Locked out of my House

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • two idiot dont make a smart

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  • Greyson Ragsdale
    Greyson Ragsdale Hour ago

    I become an extravert when I'm tired........

    I hate when I'm tired 😔

  • Hinata Hyuga
    Hinata Hyuga Hour ago

    0:32 happy birthday Jayden 😂🙃👌🏽

  • Dakota H
    Dakota H 2 hours ago

    5:35 anyone else hear that tiny bit of lisp?

  • Pamela Sanchez
    Pamela Sanchez 4 hours ago

    Can u do draw my life please and 5hank you ur vids are funny 🤣😂

  • Erik Theresa Nermo
    Erik Theresa Nermo 4 hours ago

    U could just say that this is not my house but it’s next door so I can walk over there bye thx

  • Taco Boy
    Taco Boy 5 hours ago


  • Connor Crowe
    Connor Crowe 5 hours ago

    Haha my top sleep time is 18 hours.

  • Hector Ml Pena-Sanchez

    im in september idiot

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen 6 hours ago

    U got some dope murch

  • Krystyna Piper
    Krystyna Piper 7 hours ago

    Happy birthda......
    Great I’m late
    Really late 2019 July late

  • Willow Caldwell
    Willow Caldwell 10 hours ago

    Were do you live

  • Tate_S_10 Oh No
    Tate_S_10 Oh No 11 hours ago

    7:33 look at jaiden

  • Jots-and-Tittles McScreebles


  • Lilian Girardi
    Lilian Girardi 11 hours ago

    Why is every Taxi driver named Rajesh?

    ... Okay just in himym and here, but okay😂😂😅

  • JW_Cat
    JW_Cat 12 hours ago

    Could've just said something like:

    'No, but don't worry I can walk the remaining distance'

  • Nilay Lochan
    Nilay Lochan 12 hours ago +1

    Jaiden: I landed safely
    Shows B737 MAX
    Me:I am confusion

  • Andy Young
    Andy Young 12 hours ago

    I got locked out of my house too

    my dad lockpicked the lock with a coat hanger

  • •Tourquoise Blu•
    •Tourquoise Blu• 13 hours ago

    Rajesh is an Indian name


    I'm late tell you that.

  • Caleigh Grima
    Caleigh Grima 14 hours ago


  • Shadi L
    Shadi L 16 hours ago

    I thought you just told the uber driver ''Oh sorry i ment the other corner.''

  • Slice Of Bread
    Slice Of Bread 21 hour ago

    Should've said I'm Going To A Shop To The Uber.

  • BobiProBG
    BobiProBG 21 hour ago +2

    I don't understand why the driver standed so much time out.

  • FineJay
    FineJay 23 hours ago

    My house has a passcode lol

  • The Pubg legend
    The Pubg legend 23 hours ago +1

    Who else realized that the license plate was read as yeet

  • Zaiden Playz
    Zaiden Playz Day ago

    1:17 bEtWeEn aReA 51

  • Hunter Hippo
    Hunter Hippo Day ago

    0:57 is that supposed to be morgona?

  • Theultimateflamewarrior Ofdoom

    I looked up when ur birthday was and my birthday is actually sept 27 too XD thats awesome

  • No Face
    No Face Day ago

    Oh boy...2 of my friends and I were drunk so we got to my friends house and guess what? We dont have KEYS! We didn't know what to do so I climbed on tree drunk af and got through window on second floor..I was fine but man...WHOLE FRICKIN NEIGHBORHOOD WAS WATCHING ME BREAKING INTO A HOUSE. kinda happy I was drunk bc I was laughing whole time.😂

  • mo salad
    mo salad Day ago

    I think the wisdom juice amde you do that 😂

  • Nelly Rodriguez
    Nelly Rodriguez Day ago

    Hahahaha a. Yorlazi

  • jakedogg72games& more

    Oof villager 4:26

  • BwaBwa Games
    BwaBwa Games Day ago

    HapPy BIrTHdDAY...

  • Calamity And His Friendz

    Get Me My Über

  • Eye Lava
    Eye Lava Day ago

    You sound like rick Sanchez

  • Peter S.Force
    Peter S.Force Day ago

    Ok this video its so funny

  • Grimm
    Grimm Day ago

    5:56 Im loving that Elder Scrolls reference Jaiden

  • Såłmøn fåçėpøøł

    Uber: Is this your house?
    Jaiden: Well Yes, But actually No.

