Top 5 mistakes wavies make when going CG | reallife+curlygirl

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • All my favorite products:
    A couple definitions to help y'all out!
    Cowashing: The act of washing your hair and scalp with conditioner, preferably a thin one, and always silicone free.
    Low-poo: A sulfate- and sulfonate-free shampoo. Term created by Lorraine Massey in her book, Curly Girl: The Handbook, which outlines the basis of her original Curly Girl method.
    I see these same 5 mistakes over and over from my wavy sisters. Are you making any of these? What would you have added to my list? Which would you remove?
    Link to my Naturally Curly article:
    Link to the Sciencey Hairblog deep conditioning posts:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Naturally Curly article on the Super Soaker method:
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  • Lbutterfly
    Lbutterfly Year ago +881

    It is so difficult to find videos that actually target my hair type! I am so glad I came across your video because it helped me so much! It made me realize the mistakes I was making & today I changed my hair routine & I couldn’t be happier! THANK YOU 🙏🏼

    • mαmα drαgσn
      mαmα drαgσn 7 months ago

      @real life+curly girl so should we use gel? Thanks

    • Frances Keller
      Frances Keller 10 months ago

      India Batson is another great resource too!

    • Loving_13
      Loving_13 Year ago

      Lbutterfly mlm

    • MPP_ 1999
      MPP_ 1999 Year ago +5

      I just came to this channel and it's the first person i see with wavy/curly hair like me too! Sadly i can't understand all of the terms she's using i think i am too new to the subject but i wanna improve my hair care!

    • real life+curly girl
      real life+curly girl  Year ago +3

      Gahhhh! I'm so glad for you! Thanks for sharing this with me!!!

  • Susanna Wise
    Susanna Wise 5 days ago

    ok so i’m just starting at this but is 100% aloe vera gel a terrible idea to use as gel because i saw it as the recommended gel for wavy hair on some website and i’ve been trying it because i already own it, it seems to be doing something but maybe i need a real hair gel !

  • Janette Jack
    Janette Jack 6 days ago

    Doesn't shampoo clean your scalp? Not shampooing my hair makes it extremely oily

  • Katherine Margeson
    Katherine Margeson 10 days ago

    I tried squish to condish and it helped so much. Thank you!
    2 other common problems: protein sensitivity/low porosity hair with too heavy products and too many products.

  • Charlotte'sWeb
    Charlotte'sWeb 10 days ago

    Can anyone recommend some UK products, shampoos, etc. please?

  • Katherine Margeson
    Katherine Margeson 13 days ago

    Curls blueberry mask and TGIN’s non-silicone mask are awesome too.

  • S.E. W
    S.E. W 15 days ago

    This is AMAZING. I’m about 6 weeks into curly girl and this video has been a game changer

  • honey edits
    honey edits 16 days ago

    ahh thank you so much this helps me take care of my hair with things that aren't so expensive thank you!! my hair type is definitely between 2a and 2b but its only in the front and the back is kinda straight with just a bit of wave is this normal or do i just need time because i just started maybe like a week ago i just really need to know if im doing the right thing. can you please help me out?

  • Morgen Adams
    Morgen Adams 17 days ago +1

    Your daughter looks like strawberry shortcake with that warm bonnet! ❤

  • Missy Martin
    Missy Martin 19 days ago

    My problem is that I don't like a lot of product in my hair. I'm a wash and go lady, so this curly girl method was really hard for me. Also, my scalp hates the method, and just does not do well. Do you have any tips for me?

  • eli c.
    eli c. 19 days ago

    the denman brush and raking work really well for me personally, but i agree with everything else ahah

  • Haley Jen
    Haley Jen 19 days ago

    When I shampoo my hair, it falls flat. If I wet or dampen it and let it dry it gets wavy. I was outside in the rain today, my hair got soaked, end of day I have cute waves but my hair is SO FRIZZY that it doesn't look good at all. My hair is really damaged because I have been dying it for YEARS. I use sulfate and everything else free biotin shampoo and conditioner. I will have to try a clarifying shampoo. I have made an effort to stop using heat on my hair for a few weeks now. Hoping for some healthy growth. I'm wondering if my hair might actually be curlier than it is now but it's just too damaged!

