Adam Ruins Everything - Everyday Hidden Truths and Misconceptions (Mashup) | truTV

  • Published on Oct 10, 2018
  • Adam Conover ruins everyday life in less than ten minutes. #truTV #AdamRuins
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    About Adam Ruins Everything:
    In Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover employs a combination of comedy, history and science to dispel widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. A blend of entertainment and enlightenment, Adam Ruins Everything is like that friend who knows a little bit too much about everything and is going to tell you about it... whether you like it or not.
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    Adam Ruins Everything - Everyday Hidden Truths and Misconceptions (Mashup) | truTV
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Comments • 2 175

  • Romantic Secret
    Romantic Secret 18 hours ago

    My mom's ankles swell up pretty badly. She works somewhere where she stands for almost 10 hours.
    When she pushes onto her swollen ankles it leaves dents.
    My mom and me never knew what was wrong.
    Thank god I found this..
    Questions answered..
    This was a great help.
    Thank you!

  • westabsupply ebay

    Aldi cashiers have comfy desk chairs here mainly because it's the law here that chairs have to be provided for sitting in work environment.

  • Debbie Powell
    Debbie Powell Day ago

    I like aeroplane food.

  • TheWiggityWackSlack12

    2:50 Isn't Chandler the one who peed on Monica, not Joey?

  • Teen Perspektiva

    I love his facts...

  • Brighton Sheehan
    Brighton Sheehan 2 days ago

    "Do it I wasn't joking." Okay Adam, sure, let me just go on a walk in the middle of the night along the highway I live next to! Higher life expectancy here I come! 😂😂

  • Jojo
    Jojo 2 days ago

    The loofa one made me quit using mine

  • Sami
    Sami 2 days ago

    Kids at my high school did sometimes wear under where to school.

  • Cheri Sola
    Cheri Sola 2 days ago

    Nothing tastes as good as skinny, now I know why I'm not skinny. Thought of too many contradictory examples.

  • Zunither _
    Zunither _ 3 days ago

    He's doesn't realize it isn't a biological requirement to stay up till 3 in the morning playing fortnite. It isn't the schools faut of the parents can't get their children to go to Bed at a reasonable time. If you need to just take away their phone at night.

  • Michael Corona
    Michael Corona 3 days ago

    Explain Japans school system though

  • ethancullen03
    ethancullen03 4 days ago +1

    Don’t tell me to go for a walk right now Adam. It’s 3:30 AM

  • Kelly Kerr
    Kelly Kerr 5 days ago

    Sitting too much has practically crippled me, I have constant pain in my hips from so much driving and sitting at a desk. Standing hurts my back. So, I try to walk as much as I can. I’m a property manager so I do get to go out and walk. However, due to climate change, Florida is more hot then it has ever been in my life. So being outside it hot. Now that Adam ruined sunscreen, that a whole new topic lol.

  • Kelly Kerr
    Kelly Kerr 5 days ago

    In Florida the three school types all share buses so have different times. High school starts earliest supposedly so the can work after school. In addition to the tons of homework they get. My daughter never got enough sleep and I always worried.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 5 days ago

    If I sleep at 12:00 and wake up at 8:00am or 10:00am
    Meaning 8 hours or 10 hours of sleep
    Is it still considered quality sleep? Even though I have the needed sleep but I slept at midnight

  • Kira Creations
    Kira Creations 5 days ago

    I prefer birds over cats, they don't have arms, their eyes bulge out their heads sometimes, and you can't always tell what emotion their feeling.

  • Neo Steinhoff
    Neo Steinhoff 5 days ago

    I just walked my dog

  • Miss Rose
    Miss Rose 5 days ago

    Primary school 9 am. intermediate 9am. High school 8:30. That's how it is in NZ

    • Miss Rose
      Miss Rose 5 days ago

      @HaleyQuinn wow I always thought we needed to make the starts later here

    • HaleyQuinn
      HaleyQuinn 5 days ago

      It was 8am regardless of what school i went to(in aus).
      Only thing that changed we got out 5 minutes early by high school.

  • bjxxx
    bjxxx 6 days ago

    Mantras and affirmations, the lifeblood of direct sales people.

  • Genisay
    Genisay 6 days ago

    What about adults? I regularly find my brain wide awake and active, even after work, until almost two in the morning. But even when I make myself go to be earlier, I still have a hard time getting up early in the morning. Bleh.

  • anotheremake
    anotheremake 6 days ago +5

    Where I live, the times are like this:
    Elementary: 7:30
    Middle: 8:30
    High: 9:30
    It’s all backwards

  • Eddie G.
    Eddie G. 7 days ago

    Kind of hard to let teens sleep in more when the parents have to be at work

  • PalmQuigley
    PalmQuigley 7 days ago

    Your hair really does look good.

