulo Ramos
    Paulo Ramos 3 months ago +1

    Muito bom!

  • Eva Tejeté-Ogoude
    Eva Tejeté-Ogoude 3 months ago +27

    Je viens de faire un bond dans mon adolescence. Merci ! Cette vidéo est magique et c'est toujours aussi bon de les écouter.

    • Hahn Nessy
      Hahn Nessy Month ago +1

      Pareil, souvenirs... J'ai appris la basse en formant un groupe avec des potes et on les reprenait genre tribute ou cover! Mais je les ai un peu lâchés après desintegration... En ne ratant jamais leurs concerts près de chez moi!

    • joseph hertzberg
      joseph hertzberg Month ago +1

      Always so good..

    • DB Music
      DB Music 2 months ago

      oui j'accord. le cure est le best band.

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia Month ago +3

    One of the best acoustic bands of all time, now I can rest easy !!!

  • Matt Kaz
    Matt Kaz 3 months ago +29

    Great performance. Robert is nailing the vocals. Wonderful.

  • Kini Marcelo
    Kini Marcelo Month ago +2

    Mi juventud no hubiera sido la misma sin esta música tan maravillosa !!!! Larga vida a The Cure que ayudó a cura mis heridas !!!!

  • Löu Rüst
    Löu Rüst 3 months ago +11

    Without a doubt The Cure is and will be one of my favorite bands forever.
    Beautiful acoustic :D

    • Sasha Shaikh
      Sasha Shaikh 2 months ago

      They still sound so fresh, after all these years !!!

  • Geoff Mackenzie
    Geoff Mackenzie 3 months ago +13

    Where can i find the full set of this performance please? It's amazing. SO, so good.

    • marc g.
      marc g. 3 months ago +4

      They have a greatest hits in two formats - the regular versions and another of newly recorded acoustic versions. They pull off the acoustic stuff very well.

  • Zaleao Mingoma
    Zaleao Mingoma Month ago +2

    ¡Qué maravilla de acústico!

  • Art is Trash - Francisco de Pájaro

    Fantástico sonido !

  • Sean Mitchell
    Sean Mitchell 9 months ago +34

    Pure genius. Even breathing in tune.

  • SuperJuvent
    SuperJuvent Month ago +1

    This acoustic show is fantastic 😍 !!

  • Viviane Senger
    Viviane Senger 3 months ago +8

    Dessas, adoro Lullaby!!! The Cure... Saudades... super banda!!

  • Nick and Silke Jager
    Nick and Silke Jager 3 months ago +47

    I can't believe that this video doesn't have more views. It's Unplugged at it's best!

    • 789mark789
      789mark789 Month ago +1

      Was this the "MTV unplugged" show? I recall that The Cure played The Caterpillar during the show. It was memorable.

    • Mike Day
      Mike Day 2 months ago +3

      seriously. right there wit nirvana, Clapton, Alice in chains, so on so forth, if not better than all aforementioned.

  • S
    S 3 months ago +2

    30+ years on and Lullaby is still on my top 5 greatest acoustics songs

  • Andrey G.
    Andrey G. 2 months ago +30

    This is perfect. Skill, beautiful sound and magic.

  • WolfTau
    WolfTau 3 months ago +2

    Love this song, whether i'm speeding down the highway or running, it's a great song to speed to.

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith 3 months ago +14

    One of my top 5 bands of all time.
    I love them all equally.
    lol ;-)

  • Yani Nomikos
    Yani Nomikos 3 months ago +12

    The Cure was one of few bands that were able to bring quirky, unique songs into pop culture. The possibilities of renditions for the songs on this video are endless.

    • Yani Nomikos
      Yani Nomikos 2 months ago

      @Kenneth Barber very nice! Reminds me a little bit of Señor Coconut 😁

    • Kenneth Barber
      Kenneth Barber 3 months ago +1

      have you heard Nouvelle Vague cover of The Forest?

  • steve cour
    steve cour 2 months ago +1

    Totally Awesome, I have loved the cure all my life, sooo good 👍

  • Jorge García
    Jorge García 3 months ago +2

    Que fantástico!!

  • concars1234
    concars1234 2 months ago +4

    That version of Lullaby was absolutely wicked

  • R SC
    R SC 2 months ago +2

    Awesome as accoustic. As good as the days these songs came out. Robert's voice still sounds great.