  • A E
    A E 20 days ago

    Your daughter is so cute and beautiful 😍

  • Ashley Collins
    Ashley Collins 22 days ago

    What gel do you use? I remember using gel when I was a teen and it made my hair feel so disgusting, it turned me off from trying it. But I’m more willing now, just want to make sure I get what’s right for me. My hair is 2a, fine, & low porosity.

  • Margie the free clinic lady

    Ugh... where have you been all my life

  • Brianna Johnson
    Brianna Johnson 27 days ago +1

    THANK YOU for this video! I noticed raking takes away my clumps and makes my hair look like ramen noodles 😂

  • Jamie Soph
    Jamie Soph 27 days ago +9

    I have 2B wavy hair and I've been trying the CG method for a couple weeks now and its made my hair almost pin straight. im super sad about it

    • TheDonut 'Cookie
      TheDonut 'Cookie 23 days ago +2

      Jamie Soph aw man i feel you, my hair ranges from the 2a 2b and its so hard to get my waves, i can put product and scrunch as long as i want but it just turns into a huge frizz ball so i end up just brushing it straight and putting my hair up 🙄

  • Deanna M
    Deanna M Month ago

    Suggestions for matting? My hair is wavy/fluffy has a lot of texture, and everytime I wear it up in ponytail, I get mats in the bottom of part of it since I’m no longer brushing daily. I used a regular scrunchy. Suggestions that might help?

  • Mira Moore
    Mira Moore Month ago

    I need a list of products

  • Allie Schein
    Allie Schein Month ago

    If I'm a swimmer interested in doing the curly girl method, do I need to clarify at all? I feel like the chlorine in the pool would be enough to strip any oils away.

  • A R
    A R Month ago

    I colour my hair, and am told that clarifying more than once a month will promote fading. argh..

  • Normis
    Normis Month ago

    My greatest mistake to this point: assuming 3c-4a curlies routines apply to my 2b hair. Rip clumps. Hello stringy hair.

  • Marose921
    Marose921 Month ago

    What styling product, that is not gel, would you recommend?

  • Emma Gwilliam
    Emma Gwilliam Month ago

    Finally someone with the same hair type as me!!! 😁

  • Rosy McGee
    Rosy McGee Month ago

    Ur hair looks great

  • Mercedes Quintana
    Mercedes Quintana 2 months ago

    4:00 the shaaaddee!!! lol
    I have 2c/3a I use a prescripted dandruff shapoo as a clarifier becuase i have a tendency to get dandruff obvi.
    And I wash my hair twice a week and alternate between cowashing, no poo and shampoo
    also scrunching is THE most important part of styling
    my hair has changed a lot since starting the cgm, at first it was VERY curly, like a 3b
    then it started getting wavier
    and now it is curlier again, and ive had to change my routine a lot to acomodate that!
    something i cannot recommend enough is scalp masages and rice water! those two things have changed my life!

  • howtopasstime
    howtopasstime 2 months ago

    Do you still need to clarify if you use no product? I’m 2a new and I do a very low maintenance routine so far, no poo and just not completely rinsing conditioner out, scrunch, plop and air dry. Wash 1-2x a week. I only shampoo my roots and my hair seems to get buildup-y only after a month, I’m not sure if that means I should clarify or just shampoo my whole hair instead of my roots.

  • Kerri Brown
    Kerri Brown 2 months ago

    Can anyone help me. Is a clarifying shampoo just a normal non curly girl friendly poo with silicone and sulfates? Does anyone have any recommendations that are in the UK? Thank you xox

  • Jenny Bradfield
    Jenny Bradfield 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh, I've tried the raking thing so many times, and my hair does the same thing yours does! it looks stringy and gross and not at all defined. Thank you for your videos! It's nice to find someone with hair similar to mine... and a fellow Texan too!

