🇯🇵 Mochi TOFU Donuts - Pon de Ring - Recipe & Taste Test

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
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    Donuts made with tofu? Soybeans? Mochiko? Yes and yes, and in the lovely shape of a lion's mane. 🦁
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    300 g. silken firm tofu
    130 g. cake flour
    130 g. sweet rice flour
    7 g. baking powder
    60 g. sugar
    Making Korean Donuts with my Brother: bit.ly/weeandteedoughnuts
    Find the original Tastemade recipe here: bit.ly/2TBTsZ6
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  • Molana Rumi
    Molana Rumi 14 days ago

    Your pushing and selling coffee a total turn off.

  • Zion Lioness
    Zion Lioness 2 months ago

    Can't wait to try this recipe. Right now I'm making haupia (coconut pudding) for the first.
    Love your channel, it inspires me to bake goodies. 😍
    Love from 🇦🇸 (one of the tiny islands in the South Pacific.) 🤖👽

  • Randy Little
    Randy Little 3 months ago

    ok that was not a Mr. donut pom de ring.

  • Amanda Williams
    Amanda Williams 3 months ago


  • Super terrific R
    Super terrific R 4 months ago

    The dough was wrong!

  • Carol June
    Carol June 4 months ago

    I used to love watching this channel before she started advertising. Now it's just another commercial. I'm disappointed in you Emmy

  • Russell Knight
    Russell Knight 4 months ago

    I love getting pon de rings when I'm in Japan, so I tried making these based on the Tastemade recipe, and there is definitely something missing. I added additional tofu like Emmy, and the donuts ended up way too heavy, not like the ones from Mr. Donut. Next time I'll try adding water in addition to the smaller initial amount of tofu.

  • Reitanna Seishin
    Reitanna Seishin 4 months ago

    one time, I think it was back in 2003 or 2004, I had tofu ice cream bars. they were made to be vegan, so there were no dairy products. they were INCREDIBLY delicious. by the way, Emmy, have you ever tried a white watermelon? I think you should try to find one for fruity fruits. they're not quite as sweet as red watermelon.

  • friendly911 OS
    friendly911 OS 5 months ago

    why put tofu in there to begin with?

  • Kimberly Gabaldon
    Kimberly Gabaldon 5 months ago

    Did you use firm, medium or soft tofu, or does it matter?

  • AwwMann
    AwwMann 5 months ago

    I’m pretty sure they don’t put tofu in a dang donut, and I think it’s just that sticky rice stuff

  • Christine Y
    Christine Y 5 months ago

    They were vegan until you added the milk to the glaze!

  • Evan Ihde
    Evan Ihde 5 months ago

    Dogwood is native to Minneapolis where I’m from! So good! Glad you like too!

  • Allan Gianferante
    Allan Gianferante 6 months ago +1

    Note: MUST BE parchment paper to go in the fryer. DO NOT USE wax paper.

    I like the idea of these donuts. They may require some experimentation.

  • Chiara Chaves
    Chiara Chaves 6 months ago

    Cooking starts at 2.20 and this is probably the best recipe I've tried so far! Thanku for the video x

  • David Powers
    David Powers 6 months ago

    I love the humming that part was funny

  • Criss Meredith
    Criss Meredith 6 months ago


  • Jessa
    Jessa 6 months ago

    These were my favorite for years when I was here! Thank you. I can’t wait to make them.

  • weckfurt daigre
    weckfurt daigre 6 months ago

    better if you will create a tutorial video, but anyway this simply worked
    good one!

  • planetarium relation
    planetarium relation 6 months ago

    1:44 When you work at a coffee shop and you're trying to stay positive :,)

  • Gonietube NYC
    Gonietube NYC 6 months ago


  • aeiol0u
    aeiol0u 6 months ago

    this recipe is interesting!!!!!! love love love!!!

  • Nonnie Nguyen
    Nonnie Nguyen 6 months ago

    MODO donuts ?

  • momof2
    momof2 6 months ago

    I watch a channel called Sweet the Mi, ...she is a professional baker, and she made this type of donut

  • Ashleigh Jankowski
    Ashleigh Jankowski 6 months ago

    look! i have legs! hahahaha i love your humor

  • Heno Heno
    Heno Heno 6 months ago

    you have 2 caves on your face constantly wiggling.

  • namyooni
    namyooni 7 months ago +1

    Jimin looks so good

  • Maudy safira
    Maudy safira 7 months ago


  • Madoka Watanabe
    Madoka Watanabe 7 months ago

    I watched that video yesterday and now Emmy made a video on it. What is my life?