  • Dana The Panda
    Dana The Panda 8 days ago


  • Al T
    Al T 8 days ago

    Nobody finds my facts annoying. Nobody finds my facts annoying. My life in a nutshell.

  • NeonBlue YT
    NeonBlue YT 8 days ago

    It's "what's the deal with airplane *peanuts* "

  • Rizqi Beat
    Rizqi Beat 8 days ago

    Yo !1!1 my school start at 6 AM , and went home at 3 PM, i sleep at 12 PM and wake up at 4.30 AM

  • The Grouchy Groudon
    The Grouchy Groudon 10 days ago +1

    But adam. Its midnight. And my flatmate is asleep. I cant get up. I'll make noise. My friend is a light sleeper. I guess ill just lay down longer.

  • Amy M Elliott
    Amy M Elliott 11 days ago

    Everything is about the middle way, balance, moderation, transcending polarities. Whether it's about standing and sitting or mantras.

  • Amy M Elliott
    Amy M Elliott 11 days ago

    We need a petition for making school later. I believe the WHOLE family would benefit from later starting times! Many homeschoolers know this and it's one reason we prefer alternative schooling options. It's beyond time we put physical/biological and psychological health first. I would put money on this reducing pathology!

  • Amy M Elliott
    Amy M Elliott 11 days ago

    Just FYI and tangentially, young children cry on planes because they're in pain. The pressure change can induce inner ear/cranial pressure. Not fun! To relieve the pressure caregivers, inducing their swallowing reflex by nursing, drinking, chewing, sucking during elevation transitions can neutralize the pain. ;) So to others feeling annoyed please please reconsider. Share this tip and give love to those poor kiddos as they're likely in pain. 💓

  • The #1 Greggett
    The #1 Greggett 11 days ago +1

    Jokes on you I’m lying down

  • madyson hemond
    madyson hemond 12 days ago

    I LOVE CHICKENS!!!!!!!

  • Dj Penta
    Dj Penta 13 days ago

    I love Airplane food

  • Kodek
    Kodek 14 days ago +2

    "The average school starts at 8 am"
    Me: *laughs at 5 am*

  • lockergr
    lockergr 15 days ago

    I've never had a bad airline meal. People complain too much.

  • madbear3512
    madbear3512 15 days ago

    No teens stay up all night jerking it and playing video games

  • Abhilash Kumar
    Abhilash Kumar 16 days ago +1

    3:02 Tell that to Monica in FRIENDS

  • Mr. Meme
    Mr. Meme 16 days ago +1

    I’m actually lying down and it is 2:50 soooooooooo going for a walk might not be possible

  • Liam Jackson
    Liam Jackson 19 days ago

    The South

  • Daniel Kazi
    Daniel Kazi 19 days ago

    8:00 what!!!!! My school starts at 7:20 pluse my school is far from home so I have to be at my bus by 6:45

  • Paula Sarmiento
    Paula Sarmiento 19 days ago

    On my previous semester, I was given a schedule of a PM class. First period starts at 10:30 AM and ends at 7:30 PM. I never felt tired at school during those times. Now, my classes start at 7:00 AM and ends at 1:30 PM yet I am tired after 1 hour of lecture. Either what Adam says are right ... or my subjects have become boring

  • C l
    C l 20 days ago

    Adams possible iq: 1 million

  • Random Person
    Random Person 21 day ago

    2:47 that's a thing.... people actually do that?

  • Rangers2020
    Rangers2020 24 days ago +1

    I’m watching this at 230 am

  • Dennis Halterman
    Dennis Halterman 24 days ago +5

    School isn’t to educate people, it’s to create a standardized citizenry with a safe degree of knowledge about the power sources under which they will live their lives that will assure compliance to them, while assuring that the citizens will not have the necessary critical thinking skills to figure out that they live in a new form of feudalism and that they will spend their relatively meaningless lives serving lords, princes and kings (albeit by different names).
    In other words you were inculcated in the compulsory education system so that you will be a good worker, and that boss wants you showing up on time for your shift no matter what time it starts so get used to it early (the biology of puberty and circadian rhythms notwithstanding).

  • ThatOneYoutuber
    ThatOneYoutuber 24 days ago +3

    My school starts at 8:30 but, the bus runs at 7:00 so I have to get up at 6:30 to get ready. I always arrive early to school though,

  • Brianna Rose
    Brianna Rose 25 days ago

    We originally started at 8:30am but now this school year we start earlier, I'm going to fail cause I have insomnia😔

  • NRL Montages
    NRL Montages 25 days ago +4

    In Australia schools generally start between 8:30 and 9:00 and so, although I was still annoyed about having to get up at 7:45-8:00ish, I never felt sleep deprived because of it

  • Rebecca Boisclair
    Rebecca Boisclair 26 days ago

    What about Nurses (Clinical RNs at the bedside)? Is there such thing as too active a job? Is there a type of job thats better for your health? Desk, mild activity job, something like nurses and postal workers who are very active jobs?

