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She sank EVERY SHOT to win a new car 🙌🚙 |

  • Published on Aug 17, 2021
  • She sank EVERY SHOT to win a new car 🙌🚙 |
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Comments • 7 884

  • Dustin Is Driving
    Dustin Is Driving 7 months ago +50067

    She was like… no more walking for me!

    • chelsea ♡︎
      chelsea ♡︎ 2 months ago

      she didn’t even win the car sadly cuz she got disqualified

    • ghengskie davao
      ghengskie davao 2 months ago


    • Patrick Inc
      Patrick Inc 2 months ago +1

      Like a cute blonde walks LOL.
      Her: Finally Independence I don't have to use my gold locks and bat my eyes anymore.
      Oh wait I'll need gas money.

    • Adrian Fiabane
      Adrian Fiabane 3 months ago

      @Tasha Lyric Strong not really. But don't tell the other ones, they are eating chalk about my joke. 🤭 Have a good time

  • Sarthak Mehrishi
    Sarthak Mehrishi 4 months ago +2447

    She did a one pointer, two pointer , three pointer and a half court consecutively.
    Truly she's a born mathematician or extremely talented

    • Bullsturo TV
      Bullsturo TV 2 months ago

      The last one near the camera man is fully loaded

    • IMD1 4U
      IMD1 4U 2 months ago

      Its not maths buddy . Its a sequence only 😀

    • Melon Mel
      Melon Mel 3 months ago

      @Hannah Smith momento mori my friend

    • ThatOneGuy
      ThatOneGuy 3 months ago

      Or just lucky

    • Green Bay Eagle
      Green Bay Eagle 3 months ago

      When a math nerd doesn’t understand basketball 🤣

  • Zy Unlimited
    Zy Unlimited 4 months ago +1916

    No pressure whatsoever!!!

  • Akerzy
    Akerzy 4 months ago +65

    Why ain’t she in the WNBA

    • skzenha - PENTAGON
      skzenha - PENTAGON 2 months ago

      because she can shoot

    • Dinesh
      Dinesh 2 months ago +1

      @Adam P because you didn't showed it to anyone

    • Varia XI
      Varia XI 2 months ago

      Cuz issa joke

    • StarButterfly
      StarButterfly 4 months ago +1

      Why you buying verified accounts to get likes

  • PerennialGypsy
    PerennialGypsy 3 months ago +2

    Mad respect!💖That’s some straight up talent👏🏼👏🏼

  • The First Witness
    The First Witness 8 months ago +8428

    She didn’t just SINK every shot, she NAILED all 4 with perfection.

    • Alex Balladares
      Alex Balladares 4 months ago

      @Idk shes obviously going to be in W O M E N ' S basketball if she went into the sport to be an athlete, u clearly said they dont do gender mixing in sports so whats the problem here?

    • vsxavrora
      vsxavrora 7 months ago

      @Rakanishu wtf

    • Liv2Grind
      Liv2Grind 7 months ago

      She plays ball

    • remix tape
      remix tape 8 months ago

      AND without breaking a sweat or stopping to breathe.

  • Cuz I'm the Mom
    Cuz I'm the Mom 3 months ago +39

    She has incredible talent! Any team (and I mean ANY) would be damn lucky to have her.

  • Heston C Jr.
    Heston C Jr. 4 months ago +401

    That's really impressive, makes me wonder if she actually plays basketball, because she was nailing those shots.