  • Rebecca Trono
    Rebecca Trono 2 months ago

    Thank you, Wavy Girl! My hair is a combination, like yours, except that the bottom layer is straight and so frustrating! Something I did want to say, however, is that I had to stop using DevaCurl Lo-Poo (and No-Poo, which broke my heart) because my hair was FALLING OUT! As soon as I stopped using it, the loss (really...not just 'shedding'...handfuls!) stopped.

  • lia
    lia 2 months ago

    I'm so glad I watched till the end to see this little cutieee

  • Moody Blues
    Moody Blues 2 months ago

    My biggest problem with going CG is my water. I have both really hard water and its chlorinated. Within two days my hair is gross and the water itself actually leaves a noticeable film on my hair that low poo won't remove. I can tell this is going on after I wash and try to put conditioner in, as the conditioner will just sit on the top of my hair likes its skating on plastic. For now, I'm not doing CG but I need to do fix this soon because my curl pattern is absolutely destroyed now from the water situation and having to clarify so often. Before I moved to my area i had 3A/3B hair. I now have a 2B/C with no root curl and it looks dry and stringy. I've also lost a bunch of hair which is contributing to the problem, but again, I think its my water causing this.

  • Georgia Hanley
    Georgia Hanley 2 months ago

    Hi! Thank you so much for your tips. I’ve tried washing my hair so many times with low poo shampoo but I feel like my hair just isn’t clean enough and my roots stay very oily after washing. I also have a hard time working it through my scalp. Do you have any tips that might help?

  • Nataly Owen
    Nataly Owen 2 months ago

    Too funny- unless it's summer I avoided deep conditioning because baby it's cold outside! I figured out to use the hand held shower head- heaven

  • Leisa Williams
    Leisa Williams 2 months ago

    Do you go to a curl specific hair stylist? I do but there are so many layers and as a wavy girl, I kind of want to be able to pull it up for a pony tail etc.

  • ShockerThere11
    ShockerThere11 2 months ago

    How do you avoid greasy or oily roots? If I use a thicker conditioner to cowash (nym curl talk 3-in-1) I have more defined curls and more volume but my hair feels gunky and my root will look greasy more easily. When I use tgin 3 in 1 cowash and detangler my hair feels cleaner and less gunky but I have less curl and bounce.

  • Sarah Ballegeer
    Sarah Ballegeer 2 months ago

    What clarifier do you use? :)

  • Alondra Perez
    Alondra Perez 2 months ago

    What confuses me is whether we are suppose to wash our hair everyday (ex: M- cowash, T-cowash, W-lowpoo, Th-cowash, Fr-Cowash, S-lowpoo, etc...) or are we not suppose to wash our hair in between (ex: M-cowash, T-no wash, W no wash, Th-cowash, Fr-no wash, S no wash, Sun-low poo, etc)?

  • Anissa
    Anissa 2 months ago

    I have 2b-2c hair and the denman brush works wonders on my hair

  • Absolute Beginnings
    Absolute Beginnings 2 months ago

    What a great video!! Loved it so much!! For me what it really saved my hair was Olaplex 3 and 5 (conditioner) and I use it as a leave in. I only wash my hair once a week and when I do I detangle before and don't detangle after so that my waves, semi curls stay in place and have a nice pattern. For me it really works :) I grew my hair up to my waist again. Right now I am dying to try Olaplex 6 :)

    • Isabelle Brletich
      Isabelle Brletich 15 days ago

      Learn Portuguese Online with Célia Any Olaplex other than 3 is not CG friendly

    • Isabelle Brletich
      Isabelle Brletich 15 days ago

      Learn Portuguese Online with Célia Olpex No. 5 has a silicone

  • Katie Anne
    Katie Anne 3 months ago

    What happens when you have combination hair crown is straight east of my hair is Spiral curls

  • egg water
    egg water 3 months ago

    SO HELPFUL this is the kinda stuff you only learn from experience and I am so glad you did it for us!!