  • フロラスLaura
    フロラスLaura 7 months ago

    Anyone know where I can get sweet rice flour?? 😣 I wanna make these!!

  • Ben .Garrison
    Ben .Garrison 7 months ago

    I'm confused, why is it called pon de Ring? My mind instantly went to Jamaican Patois, On the ring.

  • 420grower
    420grower 7 months ago

    I wanna cute tiny asian lady to make me donuts 😫

  • Bethany Jean
    Bethany Jean 7 months ago

    When I stayed in Japan for a month I ate Mister Donut more times than I could even count. There was one in the bus station I stayed near in Saga prefecture, and then one across the street from my airbnb when I stayed a week in Tokyo. I miss it every day!!

  • Jean Paul Gartier
    Jean Paul Gartier 7 months ago

    Beautiful woman, disgusting food
    Perfectly balanced ,as all things should be

  • Cardinal Copia's Love Slave

    You could not pay me enough to eat estrogen bomb tofu...and then it be fried in artery clogging oils. Nope. Nope. Nooooppppe.

  • Tingle Tiger ASMR
    Tingle Tiger ASMR 7 months ago

    I suddenly need some tofu donuts with my oatmeal and tahini 🤔

  • com3t
    com3t 7 months ago

    booo sponsorship

  • Brianna Martinez
    Brianna Martinez 7 months ago

    Emmy can sell anythingggggg. I was about to give all my money to this company and I don’t even drink/like coffee. Emmy makes me feel like I need it.

  • Roberta Lee
    Roberta Lee 7 months ago

    I love this ritual too and I also like it black

    WHOSE MANS 7 months ago

    I love emmymadeintaiwan, great content.

  • Amanda Liverseidge
    Amanda Liverseidge 7 months ago

    You rock! Your videos are so much fun! You inspire.

  • Janette Wong
    Janette Wong 7 months ago

    “After a long night of hooking, trade didn’t like his session . . .”

  • Bridget Lee
    Bridget Lee 7 months ago

    I’d love to see you convert a traditional recipe to gluten free! :)

  • Liz Castaneda
    Liz Castaneda 7 months ago

    You are to STINKING cute😎😎

  • ha! you just got benjamin prankedlin!

    just reading the title makes my mouth water ~~

  • ?
    ? 7 months ago

    Your hair looks so cute tucked behind your ear on one side

  • Robin Schaefer
    Robin Schaefer 7 months ago

    Hey!!! That's my fryer!!! I love the thing, although I wish they stayed so beautifully pristine. They are a bear to clean!

  • Daniel Partida
    Daniel Partida 7 months ago +3

    Please be cautious when consuming fruits from people you don’t personally know😔 i would hate for you to consume something you weren’t supposed to 🥺

  • Aaron Robinson
    Aaron Robinson 7 months ago

    Can we get Emmy a show on the food network please? She is very personable and has a peaceful voice

  • Edweird Lol
    Edweird Lol 7 months ago +7

    Pon De Replay

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  • Valerie Lovin
    Valerie Lovin 7 months ago

    Hi Emmy! www.atlasobscura.com/foods/fried-onion-burger I thought this might interest you!

  • David Maxwell
    David Maxwell 7 months ago

    Wilma. But since you have black hair, just tie a single donut hole to the end of a black necklace, then you could be Betty. Lol. Great video. Where are some bloopers?

  • _ musique
    _ musique 7 months ago

    I have the exact same coffee mill. The knob of the handle broke after a year or so, so I replaced it with a wooden drawers knob and a long screw. It's a nice mill, I use it several times every day. Also grinding coffee by hand makes a nice mini workout in the morning. And it helps to minimize the addiction a tiny bit, because you have to "work" for every new shot, so less pointless coffees inbetween.

  • gothmedli
    gothmedli 7 months ago

    you don't actually have legs that's CGI!!

  • Joe Altmaier
    Joe Altmaier 7 months ago

    look great!
    I'm not a fan of putting waxed paper into a fryer. Now there's paraffin in the oil. Wax donuts. Yum.

    • Nasa
      Nasa 6 months ago

      Joe Altmaier I think that’s parchment not wax

  • Hood Baby
    Hood Baby 7 months ago

    Sexiest teeth on youtube

  • Sidney Mathious
    Sidney Mathious 7 months ago

    Those donuts does look great and I will have to try some of them.