    • A p
      A p 4 months ago +8

      @Person It is

    • Tenpoles
      Tenpoles 4 months ago +8

      @Person well... playing roblox is not impressive either

    • Imperialdra-mon
      Imperialdra-mon 4 months ago +7

      @Heston C Jr. Nah that's sounds pretty legit it would be kinda B's if pro basketball players were like he free car

    • Person
      Person 4 months ago +1

      Thats not impressive

    • Heston C Jr.
      Heston C Jr. 4 months ago +80

      @Andrew Taylor Really?
      That's stupid
      I mean, if she beat the challenge she might as well get the car and she cant just because she played basketball in the last 4 years?
      I'm sorry but I call BS. That's a really stupid rule

  • ToastySNXZ
    ToastySNXZ 4 months ago +1036

    Dad: "Stop playing basketball and focus on your studies. You might get a car with your salary"
    Her: "Watch me"

    • ZT D1
      ZT D1 4 months ago +2

      She didn't get the car

  • DJ Phat Phuck
    DJ Phat Phuck 4 months ago +310

    I bet the rush of adrenaline was absolutely _insane_

  • Lyla Lmao
    Lyla Lmao 4 months ago +14866

    They're like "Crap she wasn't supposed to win..."

    • Amango3
      Amango3 Month ago

      "Dave we need to borrow your car for a lil while"

    • Adam P
      Adam P 2 months ago

      @Jaycekjr I'm not your pal friend

    • Jaycekjr
      Jaycekjr 2 months ago

      @Adam P you’re not guy pal 😄

    • Adam P
      Adam P 2 months ago

      @Likeabosslinc read*

    • Adam P
      Adam P 2 months ago

      @Jaycekjr when*

  • Mike Hink
    Mike Hink 2 months ago

    Well done 👍🏼 nice form as well, even on the half-court shot when you consider the strength needed to get it there without just heaving it or “baseball passing” it. Congrats to her... love the “For the GLORY.?.?.?...” call by the announcer also.

  • Just Jen Reacts
    Just Jen Reacts 4 months ago +7838

    No pressure whatsoever!!!

    • Basim Ibrahim
      Basim Ibrahim 2 months ago

      She need it the car with her soul 😂😂😂

    • Numba1boxa
      Numba1boxa 3 months ago

      @zoopedia what

    • zoopedia
      zoopedia 3 months ago

      😍😍❤️ Mao Mao

    • ZT D1
      ZT D1 4 months ago

      @Numba1boxa 😂 are you for real she had 4 years of basketball experience prior to this that's why🤦🏿‍♂️

      KCJ MUSIK 4 months ago

      @MATERWELON Ah, sorry 🤣

  • Digital Advice Zone
    Digital Advice Zone 4 months ago +1

    She absolutely nailed it 🙌


    These shorts make my day better! 🎉🔥

  • Anthony X
    Anthony X 7 months ago +10615

    She's a keeper. Not only can she give you a ride to the game but she can step out on the pick and roll and hit the three

    • Reason
      Reason 4 months ago

      She can't give you a ride because they didn't give her the car. Companies suck.

    • CJ 4
      CJ 4 4 months ago

      She didn’t get the car lol

    • jbxzy
      jbxzy 4 months ago


    • Dumtree
      Dumtree 4 months ago

      @Keesha Kelley that’s not really the point of a joke, idk who told you jokes have to be funny because there isn’t any law stating they have to be

  • Chatt boys
    Chatt boys 4 months ago +4

    These shorts are so entertaining and make my day so much better 🔥

  • Casual 1
    Casual 1 3 months ago +15

    My respect to this Woman She’s a effen beast 💪🏼‼️

    • Lata Sharma
      Lata Sharma 2 months ago

      I can goal much better than this gentlemen 😉😉😍

  • drlovie
    drlovie 3 months ago +4

    You go girl! Stay blessed!

  • 59kicki
    59kicki 3 months ago +2

    That adrenaline flow at the end😁😜

  • Kitcat
    Kitcat 7 months ago +18001

    I could never do anything like this under pressure. Those were some clean shots!

