Sing Along w/ the F.U.N. Song!! #TuesdayTunes | SpongeBob

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Check out this iconic song from your favorite sponge! Watch and sing it anywhere at any time at all!
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Comments • 1 784

  • SpongeBob SquarePants Official

    Which version of F.U.N. do YOU prefer: SPONGEBOB's 💛 or PLANKTON's 💙?

  • dimeji babalola
    dimeji babalola 4 hours ago

    FUN fact: this episode came out 20 years ago today!

  • NataliaPlayz Roblox
    NataliaPlayz Roblox 23 hours ago

    F is for friends who play games U is for u and me N is for Natalia is my BEST FRIENDS

  • Sparkler Dazzler

    Lol today just so happens to be a Tuesday 😂 (referring to the hashtag in the title)

  • LvM
    LvM Day ago

    Ok Flowey

  • Dabbing Unicorn
    Dabbing Unicorn Day ago +1

    F is for friends who don’t talk to you
    U is for ur alone
    N is for never having any plans at all, all you do is sit at home

  • Commander Pyre
    Commander Pyre 2 days ago

    I remember when I was a kid asking if my friends watched the newest episode of Spongebob or Johnny Test and other shows back then. Now I’m 19 turning 20 soon.

    • Edgy Child
      Edgy Child 2 days ago

      Happy (could be very early) birthday

  • vixen ထ acc0unt
    vixen ထ acc0unt 2 days ago

    I missed the old design of spongebob and the other characters 😖

  • Victor dARKO
    Victor dARKO 3 days ago

    How is “N” for “Anywhere”??

    • MandyKo Meow
      MandyKo Meow 21 hour ago

      N= en
      anywhere= enywhere
      its obvious

  • Sandi Solarte
    Sandi Solarte 4 days ago +1

    It's not about winning, it's about fun
    What's that?
    Fun is when you
    Fun is it's like, it's kind of, sort of like
    What is fun?
    Let me spell it for you!
    F is for friends who do stuff together
    U is for you and me
    N is for anywhere and anytime at all
    Down here in the deep blue sea
    F is for fire that burns down the whole town
    U is for uranium, bombs
    N is for no survivors when you're-
    Plankton, those things aren't what fun is all about
    Now, do it like this
    F is for friends who do stuff to-
    Never, that's completely idiotic
    Here, let me help you
    F is for friends who do stuff together
    U is for you and me, try it
    N is for anywhere and anytime at all
    Down here in the deep blue sea
    Wait, I don't understand, I feel all tingly inside
    Should we stop?
    No, that's how you're supposed to feel
    Well I like it, lets do it again, (okay)
    F is for frolic through all the flowers
    U is for ukulele
    N is for nose picking, sharing gum, and sand licking , here with my best buddy

  • Zulu Mike
    Zulu Mike 5 days ago

    Slow it down, it’s along the tune of Your Best Friend, from Undertale.

  • UniPawz Plus
    UniPawz Plus 5 days ago

    0:01 F
    0:12 Plankton say Fire

  • Deborah Sanders
    Deborah Sanders 5 days ago


  • Ted haten
    Ted haten 5 days ago +1

    F is for forgetting your friends u is for Uranus n is for no here in the deep blue sea boi

  • Michael Haflich
    Michael Haflich 6 days ago +1

    0:28 does anyone else miss the old dance Spongebob use to do?

  • Gryph Xander
    Gryph Xander 6 days ago

    Wait, this isn't Undertale

  • Leisiane Nunes
    Leisiane Nunes 7 days ago


  • Angelo Pellicci
    Angelo Pellicci 7 days ago +1

    And this whole time I thought plankton said uranium bums

  • 사랑과전쟁광팬

    3:23 No is strange

  • Fei Lauren
    Fei Lauren 9 days ago

    f for flower use the tower
    u for ugandan knuckle
    N for naga anytime at all!

  • Rayen Seah
    Rayen Seah 10 days ago

    The older i get the more inclined i am to sing plankton’s version

  • Pikachu Pug
    Pikachu Pug 10 days ago

    F is for Flowey who’s song is this
    U is for Undertale who’s creator is Toby fox
    N is for N-Ytging yes everything at all, Toby stole from sponge-bob

  • Tammy Poisson
    Tammy Poisson 10 days ago

    Plankton no

  • Tammy Poisson
    Tammy Poisson 10 days ago

    WHEN U

  • Tammy Poisson
    Tammy Poisson 10 days ago

    N is no survrvor

  • Tammy Poisson
    Tammy Poisson 10 days ago

    F is for fire who burns down the hole town

  • Z O Y A _97
    Z O Y A _97 10 days ago

    This is my ringtone for my best friends contact🤪

  • Martina Pacheco
    Martina Pacheco 10 days ago

    👍👍👍 echelen un vistaso alos 📽 del

  • Kagle Stupid
    Kagle Stupid 11 days ago

    Edit: Plankton

  • Micheal Wimberly
    Micheal Wimberly 11 days ago


  • James Fawcett
    James Fawcett 11 days ago

    F is for fire that burns down the whole town. U is for Uranium, BOMBS! N is for no survival.when your

  • James Fawcett
    James Fawcett 11 days ago

    F is for fire that burns down the whole town.Uis unanium, BOMBS!