  • Okay Nice
    Okay Nice 3 months ago +18

    This is actually a pretty good live video, I'm happy that I've found it, thank you for uploading. :]

  • LongReachOne
    LongReachOne Month ago +1

    WoW! I'm enjoying this much more than the old stuff :D You guys have gotten REALLY GOOD! :D

  • King Ghidorah
    King Ghidorah 3 months ago +138

    0:00 - A Forest
    4:51 - Lovecats
    8:47 - Close to Me
    12:31 - Lullaby

  • André L.R.M
    André L.R.M 3 months ago +6

    Really cool! Listen this is always a good time!
    Congratulations from Brasil 🇧🇷

  • orKKa
    orKKa 2 months ago

    I remember the first time I heard the cure. Blown away. Love this video. Thanks for posting.

  • Peter A
    Peter A 3 months ago +20

    Thanks for sharing this. A Forest was the first 12" single, nay, the first vinyl I ever bought back in the day. It was glow in the dark green and I wore that record out. Still one of my top ten songs. That bassline just hooks into my brain and baby, that's all she wrote.

    • Sandro Trieweiler
      Sandro Trieweiler 2 months ago +1

      This ia ao f...ng awsome, thanks

    • John Reeves
      John Reeves 3 months ago +1

      I’m with you - not the first vinyl but one of my first 12” singles for sure, purchased in the Plymouth branch of Virgin Records, and also in my Top 10 all-time. The TOTP performance also ranks highly, prompted the first haircut where I told the barber exactly what I wanted!

  • Simone Perroni Galesi
    Simone Perroni Galesi 3 months ago +5

    Amooo 😍😍😍

  • Imre Gyarmati
    Imre Gyarmati 3 months ago +13

    Heart-touching masterpieces...

  • Fernando Hoyos Ferreyra

    Que hermoso, gracias 🌌🎶

  • Bert Guff
    Bert Guff Month ago +2

    This was brilliant ! Immediately made me a teenager again. Great versions of great somgs

  • Richard Lindquist
    Richard Lindquist Month ago +2

    I had no idea this material existed.
    Lots of 80s stuff deconstructs down to acoustic guitar.
    Great stuff!!

  • Fords_nothere
    Fords_nothere 3 months ago +5

    What a gem of an upload. One of the very best versions of the Forest I've come across. And super quirky, very interesting song choices. Love it!

  • The Motion of the Ocean
    The Motion of the Ocean 2 months ago +3

    Thanks a lot for sharing Yaniv

  • Isabelle Bailliez
    Isabelle Bailliez Month ago

    Magnificent ❤️. Music, Robert's voice waouw... it carries me back 30 Years earlier. The cure 4ever !!

  • Fabio Franco
    Fabio Franco Month ago

    Sem comentários, fazia música de verdade som melódico sem apelação e só reflexão!!!

  • Virginia Gonzalez
    Virginia Gonzalez 2 months ago +6

    "Just Like heaven" Love those guitars, I'll never forget last concert here in México City, I hope they will come very soon!!!

  • Kato1
    Kato1 2 months ago +6

    Timeless prep music with a soul. The Cure one of the best.

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 2 months ago +5

    A forest versión acústica. Sencillamente perfecta.
    Y que gran batería Cooper.

  • Gajoss X
    Gajoss X 26 days ago

    I used to be a metalhead back in my teen ages, yet TheCure played continuously in my head, along with Slayer, Voivod, Entombed or Carcass.... kinda weird, kinda brill.... hell, I cannot put into words, what they do to my soul.... :)

  • Luciano Varela - Clases de batería y percusión

    I love the way Simon Gallup builds his bass lines. He is half of the music in The Cure

    • siddis
      siddis 2 months ago +1

      LUCIANO VARELA... d'accordissimo !!!

  • Phil Hood
    Phil Hood 11 days ago

    The second favorite band of my life ! Just after Pink Floyd ! I saw them in Strasbourg (France) in 2000 or 2001, I don't remember exactly ! Fantastic experience ! "Pictures of you" is a gem !

    • Yaniv Levi
      Yaniv Levi  11 days ago

      Wish 2 see them too. especially In Israel

  • Kimy Kimy
    Kimy Kimy 24 days ago

    Melhor banda dos anos 80/90 cheios de personalidade no som e no visual

  • DHBarehand
    DHBarehand 3 months ago +2

    They sound incredible and look great! 🧡👻🎃😌

  • Roy
    Roy Month ago

    Sensacional e épico

  • Fitness Tech
    Fitness Tech 3 months ago +2

    Best band ever! Even in acoustic!

  • Stef Goff
    Stef Goff 2 months ago +10

    Playing this as my High School class came in today. Much respect to the one kid who hung around at the end to ask was that the Cure? What song was that? Great music is timeless.

    • Matthew Oldnew
      Matthew Oldnew Month ago

      The Cure Is Healing

    • Julián García
      Julián García 2 months ago +1

      I wish my school was a little cool to have music classes or something like that

    • Julián García
      Julián García 2 months ago +1

      what a dreeaaaaaamm🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥺

  • Neil Simons
    Neil Simons 2 months ago

    Lots of love fore the cure.they were one of the first bands I got into..still listening to them to this day.

