10 MCU Scenes That Were Not Meant For Kids

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
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    Comic books haven’t been exclusively for kids for generations now, but as they’ve crossed over into the mainstream and become major motion picture franchises, now more than ever, superheroes are for everyone. While there have been plenty of family friendly moments in the MCU, there have been a few times when superheroes have been on the dark side.
    The more evil the villains, the more evil their acts, the more shocking the consequences and the more imperative the hero saves the day. There are, after all, a lot of orphans filling up the superhero ranks whose parents have been killed. Sometimes, that raise in stakes might be a bit much for some kids, but they make the stories that much larger. Here are some moments in the MCU that might not be for kids.
    Entry 1 - THE EYE SCANNER
    Entry 2 - THE PROPELLER
    Entry 3 - BLOOD BATH
    Entry 4 - T.A.H.I.T.I.
    Entry 5 - THE CAR DOOR
    Entry 6 - THE LIBRARIAN
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  • Juke Master
    Juke Master Day ago

    Abmantion survied.

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    3:04 I guess that’s the space stone

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    Guys dont forget Inhumans marvel movie trailer the king and queen made love eww

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    Me: that's not ouch he died faster than being hanged.

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    Jin’s Odenga 11 days ago

    All of the MCU is not for kids

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    ToXic F1AM1NG02 12 days ago

    CBR:Agreeing to steel the space stone
    Me: That’s the power stone

  • alex colt
    alex colt 12 days ago

    uuuuuuhhhh why the fuck was daredevil on here that is not a mcu thing that is a tv series set in a whole different universe plus that was made strictly for adults so why the fuck was it on here

  • 豆腐公主
    豆腐公主 12 days ago

    Actually it's call 18+😋😋

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    James Cook 14 days ago

    life hack if you want to skip the commercial just click on another vid and just go back to the vid you was watching
    and i love watching vids but you should leave the corny jokes out of all vids that are not comedy

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    curtislee 14 days ago

    The berekly scene in iron Man 1

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    I procrastinated clicking the thumbnail, because I knew it would stop being in my relateds if I did.

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    Me : *Watches Endgame*
    My Childhood after the movie: 💔
    CBR : Superheros grow up with you.

  • Aric Lemont
    Aric Lemont 17 days ago +8

    *reads title* REALLY?! I mean, I never would've guessed, besides the cursing, violence, and the PG-13 RATING!!!!!

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    Juicy Fruit Gatcha 17 days ago +1

    Guess what, it's pg 13 for a reason

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    How dare u lure me in with blackwidows mouth u monster

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    when ur the one guy who didnt come for the thumbnail...

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    U r so dumb man....the crap

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    Lynette John 18 days ago

    When you were talking about Roman you said space stone. It was the power stone that he stole.

  • jeff the RE fan
    jeff the RE fan 19 days ago

    That wasn't jigsaw. It was billy who was attacked by a pissed house cat .

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    Ronny Baarten 20 days ago

    0:05 those eyes tho (spider man)

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    Wait did he say Low-key? 😂

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    Logan Scheid 21 day ago

    Who saw iron man and the sex seine

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    Sava Ilic 21 day ago

    These movies are rated PG-13.They are not meant for kids under 13 years old.So if somebody under 13 years old watches it,not their problem.

  • Dianne Lopez
    Dianne Lopez 22 days ago

    Daredevil the punisher there not for kids anyway both of the ahpws are tv-ma the movie of daredevil is rated PG-13 the punisher is rated R

  • Mason Sanchez
    Mason Sanchez 22 days ago

    1:34 is that the drum gun from Fortnite

  • Trugger
    Trugger 22 days ago

    uh that time i forgot what avengers it is black widow asked if she could shower with hulk and hulk said "we could have a child" and u know what it is

  • The spoon 21
    The spoon 21 22 days ago

    Do they know its not for kids?

  • Joe Baumann
    Joe Baumann 22 days ago +3

    False advertising. I came to see Scarlett and the scene isn't even in the video. You get a thumbs down. lol

  • True Seeker
    True Seeker 22 days ago


  • Tuhin Singh
    Tuhin Singh 22 days ago +3

    Dormammu is multi-dimensional not ' other worldly '

    But I nitpick

  • Blue Tiger
    Blue Tiger 22 days ago +16

    100% of people come for the thumbnail

  • PKS
    PKS 23 days ago

    Everybody's coming here for black widow when I'm coming here as a comic nerd, trying to look at some details and Easter eggs

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    all the movies aren't for kids

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    Came for the thumbnail, stayed till the end for the thumbnail. Didn't get the thumbnail

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    raf claessens 25 days ago

    did he just say loki used the mindstone in avengers 1? pls stop making revieuws dude ^^ its the space stone that expanded theyre mind. -> try n talk even faster maybe then we wont notice the mistakes

    BEGO TUBE 25 days ago +9

    These are PG-13 movies, what would you expect?