  • Sandra Pickering
    Sandra Pickering 3 months ago

    what is low poo?

  • miranda morgan
    miranda morgan 3 months ago

    Hi! I just started embracing my long wavy 2A-B, low porosity, medium density, and medium width. I don’t know where to start!
    What routine should I be doing?
    I wash and condition my hair every 3 days and air dry, that’s it.
    Please help me!

  • Ariana wilson
    Ariana wilson 3 months ago

    You live in Dallas! Thats awesome, I live in dallas and just began this hair journey trying to figure out my hair.

  • Ana Sam
    Ana Sam 3 months ago +1

    I just stopped rebonding my hair last year and embraced my curls. Most people loved it and I loved it too. So I watched your video probably on late months last year to make my frizzy and unruly hair manageable. But, I didn't understand a thing. Haha. Sorry
    Last August, I found this CGM support group from the Philippines and they just inspired me to follow this seemingly intimidating routine. But, I started doing CGM last September anyways. Haha
    I watched this again now and I got more tips to take care of my waves properly. Thank you. You're one of those that inspired me to continue loving my hair 💕

  • Joanne Crocker
    Joanne Crocker 3 months ago

    So what is the name of the curl cream that you used the day you made this video? I love your advice and will try your method.....However, I love your end result (along with many others) in this video and want to try this curl cream product...…….If you do not want to promote it....Can you share what curl gel you prefer using? Thank you for your helpful videos!

  • Michelle Stratford
    Michelle Stratford 3 months ago +4

    I've always found that deep conditioning weighs my soft wavy hair down so I look like I have completely straight hair! I've been at this for 6 months and I just can't seem to get the hang of it. I have 2b/c soft hair with lots of volume. 6 months in, and hundreds of dollars later, and they look exactly the same as they did when I started. I love your videos, and I'll keep watching but I guess I'll have to watch from the sidelines😔

    • Michelle Stratford
      Michelle Stratford 2 months ago

      @Aline Katharina Thank you! Yes, I love her 😊

    • Aline Katharina
      Aline Katharina 2 months ago

      I recommend watching "Manes by Mell" :) she is a professional, curly hair dresser and gives great advice! She also doesn't recommend all CG methods like excessive deep conditioning ;)

  • Kay Kett
    Kay Kett 3 months ago

    I think I might have wavy hair but I'm not sure my hair is always very frizzy and tangles easy and I hate it so I'm gonna start doing the curly girl method to see if it might help

  • lostparadise
    lostparadise 3 months ago

    Dallas people supporting other Dallas people 😎

  • Elizabeth Peterson
    Elizabeth Peterson 3 months ago +1

    I have colored hair so how does clarifying shampoo deal with that? Does it remove the color? Thanks

    • howtopasstime
      howtopasstime 3 months ago

      Elizabeth Peterson i also use non permanent color. And yes, it will! Just a little bit, but the difference is not so much I think. Definitely if you use cold or lukewarm water (which you should already be doing with cg routine) it won’t fade as much. May just mean you have to recolor a little more often.

    • Elizabeth Peterson
      Elizabeth Peterson 3 months ago

      @howtopasstime yes...I color my own hair ...never at a salon. But I only use non permanent color. My question was does clarifying shampoo remove colir faster than color shampoo. ..

