SPEAKER PLACEMENT - How to Build a Home Studio (Part 2)

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • Download the free speaker placement cheat sheet and checklist: www.musicianonamission.com/speaker-placement-cheat-sheet/
    In this video you'll learn how to instantly improve the sound of your studio, just by moving your monitor speakers.
    Getting the speakers in the right place in your room is really important!
    You need to get this right before you can even think about acoustic treatment.
    But first be sure to download the free speaker placement cheat sheet and checklist: www.musicianonamission.com/speaker-placement-cheat-sheet/
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    Room EQ Wizard: www.roomeqwizard.com/
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  • Musician on a Mission

    Sorry about the poor autofocus! I'll be using manual focus from now on...
    Anyway, enjoy 😄

  • ianscreams
    ianscreams 3 months ago

    Doesn't your monitor screen sitting on the desk in front of the speakers affect the sound coming from the monitors? Stereo spread being compromised by the the screen blocking the middle zone/field?

  • Rob Cornerstone
    Rob Cornerstone 4 months ago

    Some great info here
    But, for the first 2 minutes all I could hear was the resonance of your mic stand

    NAREUM WORLD 4 months ago

    When i place my speakers, i completely lose the low end and cannot hear it. What would you recommend i do? I'm not at the halfway mark in the room, should i move closer to the half way mark or move closer to the back wall?

  • Andy Nonimuss
    Andy Nonimuss 5 months ago +1

    Not at your ears, but slightly behind them. The Stereo Vertex Point (the focused point where the speakers are aimed behind your head) should be 14" min. to 16" max. from your Listening Position (ear line).

    • Captain Buff The Third
      Captain Buff The Third 2 months ago

      Andy Nonimuss Yes 👍 who would have thought putting speakers on axis would sound better ay? This dude is a nice guy so I’m not hating; but some of this is just common sense. If it’s not then it’s entry level acoustics. I guess going through the exercise for the sake of comparing the response curves is a good thing...

  • TheRealEffluence
    TheRealEffluence 6 months ago

    It costs money for the mic lol thanks for these vids though!

  • Markus Christmann
    Markus Christmann 11 months ago

    hey, are these HS-8?

    • Markus Christmann
      Markus Christmann 11 months ago

      Thanks! My room is not ideal and my speakers have to be only 10 cm from the Front Wall due to how room I have.. Would You recommend the HS 8 or rather take smaller ones?Also thanks for all the helpful stuff. I learned to produce my Songs with logic earlier this year and drew alot from your Videos at udemy!

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  11 months ago


  • Josiah Smith
    Josiah Smith 11 months ago

    Does it matter more to have your monitors facing away from the window or have your monitors facing long ways?

  • Per Gunnar Vik Mjølhus
    Per Gunnar Vik Mjølhus 11 months ago

    In a small room it makes a lot of sense to place the speakers as close to the front wall as possible. It's got something to do with lowering the frequency spectrum by reducing the amount of space to the front wall so that the frequencies are less audible. But often you'll need to make a compromise, especially if you're fat like me and need to crawl behind the desk sometimes to rewire things.

  • Jesse Urena
    Jesse Urena 11 months ago

    you're the best bro!!!

  • Kaos Axe
    Kaos Axe Year ago

    So I’ve calibrated my new room. Seem to have nearly the same peaks and dips in the low and low mids like you.
    Can’t make those frequencies flatten out...

    • Kaos Axe
      Kaos Axe 11 months ago

      Great. Come on dude, need this! My main issue is probably that the desk/speakers have to be in the alcove of the room.....looking forward to prt3 Rob.

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  Year ago +1

      Watch out for our video on room treatment! It's coming soon.

  • Yomal Senanayake
    Yomal Senanayake Year ago

    when we are listening to a song, we can hear some tracks are coming from too far and some tracks are coming like the instrument is near of our ear. How we can do it?

  • Kaos Axe
    Kaos Axe Year ago

    Robbo, when's P3 coming? So we got these peaks and troughs, and it 'looks bad', so what do we do about it? :-)

    • Kaos Axe
      Kaos Axe Year ago

      Good news Robster. As I was booted out of Kaos Studios by the missus, and currently setting up Kaos Studios 2 in the smaller spare room. So this weekend will be moving the gear in - so looking forward to this part 3 man!