  • Velk
    Velk 2 days ago

    My phone was dead, I lost my keys, I rang the bells for 3 times and my roommate didn't hear. So I decided the throw my wallet, so he noticed.

  • Web Head
    Web Head 2 days ago

    I just realised this was an early bday present. THX JAIDEN!😁

  • J VH
    J VH 2 days ago

    1:11 I was away from my phone and thought someone was calling me 😂

  • KaptinKookie
    KaptinKookie 2 days ago


  • Crystal Vlogs
    Crystal Vlogs 2 days ago

    ........happy birthday

    I EVIL

  • Michael Lawrence fun

    Birthday is September

  • ll Cutesy- -Mango ll

    Your b-day is a day before mine :)

  • Seth Piekarek
    Seth Piekarek 2 days ago

    My birthday is on 25 sep

  • Super Kids
    Super Kids 2 days ago

    Happy birthday

  • TheRoseFaiere tablet


  • hitler jerking off
    hitler jerking off 2 days ago

    1:35 when she says she’s pregnant
    *im sorry*

  • Shadow Strike
    Shadow Strike 2 days ago

    You should’ve said I need to get something from my friends house

  • Gabriel youtube
    Gabriel youtube 2 days ago

    Happy birthday to you just to be an embaresment

  • Kỳ Lê mạnh
    Kỳ Lê mạnh 2 days ago

    At least u won the war with theodd1sout

  • PigSteve 216
    PigSteve 216 2 days ago

    I got an idea when you get lock outside the house
    But your house window have to...

  • PigSteve 216
    PigSteve 216 2 days ago

    3:28 Did you just burp

  • PigSteve 216
    PigSteve 216 2 days ago

    Oh? Really that how plane land safely
    I wish that i could see it in real life

  • Mikey 9005
    Mikey 9005 2 days ago

    6:05 googled it “Answer: It is not illegal to break into your own house in New York. It is also not considered burglary or trespassing however please take note that even if you own your house, there may be a pending court order or agreement between parties requiring you to stay away from your own home if owned jointly.”

    • Mikey 9005
      Mikey 9005 2 days ago

      Oh wait it never specified all states

  • ConnorConnor
    ConnorConnor 2 days ago

    1:33 sneaky promotion

  • Lola and woody
    Lola and woody 2 days ago

    U could have gone to ur parents house

  • Dentzel123
    Dentzel123 2 days ago

    Wait..i thought you went to japan with ur whole family..

  • missjane837
    missjane837 2 days ago +1

    The start of a bad relationship.
    😃 😀 😊 🙂 🙃 😕 🙁 ☹️ 😰 😫

  • Willket
    Willket 2 days ago

    Jaiden : See you later , not in my house . . . cause you can't get in
    Random robber watching :
    A R E Y O U C H A L L A N G I N G M E ?

  • Datoneboi
    Datoneboi 2 days ago

    Am I the only person that searched up on Google If it was a crime to break into your own house after this video?

  • Fergusson Company1
    Fergusson Company1 3 days ago

    Skyrim reference

  • Mr Bubbles
    Mr Bubbles 3 days ago

    Where was ur family?

  • Rhys Drummond
    Rhys Drummond 3 days ago

    Hey jaiden you think 11hours is long try doing 24hours

  • Queen Leah
    Queen Leah 3 days ago +3

    To be honest, I don trust Ubers ???
    Leave a like 👍🏽, if u don either 😁.

