Top 15 Scary Disneyland Stories

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • Narrated by Chills:
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    In this top 15 list, we look at the most scary Reddit and online Stories about events at Disney theme parks, such as, Disneyland. These experiences show that it's wise to stay alert when at places like this. Enjoy our analysis of these entries.
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  • Top15s
    Top15s  10 months ago +966

    *This video was narrated by Chills.*

  • Jillian Packer
    Jillian Packer 20 hours ago

    I got stuck on the small world once and I was scared and started crying so my uncle just pushed our boat all the way out it took a while but it worked

  • icewallow cum
    icewallow cum Day ago


  • Hagee Smith
    Hagee Smith 2 days ago

    Stop talking like that

  • Binbin Gacha
    Binbin Gacha 7 days ago

    Korean girl starts screaming in Korean.

    *bts has entered the chat*

  • 1973ARTEMIDE
    1973ARTEMIDE 8 days ago

    What a boring voice

  • Frozen Salad
    Frozen Salad 9 days ago

    I find Disneyland not creepy.

    Unless this guy did the voice

  • Laura
    Laura 9 days ago

    Hmmm Disney Ghost sounds like a princess to meee

  • hearteater jah
    hearteater jah 11 days ago

    scary disney countdown videos are one of the best type of videos to watch

  • JazyDevil
    JazyDevil 12 days ago

    The boy who abandoned that girl for another is an absolute dickhead. I hope she's doing ok now days.

  • ѕυgαявυииу
    ѕυgαявυииу 13 days ago

    I probably gave a kid nightmares by telling him that some dolls in it's a small world are at the bottom of the water, and they got down there due to falling down trying to break out. I then told him that the dolls down there are still singing the song, but due to the water and rust it ruined them and you can't tell anything is down there. So then I proceeded to stick my hand into the water and the kid freaked out. Got in trouble, but I'd probably do it again because it's funny.

  • Tmnt stop motion Hero’s

    1:36 bob ross? Oh bob Roth

  • Endo
    Endo 14 days ago

    Randomly clicked on this and I have never heard a more annoying voice; it’s like how kids talk in high school to fit can anyone listen to this for a prolonged time??

  • rose mulet
    rose mulet 15 days ago +2

    For $8,000 I’d love to get stuck on it’s a small world 😂

  • Mitch Hartmann
    Mitch Hartmann 15 days ago


  • Little big heart
    Little big heart 15 days ago

    His voice and the music just scare me tbh..

  • Chie Gabrino
    Chie Gabrino 15 days ago

    A korean woman screaming in korean is actually one of the scariest part of the video

  • Andrew Toscano
    Andrew Toscano 16 days ago

    is this chills

  • Roasttoast90 Roblox gaming

    Here have a 🍨🍧🍦🥧🍭🍫🍿🥤🍪🍟🍔 cost a like

  • mai moua
    mai moua 16 days ago

    HF you guys 😨😨

  • SimpleSpaghettio
    SimpleSpaghettio 16 days ago

    With the first one,
    was the man alone?

  • hunter nye
    hunter nye 17 days ago

    I was stuck on small world

  • Mchael Cooney
    Mchael Cooney 17 days ago

    lad with a voice like that you just have to jump off a cliff

  • savage lo
    savage lo 17 days ago

    Poor debbie

  • Person Man
    Person Man 17 days ago

    Bob Roth or bob ross

  • Movie Trailers
    Movie Trailers 18 days ago

    Number 15.

    Burger King Foor Lettuce...

  • IndoDaGr8
    IndoDaGr8 18 days ago +1


  • Charlise Keeper
    Charlise Keeper 18 days ago

    So that's the women I see 😍

  • alice angel
    alice angel 18 days ago

    He sounds lifeless

  • Terrible Rappers
    Terrible Rappers 19 days ago

    I got stuck at the end of its a small world (it was raining so hard and it started flooding and boats were piling up and we couldn’t get out). I literally could see the light and I was stuck there for almost 45 minutes

  • Joan Ginez
    Joan Ginez 20 days ago +1

    Speed the video by 1.25x it sounds a lot better

    CELIA GERODIAS 20 days ago

    Phillippines what im filipino

  • Ryder Jezierski CGZ
    Ryder Jezierski CGZ 20 days ago


  • Space Bear
    Space Bear 20 days ago

    Why does he sound like a depressed teenager?