    • M L
      M L 4 months ago

      @the spy imagine telling someone with an anxiety disorder that they’re weak

    • Jorse, Walrus and Bangnaldo
      Jorse, Walrus and Bangnaldo 4 months ago

      @Youngg Jay well i mean it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to practice the sport you play, that doesn’t mean it’s staged

    • Phoenix Gaming
      Phoenix Gaming 5 months ago +1

      I could never do those without pressute either idk what do u mean LoL

    • Kitcat
      Kitcat 5 months ago

      @GeizigAdam true lol

    • GeizigAdam
      GeizigAdam 5 months ago +1

      even without pressure you wouldnt be able to do it

  • Kate Holohan
    Kate Holohan 3 months ago

    Some talent! Fair play to her!

  • Aba
    Aba 3 months ago +7

    I love how the audience chanting grows louder and louder each time😂

  • c00l
    c00l 4 months ago +2

    You did a great job you deserve it😊

  • Cinemavadu
    Cinemavadu 4 months ago +2

    these shots are so entertaining they make my day better 🥰

  • MJorgy5
    MJorgy5 8 months ago +4276

    She even dribbles between shots. What a legend!

    • Marcus L
      Marcus L 7 months ago +1

      anyone that plays basketball is going to dribbling between shots... makes it a lot more natural and less awkward. also will save time because if you run with the ball it will take you longer to gather yourself for the shot and will feel awkward

    • LonghornsLegend
      LonghornsLegend 7 months ago +2

      You mean what a hooper lol you could tell she does this and probably legit too

    • Oguzhan Kurtbas
      Oguzhan Kurtbas 7 months ago

      @Logan B pok))899

    • juan muza
      juan muza 7 months ago


  • Angel Ntwari
    Angel Ntwari 4 months ago +13

    She must've really been like:
    Bitch I'm getting that damn car 😂😂😂☠️😅

  • shAnU gAUtAm
    shAnU gAUtAm 3 months ago +1

    She won my heart too❤ great taLent👌👌

    REBECCA PREFINA 3 months ago +1

    She has made me enjoy watching basketball 👏👏👏🔥

  • Sean Briggs
    Sean Briggs 4 months ago +1

    She clearly is a baller. Can tell literally from the first shot attempt

  • Yaya's Playhouse
    Yaya's Playhouse 7 months ago +30149

    And then they were like “dang we got a buy a car we didn’t think anybody would make it”

    • Megamind
      Megamind 4 months ago

      @Hoseok’s left kidney it got me confused for like 10 seconds but yeah its kinda obvious now that it meant gotta

    • KingsColas
      KingsColas 4 months ago

      You know they had to dig into profit for the car cuz they never even. Set it into the budget 🤣

    • Fearless Fallon🐺🐯
      Fearless Fallon🐺🐯 4 months ago

      @Tim Olson sorry 😭

  • J C
    J C 4 months ago

    All those days playing in the driveway with dad finally paid off! 🤣

  • Wide-Eyed Vlogs
    Wide-Eyed Vlogs 2 months ago +1

    Guys who came up with this idea and now actually have to buy someone a new car:
    Welp… this didn’t go as planned

  • Bricks&Stuff
    Bricks&Stuff 4 months ago +1

    Imagine her car being a 2003 coup. 🤣

  • B.X.
    B.X. 4 months ago +2

    I love the calm gather before each basket, beautiful.

  • Adam Nixon
    Adam Nixon 8 months ago +3849

    She made it look so easy, like she's been practicing this her whole life waiting for this very moment 😆

    • Gina Doyle
      Gina Doyle 7 months ago

      @ada. right that’s what I’m trying to figure out.

    • ChillNEO
      ChillNEO 8 months ago +3

      @Fe kezia Fo You know this kid is 10 when he responds with a roast that’s like 7 years old

    • Czarist
      Czarist 8 months ago

      Not really some are indeed gifted and talented

  • 保罗-ポール
    保罗-ポール 2 months ago +1

    If she is a game character her status on fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Fandom
    Fandom 4 months ago

    Mad respect to her. Damn.

