How To Build A Rollback Can

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
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  • John Chessant
    John Chessant 3 hours ago +1

    the name these oats have always gone by

  • kostas gkaros
    kostas gkaros 15 hours ago

    Teach us how to make Molotov

  • Hisao Nakaii
    Hisao Nakaii 16 hours ago

    at 4:30 can someone please meme this already?

  • Rad Mike inc.
    Rad Mike inc. 18 hours ago

    Please more Vsause Vsause

  • Jessica Urban
    Jessica Urban 19 hours ago +1


  • AlexNavySEAL
    AlexNavySEAL 21 hour ago +1

    Damn Blackbeard from Rainbow Six Siege really let himself go

  • Michael kilby
    Michael kilby Day ago

    0:00 He baked some rolls for his great grandsons wedding.. thats awesome

  • Lewie895
    Lewie895 Day ago

    that intro gets me everytime

  • Crazymota
    Crazymota Day ago

    Great grandson's wedding? Is that a joke? He doesn't look old enough for that

  • MR.minecraft
    MR.minecraft Day ago


  • Inferno
    Inferno Day ago

    In scared of Michael

  • TedisCool8 _
    TedisCool8 _ 2 days ago

    Let’s get some fresh pennies
    *cuts open avocado*
    I don’t think it matters that there raw

  • Andrew_Fire 1145
    Andrew_Fire 1145 2 days ago

    Now I'm gonna go make this and show my friends.

  • Don't look 1
    Don't look 1 2 days ago

    No one is gonna point out that he said great grandson.

  • Bobbaボバ
    Bobbaボバ 2 days ago +1

    Idk why but I am imagining me being in a chamber, strapped to a chair, my eyes forced open and 14:00 playing on a loop for hours.

  • uwu! Eugy7
    uwu! Eugy7 2 days ago +1

    6:00 - 7:52 Turn on captions. “I hope I’ve been microwaving these long enough.”

  • Kristopher Parsons
    Kristopher Parsons 2 days ago

    Wtffff is happening

  • Sponsky
    Sponsky 2 days ago

    Comment “🅱️eet” if this reminds you of tim and eric awesome show great job

  • ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

    He said great grandson?

  • monkey chanal
    monkey chanal 3 days ago

    put dong oats in the next curiosity box

  • A snek
    A snek 3 days ago +1

    Michael r u ok

  • Bacender
    Bacender 3 days ago

    michael if you're in trouble blink 3 times

  • wesmatron
    wesmatron 3 days ago

    Intro montage was epic

  • James Patton
    James Patton 3 days ago

    Is D!NG still DONG? I thought it was changed to DING

  • Big Seltzer
    Big Seltzer 3 days ago

    Michael got infected with meme culture after his collab with filthy frank/maxmofoe

  • eriKtainment
    eriKtainment 3 days ago +1

    Very interesting video and a bit touching 'cuz of the background music used.

  • Jaja -
    Jaja - 3 days ago

    Frick Bill Nye

  • Andrew Holman
    Andrew Holman 4 days ago

    boy … wait until you hear about the boomerang

  • Wasp Stomper
    Wasp Stomper 4 days ago

    Thank you so much for being yourself Micheal. You're such and insperation to me, and you are one of the people who got me interested in science and how to world works.
    I'm now learning qauntom mechanics and physical chemistry at a college the next town over from mine.
    Whenever I think where I would be without your influence, I smile because I'm glad that you and your funny, interesting, amazing personalitly and videos always sparked a new hunt for more knowledge.
    Thank you, Micheal. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

  • Jannerius Quimbo
    Jannerius Quimbo 4 days ago

    Wow I would like to have one of that D!ng Oats

  • C&BT Legend
    C&BT Legend 4 days ago

    I can just imagine Micheal going on a murder rampage with nothing but obscure items.

  • arileypdx
    arileypdx 4 days ago +1

    Why michael be like the only teacher that likes his job

  • Kieron Schweitzer
    Kieron Schweitzer 4 days ago

    H O W D A R E Y O U

  • Bacon Gravy
    Bacon Gravy 5 days ago

    I was rolling before the first minute lol.

