10 MCU Scenes That Were Not Meant For Kids

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    Comic books haven’t been exclusively for kids for generations now, but as they’ve crossed over into the mainstream and become major motion picture franchises, now more than ever, superheroes are for everyone. While there have been plenty of family friendly moments in the MCU, there have been a few times when superheroes have been on the dark side.
    The more evil the villains, the more evil their acts, the more shocking the consequences and the more imperative the hero saves the day. There are, after all, a lot of orphans filling up the superhero ranks whose parents have been killed. Sometimes, that raise in stakes might be a bit much for some kids, but they make the stories that much larger. Here are some moments in the MCU that might not be for kids.
    Entry 1 - THE EYE SCANNER
    Entry 2 - THE PROPELLER
    Entry 3 - BLOOD BATH
    Entry 4 - T.A.H.I.T.I.
    Entry 5 - THE CAR DOOR
    Entry 6 - THE LIBRARIAN
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  • Kevin Gordon
    Kevin Gordon Day ago

    How about the end of the first Deadpool movie that showed him sitting on top of a unicorn masturbating the horn? Why was that not included in this because that definitely was not meant for children.

  • Shafe
    Shafe Day ago

    If you're here for Black Widow's cleavage, I'm sorry mate, it's not here. Go back.

  • Charly_ Moonbeam27
    Charly_ Moonbeam27 3 days ago +1

    My heart after watching endgame is just crushed... also in Captain america the first avenger the scene where that girl just started making out with him is not something most kids woulod want to watch. It's not scary but yeah

  • Anthony Wright
    Anthony Wright 4 days ago

    You missed that weird scene when Stark was making out with that lady.

  • Katherine Gaming
    Katherine Gaming 13 days ago

    Me: *Horrible Arthur accent* TAHITI?!?!? DUTCH HAVE YOU GONE MAD?
    I’ll go home

    DRAGOTH BELMONT 15 days ago

    billions of moments that were not meant for kids are i the comic book original versions of true marvel comic
    the old school ones i mean

  • Sean Worley
    Sean Worley 16 days ago

    Netflix series are not really cinematic universe. Same universe but not even remotely the same setting or type of superhero genre... Or ever intended for kids

  • Torrid 229
    Torrid 229 16 days ago

    This was way too exaggerated...
    This should've rather been comprised of the adult jokes GOTG and Iron Man movies( *NO OFFENSE* )

  • Zaki Karadsheh
    Zaki Karadsheh Month ago

    I thought this is pg-13 non of it is for kids

  • Et Ethan
    Et Ethan Month ago

    The thumbnail looks like scarlet johansen is giving out heads

  • gaBBar Singh
    gaBBar Singh Month ago

    Report spam for misleading title /Thumbnail

  • Steven Cleere
    Steven Cleere Month ago

    3:02 That is not the Space Stone (which is the Tesseract). That's the Power Stone.

  • Steven Cleere
    Steven Cleere Month ago

    who the fuck thinks movies that are this violent are "for kids"?

  • Cool cool memes Ok
    Cool cool memes Ok Month ago

    captain America the not really first avenger cuz captain marvel is the first avengers but who cares

  • Nathan Barnes
    Nathan Barnes Month ago

    Random fact: the guy who worked on captain america the first avenger was the same guy from the Indiana Jones films. Anyone who watched them will know what I am referring to in terms of the level of violence.

  • William Sutter
    William Sutter 2 months ago

    Thank you for everything, I love your videos, and your content.

  • ravendog101
    ravendog101 2 months ago

    yeah yeah No!

  • spirittammyk
    spirittammyk 3 months ago

    Fuck kids! Comic books weren't meant for pussy ass kids. They were meant for teenagers, the same kind that would sign up for the military and go to war!

  • Shane Bauman
    Shane Bauman 3 months ago

    Duh its PG-13

  • ielya tehrani
    ielya tehrani 3 months ago

    Another moments that are not for kids not in the movies
    Iron Fist did a suicide
    Bucky made Wanda's head swelled
    Natasha's swimsuit in Civil War
    Ultron demolished General Ross
    Riot knocked down the Avengo
    & Steve & Natasha before Infinity War Steve was doing on Nat the thing that Justin did to Poppy Mitchell

    PHOTON PLUS YT 3 months ago

    where is the thumbnail

  • Kevin McClintock
    Kevin McClintock 3 months ago

    Seriously, kids these days cuss and kill animals for pleasure. You think little moments of PG is gonna faze them ?

  • EUROPA Music - Official Channel

    The librarian beheading has bothered me since I saw it the first time. I'm 31 and have all of the Saw movies... and that beheading disturbed me as much as the Saw movies... I don't know why, but I like that it somehow pulls that off.