    • Emma Anderson
      Emma Anderson Day ago

      Yep! As a very young teenager looking 19 year old, I don't really trust anyone who has the power to human-nap someone

  • Mr. Raccoon
    Mr. Raccoon 3 days ago

    Happy birthday

  • Nintendo Fan 123
    Nintendo Fan 123 3 days ago


  • shadowXXe
    shadowXXe 3 days ago

    when I'm tired from physical activity I kinda get a high feeling like when I and my friend were on this sponsored walk with my school we made it to the rest stop and i just started laughing and I was all euphoric and started going on about how life is great and nature is beautiful and generally felt like I was in paradise and the cheese sandwich that i had for my lunch i don't know why but it just tasted 50x better like Gordon Ramsay himself had forged with his own hands

  • Jay Feather
    Jay Feather 3 days ago

    Jaiden: I don't have any keys
    Me: You are me everyday xD
    Jaiden: Gud for youuuuuu
    Me: Thanks...? 0.0

  • iamblue nope
    iamblue nope 3 days ago

    Send me to jail imma break into my own house

  • Andrew Aaron Zheming Bao

    Uber drivers don’t care

  • Rachel He
    Rachel He 3 days ago

    0:37 Jaiden........... did you clone yourself?

  • will kenny
    will kenny 3 days ago

    boyinaband! 0:30

  • The depressed Death
    The depressed Death 3 days ago

    I’m about to go to many airports and THEN go on a boat to the Philippines that takes 2 days!

  • pp cruddd
    pp cruddd 3 days ago

    1:40 why is that one of the funniest things like ever

  • Nothing
    Nothing 3 days ago


  • Joshua v. pascasio
    Joshua v. pascasio 3 days ago

    How Philippines 🇵🇭 this is my country and I'm Filipino

  • Gacha Rey
    Gacha Rey 3 days ago

    Did you meet misaki

  • Cleory Cleophas
    Cleory Cleophas 3 days ago

    did you see misaki at japan?

  • CocoSpaniel
    CocoSpaniel 3 days ago

    Once I got locked out in 3rd or 4th grade. My friend’s brother was biking and stopped asking “want me to bring my sister over?” And I said “sure”. So, we got in the backyard (my backyard doesn’t have a lock) And that was the first time she came to my house.

  • Cooper: The world’s least-smart poodle

    You pulled Sputnik 1 down.

  • TrashKitten
    TrashKitten 4 days ago

    My birthday is 5 days away from yours Jaiden!

  • Speedyblaze !!!
    Speedyblaze !!! 4 days ago

    So many sponge bob references

  • Mario Cruz
    Mario Cruz 4 days ago

    one time I got off of school my brother wasn't there so I'm saying what happened I got the keys but I notice they are in my pocket then I just feel like I'm asking my backpack and I look out there I usually get off at school at like 1 something and I was there until 6:35

  • Seraphim Fowler
    Seraphim Fowler 4 days ago +4

    Omg she freakin burped! Love that lolll!

  • Shannon H
    Shannon H 4 days ago

    happy very late birthday jaiden

  • dark mimiku yt
    dark mimiku yt 4 days ago


  • MercuryElliot_13 Space

    My birthday is September 27th :0

  • firstmouse15
    firstmouse15 4 days ago

    That's the same way I am when I'm tired

  • Arna Rut Beck
    Arna Rut Beck 4 days ago

    Yo my birthday is in September too , but not 27

  • Durpydood073
    Durpydood073 4 days ago +1

    Jaiden: I landed safely
    *airplane plops down*

  • ღ Nutella Productionz ღ

    Jaidens birthday is the day after mine!!!!

  • Isa Movies
    Isa Movies 4 days ago +9

    we have the same birthday! happy birthday to us in 2 months and 9 days

    • O C E A N
      O C E A N 3 days ago

      That's my bday too! It's cool to see someone with the same birthday!

  • Unicorn Cool8
    Unicorn Cool8 4 days ago

    Happy bday

  • Johnathan Bustos
    Johnathan Bustos 4 days ago

    my birthday is September 27

  • Cleetus Yeetus Beetus Veetus

    Who made the captions for this video 1:59 (turn on captions)

  • Feather Izzy
    Feather Izzy 4 days ago

    I would’ve probably slept in the backyard for 3 hours.

  • ThE FuRy
    ThE FuRy 4 days ago

    hey, your birthday is a day after mine, we are almost twins!

    • MrBretonas
      MrBretonas 3 days ago +1


  • Dizzy Narwhal
    Dizzy Narwhal 4 days ago +2

    You know, you couldve just said "this is good" when he asked if it was your house.🤣😅

    Also: Good tip, THE DRIVERS DONT CARE!!!!!!! You couldve just walked to your house🤣