  • Aruna Lakshmanan
    Aruna Lakshmanan 3 months ago

    Practice makes perfect. How much effort she might put, to get this free flow goals easily. Superb

  • Help me reach 100k Subscribe

    Always love how to announcers get hyped up until they actually make it

  • Robert Renode
    Robert Renode 7 months ago +5782

    Always love how the announcers get hyped up until they actually make it

    • annabel
      annabel 6 months ago

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    • Robert Renode
      Robert Renode 7 months ago

      @haiu pow solocmira have you learned nothing

    • Robert Renode
      Robert Renode 7 months ago +1

      @Alien Lo Dejavu good to know there's some decency. Absolute legend

    • Alien Lo Dejavu
      Alien Lo Dejavu 7 months ago +1

      @Robert Renode it's ok. I liked your comment

    • Robert Renode
      Robert Renode 7 months ago +1

      @弥彦yahiko uehara31😘x you didn't even like my comment.

  • Pixkle_panda
    Pixkle_panda 4 months ago +16

    The mic guy: dam she's good but she's not gunna get the last one it's too hard it's fine we won't have to pa-
    Everyone: YAAAAAAAAAY
    Mic man: w-wait this is not how it goes

    • Pixkle_panda
      Pixkle_panda 4 months ago

      @AnUnknownPerson mic guy: ah sorry looks L-like we ar-e br-eak-ing upp- fhhgfs...
      Everyone: wait this isn't a zoom call during covid what is he tryn to pull here

    • AnUnknownPerson
      AnUnknownPerson 4 months ago +1


  • jay barrows
    jay barrows 3 months ago +1

    You go girl!

  • Resilience is Art
    Resilience is Art  3 months ago

    Ok... She deserves it ☺️ She has the skills ☺️

  • P Lashkari
    P Lashkari 3 months ago

    I can't even do the first one 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Kali The Champ
    Kali The Champ 7 months ago +12101

    Man she’s a BALLER! You can clearly tell by the confidence in every shot, and ball speed. She knew she had this in the bag 🤣

    • Gifted Introvert
      Gifted Introvert 4 months ago +1

      @expl0re 21 exaclty she doesn't need balls 🤣 that expressions cracks me up when I hear that.

    • AbuseBullshark - GTA Online
      AbuseBullshark - GTA Online 4 months ago +2

      She didn’t get the car cause she was an active college player, and the rules stated you had to be 4 years out of active competition 😴 RIP

    • GFCaluyaGaming
      GFCaluyaGaming 7 months ago

      Baller or not , that was hard tho

  • Attik
    Attik 4 months ago +2

    Love this! Keep it up

  • Candice
    Candice 4 months ago +1

    "These shorts make my day😇"

  • Ronel Delgado
    Ronel Delgado 4 months ago +1

    damn she really knows her shots

  • Bar Resz
    Bar Resz 3 months ago +1

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! Congratulations! 🎉. 👏

  • James A
    James A 9 months ago +7932

    IRS- "Great shooting, now let's talk about how much you owe us."

    • madmoiselle007
      madmoiselle007 3 months ago

      Born free taxed to death

    • Crazy K
      Crazy K 4 months ago +1

      @MmMerrifield you are probably right as I have not checked but I do believe you have to purchase mineral rights if you want what's underneath your property. Of course anyone can buy it and it's not advertised so oil and gas companies love to drill horizontal at certain depths and take something under you (oil/gas etc) and you don't get squat. Unless laws have changed. Loophole to everthing.

    • MmMerrifield
      MmMerrifield 4 months ago

      @Sak actually I'm going to vote for the socialist candidate.

    • MmMerrifield
      MmMerrifield 4 months ago

      @Jacob P prize winnings are normally counted as income, so this would be worse for you as you get to pay the state income tax and the federal income tax on it.

    • MmMerrifield
      MmMerrifield 4 months ago +1

      @Crazy K you get property rights, but you aren't buying the land away from the Government.

