Loni Reveals She Is Thinking About Adoption!


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  • T J
    T J 12 days ago +1

    "Thinking about" something means nothing. People think about a lot of things that they don't actually go through with. She is probably a commitment-phobe. She'll be thinking about it forever LOL

  • Emily stevens
    Emily stevens 15 days ago

    Soooo there is now a TV show coaching REAL lonely black women how to TRICK/CON men of other races into a relationship, rather than stand up and tell black men to MAN UP, and NOT succumb to the current fad of going gay???? REALLY??? NO RELATIONSHIP BASED ON CON AND DECEIT WILL LAST. As soon as the con artist drops their facade and show their true colors the relationship will end.

    • Emily stevens
      Emily stevens 11 days ago


    • SARA
      SARA 11 days ago

      Emily stevens wtf are you talking about?

  • Qalbilouis Meee
    Qalbilouis Meee 25 days ago +1

    Adopt m Loni please am bit old but I can b a baby😁

  • Sonya Richardson
    Sonya Richardson Month ago

    Please don't.

  • Moise Picard
    Moise Picard Month ago

    Really? This is so interesting.

  • Candiya Torres
    Candiya Torres Month ago

    Don't forget to share this link!

  • M Palmer
    M Palmer Month ago

    Yes Loni take 1 dozen!!! Good on u girl

  • shanny Medina
    shanny Medina Month ago

    awwww. im so happy for her☺️☺️

  • Liv Nonord
    Liv Nonord Month ago

    Hey you guys!
    Loni... When you say African American what percent is biracial or that has been separated in research!
    Gratious thing you're doing. While pushing my shopping cart I couldn't consider adoption.
    Evangelist Honore at Bethel did the adopting then conceived.... coming from a growing up perspective lol
    She made it sounded as though eventually I would have to shove the baby in my private part one day.
    I'll stop right here I just got back on social media i might need a time out again.

  • Lidya Solomon
    Lidya Solomon Month ago +1

    Awwwwww Loniii ADOPT MEEEE

  • Katara Queen
    Katara Queen Month ago

    I knew she would get an older one! 🥰

  • Chaff LS
    Chaff LS Month ago

    Adoption? It’s a no for me!

  • Jilissa Ricayla
    Jilissa Ricayla Month ago

    I was thinking about it too. A boy and a girl. It's been heavy on my heart.

  • why you mad
    why you mad Month ago

    Oh fat old bitch couldn't get pregnant aweee

  • Mr. Fabulous
    Mr. Fabulous Month ago

    Loni you are disgusting after the episode regarding Lizzo topic. I would fire you and no network should hire you based on your racist opinions. Btw I am black!

  • M Gray
    M Gray Month ago +1

    Loni make up omgggg beautiful

  • joseph robinson
    joseph robinson Month ago +1

    I'm all for adoption I agree with Tamara, Loni would be an amazing mother

  • Charmaine Blackie
    Charmaine Blackie Month ago

    I am adopted 33 years. Honeslty it was one of the best things that could of ever happened to me. My mom is the most amazing mom anyone could ever ask for. I did meet my biological family 2 years ago. We do have a relationship but i still believe in my whole heart that i am so lucky and to have the best mom a little girl could ever want

  • Abeda 95
    Abeda 95 Month ago

    Loni selecting a child like "not black enough" :/

  • Michelle Henderson
    Michelle Henderson Month ago

    Yes Loni would be an amazing mommy. I really hope she can do it!

  • Delia C.
    Delia C. Month ago

    Yessss loni! You would be an amazing mother 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 god bless you!!!!

  • Mandi Arena
    Mandi Arena Month ago

    I love hearing the word ADOPTION instead of the horrible word ABORTION. Let’s let ADOPTION be more of the move we make in 2020 ☺️❤️

  • Ivory Spease
    Ivory Spease Month ago

    I am adopted.

  • Chosen Warrior
    Chosen Warrior Month ago

    Loni talking and looking down gave me anxiety ...

  • Marqueita Alladin
    Marqueita Alladin Month ago

    Lonnie would be a wonderful mother !

  • Ryan Ray Rock
    Ryan Ray Rock Month ago

    Loni go older I was blessed in my life to receive a step child who was a teenager and I have no regrets. Its alot different then adoption. How ever I say go for it. If I could afford adoption I would so go thru it. Loni your name is Love. So there not issue there. If you need any kind of help once the lucky child is in your home. I will be moving to Palm Springs soon. If you need help I would gladly love to be part of your child care team.

  • ElegantbyNature
    ElegantbyNature Month ago

    Yesssssss Loni

  • I.M Melody
    I.M Melody Month ago

    Mmmm "i'm thinking about it" "I'm considering it" ..... Uuuuggh such a huge applause for a maybe.

    • john4ever01
      john4ever01 Month ago

      Its a huge change for her to go from wanting to only ever be the "cool Aunt" to actually wanting to be a mum herself. People would be reacting the same way if Jeannie said she all of a sudden wanted kids.

