Aesthetic Intro Templates 2019 (Download Links)

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Hey guys ! For today's video I made you guys some aesthetic intro templates fresh for summer 2019 ! These are free intro templates you can edit and use in your videos (with credit). They are intro templates with no text so you're free to use them as you so choose ! Kinda tumblr intros, kinda hipster, kinda summery and kinda cute !

    must give credit ! :)
    Download Links :

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  • Yusra Abubakar
    Yusra Abubakar 4 months ago +130

    Omggg more than 100k views girl I'm so proud of uuu❤❤❤❤

  • mercy borlas
    mercy borlas 2 days ago

    Wow . I want to use this

  • Supreme Avakin life 7u7

    0:34 song?? 😍

  • JLene Then
    JLene Then 5 days ago +3

    Just noticed this was posted a day after my bday 🤓🎊

  • JLene Then
    JLene Then 5 days ago +2

    just here to see how amazing you are 😂❤️ hooked onto your page.

  • Lari Tomaz
    Lari Tomaz 5 days ago +1

    where can i find the stars overlay from the 2nd one?????

  • Morgan Faith
    Morgan Faith 5 days ago +1

    love this video!! so happy bc i have been looking for one!!!

  • Andrea M. Baluyut
    Andrea M. Baluyut 6 days ago

    can u make me hehhe aesthetic intro if u want to make me a aesthetic intro my name is: andrea post it and i will download plss

  • snedhalp
    snedhalp 8 days ago +2

    how do you make these?

  • Star Berrys*
    Star Berrys* 9 days ago +3

    How do you keep them

    • Everything Amiyah
      Everything Amiyah 8 days ago

      It says at the start of the video that you can download them from the description.

    • xBanana
      xBanana 9 days ago

      Maybe screen record? I'm not sure

  • Shadow God
    Shadow God 10 days ago

    a video that is helpful lol

  • Luna _girl
    Luna _girl 11 days ago +1

    Can u make more?

  • loonqaa
    loonqaa 11 days ago +1

    Hey! I’m going to use one maybe! :)

  • ᗷᑌᗷᗷᒪYY_
    ᗷᑌᗷᗷᒪYY_ 13 days ago +1

    i cant seem to download number 2

  • Mr.Pedrinho
    Mr.Pedrinho 15 days ago +1

    Obrigado do Brasil!

  • Ms. Zyra MMD
    Ms. Zyra MMD 15 days ago

    Thank you so much for making these I am gonna edit and use the first one I love the galaxy theme

  • Crystal Nguyen
    Crystal Nguyen 16 days ago +1

    Hey there, Miss @UCUh2LyHQTtZHzPt3iH39piw! I just wanted to say thank you for the templates, and I will give credit to your channel! Again, thank you so much!

    MCALHANIES 17 days ago +3

    Hi Ms. Annie Dubé. I'm going to use your templates and will give credit to your channel. Thank you for sharing! 😊

  • joy maria rose
    joy maria rose 17 days ago +6

    editing my new yt vid rn, should i link your channel or this video in the description box?

  • OofDaDa Head
    OofDaDa Head 19 days ago +2

    Omg this is so fricken good! New subscriber!

  • I n t t __
    I n t t __ 19 days ago +2

    I want to give you credits but idk how to because i just started youtube and still learning , can you tell me how to put your link in my description to give you credits?

  • Katherine Vasquez
    Katherine Vasquez 20 days ago

    i’ll use template #2. thank you for these templates!!!

  • kierstyn's Worlds
    kierstyn's Worlds 20 days ago


  • Johanne Teves
    Johanne Teves 23 days ago +3

    Thank you for template #1 i will promise to give credit in the desc if i ever post another video!

  • su. cide
    su. cide 24 days ago +4

    Wow so cool (credit to template#2)

  • cl0utbabe
    cl0utbabe Month ago +22

    any small youtubers?