  • Dolly Chyrngap
    Dolly Chyrngap 3 months ago +1

    She's awesome ♥️🔥

  • Robin Towne
    Robin Towne 3 months ago +2

    That was incredibly awesome

  • Crixpy_Mxki
    Crixpy_Mxki 4 months ago +1

    The other girl was like "GET IT GURLL!!!!!" ✨

  • A.M.A
    A.M.A 4 months ago +1

    Shit she's good!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • HubbzZ
    HubbzZ 7 months ago +7440

    She can clearly hoop tho she has a nice shot and dribbles like she's been playing her whole life. Congrats to her!

    • Elfyourself
      Elfyourself 7 months ago +1

      @cosmic_duck #proudofliam I kinda agree with u ig

    • nghakss
      nghakss 7 months ago

      @pepsi luck 💯

    • Sleepy Dog
      Sleepy Dog 7 months ago

      @Yeet Teet huh?

    • Yeet Teet
      Yeet Teet 7 months ago +1

      @Sleepy Dog yea, someone's jealous about her NOT winning the car. They didn't give her the car, because she has an advantage over everybody else that participated. Everyone else didn't play basketball all their life, and she didn't even get the car lol

  • iluvmodding5
    iluvmodding5 4 months ago +2

    "That wasn't supposed to happen! Bring out the free corn dogs quick!!"

  • Zoheb Pasha
    Zoheb Pasha 4 months ago +6

    Holy shit fk the car get that girl a contract

  • Love Army
    Love Army 3 months ago

    Yeah! She prepared for that for a long time hahaha 🤩🤩

  • •𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕫ø𝕟𝕖•

    It’s not a mistake✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Zayed zihan
    Zayed zihan 4 months ago +11016

    She is impressive. Imo, she should've won the car. Hitting a half court is no joke, not to mention she hit three back to back shots before. 90% of the pro players in the league might fail to do so.

    • Zachary Glossop
      Zachary Glossop 4 months ago

      @Blob Poop
      They have a 1 in 100 chance of getting a half court shot so a 1% chance.
      I’d same under game conditions such as pressure, rushing, tired and be contested etc definitely effects this percentage.
      I think if you gave them 100 half court throws in practice with none of those variables I think they could easily land 5-10??

    • Messup7654
      Messup7654 4 months ago

      @Klondor even the worse person in d2 college could beat her

    • Blob Poop
      Blob Poop 4 months ago

      @COSSO I really am a dumass smh

    • tejaswi
      tejaswi 4 months ago

      I hit half court back in 6th grade. It was awesome

    • UnderhandedBlade
      UnderhandedBlade 4 months ago

      @Zayed zihan In game. Warming up 90 percent is too large of a number

  • Serenity Nak
    Serenity Nak 4 months ago +4

    YESSIR! Respect, this is some good respect! 😌💅

  • sushi mooshy
    sushi mooshy 3 months ago

    Omg this brings back memories my dad took me to one of the basketball games when I was 12 years old and at half time break they were calling out people to come to the basketball court and enter a small competition and there was couple of boys and girls and my dad told me to go and I was so shy but I went and I walk to them and they ask me u wanna enter and I'm like uhm yeah if there's a spot and then we played shots exactly like this (except the half field one) who misses is out and surprisingly me and only one girl were left standing and somehow I won so many people watching me I was so scared even when I won 🤣🤣 and I come back to my dad with the biggest box I could ever carry and it was full of candy and shit and my dad opens it grabs a bunch of candy and he tells me now go to that girl u played against and give her some too as a kid I quickly thought oh that's nice of him to think about because at that moment I was just out of place a bit x) and yeah I went to her gave candy went back to my dad and to be honest kinda forgot about this... Haha can't wait to call him and ask if he remembers 😊

  • tejaswi
    tejaswi 4 months ago

    I hit halfcourt back in 6th grade, it was awesome!!