  • Caylob Stevens
    Caylob Stevens 26 days ago +3

    Me a teen
    Goes to bed at 9 pm
    Wants to wake up at 10 am
    Goes to bed at 1 am
    Wakes up at 7 am
    To me this makes no sense

  • Daniel Grinnell
    Daniel Grinnell 26 days ago

    Common misconception: Adam knows anything.
    Hidden Truths: Adam got destroyed on Rogans podcast when he has no script to read off, and someone calls him on his bs.

  • BitVlogGaming Dominiak

    Haha fortnite sucks

  • Andrew Hart
    Andrew Hart 27 days ago

    "I'm very good at laying it on thick"
    Ohhh trust me, we know

  • Rap3rs
    Rap3rs 27 days ago

    Bro I wake up at 3 am my papaw has to go to work at 5 and I basically get no sleep

    • NovaVanity
      NovaVanity 27 days ago

      Rap3rs Damn dude i feel sorry for you

  • Parker Schaefer
    Parker Schaefer 27 days ago +4

    Me: Adam it‘s midnight im not going for a walk
    Me: *proceeds to sprint out the door*

  • Emran Almukhaini
    Emran Almukhaini 28 days ago

    My school starts at 6:30 im lifeless

  • Ivan Tan
    Ivan Tan 28 days ago

    Malaysian schools starts at 7.30am

  • Avalonn
    Avalonn Month ago

    Wait average U.S high schools starts at 8 wow you guys have it lucky lol, our schools here starts at 7 and ends at 4pm lol

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Month ago

    Uh.... his whole argument is kinda moot if you consider that they could just go to bed earlier and not play video games all night? He thinks the solution is later classes, and not restricting obsessive use of video games?

  • wina hidayat
    wina hidayat Month ago

    meanwhile, my classes start at 7 am sharp

  • dooseyboy
    dooseyboy Month ago

    I'm sitting down having a cigarette watching this video

  • Alex Sparks-Bakota
    Alex Sparks-Bakota Month ago +1

    Does that alarm clock at 0:20 give anyone else anxiety?

  • Alex Sparks-Bakota
    Alex Sparks-Bakota Month ago +1

    "Dryer than the 18th amendment" lmao

  • awsom gamer
    awsom gamer Month ago

    Hmmmm yep il go for a walk at 3 am

  • Rainbow Katie
    Rainbow Katie Month ago +2

    7:30 its too early”
    Me: I WAKE UP AT 5 AM OR 6 TO GO TO SCHOOL AT 7 AM BISH (ooft other than that i love adam ruins everything :3”

  • Charred Black Passion

    2:51 chandler peed on Monica when she got stung on friends, not joey

  • TRBL
    TRBL Month ago

    i'd rather go to school till 5-6pm than get up at 5am every morning

  • soos ູ
    soos ູ Month ago

    8:00 is too early? F u
    We have to go to school at 6:45

  • Landon hamblen
    Landon hamblen Month ago

    When it 2:15am and adam say go for a walk

  • Pennypearls
    Pennypearls Month ago +8

    "Get up and go for a walk!"
    Not gonna lie this was the last video I was gonna watch on my binge tonight and one of my chores is to walk the dog before I go to bed. Perfect timing!

  • PinkPuppy 64
    PinkPuppy 64 Month ago

    Jokes on you Adam, I'm laying down!! Haha 🤣

  • Amber Gurney
    Amber Gurney Month ago

    If I could it’s 1AM

  • MarkReactor !
    MarkReactor ! Month ago

    3:10 I actually experienced a break-up on the day I was going to give her the engagement ring and ask her to marry me...OUCH!!!

  • geoff dearth
    geoff dearth Month ago

    The farm kids I went to school with had to get up at 5AM to do chores.