    • Aigul Daily
      Aigul Daily 23 days ago


    • Chi Chi Linh
      Chi Chi Linh 26 days ago +1


    • cl0utbabe
      cl0utbabe 26 days ago

      Morgyuhh are u doing it on this account i’ll follow

    • Morgyuhh
      Morgyuhh 26 days ago

      cl0utbabe me starting my channel in 2020 🎉🥰

    • cl0utbabe
      cl0utbabe 26 days ago

      elise follow for a follow

  • Puja Phuyel
    Puja Phuyel Month ago +6

    I think I might use template #2 & if I do then I will make sure to give you credits in the description! Thank you! :)

  • Vanessa Santos
    Vanessa Santos Month ago +2

    Por favor Eu adoro seguir você faça muitos Mega 1000 vídeos

  • Vanessa Santos
    Vanessa Santos Month ago

    Faça mais vídeos

  • Hosay Amber
    Hosay Amber Month ago +1

    Weird question how do you want us to give credit I used a template

    • iKayla
      iKayla 29 days ago

      You could just write ‘ Intro Credit to Annie Dubè ‘

    • lily Patrick
      lily Patrick Month ago

      @Hosay Amber just write
      intro : Annie Dubè

    • Hosay Amber
      Hosay Amber Month ago

      What do you want us to say exactly like what do you want me to put I guess

    • Annie Dubé
      Annie Dubé  Month ago +1

      Description box please x

  • BobaElxq
    BobaElxq Month ago +4

    Question; (I'm going to cut up parts of different templates and then add them together to make my own intro), do we still have to give credit?

  • RJ Zaldivar
    RJ Zaldivar Month ago

    may I use the template #1? I will put credits❣️

  • Rochelle Abellar
    Rochelle Abellar Month ago

    Wow pretty

  • Aneeqspected
    Aneeqspected Month ago +2

    May I use template #2 imma hive credits💕

    • Aneeqspected
      Aneeqspected Month ago

      @glamverse oh yeah.. XD i didn't see that...thanks

    • glamverse
      glamverse Month ago


  • Quinn's Gacha World

    Can I use #1?
    I will give credit in the description of my channel!

  • NBD Ember
    NBD Ember Month ago +2

    I would love to use the third template and ofc give you credits but how would I edit the template to add text( is there a certain application I have to use..)

    • NBD Ember
      NBD Ember Month ago +1

      @Aneeqspected ty so much

    • Aneeqspected
      Aneeqspected Month ago +2

      You will need to screen record the template #3 then put it on imovie to flip it. Then put it on vonts to add text. Thats how

  • Amore사랑
    Amore사랑 Month ago

    I will take 2

  • Miriall Gacha
    Miriall Gacha Month ago +1


  • curthambly
    curthambly Month ago +2

    Love Paul anka, I'll give credit for second!

  • bubblyy
    bubblyy Month ago

    I give credit for number 2❤

  • Samantha Orozco
    Samantha Orozco Month ago


  • ribqa
    ribqa Month ago +1

    2nd one credits ofc 💙

  • Medic Berserker uWu

    Thank you . That was a good template ♥️♥️

  • Vini_ wr
    Vini_ wr Month ago

    I'll use the 2# template :D (credits)

  • 케이샤 Itz_Kèíshäシ

    credits :)

  • King Of Horror
    King Of Horror Month ago

    Paul Anka ❤

  • iirxses x
    iirxses x Month ago

    Using the second one! Love this video (I’ll give credits(0)

  • tiaxrose
    tiaxrose Month ago +1

    I’ll leave credit in my description :)

  • eci sabila
    eci sabila Month ago

    use the second one♡

  • Sunny Sunday
    Sunny Sunday Month ago

    Im using one of these im gonna give credit

  • Summer Janette
    Summer Janette Month ago

    Using the second one, thank you!

    I'll leave credit in my description

  • Cessylicious
    Cessylicious Month ago

    Hi I'll use template #1 thankyouuuu

  • milkteaa
    milkteaa Month ago +1

    What's the title of the song for the 2nd intro?

    • oн.нхɴхy
      oн.нхɴхy Month ago

      Put your head on my shoulder by Paul Anka

  • Stellar
    Stellar Month ago

    I'm gonna use #2, thank you for this!!

  • Jorefel Sato
    Jorefel Sato Month ago

    Hi! I really really love one of your templates! Can I use it on my channel? I promise to give credits. 😍

  • Angelica E.
    Angelica E. Month ago +1

    Omggg, I like the first one, can I use that for my channel? I promise I'll give a credits🥰

  • Charlotte girl
    Charlotte girl Month ago +1

    What do you use to edit? Or make the words shake??

  • Richelle
    Richelle Month ago

    What's the title of the song on template #1 ??

  • anniexlle
    anniexlle Month ago +2

    I'll give you credit in my desc.

  • Saadon Aksah
    Saadon Aksah Month ago

    Wow! 182K 👍