  • The OwO Devil
    The OwO Devil 25 days ago

    MCU movies are M... which is 13+... :/

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    Endless World 25 days ago +4

    god dammit I thought there would be Scarlett Johansson dirtyness

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    nikoloz berizde 26 days ago

    Is agents of shield in the MCU

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    Bro stop talking jus get to the fucking point

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    Howard Stark's death is a plot point cencored automatacly

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    There was a parody deleted scene after Natasha got captured by hydra and the 2nd main hydra leader made Natasha suck his penis

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    BRUH just put a scene from iron man making out with some woman.

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    Endgames thanos beheading was worse when they watched it from gamoras view

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    Fake shit

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    All of there were so mild

  • Random Human
    Random Human 27 days ago

    The MCU wasn't originally made for kids, more for teenagers. Then Disney came along

  • TheDragonplays
    TheDragonplays 27 days ago

    They are PG-13 for a reason

  • salt_soop
    salt_soop 27 days ago

    Uh, these reasons could be why every single one of these films and shows is rated PG-13 and not PG. Just me using my head here? Yeah? Okay...

  • LegendaryMonsterGodKing

    you mix up the power and space stone

  • Ethan Liang
    Ethan Liang 27 days ago

    Too bad I’m a kid and I saw some

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    Layton Evans 27 days ago

    Iron man 1 sex scene

    K1NG CRAZZA 27 days ago

    Guys let’s get to 3M subs

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    the black widow iteragation scene

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    Alright you probably won't believe me I didn't come here for the thumbnail I don't need it I just watched... Something

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    Jake Williams 28 days ago

    The mcu movies in England are rated 12 so not really targeted at kids so this video is pointless

  • Real_Karma123 TTV BTW
    Real_Karma123 TTV BTW 28 days ago +2

    It is a pg13 movie and ur complaining about things that aren’t for kids

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    That's one nice purple space stone CBR

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    10:36 LMAO

  • Nakkhatra Sehtab
    Nakkhatra Sehtab 28 days ago

    I am 8 years old

  • Niamh Murphy
    Niamh Murphy 28 days ago +4

    Here are the ones you missed:
    Loki gets his neck snapped
    Thor has his eye ripped out
    Bucky states that he remembers everyone he’s ever killed (poor Bucky)
    Starlord’s Mum’s death scene
    When Gamora says (idk the whole quote so I just wrote the part I knew) “Pelvic sorcery”
    When Mantis says “You feel romantic, sexual love.”
    When Goose scratches Nick’s eye out might make young, young ones afraid of cats
    Nebula had each part of her replaced with machinery, which is just, Yikes
    Bucky turns into a killing machine that feels no guilt at a few words is a bit much when you think about it (poor Bucky)
    When Iron-man and the news reporter are-we don’t need to go into details
    When you think about it, the fact that best friends are trying to murder each other in Civil War is kinda dark
    Starlord keeps sticking up his middle finger
    (Deadpool ._. Already said this but whateves) Ned says ‘Looking at porn’
    In Thor: Ragnarok, the Grandmaster literally has an orgy ship
    Bucky gets his arm ripped off when he falls from the train (poor Bucky)
    When the avengers where turning to dust
    All the swearing in Marvel (which is why Marvel is Pg-13)
    Thanos has to kill his own daughter to get a stone
    (ENDGAME SPOILERS) Nat and Clint are literally fighting over who’s gonna die on vormir
    And Bucky literally gets tortured by Hydra. Poor Bucky

  • 1000 Subscribers With No Video

    dam. I came here to jack. dam.

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    Marvel superhero actors Krrish Hemsworth. My best actor Thor my name is viju bagul and Thor

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      Viju Bagul is this even english

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    So you put daredevil a 16+ show on a list of scenes kids shouldnt see you need to be literally 16+ years old to watch it god damn you cbr

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    Power stone....Ronan stole power stone not space stone

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    What're you on about? MCU isn't horrifying or anything, but it's definitely not meant for kids.

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    Tony stark died

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