• Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Join Click as we race through the ninja warrior Enduro Course to compete for the best time!
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Comments • 8 073

  • FoxyPirateFox9054


  • FoxyPirateFox9054

    if you ran and got penalties you would do better than cray (9x30=4:30)

  • Bilal Shaaban
    Bilal Shaaban 8 hours ago

    Rip marcus no longer in click

  • boom2nuke_ YT
    boom2nuke_ YT Day ago +1

    Lannan: I used my brains and my smarts

  • Chappster
    Chappster Day ago +1

    Lannan won.

  • Devourer Of Gods
    Devourer Of Gods 2 days ago

    Elliot: I’m Fast as **** boi.
    Lannan: BIG BRAIN

  • Liam 754
    Liam 754 4 days ago +1

    I knew Lannan would do that 😂😂

  • Oliver Jonas
    Oliver Jonas 4 days ago

    Marcus we all know you’re strong but you really don’t have to rub it in everyone’s faces all the time 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Eddie Lomboy
    Eddie Lomboy 5 days ago +1

    Buzz was behind Lazarbeam because his score was 2:30 plus 1:30 which =4:00 and Lannans was like 3. Something

  • Graham Willie
    Graham Willie 6 days ago

    They don’t know how to add for bazzas score

  • Alexander nannini
    Alexander nannini 9 days ago

    My favorite cray quote is
    “I have asthma”

  • Madlke TheGamer
    Madlke TheGamer 9 days ago

    Where's the warped wall?

  • Gavin Levine
    Gavin Levine 11 days ago

    cray could of skipped all and got only 4:30 time

  • Ben Wood
    Ben Wood 12 days ago

    Knew Lannan would do that #memes

  • Phantom_ASSASS1N
    Phantom_ASSASS1N 14 days ago

    Bruh Lannan should have won for that 200 IQ play

  • Joseph Fang
    Joseph Fang 15 days ago

    I could beat that corse in 2 or 3 minutes

  • TheLlama _Masta
    TheLlama _Masta 17 days ago +1

    Although Lannet is not physically strongest he end up on top by coming up with all the best loopholes.

  • Yxergo
    Yxergo 17 days ago

    Elliott: me
    Lufu: Her
    Marcus: the guy she told you not to worry about

  • ѕωєαтѕ gѕмιиg ツ

    1:45 whats tge music its so cool

  • ninja roc
    ninja roc 18 days ago +1

    Big brain lannan

  • Ranger4josh ???
    Ranger4josh ??? 19 days ago

    How did cray struggle on the pole I run on thinner poles daily

  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 20 days ago

    Is marks a superior

  • Lazy Llamas
    Lazy Llamas 22 days ago +1

    When you’re all stood there at the end and then Lannan walks across and said “always cheat kids” that was hilarious 😂

  • nxckfxhl HD
    nxckfxhl HD 24 days ago

    Kath has more muscle than lannan

  • Doggie Booty
    Doggie Booty 24 days ago

    Elliot being annoyed then jazz just goes “ I need water”

  • Pavlos Bambito
    Pavlos Bambito 24 days ago +1

    Balance of the greek GOD i am greek click Your the beast

  • Yoda_
    Yoda_ 25 days ago

    Lufu thicc

    KAMERON FOSNAUGHT 26 days ago

    He would have got 3:20 not 3:50

    KAMERON FOSNAUGHT 26 days ago

    I lazerbeam skip all he would have done better i actually did the math

  • Navi Singh
    Navi Singh 26 days ago

    spookey scarey click sign give new tontent ideas
    sing it as the song

  • melissa colby
    melissa colby 27 days ago

    Lannen with 10000 IQ

  • Thy Lord Hairbrush
    Thy Lord Hairbrush 27 days ago

    Please someone tell me the music they used for Cray's attempt?

  • proGamer10 pl
    proGamer10 pl 27 days ago

    no one:
    Lazarbeam: BIG BRAIN

  • Jordan Henke
    Jordan Henke 27 days ago

    Any body know Charlie Robbins

  • elite titan
    elite titan 27 days ago

    Lannan beat bazza i did the math

  • Phoenix Wolf øŵø
    Phoenix Wolf øŵø 29 days ago

    Lannan:always cheat kids
    Me:cheats in maths test

  • HyperBlade 2
    HyperBlade 2 29 days ago +4

    Muselk: does whole course
    Lannan: does litterally nothing and beats muselk

  • Mechafox Da Lazar
    Mechafox Da Lazar 29 days ago

    Lannan: I've done my math.
    Me: I didn't know that Lannan could do maths...
    Edit: Lannan: I used my brain.
    Me: I didn't know he had one...

  • Ash-Leigh Vavia
    Ash-Leigh Vavia 29 days ago

    Bazzzz!!! You are so my favs lol

  • GG Clutch-yt
    GG Clutch-yt 29 days ago

    Big brain

  • Benicio Akerman
    Benicio Akerman Month ago

    What’s wired is that cray is strong and has muscles and he can’t kind do it

  • Angie Jenkins
    Angie Jenkins Month ago

    Lannon is a smart peace of shit

  • nate Fallis
    nate Fallis Month ago


  • flipthedip
    flipthedip Month ago

    Lannam I also like loopholes

  • Rudah Seau
    Rudah Seau Month ago

    This in Brisbane

  • nick master
    nick master Month ago

    Posted on my birthday

  • rrrthegg-_-Why
    rrrthegg-_-Why Month ago

    Do a part 2

  • Dominic Daines
    Dominic Daines Month ago

    Elliot smelliot


  • Wolf Rocks
    Wolf Rocks Month ago

    Cray is so manly

  • DexterWW _
    DexterWW _ Month ago

    They recorded this right after they recorded the dodgeball vid bcs they hav the same clothes

  • yomomma son
    yomomma son Month ago +1

    #click sucks at math lannan got 2nd

  • Mochi Tea
    Mochi Tea Month ago

    I'm surprised noone has ever said *Loofa* instead of Lufu

  • Giselle and eevee Mexico rocks

    Why did you were jeans
    Looks at their pants and sees lufus cameltoe

  • Harry Stan
    Harry Stan Month ago

    Can I please join click

  • Sn1per God
    Sn1per God Month ago

    Cray in the beginning:"I have asthma"

  • goodpepper
    goodpepper Month ago

    marcus should go one australila ninja worier

  • Knick Poop
    Knick Poop Month ago

    God dam bazz is tall

  • Daniel Spragg
    Daniel Spragg Month ago

    marcus = tryhard
    lannan = smart (because technically he attempted all of those)

  • Hew & Associates Hew

    Im 8 and I can’t do it

  • Aidan AFH
    Aidan AFH Month ago

    Lazerbeem cheats the system
    Big brain times