A Very Special Counsel Christmas

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • From our Late Show family to yours, we wish you 'A Very Special Counsel Christmas.'
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Comments • 1 503

  • Bryan Gentry
    Bryan Gentry 7 days ago

    Ages like a stinky cheese. LOL 🤡🌎

  • Sean Pizzo
    Sean Pizzo 20 days ago +2

    Leftist tears are pure climactic euphoria. There is no better refreshment. I'll be sure to get my full next November when he gets reelected. How did that Mueller investigation work out for you pathetic losers?

  • Rajarshi Banerjee
    Rajarshi Banerjee 20 days ago +2


  • Mider999
    Mider999 20 days ago +2

    No impeachment is coming, no impeachment is coming, so liberals will cry for another full yearrrr 🎶😂😂

  • davidpar2
    davidpar2 22 days ago +3

    This was cringe from the get go and has aged even worse! LOL

  • RaptorJesus720
    RaptorJesus720 22 days ago +3

    This is delicious...wonder if Colbert reacted to the Mueller Report the same way he reacted to Election Night 2016. Sorry losers, enjoy the next six years.

  • TheBluntNinja
    TheBluntNinja 22 days ago +5


  • Anar Chy
    Anar Chy 22 days ago +5

    damn watching it today .. when mueller said there is nothing ....... good job guys .. trump 2020 .. get ready ... i hope you guys commit suicide after his reelection.

    • Gordon Gekko
      Gordon Gekko 22 days ago +1

      And I'm sure there were libtards who pissed away their money on that stupid video. If I were Colbert, I'd feel so bad I'd refund their money and let them keep their stupid video.

  • dannon2010
    dannon2010 22 days ago +2

    “Geologic time adds perspective”

  • tourpro
    tourpro 22 days ago +3

    All the upvoters.... LOL

  • Big Chilli
    Big Chilli 24 days ago +13

    How you feel now Colbert?!

  • jaceves84
    jaceves84 24 days ago +15

    This aged well...LMAO

  • Marcus Wesley
    Marcus Wesley 24 days ago +10

    Comedy political propaganda at it's finest.

  • 4 of 8, Tertiary NPC of Unimatriarchy 69

    This video hasn't aged well 🤣

  • Elliot Mallard
    Elliot Mallard 25 days ago +12

    God this is so cringy. Didn’t age very well did it...

    • RaptorJesus720
      RaptorJesus720 22 days ago +1

      Very cringy...even moreso that Colbert and his Hollywood liberal-ilk are so delusional that they actually believed this.

  • jack bran
    jack bran 25 days ago +13

    So liberals...what happened?

  • Fash out
    Fash out 27 days ago +10


  • jdb316
    jdb316 Month ago +2

    The Wolf Blitzer impression was awesome!

    • r k
      r k 22 days ago +2

      RIP this sketch LUL

  • Sayak Das
    Sayak Das 2 months ago

    This is something that a non Christian like me enjoys and comes back again and again.

    • r k
      r k 22 days ago +3

      Hey bud, you still coming back? Lol!

  • Hogan Maestri
    Hogan Maestri 2 months ago +1

    The whole premise of this is ridiculous as everyone knows Santa is classified an independent international entity under section 12 subsection 25 of the U.N. charter and can only be replaced if the U.N. security council votes unanimously to replace him.

  • Swordterranean40
    Swordterranean40 3 months ago

    This looks like a slightly re-designed Our Cartoon President.

  • Mary B
    Mary B 3 months ago

    This was AMAZING.

    • VRT
      VRT 2 months ago

      So glad others are watching this, even after the "official Christmas season" is over. Good fun as we wait for the Most Important Naughty-List of All to come out . . .

  • Kinky
    Kinky 3 months ago +1

    Stupid and Russophobic!

  • WolfNerd
    WolfNerd 3 months ago

    Sing it with me now
    “We wish you a quick impeachment”
    “We wish you a quick impeachment”
    “We wish you a quick impeachment and a life in prison”🎶

  • Dickie Oi
    Dickie Oi 3 months ago

    Great job, elves and the people at Our Cartoon President.

  • manny s
    manny s 3 months ago +1

    HOW DID I MISS THIS ROFL!!!!...my gut hurts...lol Let's get that list Mr. Mueller... That's one orange ornament nobody wants the family to remember!!!

  • Anthony
    Anthony 3 months ago

    Too bad Santa was shot down by jets in the 1950's. We keep his body at Area 51.