  • Ivan Duran
    Ivan Duran 20 days ago

    Bruh. You just put scary music to make other people scared

  • Sam da vlogger Is dumb vgcp

    Not to be a jerk, but why would he get 8000 for having been inconvenienced for 30 mins? He wasn’t injured, annoyed maybe, but not injured.

  • MrBee
    MrBee 21 day ago

    whats with your voice

  • Ethan Vlahos
    Ethan Vlahos 21 day ago +4

    His voice is scarier than the events

    EBK RENEGADE 5TONE 22 days ago +1

    "If you took a picture with Mickey Mouse and say Cheese!! Mickey Mouse will bite your head off. What's crazy about it...Mickey Mouse blamed Chucky Cheese"😮

    EBK RENEGADE 5TONE 22 days ago +1

    "Oh that's why 'Bey Bey kids' always screamed out...It's a small world!! Because they trying to get something for free"🙋 (r.i.p Robin Harris ❤)

    EBK RENEGADE 5TONE 22 days ago

    13:24"Dang! That dude's Back is soooo big!...if he quoted the Terminator...'I'll be back!' You better believe him'😕after these messages......he'll be right Back!"😒

  • Sarah Mohammad
    Sarah Mohammad 22 days ago +1

    I love it how his voice ends like thiiiiiiis 😂❤

  • {Disney Magic}
    {Disney Magic} 22 days ago

    It's a small world is one of the best rides at all the Disneylands😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒I dislike😖😪😴😤😡😡🖓🖕👎👎all u know is "sPaCe MoUnTaIn" I hate When people say this because their noobs I loved you 😢😭😩😠😡

  • Ken Kaneki PH
    Ken Kaneki PH 22 days ago +1

    yo im back,im watching your videos again then later at night,i can't sleep.

  • Gianna Jaycee Noya
    Gianna Jaycee Noya 22 days ago


  • Arturo Hernandez
    Arturo Hernandez 22 days ago

    Are u depressed

  • Death Mark
    Death Mark 22 days ago

    I been stuck in mrs is small world idk if I spelled it wrongly but is freaky scary

  • Jes Virgo
    Jes Virgo 23 days ago +1

    First time watching your videos in the dark.. must say different feeling for sure

  • Planet uwu
    Planet uwu 23 days ago

    *why tf am I watching this when I’m going to Disneyland for a field trip*
    Oh dear ;-;

  • A L I C E_ PLAZX
    A L I C E_ PLAZX 23 days ago

    Why u sound so scripted TALK NORMALLY MY GHAAAD!

  • Caroline padilla
    Caroline padilla 23 days ago

    I mean pilipino

  • Caroline padilla
    Caroline padilla 23 days ago

    No not the philipines im a pilino

  • Tyler Salguero
    Tyler Salguero 24 days ago


  • Shannon Studd
    Shannon Studd 24 days ago

    Take your Meds...for sure! 👌🏽

  • Galang Kyoka
    Galang Kyoka 24 days ago +2

    WaS tHaT tHe BiTe Of 87!?!?

  • Gamer Tube
    Gamer Tube 25 days ago

    You sound soooooooooo annoying

  • Levi Hindle
    Levi Hindle 25 days ago +1

    Who has never been to disney land? Like for yes.

  • xXgavatron_ gamingXx
    xXgavatron_ gamingXx 26 days ago

    It’s a small world

  • Alaska Gorilla Mon
    Alaska Gorilla Mon 26 days ago

    What is up with the narrator? You sound like a valley girl asking nonstop questions, ruined the video

  • Edward Chew
    Edward Chew 26 days ago +1

    When I first heard this:
    “Disney’s head spokes person Bob Ross”
    After hearing it:
    “Disney’s head spokes person Bob Ross” *because how could he not be.*