  • Louie Johannesen
    Louie Johannesen 6 days ago

    Final episode: the last step into madness

  • Eric Dean Campbell
    Eric Dean Campbell 6 days ago

    I made these when I was a kid. in the 60's. From a book. I feel like you have that book.

  • Aarooon 01
    Aarooon 01 6 days ago +1

    Rip Ball and Bottle

  • Dark Gn0ll
    Dark Gn0ll 6 days ago

    I'm so sad that viewers of the D!NG channel need to be told not to microwave metal

  • Awesome Galore
    Awesome Galore 7 days ago

    I am HowToBasi- wait no. You are.

  • Jonathan Mackay
    Jonathan Mackay 7 days ago +14

    "Learning never hurts"
    Madam Curie has left the chat
    (Edit: typo)

  • Goldman
    Goldman 7 days ago

    Intelligent insanity is basically Michael

  • Magical Universal Transmitter

    microwave your pennies

  • Rareș 96
    Rareș 96 7 days ago

    5:55 That’s a good prank 😂😂😂

  • Cobyba
    Cobyba 7 days ago

    Thank you for sharing what you love with us Michael.

  • TheCptCoy
    TheCptCoy 7 days ago +7

    I just put backspin on the can, much easier problem solved

  • WalkerBrosFilms
    WalkerBrosFilms 7 days ago +1

    Great grandsons wedding?

  • Moonie Land / /Ur mom

    You mean D!NG oats

  • Bridget the Nun
    Bridget the Nun 8 days ago

    *10:35** WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?*

  • Sean Lyttle
    Sean Lyttle 8 days ago

    And the award for most disturbing opening sequence goes to...

  • Rabbit the One
    Rabbit the One 8 days ago +1

    Great Grandson's wedding? You have an offspring whom further procreated, and the process repeated once more, AND there's evidence of that latest step taking place around twenty years ago?? So continuing that average assumption, you're around your 80th birthday?!! Boulderdash! Poppycock!

  • Biobot Esho
    Biobot Esho 8 days ago

    I can't believe our lord and saviour Michael is trying to challenge the ancient gods

  • Jaden Bishop
    Jaden Bishop 8 days ago

    Michael why do you hurt me? Why did you put a metal pot, with pennies in it, into the microwave?

  • Lucas nada mas
    Lucas nada mas 8 days ago +3

    10:30 Why are there people walking around in the background?

  • Uncle Vivid
    Uncle Vivid 8 days ago

    “D!ng advertiser friendly oats”

  • Kozig
    Kozig 8 days ago

    Cursed Dong

  • SrPequenoRato
    SrPequenoRato 8 days ago

    0:44 i will save this moment to use when i'm sad

  • David Lehnhardt
    David Lehnhardt 8 days ago

    I love it. This guy makes me laugh with every video. When he cut the pennies out of the avocado I was laughing so hard : “god damit Michael you are out of control! stop, doing magic on a science show xD”

  • oskari lepisto
    oskari lepisto 9 days ago

    WHY do I get this sad feeling like in a sad/happy movie ending at the endings of these videos :(

  • Salah Shayah
    Salah Shayah 9 days ago

    I love that guy

  • Vinh Pham
    Vinh Pham 9 days ago

    well its the same principle of a hand crank toy car

  • Juzzy Fu
    Juzzy Fu 9 days ago +1

    the movie split irl: 0:54

  • michael millan
    michael millan 9 days ago

    From one Michael to another, you are the best!

  • GrizScrumptious
    GrizScrumptious 9 days ago

    I prefer the old vsauce but go ahead man

  • matheusthegame
    matheusthegame 9 days ago

    Beakimans world idea

    OCEANPHEONIX 9 days ago

    Yes how dare you object without humanity and soul, not come back to me when i roll you.