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  Year ago +1

      It'll be here soon!

  • tiago torres
    tiago torres Year ago

    Dude, I just cant complete correct calibration since i keep receiving those messages saying peak level is not correct and volume is too low, apparently i'm following your instructions correctly using a condenser at2020, what am i doing wrong here?

  • Music Nerd Revolution

    I have used Sonarworks headphone plug for mixing, and I enjoy that. I have to have a look at their room measurements since I have a terrible room to sit in. Have you tried Sonarworks plugins?

  • Xin
    Xin Year ago

    Your chanel is always useful with me...tks

  • Kaos Axe
    Kaos Axe Year ago +1

    Dude, will any condenser work for the calibration ? Eg behringer B1 ....

  • Creative Mix
    Creative Mix Year ago

    Are these Yamaha HS8 monitors? I am learn to mix film scores and do not want KRK. Are these good ?

    • Kaos Axe
      Kaos Axe Year ago

      I had krks to start with. Then tried jbl equivalents then got the yams hs7.
      I can assure you the yams are way way better. Smoother, more detailed, less fatiguing and also look way cooler. In this price range I’d say they are hard to beat.

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  Year ago

      Love the Yamahas!

  • angrybonbon
    angrybonbon Year ago

    Great stuff again. Enjoying this series and looking forward to the next one.

  • Josh Richman
    Josh Richman Year ago

    LINKS? Where are the links mentioned?

  • Watching Daisies Grow

    Thanks for the info!

  • Straightouttawindow D

    Thansk Rob, very nice, informative video!! One question, I got table monitor stands, are they fine or should I get floor stands? I know that putting them right on the desk is a bad idea? Can't find an answer on the internet :/

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  Year ago

      Floor stands are better, for sure (unless you have a desk designed for mixing). More freedom of movement for placement, and isolation from the desk.

  • Live At Level III

    Some great content, subbed!
    Is it wrong that searching for a house generally revolves around room/spaces which will make optimal studio rooms? 😂

  • OngakuVV
    OngakuVV Year ago

    Thanks for make this videos :D

  • Nathan Carrille
    Nathan Carrille Year ago

    Having floor speaker stands is so helpful and liberating, I depend on my desk and I can't just move it all over the place lol

  • Peter Batah
    Peter Batah Year ago

    There is one thing that I rarely hear anyone talking about. How to pivot (swivel / point) the speaker in order that both sound sources hit the listening position at the same time and trajectory. So, how do you adjust them so they are pointed at your ear(s)

  • appeal
    appeal Year ago

    I wish had this 10 years ago, good stuff. Thank you

  • Anthony Amaturo
    Anthony Amaturo Year ago

    Great job, and some really good info. I did something very similar with my studio. The only thing I would suggest to do differently would be to make sure each prospective location meets with your checklist (e.g. speakers form an equilateral triangle with the listening positron) BEFORE taking your measurement. Otherwise, you run the risk of eliminating a good position because of a minor issue. You also eliminate to possibility of having to rerun your test if you have to make changes while going through the checklist.

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  Year ago

      Hi Anthony! Great point, they were all in roughly the right place but I should have been more thorough.

  • Max Hudson
    Max Hudson Year ago +1

    I'm only a few minutes in and i'm already loving your knowledge and production. Your emails finally caught my eye, and i'm very glad!

  • Stian Sapiens
    Stian Sapiens Year ago +1

    That 38% is obviously just derived from the golden ratio. The cutout for the window, the size and location, as well as volume of the speakers messes with that anyways, and tbh the golden ratio is never perfect in nature, it's just sorta come to by natural processes, so the closer the better, but it is a very abstract thing to define so it is operating on various scales and angles and it never clear cut. I mean you could try to apply it to calculations based on the ratio of the height and length of the room, even the angel of the speakers up or down, get the volume of the speakers to the exact volume to produce something close to the ratio in the room, change the position of the speakers and the listeners head to something less equilateral. It's really trivial to focus on the number too much... once you have a feel for it then you can apply it to the situation more or less.

    • paradroidx
      paradroidx 6 months ago

      Stian Sapiens Cool. Do you have a video explaining your comment? Would love to check it out if you do or are planning. Peace!