• Published on Jan 13, 2017
  • In today's video, I try creating some art with Sharpie markers! It's a bit tricky because they don't like to blend, so I found a way to lighten colours, which acts as a pseudo-blending technique.
    Download the free colouring page here:
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    -Sharpie Markers
    -Hammermill CCD Cover, 100lb
    -Winsor & Newton white gouache
    Camera Setup:
    Royalty-free music by Epidemic Sound:
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  • Tommy Mack
    Tommy Mack 22 days ago

    Why is she naked :O :-(

  • Stefanie Durham
    Stefanie Durham 27 days ago

    We have opposite problems I have used sharpies with a brush nib and haven't used comics and I am putting this on chrismas eve so maybe I will get it tomorrow cause my mom and dad know I'm artsy

  • Seth Myers
    Seth Myers 2 months ago +1

    I did write the book for youtube art challenge rules.

  • SunFlower_Bracelets 101

    Sharpie pens and brush pens are a thing now!

  • Ava Hilton
    Ava Hilton 5 months ago

    When I was 9 or 10 I had a babysitter and for my birthday she got me this exact set of sharpies, I still have them to this day and love them

  • Indigo Violet
    Indigo Violet 7 months ago

    would a thicc pikachu be called a thiccachu

  • Bluebell Does art
    Bluebell Does art 7 months ago

    Hi I just bought sharpies and they are like yours

  • Olivia Pannell
    Olivia Pannell 7 months ago

    3:04 I can smell this

  • duckie
    duckie 11 months ago

    I got that set for Christmas, but I think mine had more markers lol

  • Pixel Pxerella
    Pixel Pxerella 11 months ago

    Sharpies are a great alternative

  • Whoops ll-//
    Whoops ll-// Year ago +1


  • Natty Bear
    Natty Bear Year ago

    You basically made alcohol based water colors

  • Ashleys DIY
    Ashleys DIY Year ago

    Oh the girl without cloths

  • A.Phillip R.
    A.Phillip R. Year ago

    Is she naked.EW

  • Aeryn grace
    Aeryn grace Year ago

    Am I the only one who thought that this was sea themed before she said she was in outer space

  • Brigette 5280
    Brigette 5280 Year ago

    That took some patience with that black

  • Little lainey
    Little lainey Year ago

    My sharpie set was like that but it was dragon themed and different colors and different coloring pages with different designs on each one

  • Amani AL-sayed
    Amani AL-sayed Year ago

    1:00 if you have captions on😂😂

  • becca violet
    becca violet Year ago


  • Angella Roedig
    Angella Roedig Year ago

    Do an only acrylic paint art

  • Maureen-Celeste
    Maureen-Celeste Year ago

    How weird is it that when she started to do the black background, I felt like I could smell it?

  • Latasha Milord
    Latasha Milord Year ago

    You're not doing a challenger doing it wrong you can't open your eyes

  • Luigiluis3d
    Luigiluis3d Year ago

    Sooo beautiful, I really wish I could come with this kind of ideas but I can't quite bring myself to get those results

  • Myah Dehner
    Myah Dehner Year ago

    I got the same set for my birthday

  • ZachariiChan ,
    ZachariiChan , Year ago


  • Yxf3y
    Yxf3y Year ago +1

    This makes me sad, I'll never be a good artist I can't afford copics all I have is ultra thin sharpies which are bad i wish i could color better but it is how it is :(

  • Erick Piccirillo
    Erick Piccirillo Year ago +1

    She's naked send halp D:

  • latish-rae wagoner

    Cool I like it and did you get a headache from the fume I know i would

  • mia squade
    mia squade Year ago +1

    can you draw me with my clues OK I am a girl I love flowers my hairs are curly and black I am wearing a skirt and a cute crop top and I have a hair band

  • ironcaptianspider ,

    I have the same set of sharpies

  • Keke Stark
    Keke Stark Year ago

    I used to draw with sharpies and my friends would think it’s copics

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin Year ago

    Sharpie pens dont bleed (;

  • Heavenly Moon
    Heavenly Moon Year ago

    She naked

  • Holly C
    Holly C Year ago

    For kids (like me) isn’t that colouring page kind of inappropriate

  • Nicole wooldridge

    Wow, you have an awesome talent.

  • Ali Jey
    Ali Jey Year ago

    The painting is beautiful. I love it so much!! Usually i do not comment any videos but here I have to!!
    The Colors are beautiful and the way you blended all the Colors is amazing. It looks fantastic and the Girl is such a cutie :3
    Truely magnificent 💕

  • As Seen By Austin

    My god that background would take forever 😂 if you were I would really enjoy sending you a pic of a nature piece I did with micron pens that usually gets my art friends freak about how I do my backgrounds.

  • Yaren Bayazıt
    Yaren Bayazıt Year ago

    Türk olan varmı? Abckjks

  • Kristen Baxter
    Kristen Baxter Year ago

    Um 😐..... ok

  • Crazy Best Friend Forever

    Baylee can literally make good art with anything
    If i used a very fine markers with perfect paper mine would still turn out worse than her using like a 2 dollars of 30 markers or something like that

  • Naoise Kiveney
    Naoise Kiveney Year ago

    I really wish I was as good as you

  • J. Adams
    J. Adams Year ago

    Just wondering what kind of paper you used for this. I generally have an easier time on, say, coated cardstock, vellum bristol board, or mixed media paper.

  • Puppygamerhartley vlogzz

    brush tip sharpies dont exsit to my knowladge both me and my friend have been using sharpies for 2 years.

  • H o n e y T e a ツ

    There are sharpie pens!!!!

  • Petite Penguin
    Petite Penguin Year ago

    That shading technique is a smart one :) thank you for sharing

  • Nola O’Neal
    Nola O’Neal Year ago

    Such good art

  • Morgan Christine
    Morgan Christine Year ago

    love the colors its beautiful

  • Sandy Beebe
    Sandy Beebe Year ago

    single coat of matte medium on the surface helps with the bleeding ...

  • •F . I•
    •F . I• Year ago +1

    Ahh, just seeing the background being coloured, is so satisfying!

  • LPS Bunny Girlz TV

    Is she naked? But I still love it.

  • Laura Davison
    Laura Davison Year ago

    Really lovely piece you've created here! I use sharpie and scribblicious pens to colour my art quite often (Cause copics are pricey XD) - And I would love to try your colouring technique sometime ^ ^. I love being inspired by my favorite artists X3 Keep up the awesome work Baylee! >w

  • Nicole Belanger
    Nicole Belanger Year ago

    There are alcohol based marchers at Walmart in Canada 🇨🇦

  • Laura travers
    Laura travers Year ago

    baylee do a giveaway

  • Christine Adeola Oladosu

    You look better blonde

  • braceface 911
    braceface 911 Year ago

    fkrttt ug

    RARIMADINO Year ago


  • imani wheat
    imani wheat Year ago

    that was so cute

  • eunice tan
    eunice tan Year ago +1

    Sharpies now have brush tip markers like so Baylee can see

  • Kawaii Deergurl
    Kawaii Deergurl Year ago

    I’m 9 yrs old and I don’t enough money to get copics!!!!!😭😭😭😭😢😢

  • Dawn Trujillo
    Dawn Trujillo Year ago

    Its not cheating as long as you have fun