Illegal Alien-loving Leftists Go Berserk over Trump Enforcement Efforts

  • Published on Feb 11, 2017
  • Los Angeles, the illegal alien capital of the USA, losing its mind over the law actually getting enforced.

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  • Atheist in Alabama
    Atheist in Alabama 2 years ago

    when u break the law there are consequences, people who choose to break the law are separating themselves from their families, stop twisting the truth......immigrants have a choice, to come here legally or illegally, so they are responsible for how their choice affects their family, the sympathy card is as played out as the race card & they've both been TRUMPED!

  • gene silver
    gene silver 2 years ago

    stop infesting our country with your fat little anchor babies you pieces of shit parasites!

  • DON W
    DON W 2 years ago

    Round them up, round them up,move them out rawhide! Yeah!

  • William S Gilbert
    William S Gilbert 2 years ago +1

    Fuck those families

  • Reggie von Zugbach
    Reggie von Zugbach 2 years ago +1

    Stop those busterds from blocking roads.

  • nextdrink97
    nextdrink97 2 years ago +2

    When those family's have illegal aliens in them, it's not ICE's fault they are separated. Go get LEGAL you idiots!!!

  • Mark Funk
    Mark Funk 2 years ago +1

    Save taxpayer money. Kick a Libtards ass on your own:-)

  • Sean Jeanes
    Sean Jeanes 2 years ago +2

    New sheriff in town, bitches. Out you go

  • TheGoverning BodyBag
    TheGoverning BodyBag 2 years ago +1

    Curren Price if that is his real name looks impaired.

  • Tell it like it is Or why bother

    I have no mercy for people who know they broke the law and receive no consequences for it! Deport them and make them go through the proper channels to be a citizen!!!