  • Kimberley Jones
    Kimberley Jones 3 months ago +1


  • Mitch
    Mitch 3 months ago +1

    And Yet Donald Trump is still President, and American Government is Shutdown :) :p Robert Mueller will NOT help any of you. sorry. and happy new year. Enjoy your american government shutdown :)

  • julia zorrilla
    julia zorrilla 3 months ago

    My only wish is that someone shows this to Mueller

    • VRT
      VRT 2 months ago

      "The most important naughty-list of all" -- someone *must* have brought it to his attention by now.

  • OK
    OK 3 months ago

    Best Christmas gift

    • Atlantean
      Atlantean 19 days ago

      You just got a lump of coal lol.

  • Thomas Taylor.
    Thomas Taylor. 3 months ago

    That's was cool.

  • Jon K
    Jon K 3 months ago

    Nah, thats not generalizing a whole group of people or nothing. :/ If this was made by Fox News, or a right leaning source, y’all would be Reeeeee-ing for someone to lose their job. Bunch of bigoted hypocrites y’all are. Also, this isn’t the way to win people over to “your way of thinking” but all y’all certainly approve of this based on the comments here. Mocking a group of people while screaming “how dare you mock us” is the Dem-wit way. Congrats on being brainwashed. NPC’s.

  • Jemppu
    Jemppu 3 months ago +1

    Production value! Gosh, this was good!

  • Jemppu
    Jemppu 3 months ago

    "And to all a good... Anderson". Yes, yes please.

  • Max Ramos
    Max Ramos 3 months ago

    Tbh I like the other animated Trump more

  • Homebirth Homeschool Homestead

    Too bad there's no actual collusion

  • Jonnyc
    Jonnyc 3 months ago +1

    at the time of viewing this video there were 318 Trumpee "snowflakes" who had no Christmas cheer.

  • Shimron Netia
    Shimron Netia 3 months ago +1

    this is like a very real movie

  • B Avery
    B Avery 3 months ago

    I love
    how they did the
    Blitzer character's speech

    • VRT
      VRT 2 months ago

      The reason is

  • Sami Motaghedi
    Sami Motaghedi 3 months ago +1

    This was good! I wasn't excepting that

  • CaptainGinyu
    CaptainGinyu 3 months ago

    this is some top level cringe material

  • Cody Evans
    Cody Evans 3 months ago +2

    That was actually really really good.

  • Knallbart
    Knallbart 3 months ago

    Hey, does Santa sound like the guy doing the villager voices for Element Animation? 😁 ...with a less dopey voice now, obviously. But he did sound a lot like the villagers when he "was drunk".

  • Lilac Blossom
    Lilac Blossom 3 months ago +1


  • Appetit Bon
    Appetit Bon 3 months ago +1

    Happy holidays!

  • Jusayin lore
    Jusayin lore 3 months ago


  • Pat Riley
    Pat Riley 3 months ago

    Sounds like that usurper is up to no good. Again .

  • Justin Everett
    Justin Everett 3 months ago


  • Flanneryschickens
    Flanneryschickens 3 months ago

    Omg turtle Mitch McConnell

  • Grant MacLaren
    Grant MacLaren 3 months ago

    Trump's mouth is too big.

  • Betsy C.
    Betsy C. 3 months ago +1

    LOL - Wolf Blitzer was spot on!

  • Landwy
    Landwy 3 months ago +1

    I love the smell of nutmeg in the morning...it smells like victory. Replace nutmeg with napalm, and this is a reference to the Vietnam movie Apocalypse Now. Most people aren't getting this joke.

  • MaryAnn Mccubbin
    MaryAnn Mccubbin 3 months ago

    If only.....

  • Philip Crockett
    Philip Crockett 3 months ago


  • Mark Cardinal
    Mark Cardinal 3 months ago

    steven colbert, when you move on from late show, continue with this cartoon.

  • Chiibit
    Chiibit 3 months ago

    But the North Pole falls within Canadian Naval juridiction, so Santa's technically Canadian

  • Eamenic1
    Eamenic1 3 months ago +1

    May we celebrate the eventual downfall of the evil orange together in joy.

  • Justgoodvids
    Justgoodvids 3 months ago

    2:30 lmao, he said Tony like that one scene from FMAB.

  • Elayne K
    Elayne K 3 months ago

    Patiently waiting on a series 😆

  • Jim Bush
    Jim Bush 3 months ago

    Trump will pay for THE WALL because he is sooooo rich and he is sooooo afraid of the woman and children trying to get a better life

  • Daryl A
    Daryl A 3 months ago

    Mueller bless us, everyone!

  • DoRight
    DoRight 3 months ago

    Bigot, Confederate shirt. Seems legit.

  • joe norskog
    joe norskog 3 months ago

    Bravo! So well done!

  • Dawna
    Dawna 3 months ago


  • Orella Minx
    Orella Minx 3 months ago

    This was funny, right up until the 2% white water. Gag

  • Marlise Parker
    Marlise Parker 3 months ago

    Brilliant. I've run out of superlatives.