    • howtopasstime
      howtopasstime 3 months ago

      In my experience shampoo in general makes color fade faster. Of course the stronger the shampoo will make it fade a little more, but I find that shampoo in general makes it fade no matter what. If you don’t already try learning how to dye your hair yourself, I do it and it saves a lot of money for me :)

  • RM
    RM 3 months ago +209

    Top 5 mistakes:
    1. Not clarifying (You can get build up so have to clarify every 3 weeks with SLS)
    2. Co-washing (You will get build up if you co wash every time. Use this schedule: co wash, co wash, lo poo etc. As I am coconut co wash is advised)
    3. Deep conditioning (Use it! Time and quality product! At least 30 minutes. Add oil or honey to make a conditioner a deep conditioner. Use shower cap and hot hat.)
    4. Raking in products (denman brush does not work for waves. Use super soaker method and smoothing and scrunching)
    5. Skipping gel. (Expecting hold from wrong products. Use gel in your wet hair! Key to happiness!)

    • Lisa Gambrell
      Lisa Gambrell 5 days ago

      Ok what about clarifying when you have color treated hair? I have green hair and I don't want to strip color

    • RM
      RM Month ago

      @Tobocman INC. it is the most agressive sulphate

    • Tobocman INC.
      Tobocman INC. Month ago +1

      What is SLS? Thanks for the great video btw!

    • Julia Hernandez
      Julia Hernandez Month ago +1

      Do u have to put ur hair up a certain way when using gel after shower and going to bed

    • Brittany King
      Brittany King Month ago +11

      Thank you!!! I didn’t wanna watch the whole video lol

  • lovepinkmermaid
    lovepinkmermaid 3 months ago +4

    Wait I’m confused, for the clarifying shampoo part, I thought we’re supposed to stay away from sodium laureth sulfate..? Or is it okay cause it’s only once every 3 weeks? 🤔 (Sorry I’m new to the cgm)

    • lexiloohu
      lexiloohu 3 months ago +2

      lovepinkmermaid it’s good sometimes because it strips all the build up! But should not be used regularly

  • Ruby Pyke
    Ruby Pyke 3 months ago +310

    You know when you’re too curly to be in the wavy community but too wavy to be in the curly community =2b/2c hair :(

    • allegraxx_
      allegraxx_ 7 days ago

      I feel u😭😭

    • Ratna Biswas
      Ratna Biswas 10 days ago

      2b hair . I know your struggle

    • BAsh90
      BAsh90 12 days ago

      @Lilly Rohde SAME. My hair can be straight(ish) and shiny... never pin straight, but straight enough that you wouldn't suspect it could be naturally wavy. Or, I have a mix of straight pieces, S-waves, a whole lot of frizz, and 4 random curls. 2a hair is underrepresented around these parts lol

    • Lucretia Stephenson
      Lucretia Stephenson Month ago +1

      @Lilly Rohde me too! straight on top, wavy in the middle, and maybe curly underneath. I just don't know!!

    • Christina Orbe
      Christina Orbe Month ago +6

      Literally me! I have curls at the front and kinda straight at the back

  • Luc Heuer
    Luc Heuer 3 months ago

    Who is a good wavy girl hair stylist in Dallas?

    • real life+curly girl
      real life+curly girl  3 months ago

      Me! Come see me this spring once I'm taking new clients! Also, Sara Rice at Lost Hairdressers in downtown Dallas - she's my personal favorite. So you have choices!

  • Nicole Sherry
    Nicole Sherry 3 months ago

    Ive been trying CG for 4 weeks now and my hair keeps getting sticky and sooooo frizzy. It tangles and breaks and I'm over it. Someone said this was because of coconut in the products, but could this also be product buildup?

    • Maika Gray
      Maika Gray 3 months ago

      Personally, my hair hates coconut oil. It gets really dry and frizzy so it might be the coconut oil:)

  • Coach Esther Chambers
    Coach Esther Chambers 3 months ago

    What gel do you suggest; or, what gel products do you use?

  • Laura Humphreys
    Laura Humphreys 3 months ago +5

    Love how beamy you get when your daughter comes in 😍

  • Aanchal Chadha
    Aanchal Chadha 3 months ago

    What is the gel wavies should use

  • Aanchal Chadha
    Aanchal Chadha 3 months ago

    What does not clarify mean?