  • Espeon804
    Espeon804 11 days ago +1

    F is for Failure, that's what it feels like.
    U is for Unmotivated.
    N is for No social life every single day, down here in the internet!

  • Denis O Leary
    Denis O Leary 12 days ago +1

    N is for no survivors plankton is smart

  • Pewdie Pie
    Pewdie Pie 12 days ago

    I HAD
    F friends U you and me N anyhwere and anywhere

  • Jonathan Madi
    Jonathan Madi 12 days ago

    Mom: How's the test going?
    Me: 0:01

  • Stormy Gacha
    Stormy Gacha 12 days ago

    I like planktons version better.

  • Rxoses channel
    Rxoses channel 12 days ago


  • Gaming Gacha
    Gaming Gacha 12 days ago +1

    F is for free taco Tuesday
    U is for unlimited bathroom time
    N is for no stopping me from having all that goodness
    Down here in the deep blue sea

  • Lenny's Crackz
    Lenny's Crackz 12 days ago

    F is for Flowey
    **your best friend plays**

  • Eduardo Zinto
    Eduardo Zinto 13 days ago +1


  • Webby Vanderquack
    Webby Vanderquack 14 days ago

    I remember the older SpongeBob episodes I use to watch SpongeBob EVERY morning with my grandad before going to school I miss the older episodes I barely see them anymore 😭😢😭😢

  • Felix Fun & Games
    Felix Fun & Games 14 days ago


  • emma luahiwa
    emma luahiwa 15 days ago

    planktons verse is hitting different rn

  • dane bunting
    dane bunting 15 days ago

    I. Like this song

  • Edgy Child
    Edgy Child 15 days ago +1

    F is for Frank iero is bae
    U is for umbrella academy
    N is for never getting back together
    Down here in the killjoy slump

  • Ben Zabrocki
    Ben Zabrocki 15 days ago

    3:06 swirly face

  • faded_jellyfan 1234
    faded_jellyfan 1234 15 days ago +1

    Spongebob i saw that tweet f is for friends who do stuff together U is for you and me N is for... why

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 17 days ago +1

    4:25 the spinoff charaters spongerick and patbob

  • Anna James
    Anna James 17 days ago +1

    My friend said sponge bob is her boyfriend....she said she will merry him...

  • Diego Fuenzalida The Good Chilean User 2003

    0:30 My opinion on Peppa Pig nowadays

  • noone nooo
    noone nooo 18 days ago +1

    Remembered it from david dobrick lol

  • Naruto Boii
    Naruto Boii 18 days ago

    F is for *forgotten*
    U is for *uncool*
    N if for *never getting anywhere in life and just sitting in my bed wondering where my dad is*

    DAVIDPATTYNINA F 18 days ago

    0:12 lol like to show people still watch this vid

  • sele luna
    sele luna 19 days ago +1

    So I came here after watching david's vlog

  • Isabella Laws
    Isabella Laws 19 days ago +2

    Anyone here after watching David Dobrik's latest vlog?

  • Yoinx_
    Yoinx_ 19 days ago

    Just imagine the last episode of sponge bob sponge bob finally gets his drivers license. Squidward becomes a famous musician and artist. Sandy makes a ground baking science discovery. Mr. Krabs makes a million dollars and retires in style and passes his formula onto plankton to continue the buisness and they shake hands calling each other brothers. As for Patrick well he proves mayonnaise is in fact an instrument. The gang gathers one last time to frolic in the jellyfish fields. The camera slowly zooms out and we hear the French narrorater calmly say “ahh bikini bottom” Here we leave our nauctical friends and as they say F is for friends who do stuff together U is for u and me N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here In the deep blue sea (credits)

  • idk myself
    idk myself 19 days ago +3

    who came here after david dobriks vlog

  • Sanlyn Jyn
    Sanlyn Jyn 19 days ago

    This is Flowey theme in Undertale x)

  • Billy Goat Francis
    Billy Goat Francis 19 days ago

    Planktons part always kills me😂😂🤣🤣🤣