President Donald Trump Wages War On America's Diplomats | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Julia Ioffe writes in the latest GQ about how President Trump is 'politicizing our embassies, alienating our allies, and decimating the ranks of the foreign service.' Aired on 12/05/19.
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    President Donald Trump Wages War On America's Diplomats | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Comments • 1 139

  • 43wagonwheel
    43wagonwheel 21 day ago

    These liberals are morons. All liberals are morons. Trump will win the 2020 election. You know this too.

  • Louis Peter
    Louis Peter 22 days ago

    Why succumb to a bully, a liar and the biggest POS on the planet? Wake up people, history will NOT be kind to you!

  • Gloria Mcfadden
    Gloria Mcfadden Month ago

    This President is attacking America Americans we are under attack

  • Gloria Mcfadden
    Gloria Mcfadden Month ago

    They are doing what theywas paid to do or Putin going to want his money back

  • tj Rioux
    tj Rioux Month ago

    There he goes again - poor desperate Joe invoking every reference/plea to his skyfairy that he can. He needs viewers to help him believe nonsense. It's sad. Maybe he should promote Santa Claus instead; at least you get something real from Santa.

  • The ODog Show
    The ODog Show Month ago

    Trump 2020 snow flakes! 😜

  • Vel S
    Vel S Month ago

    I agree with everything Joe said here, except the myth of "mainstream Republican". folks, when are you gonna face the fact that a "mainstream, moderate Republican" has been, for by far most part, only an illusion, especially, since the so-called "christian" right's (read, antihumanrights hypocrites') overtake of republican party committed by newt gingrich-pat robertson-jerry falwell since early '80ies all the way onward?
    I can think of literally only 3, helllooooo, ONLY 3, of course, FORMER Republicans who could have been called mainstream, moderate. They are Lincoln Chaffey, left/or thrown out by Republican Party looooong ago, joined Democratic Party, late Arlen Specter who warned of the unbearable extremism of republican party in 2000s and Cristy of Florida, joined Democrats. Nobody else! all other republicans chose long ago to worship pat robertson, so-called "evangelicals" (read, evilgenicals), the worst of faux-news, nra, kkk, and antiamerican dictators that they call their allies, such as mbs, putin, kadyrov.......

  • 1ronin
    1ronin Month ago

    Ambassadors, the people who have dinner parties.

  • ValiantsFelines McCarty

    We're supposed to believe everything you say because you care about us so much really. When lifetime civil service people have basically decided that their party better win the election weather that is the way the government runs or not that is wrong but that's okay because the Democrats are always right and Republicans are always wrong and go ahead spin your lies just as you always have

  • Al lama
    Al lama Month ago

    86% of Americans and all parts of the world today believe that we have Decades of corruption and corrupted Diplomats.

  • Tanita Indelicato
    Tanita Indelicato Month ago

    Putin is ecstatic, the traitor worked out better than he planned and is still busy doing his bidding.

  • ed taiwo
    ed taiwo Month ago

    Julia Ioffe is a inbred Jew Lesbian mental case moron

  • Ellen Rose Gaynor
    Ellen Rose Gaynor Month ago

    Afraid of Trump?? NO! They are afraid of FOX AND FRIENDS!!
    (and Rush, Alex and RED RELIGIOUSLY self-RIGHTeous RADIO Commercial Profiteers of Rebellion)

  • Paul Mazurkiewicz
    Paul Mazurkiewicz Month ago

    Just part of draining the Swamp ! Standing ovation for our President !

    • Karen Wentz
      Karen Wentz Month ago

      Yes I have one stand on my left hand for him.

  • OH Yeh!
    OH Yeh! Month ago

    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • M Munroe
    M Munroe Month ago

    What a horrible and sad state of affairs!

  • Doug Butler
    Doug Butler Month ago

    This so stupid, are you people serious? You had better start looking for a real job. Fake news is going down hard.