  • loading...
    loading... 4 months ago +11

    It could be anyone, I'd still be proud for them for making this

  • Donald Chesser
    Donald Chesser 9 months ago +3856

    Keeping it 100 her shooting motion is solid as hell

    • Nok Su Kow
      Nok Su Kow 7 months ago

      @Owl The Pirate lol

    • Owl The Pirate
      Owl The Pirate 7 months ago +1

      @Nok Su Kow sorry I'm an atheist.. don't pray 🙂

    • Owl The Pirate
      Owl The Pirate 7 months ago +1

      @Bing Bangbong wrong comment section bruh

    • Nok Su Kow
      Nok Su Kow 7 months ago

      @Owl The Pirate u should pray for your kind and the ppl brainwashed. I'm fine no need to say 100 I am real.

    ABROBRO21 4 months ago +5

    Damn! That’s some damn good accuracy

  • Another Generic Gamer
    Another Generic Gamer 4 months ago +34

    I don’t think skill should disqualify you. You gambled a car and you lost, now give it up

  • Naomi George
    Naomi George 4 months ago

    Bro if that was me, would’ve miss the first shot😭 straight up air ball

  • Aubrie Case
    Aubrie Case 4 months ago +3

    Holy sh** that is amazing!!!! Hell yea you go girl!!!!

  • spAZZZ82
    spAZZZ82 7 months ago +6560

    They were probably like crap. We weren't expecting anyone to actually do this. Now we have to hope one of our sponsors gives us a car

    • KanDuyog118
      KanDuyog118 6 months ago +1

      @why ? Now that's horrible.

    • annabel
      annabel 6 months ago

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    • jazzy kusuo
      jazzy kusuo 6 months ago

      @Brandon Glander no she participated for fun she knew she couldn’t win anything

    • Halizzah Cute
      Halizzah Cute 7 months ago

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      Yoongi: "Butter" .
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    • Jaydes
      Jaydes 7 months ago

      @why ? i mean, shitload of taxes on that car though.

  • Cheche Ko
    Cheche Ko 2 months ago +1

    She made it perfectly...

  • Lizzi N.
    Lizzi N. 3 months ago

    Congratulations to herrrrrrrr 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Megan Rivera
    Megan Rivera 4 months ago

    She got a Nat 20 on that performance roll! 🤩

  • Jane Clarrize
    Jane Clarrize 4 months ago +1

    Well done 👏👏👏

  • tamaruni tamaruni
    tamaruni tamaruni 7 months ago +3085

    Anyone else can't stop watching this on a loop, for that moment she wins a car? Also, her confidence and they way she never hesitates or even stops to think is mesmerizing.

    • Kelly ayla
      Kelly ayla 6 months ago

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    • raguna mist
      raguna mist 6 months ago +1

      It’s how you can tell she plays cause that composure and also the shooting style is perfect. It’s not something you can fluke

    • Laura Brown
      Laura Brown 6 months ago

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  • justin hughes
    justin hughes 3 months ago +1

    whenever I see this stuff I think of semi pro 🤣🤣

  • genregurl
    genregurl 3 months ago

    As a basketball player let me just say, this is insanely hard. Holy crap. She's something else.

  • Colby
    Colby 4 months ago +1

    This reminds me of the half court scene from semi pro lmao

  • The Novice Whispers
    The Novice Whispers 4 months ago +1

    Arthur Morgan: "Well well well... Look at that! You won me a car!"

  • Jae S
    Jae S 6 months ago +22776

    Here’s the actual truth so we can stop the misinformation in these comments:
    Her name is Nicole Kornet and she played college ball for UCLA in 2017. She was disqualified from getting the car because the rules of the contest stated that participants must be 4 years past their basketball careers. She is not a professional athlete. Anyway, she made the shots and it’s still an impressive feat, even if unrewarded.