  • Toraino Murphy
    Toraino Murphy Month ago

    Omgosh yes Loni 💜

  • yussra duale
    yussra duale Month ago

    I always planned adopting and am still considering. If only i was financially able to, i would have two already. Yes two older kids, even though i just turned 21, or atleast work in a foster care 😢

  • Lungisa Msutu
    Lungisa Msutu Month ago

    I think people could learn from her misery, if she could be genuine for once in her life, and do away with the FACADE. So unfortunate for her, she is got money, but no one to share with. She does not have a family. Always dotting on Tamara' s children. SO SAD. I always wonder how does her will look like. Does she even have siblings, nephews and nieces, besides claiming Tamara's kids. Such a pity for a hard worker like her though. If I were James, I would discourage her from adopting, so that she leaves every thing to his children and grandchildren. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Angie G
    Angie G Month ago

    You are talking about the foster care to adopt. You actual do not pay for the home study or training. You get a stipend monthly when fostering and then once the adoption is finalized you get a stipend. The child gets medi cal so you won’t have to pay for that and they get money for college. It’s amazing to foster children!!!!

  • Boot Scoot
    Boot Scoot Month ago

    If Loni reads and responds to the comments, she could have a whole family of neglected RU-cliprs by next year lmao

  • Amanda Creech
    Amanda Creech Month ago

    I am a single mother and have two children. I am still living with my parents but pray that one day I can get on my feet to adopt and I want to adopt an African American baby. I have had a few people ask me why because I am white. I had two people tell me that wanted to go through the adoption process that they were told that African American kids were the race that had the least amount of adoptions. It broke my heart! I want to give a child the love it deserves!

  • Kendolyn Owen-Williams

    welppp, it ain't coming outta here! LMAO tam is so funny

  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore Month ago

    I wish it wasn’t so expensive to adopt. My husband and I have wanted to adopt for years now. There are so many kids who don’t have a home. If money wasn’t an issue, we’d adopt in a heartbeat!

  • Brian W
    Brian W Month ago

    She’s too fat, too old and too ugly to have one, plus she destroyed her womb after her abortion, so of course he ONLY CAN ADOPT

  • charmedlilsis1
    charmedlilsis1 Month ago +2

    Loni seems so sad and pitiful. She was always saying she was a satisfied single but now shes sitting up there crying about finding love and now talking about adoption. Being lonely and childless is different from being single and childfree.

  • Youtube Commentator

    Every child deserves to feel loved ❤️.

  • onieshia napoleon
    onieshia napoleon Month ago


  • Lola anne smart
    Lola anne smart Month ago

    please fat girl you mean

  • Cora Boswell
    Cora Boswell Month ago +2

    Loni please adopt me I am 40 and would love to be cared for

  • Banessa Maria
    Banessa Maria Month ago

    You can adopt me Tam!😢

  • Corey
    Corey Month ago +1

    Tamera has had so many jobs. Never knew she worked in foster care before.

  • Crystal Morrison
    Crystal Morrison Month ago +1

    Tamera wearing Adrienne earring line

  • Mary Anh
    Mary Anh Month ago

    I have whole body chills. Loni would be an amazing mother.

  • Daniel George
    Daniel George Month ago

    She would make a amazing mother, her view of the world is realistic

  • serenity4ever2010
    serenity4ever2010 Month ago

    I would like to foster an older child like 5 or 6 years old but I am single.

  • andrea alvarez
    andrea alvarez Month ago

    Omg yessss loni please do ! You’d be an amazing mother ! & you can help someone in need

  • Erica Puga
    Erica Puga Month ago +1

    Tamera, I’m 22 and I’m up for adoption. Let me know...

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business Month ago +3

    Older children have abandonment issues so don't expect it to be a cakewalk. God bless.

  • Nicky lafrench
    Nicky lafrench Month ago +1

    Jeannie would be a great mom too

  • Jade Jackson On Air

    Why they make it about Tamara

  • BubblyBlondeBrunette _15

    It's free to adopt foster kids. This whole narrative of "it's expensive" doesn't exist. Sure if you are adopting a child from another country, or an infant through a private agency, but it has always been 100% FREE, the state will pay you to take a kid off their hands. Thousands of parents lose their parental rights A DAY. And all those kids are immediately labeled as adoptable. If you're thinking about adopting, do so with the state. With a kid that is literally just waiting to be aged out.

  • Promise Akanteh
    Promise Akanteh Month ago

    Love has a way of changing us. I am so happy for Loni and a bigger respect to Uncle James

  • Carla Fowler like and subscribe please

    Loni could have her own baby .... with James

  • Jojo Jo
    Jojo Jo Month ago

    She needs to WANT TO BE A MOTHER. The desire AND NEED to be nurturing and generously loving a child has to BE STRONG!!!! It can't be just to "help a child." Everything else is secondary.

  • nfvy
    nfvy Month ago

    This makes me so incredibly happy.

  • sophia ativie
    sophia ativie Month ago

    I’m here sis , adopt me

  • ParrisOTurner
    ParrisOTurner Month ago

    Me too