  • Fuzzo Frizzbeebot
    Fuzzo Frizzbeebot Month ago

    Diplomacy, the class war criminal scene of the pay to play corrupt. Aren't we diplomatically special? What a lovely corruption party. America's diplomatic class should like to take over.

  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams Month ago

    Democrats are losing more voters as fake news pushes harder, we see the lies, we see the bias give it up.

  • Lew Rodd
    Lew Rodd Month ago +1

    When are you going to tell the people that Trump is only doing what Putin wants, damaging America is all in Putin's interests.

  • Lefert Bos
    Lefert Bos Month ago

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams Month ago

    The repubturd treasonous party is finished, done, stick a fork in it sally / game over!!!!!!
    Anyone who supports this commy lovin cockroach will wind up losing their jobs in a landslide/ political suicide!!!!

  • 8alot4t
    8alot4t Month ago

    Is it not the whole point of ambassadors that they are there to maintain a presence in the world which is as neutral/no-partisan as can be in the case of administration or presidential changes?.

  • Margaret Chen
    Margaret Chen Month ago

    lol...Aliens shape-shift....

  • Nathan Okun
    Nathan Okun Month ago

    If you remember, the Marvel Comics BLACK WIDOW is an ex-Soviet operative. So we have people like that going up against our ignorant hacks, in international relations. Guess what will be the result...

  • Connie Selvera
    Connie Selvera Month ago

    Where's all the extra money we have saved since trump ran everyone out of the WH, and got rid of all our Diplomats? Oh, by the way, who got the 35.2 Million Dollars that he stole from the Ukraine money? I'd like some answers!

  • David Gagnon
    David Gagnon Month ago

    JESUS , mslsd stop LIEING to the public. Do people actually believe this junk? So dishonest, what is your agenda? Why lie to people like this? As an American as a veteran that knows the truth, WHY? Who is paying you????!!!! Maybe telling the truth would get you better ratings. Is the money really worth destroying your country?

  • John Hickey
    John Hickey Month ago

    this pig has to go yanks vhe is making a laugh of a great nation

  • Adrian K
    Adrian K Month ago

    Just me or does Jeremy Bash looks like Christian Slater's twin brother?

  • Clark Williams
    Clark Williams Month ago

    His first words he describes the deep state or swamp perfectly. Her words are describing how they are weeding out killary supporters. lol.

  • La Buck
    La Buck Month ago

    PDJT's overt and covert ties to Putin and the Russian oligarchs are extremely troubling.. would that Hilldog +Bill or sleepy Joe have the reins of America's foreign policy... could only hope and pray someday that the impossible would occur: Bernie Bernie Bernie - now there's a young healthy person with 0 dings to Russian influence and impeccable foreign overseas experience and vigor! Go Bernie- the only answer!!!

  • Tua Chee
    Tua Chee Month ago

    American diplomats have been advancing US interests abroad. That is not Trump’s intent or Putin’s interests.

  • Andrew Brent
    Andrew Brent Month ago

    It's PR 24/7 at the Trump White House. They have to lie directly to their base in order to retain control. Mitt Romney will do nothing until it becomes politically advantageous for him and a possible presidential bid in the future. Just another GOP coward.

  • Mac Cam
    Mac Cam Month ago

    Despot Donnie is a disgrace.

  • w harr
    w harr Month ago

    Trump said I know the best people in 2016 why has he not hired them?

  • KO
    KO Month ago


  • Stev Rex
    Stev Rex Month ago

    Fact is, donal continues to support and defend a primary enemy of our nation. vlad the putin.

  • Stev Rex
    Stev Rex Month ago

    All of the Drumpf defenders on Yourtube are putinTrolls.

  • gramcracker
    gramcracker Month ago

    Too many ambassadors and White House administration are fleeing. They can't stand working with that ridiculous clown, Trump. Is he a unilateral government? He may be.