  • laxime28
    laxime28 7 months ago +5

    Hermoso!!!! gracias por subir este vídeo!!!

  • Marce Pichi
    Marce Pichi 3 months ago +1

    Awesome to always go back but this cleaner more subtle version of the classic songs! Awesome. Thank you for sharing

  • Slate Banner
    Slate Banner 2 months ago +5

    Iconic - Classic - So much to give even now so many years later, still relevant, still The Cure.

  • michivette Dominguez
    michivette Dominguez 26 days ago

    Espectacular 🖤

  • Henjo29
    Henjo29 2 months ago +4

    When a band perfects their craft. If there wasn't, there should have been an album made from this.

  • Paola Celletti
    Paola Celletti 2 months ago +3

    Guys, this vid rocks! The choice of tracks, the editing, the sound quality and the choice of B / W are amazing.
    Thanks for uploading and sharing!

  • baldieman64
    baldieman64 Month ago +2

    Their cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is also well worth checking out.

  • Darren Milton
    Darren Milton 6 months ago +103

    Robert Smith is a genius, and I put him alongside the other genius, that being David Bowie, both incredibly unique, and riddled with talent.

    • u ó
      u ó 2 months ago

      the 2 I love the most: TC and DB...love them profoundly

    • Anders Andersen
      Anders Andersen 3 months ago +2

      David Burne deserves a spot among those legends.

    • Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen
      Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen 3 months ago

      @Марина Матвеева How so?

    • Марина Матвеева
      Марина Матвеева 3 months ago

      @Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen You're delusional...

    • Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen
      Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen 3 months ago

      @Adam Brass Say what now? Bowie wrote and composed a lot of his own stuff, though of course he covered Jacques Brel, The Pixies and collaborated with others such as Annie Lennox and Queen.

  • Neale Blevins
    Neale Blevins 2 months ago +9

    This is just the best cure set ever, before Robert started frightening my grandma as she went to pick up her prescription at the local pharmacy 😬

    • Dan Cohoon
      Dan Cohoon Month ago

      My mom asked me questions about what exactly they were singing about.

    • MaGuffintop
      MaGuffintop Month ago +1

      huh? sounds hilarious plz explain? Did she run into him? lol

    • Darren Lamb
      Darren Lamb 2 months ago +2


  • Mario Minucci
    Mario Minucci 3 months ago +15


  • Andy Macc
    Andy Macc 24 days ago

    In spired between days . Beautifully placed into my lap this morning from Skeeta Davis to Sharon Van Etten’s version, to this magnificently played, sung, written and produced melody of work that invokes the spirit, conjures the soul and stirs the imagination x

  • Brandon Allison
    Brandon Allison 3 months ago +18

    Robert Smith’s voice never deteriorated like so many others. What’s more is that he still sounds great.

    • John Frye
      John Frye 2 months ago

      Siouxsie Sioux has a half-octane vocal range now. It's just a monotone cigarette rasp, sadly. Robert has done pretty well to maintain most of his range.

    • Dan Reyburn
      Dan Reyburn 2 months ago +1

      This was from 2001. 20 years ago. His voice has deteriorated like everyone's.

    • Barry McHugh
      Barry McHugh 3 months ago

      I agree!!!!

  • Victor Hugo Teran
    Victor Hugo Teran 2 months ago

    Una de las mejores bandas de todos los tiempos, en el selecto grupo de Dioses de la música contemporánea!!

  • Baby New Year
    Baby New Year 2 months ago +9

    Effin Hell... it must feel good when you realize that you're real musicians and not a bunch of hacks. These guys have been real deal performers all these decades. Making it look easy like it's just going through the motions, but still enjoying making the music. Nice work.

    • Danny Golightly
      Danny Golightly 2 months ago

      they are not all the same people, the lie-up has changed many times.

  • Combitech
    Combitech 2 months ago

    Love it 👍

  • Markos Kalatis
    Markos Kalatis 3 months ago +2

    I love the cure!!!!!!

  • Patrizio Cozzani
    Patrizio Cozzani 2 months ago

    Bellissimi i pezzi , la voce e gli arrangiamenti . Un gruppo geniale e superbo .❤️❤️❤️🎤🎼🎹🎸

  • Do
    Do Month ago +4

    Nunca me cansare de escucharlos desde 1980 son una de mis bandas favoritas con sutileza te transportan a esos momentos guardados en el corazón.

  • Lucho M. A.
    Lucho M. A. 3 months ago +2

    Amazing band, epic!