  • mike E
    mike E 9 days ago

    Great Grandson? Old enough to marry?? You age very well Michael Stevens

  • Xxspaceman85xX
    Xxspaceman85xX 9 days ago

    Michael “Michaels dong oats” Stevens

  • Smoothe KG
    Smoothe KG 9 days ago

    That spoof intro is the best, holy cow i died laughing 5 minutes ago

  • Danny Madrigal
    Danny Madrigal 9 days ago

    Great grand son?

  • The Great Fork
    The Great Fork 9 days ago

    baked in a dish washer

  • Turkeyman157
    Turkeyman157 10 days ago

    If hes trying to make a jew trap he only needs one penny

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 10 days ago

    Mass is defined by how much an object resists acceleration. That's really cool.

  • TAYLOR Johnson
    TAYLOR Johnson 10 days ago

    What a ham your great

  • Ethan_Pickles_C
    Ethan_Pickles_C 10 days ago


  • Ryan Harvey
    Ryan Harvey 10 days ago

    Micheal started doing coke with all the vsauce money and this is the result.

  • Joe
    Joe 10 days ago

    'DONG' Oats hmm? Must be a typo.

  • I Love Science
    I Love Science 10 days ago

    Hah, Michael, you made this simple child's toy look so complex. Watch this, how children of 4th grade can make this rollback wheel in 10 minutes.

  • Random Things
    Random Things 10 days ago

    MacGuyver: I'm gonna make a bomb. Got some gum and a door knob?
    Micheal: I'm gonna make a roll-back can. Got a penny burrito?

  • I love π
    I love π 10 days ago

    I followed your roll recipe, but mine came out soggy and tasted of soap.

  • Capt JkrJmz
    Capt JkrJmz 10 days ago

    Can you do this with a sphere?

  • TurtleToast270
    TurtleToast270 10 days ago

    Try psychedelics 💙✌🐢

  • Richard Toth
    Richard Toth 10 days ago +3

    weirdest intro I've ever seen. And this whole channel is getting weird :D

  • KingSK
    KingSK 10 days ago

    my handicraft teacher would scold Michael for leaving the drill standing up straight like that :'D

  • Stacy Best
    Stacy Best 10 days ago

    anyone got a link to that background music ?

  • Rayeed Hasan
    Rayeed Hasan 10 days ago

    12:13 , is that an elbow at the right ?

  • quazzie1
    quazzie1 10 days ago +7

    I wish I had 1/1000 the amount of fun you seem to on a daily basis.
    The highlight of my days are watching others have fun.
    Yay, life.
    But yeah, lovin' what you're doin' !

  • Moqally
    Moqally 10 days ago

    Michael: *Rolls can*
    Can: *Falls off table*
    Michael: these hoes ain't loyal

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks 10 days ago

    Don't you mean ding oats?

  • 8-Bit Raptor
    8-Bit Raptor 10 days ago

    i smel penees

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 10 days ago

    That intro had me rolling!

  • Coffeewind
    Coffeewind 10 days ago


  • Swiftless .B
    Swiftless .B 10 days ago

    Why is nobody questioning him baking rolls for his GREAT GRANDSON!?
    He is like 33 years old, so if he had a kid at 18 his kid would be 15 years old today, and that kid would have to have another kid for Stevens to have a GREAT GRANDSON!
    He had to be like 16 when he had his first kid or his son /daughter would be really young when they got one.
    Either way, one of them, Stevens or his son/daughter had to have a kid before they were 18 years old.

  • SawyerNQA.
    SawyerNQA. 10 days ago

    Why is he naked??????

  • Mr Mustachieo
    Mr Mustachieo 10 days ago

    Michael is a living meme.

  • LuxRow
    LuxRow 10 days ago

    Ding oats

  • Frank Rodriguez
    Frank Rodriguez 10 days ago

    i first saw this demonstrated on Mr. Wizard.

  • Mike Bartek
    Mike Bartek 10 days ago +5

    My pennies always turn soggy in the microwave, I need his recipe.

  • Doggy AMG
    Doggy AMG 11 days ago

    Dong Oats, the last memory of Dong

  • Felipe Soares Sepúlveda

    D!ng oats*

  • Matt Martin
    Matt Martin 11 days ago

    Damn near cried when Michael told me he loves me