  • Darrell Morin
    Darrell Morin Month ago

    30 seconds of news and 45 minutes of Joe WHINING about trump.. then he gets pundits to come on and whine and make everyone miserable. This show is a waste of time unless you like listening to so much negativity.

  • Tristan Beal
    Tristan Beal Month ago

    cant believe any sane person still supports trump.

  • ScytheNoire
    ScytheNoire Month ago +1

    Rudy IS Trump's State Department.
    Trump only cares about relationships with Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. He only cares about those who will give him money.

    • sharon scherzer
      sharon scherzer Month ago

      and where he can build a hotel and launder money......

  • Charles Touchette
    Charles Touchette Month ago

    Trump is the most insignificant, narcissistic, judgmental, selfish, idiotic human being on earth. Becoming the potus is the most serious accident that could happen to this world. Trump will pay for that I hope.

  • joseluis
    joseluis Month ago

    More fake news!!!!!

  • Goman
    Goman Month ago +2

    Trump has never earned anything on his own Merit. Father gave him money, cheated on election, hid education, etc.

  • Blink Once on Sunday!

    This is evidence that Trump is destabilizing the world, not just the US.

  • Midge Curreri
    Midge Curreri Month ago +1

    The 'NO NOTHING' Republicans are back in control screwing things up as usual.

  • Charles Messina
    Charles Messina Month ago

    The answer to the question as to why folks act this way is Money, The Love of Money. That is where their Loyalties Lay. Address that Joe the Asshat...

  • Writewood Creations

    Stalinism 101. Putin is a great admirer of Stalin. He's grooming his new conquest (the USA) to accept a Stalinist regime.

    • Writewood Creations
      Writewood Creations Month ago

      @sharon scherzer I hope you're right. There's a chance they can turn it around. Thank you for responding.

    • sharon scherzer
      sharon scherzer Month ago

      don't get carried away, the problem lies in america, with america, they have chosen the way they are going and the values they excuses.

  • Jeroen Geurtsen
    Jeroen Geurtsen Month ago

    Trump probably thinks that if Putin and Erdogan can get away with it, he also should be able to create a society like that. Put his henchmen all over. Then do whatever he can to get elected, unchecked because of the majority in the senate. And after his second term try to put DJTJ in office. Or Ivanka.

  • pedrosura
    pedrosura Month ago

    Back in 2008, the way I would describe the Republican Party was the way we all finally see it now. I knew this all along... Hate for minorities, Jesus worship, Gun Worship, Disdain for Science, Disdain for facts and evidence, Disdain for the Middle Class, Gullibility desease, and yearn for a White Christian Evangelical Caliphate.

  • VibrationsfromMirror

    whoa that is huge numbers! Yang_AOC generation on the way up!

  • Michael Heathman
    Michael Heathman Month ago

    Mitt Romney is a coward and he’s also in a demonic cult called Mormonism. Ask Mitt ( that not really a name ) about his magic Mormon under wear and his belief that he will become a God as a male Mormon.

  • Michael Heathman
    Michael Heathman Month ago

    Humans sure have made living on planet Earth complicated.

  • Gord Orvis
    Gord Orvis Month ago

    Oh ffs Joe shut up.

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon Month ago +2

    Usa embassies are there to help usa citizens whilst abroad. They are not getting the help they require. So much for America First.

  • Reginald Allen
    Reginald Allen Month ago

    Trump is following Putin's Orders...

  • Who am I ? No one!
    Who am I ? No one! Month ago +1

    Germany had Hitler. Hitler started the first Baptist Church in Germany. The people thought he was godly. They let their gaurd down. 12 million died at Hitler's hands. Trump supporters are decieved...

  • Ben Eng
    Ben Eng Month ago

    I find nothing that is happening in this administration at all laughable. I personally have no desire to live under Communist Rule lead by a draft dodging traitor to this nation!

  • David Marsella
    David Marsella Month ago

    Keep covering for the swamp. You’re part of it. Bunch of domestic terrorist anti trump activists at MSNBC.