    • Vannessa Van Vlymen
      Vannessa Van Vlymen 3 months ago

      @Clayton Rogers but is playing for UCLA a professional career. She playing because of the school she goes to

    • Vannessa Van Vlymen
      Vannessa Van Vlymen 3 months ago

      I don't see playing for UCLA to be a professional career

    • rage'n ribbons
      rage'n ribbons 3 months ago

      college athletes aren’t pro when it comes to endorsement deals or getting paid for their work, but they’re pro when it comes to winning a car in a contest. got it.
      college play ≠ career

    • sdgrl08
      sdgrl08 3 months ago

      She played in 2017? That's 4+ years ago

      WAKOKAINE 3 months ago

      WTF, I hate when their make up rules so the winner don't get anything.

  • PooPoo
    PooPoo 4 months ago

    I could never make all of those shots she is so good 😳

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 4 months ago +1

    She is very skilled. It's the opposite order than I would have done it to make rebounding easier but I would have also missed every shot probably.

  • Ikey Sanders
    Ikey Sanders 4 months ago


  • Marvel💙4life
    Marvel💙4life 3 months ago +1

    Lakers: So how much do you want to be paid to be drafted for us Lady: A new car

  • Sussy Baka
    Sussy Baka 4 months ago +3092


  • Pratik Gurung
    Pratik Gurung 4 months ago +2

    It's not a mistake ✨ IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • If I’m from comment pls sub

    The shorts are entertaining they make my day better😍

  • all bad manners
    all bad manners 4 months ago

    Every time I've seen someone take a half court shot like this I've always seen them stick their leg up like that.

  • Happy waffle
    Happy waffle 4 months ago +1

    I would’ve missed the first shot

  • chelsea ♡︎
    chelsea ♡︎ 4 months ago +4057

    i feel like she still should’ve won the car because that was *quite impressive*
    i dont see why you need to be 4 years past your basketball career to win the car.

    • Nate Goldwasser
      Nate Goldwasser 4 months ago

      @Reason yeah- that’s what I said lmao

    • Reason
      Reason 4 months ago

      @Nate Goldwasser Arbitrary fine print doesn't dictate what is moral. It's a scummy rule.

    • Kelsi Christine
      Kelsi Christine 4 months ago

      @Mia wait how do you know this is there like a full video

    • I drink your milkshake
      I drink your milkshake 4 months ago

      @Pumpkin that’s not true, that wouldn’t even make sense

  • Jim
    Jim 4 months ago

    A new car and the GOAT award from the WNBA....all in a good days work.

  • RunDownGawd
    RunDownGawd 4 months ago

    10 points 10 dribbles GOAT!

  • Gurjinder Singh
    Gurjinder Singh 2 months ago

    Beautiful ❤️ well deserved

  • Evescent
    Evescent 4 months ago

    I can't even do a proper layup lmao

    BEAR JEW 4 months ago

    Somewhere out there is a really proud father 👏

  • Carla Cruz
    Carla Cruz 2 months ago

    She can dribble and shoot perfect attempts... I love this girl..


    She waited it for years and that's her time to shine

  • MeaningOfLife
    MeaningOfLife 2 months ago

    Flawless. A moment to cherish while life.

  • Cyril De Guzman
    Cyril De Guzman 7 months ago +3240

    As soon as she dribbled to the free throw line, I was like “yup this girl is a baller”

    • Juve Mckenzie
      Juve Mckenzie 6 months ago

      Same exact thought

    • scurus11scurus
      scurus11scurus 6 months ago

      @Holt Burdette beat me to it

    • Holt Burdette
      Holt Burdette 6 months ago +1

      @akasaki kawasaki it's when babies spit up when you're burping them.

    • Prilly Priscilla
      Prilly Priscilla 6 months ago

      *_VIEW_*------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CLICK HERE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *_LINK.SV/JAWELZ-BLUE_* 💜
      Megan: "Hotter"
      Hopi: "Sweeter"
      Joonie: "Cooler"
      Yoongi: "Butter" .
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    • annabel
      annabel 6 months ago

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