  • Sabartooth14
    Sabartooth14 Month ago

    "pull a joey"?!?!? I think you mean Chandler, Joey didnt pee on Monica, Chandler did

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream Month ago

    My Illinois high school started first period at 9:15 am

  • Charlotte Luckey
    Charlotte Luckey Month ago

    I’m never watching another cat video again, chickens with sneakers are where it’s at.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    wait salt water deactivates jellyfish stingers? that doesnt seem right as jellyfish live in the ocean

  • Luke Lechte
    Luke Lechte Month ago

    What a weird phrasing.
    If you would have done your research you would know that gaming or using your phone in the evening actually distorts you by it’s blue lighting.
    Yes teens aren’t able to sleep as early as adults, but no one has to do anything in the evening. It’s simply a bad choice to use ur phone that late

  • Jay B
    Jay B Month ago +2

    For some reason im the only one who actually *enjoys* airplane food

  • Sohum Sheth
    Sohum Sheth Month ago

    Hair gel ain't good for you

  • Jep E
    Jep E Month ago +4

    We have to be in school before 6:00 am. And sometimes i dont sleep so that i cant be late

    • Jep E
      Jep E 20 days ago

      @M. Elizabeth & Days with ice cream Philippines idk if other school here does that. Fyi we have shifting

    • M. Elizabeth & Days with ice cream
      M. Elizabeth & Days with ice cream 20 days ago

      Wow. 6am. What country is your school in? That's way too early.

  • Riti Aggarwal
    Riti Aggarwal Month ago

    I feel more sleepy when I sleep more. My mom keeps trying to force me to sleep early. The thing is, she genuinely doesn’t get the fact that I feel more sick and tired after sleeping more. I also take a long time to sleep when forced, so it’s easier for me to just sleep when it comes naturally to me. Even if I do go to bed at my mom’s ideal time, I probably end up getting the same sleep since I’m so stressed about not being able to sleep. Which is why I prefer 5-6 hours a night way more. Maybe it’s a gene thing? I read a few studies about people who need to sleep less. I really can’t confirm, but this is how I feel. MOM PLEASE UNDERSTAND. She thinks I’m being a brat who just wants to talk to her boyfriend longer ugh, but he falls asleep early, haha.

  • Efrain Roman Duran
    Efrain Roman Duran Month ago

    While my was in elementary school the first class started at about 7:00 am and I had to wake up at 5:00 am
    I dont even want to think about the next year middle school

  • James McLain
    James McLain Month ago

    Adam opened my eyes to so many freaking things. Things that felt wrong.. but I just really questioned it. Now I'm woke and question everything and when someone says something that's factually wrong, it takes everything in me not to say anything.

  • WafflesTheDoggo
    WafflesTheDoggo Month ago

    If you look. Very close at Adam. You can see that he is lip syncing ( i know they are just doing this so he can talk to the mic easier)

  • Brecht Baeyens
    Brecht Baeyens Month ago

    high and low spf suncream?

  • Chris Muenstermann
    Chris Muenstermann Month ago

    The first girl I ever dated was in the 6th grade and she broke up with me at my birthday too Adam so i feel your pain brother.

  • Kayleigh Brittain
    Kayleigh Brittain Month ago

    He told me to gwt up and walk around but I'm lying in bed trying to sleep

  • jv7x
    jv7x Month ago +1

    ACTUALLY! Joey didn't pee on Monica's jellyfish sting. He suggested the idea and stepped up but as he explained it he, got the stage fright. So he turned to his best friend to do the deed. You should have referred to it as Pulling a Chandler.

  • Addison Smith
    Addison Smith Month ago +4

    7:00 am) Mom: Get up, time for school. (Gets ready and gets to school). (Waits on the cold gym floor for an hour). Me: “GIVE US AN EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP”

  • Konstantinos Nikolakakis

    8:30 The only time I stand still for a long time are Christmas and Easter church services (I'm Orthodox Christian so I celebrate Easter a week after everyone else and since I know people are gonna want to know this, here's why, we follow the Julian calendar for Easter), you could be standing for half an hour strait sometimes.

  • LoyallyWxld
    LoyallyWxld Month ago +30

    ok he do be lookin kinda fresh tho

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott Month ago


  • Unlockable 3
    Unlockable 3 Month ago

    If this makes your brain think of contradictory thoughts can’t we just tell ourselves we’re all failures and make ourselves feel the opposite

    • Deathero
      Deathero Month ago

      in theory but this can cause self loathing habits which will make the issue tremendously worse

  • shahrod schuler
    shahrod schuler Month ago

    I’m not a fan of cat videos but I’m more over dog videos

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger Month ago

    I get up at 6:00. (not time stamp)

  • History
    History Month ago

    My school starts at 7:00 ends in 3:00 how absurd

  • Olivia esddms
    Olivia esddms Month ago

    I don't get why people can't just shift their circadian rythm. People can shift their rythms just fine when moving to a different time zone- and you can do that without moving to a different time zone.
    I don't buy that anyone without a sleep disorder can't just switch to an earlier bedtime. If you need darkness, use a mask. If you need light, use goddamn blue light at full blast. The whole "teenagers need to sleep in" is basically a lack of discipline.
    In my house, everyone goes to bed at 10. There's no issue with being up at 6.