  • Dfg Sdfg
    Dfg Sdfg 3 months ago

    It's meee. Ted Cruuuuuuuuu uuz!
    Ted, get out of my bathroom.

  • FloridaSun72
    FloridaSun72 3 months ago +1

    It's really sad how focused these people are on Trump if they spent more times in their own lives and not worry about the president so much maybe they wouldn't be so delusional

  • FloridaSun72
    FloridaSun72 3 months ago +1

    This just shows how delusional the left the media and Hollywood are the pee pee tape doesn't exist it was manufactured by Hillary Clinton a guy named Steel and British intelligence

    • sweettinychild
      sweettinychild 24 days ago

      +Angel Fox lol I hope you cried because the president isn't a traitor. That's your life.

    • Angel Fox
      Angel Fox 3 months ago


  • Chaylar
    Chaylar 3 months ago

    But Santa is Canadian.

  • Prashant Ramachandran
    Prashant Ramachandran 3 months ago

    Haha, that was Mitch McConnell. I didn't realize it at first. :D

  • ChiTownLioness Nocture
    ChiTownLioness Nocture 3 months ago

    Omg 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😁

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson 3 months ago

    “I should not have narrated, my hair looks good tho” 😂😂

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker 3 months ago

    That Wolf Blitzer impression is so spot on

  • Jeffery C
    Jeffery C 3 months ago

    1151 ffs.

  • Margo Pollner
    Margo Pollner 3 months ago +2

    ***Stephen Colbert and Robert Mueller are our National Treasures. ******Happy trumpless New Year 2019***.

  • Jacqueline Knauff
    Jacqueline Knauff 3 months ago


  • Corvus Corax
    Corvus Corax 3 months ago

    Brilliant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brunovlogs
    Brunovlogs 3 months ago

    PS. leak.. jaja

  • J Pollock
    J Pollock 3 months ago +1

    SANTA FI !

  • Governor villa
    Governor villa 3 months ago

    Hahahahaha Republican Santa 😂

  • Essence Nicole
    Essence Nicole 3 months ago

    Really well put together, very entertaining.

  • crazyman8472
    crazyman8472 3 months ago +1

    Best. Christmas Special. Ever. 🎅🏼

  • TheMrKeats
    TheMrKeats 3 months ago +1

    Thinking bout getting the picture of Muller and Santa as a tattoo 🤔

    • TheMrKeats
      TheMrKeats 24 days ago +1

      +sweettinychild lol. Not yet. I'll let you know when I do.

    • sweettinychild
      sweettinychild 24 days ago

      Did you do it?

  • Read more
    Read more 3 months ago

    Santa's voice reminds me of Homer Simpson.

  • Yve Parizz
    Yve Parizz 3 months ago +1

    "We built the wall and we made the North Pole pay for it, folks......Ohhhh God! Hello, I am donald trump and I am hiring prostitutes to pee on this bed....😵I really should not have narrated... I will later collude with Vladimir Putin to become president....I am guilty! " There we have it folks. Truth be told. 👏👏👏👏😂😂😂

  • Yve Parizz
    Yve Parizz 3 months ago

    LOL... Santa 🎅 has 4 fingers 😆
    Elf... has the pee pee tapes! 😂😂
    Great job, Steven!

    • VRT
      VRT 2 months ago

      EVERYbody in cartoonville (here and lots of elsewheres) has only three fingers and a thumb. Even Mueller.

  • tyrone gray
    tyrone gray 3 months ago +1

    Well done!!!!

  • Erroll Palmer
    Erroll Palmer 3 months ago

    Wolf: Feliz Navi.... DON'T 😂🤣😂

  • Da Wolv
    Da Wolv 3 months ago +1

    This is seriously amazing. Not a throwaway joke cartoon, but actually well planned and executed

  • DonDiva DaBoss
    DonDiva DaBoss 3 months ago


  • Anthony Camacho
    Anthony Camacho 3 months ago


  • israellit1
    israellit1 3 months ago

    Too funny keep them cartoons coming 🤣

  • Clinton Post
    Clinton Post 3 months ago

    Stupid. Can't you be funny anymore?

  • Anthony Bourne
    Anthony Bourne 3 months ago

    What a heartwarming story, love it!

  • Rose Petit Frere
    Rose Petit Frere 3 months ago

    That was AWESOME!!!

  • richard bidinger
    richard bidinger 3 months ago

    I clicked on this just because of the thumbnail. OMG, LMFAO. Thank you Mr Colbert.

  • Ben Worcester
    Ben Worcester 3 months ago

    We need more of these cartoons on The Late Show!

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth 3 months ago

    I want that tape Steven.