  • hope lee
    hope lee 4 months ago

    When were the mcu movies ever made for kids they are not made for kids

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago +3

    The entire Mcu isn’t meant for kids it has bad words and yeah

  • AssassinAsylum classified

    When were marvel movies meant for children under 13?

  • Local Man
    Local Man 4 months ago

    Didn't Strange Marry Dormanu's Daughter in the comics? I forget her name, I used to have her as an ally in the marvel heroes game that was made by the dude that made diablo (it got shut down though, RIP Marvel Heroes)

  • Local Man
    Local Man 4 months ago

    I would have thought loki's "mewling quim" line would have been the loki entry. maybe theres more? afterall, it means "whining, vaginal lubricant" to put it nicely.

  • Donnie Phillips
    Donnie Phillips 4 months ago +1

    I'd like to put something in her mouth !

  • Rain
    Rain 5 months ago

    It has been one year.. Now you can change the thumbnail 👎

  • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy
    Bob Wehadababyitsaboy 5 months ago

    Captain America could not lift that motorcycle. It's a WWII cycle before we started using composites and lighter materials. It probably weighs at least 500 pounds. Check out the thighs on those girls on the cycle. They are each at least 150 pounds. That puts the total weight at around 950 pounds. Captain America can only lift 800 pounds and that is with maximum effort. Given that the cycle isn't balanced, he probably couldn't lift the bike with one girl.

  • Everyone has an opinion

    That guy who was tortured with drowning, wasn't drowning at all. The water was overflowing before it even got to his mouth! You'd think with the rank he held, he'd either see what was going to happen with his positioning, or he'd hold out for a little bit then realise he was never going to drown

  • Glen De Guzman
    Glen De Guzman 5 months ago

    I came for the thumbnail! !

  • Pivorock
    Pivorock 5 months ago

    So couple of things. These movies are rated pg-13 so they aren’t exactly meant to be for kids. Also daredevil is rated MA and not really a part of the MCU

  • Donnie Phillips
    Donnie Phillips 5 months ago

    Yeah ,I got something for that thumbnail , can u guess what ,

  • mopoilija
    mopoilija 5 months ago

    Since when daredevil and punisher were part of mcu

  • Vavaro
    Vavaro 5 months ago

    *looks at the title* wait... since when was the MCU for kids? Aren't most of their movies rated PG-13?

  • ieat caribou
    ieat caribou 5 months ago

    20 years ago every kid could handle this, it's only the snowflakes of today raising their kids who are triggered by scenes like these.

  • Hela You can’t defeat me

    Make a vid called ant man crawls up captain marvel butt meme

  • dimryman
    dimryman 6 months ago

    So that means the dead avengers go there so that they live. Yay black widow, iron man and captain america

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 6 months ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I came here for the thumbnail
    And so did you

  • ThePolar Bears14
    ThePolar Bears14 6 months ago

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    So did you .

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 6 months ago

    Dormammu, I am here to make a deal.

  • Moma The
    Moma The 6 months ago


  • Jeff W
    Jeff W 7 months ago

    I clicked for the ADS and...JACKPOT!! This video is chock full of em.

  • Adhi Deva
    Adhi Deva 7 months ago

    Iron man sex scene in iron man 1


    Natasha romanoffs booty

  • JaiddenDrip__Ce0 0
    JaiddenDrip__Ce0 0 7 months ago

    Ima kid watching this

  • Jack Lovett
    Jack Lovett 7 months ago +1

    2:30 oh my god it’s a ghoul trooper 😮

  • Laura Araya
    Laura Araya 7 months ago +1

    This guy's voice is so incredibly annoying

    AKSHA̷T 7 months ago +1

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  • Bolivianos para Bolivia

    fuck your thumbnails.

  • Darkness Dragon
    Darkness Dragon 7 months ago +1

    Crap that's right if they could bring Phil back why can't they bring Tony back please no endgame spoilers still haven't watched it

  • DoE DoOdLEs
    DoE DoOdLEs 7 months ago

    All the movies are rated PG 13 DADOY

  • mpetrus100
    mpetrus100 7 months ago +1

    DIRTY CLICKBAITERS will you ever actually talk about how black widow got her teeth pulled out? sorry I meant almost

  • Liang Guo
    Liang Guo 7 months ago

    Marvel's The Avengers *(2012)*
    Age Of Ultron *(2015)*
    Infinity War *(2018)*
    EndGame *(2019)*

  • Daisy Reynolds
    Daisy Reynolds 7 months ago +1

    Wait....if they brought Cloulson back......THEY CAN BRING LOKI BACK!!!

    • Daisy Reynolds
      Daisy Reynolds 7 months ago +1

      @goinbothwaysfirst, if you watch the video and films, they did. They implanted a specific scene in his mind and we didn't find out till later within marvel, and no I will not get over Loki being dead. He has been dead numerous times before and so far I have gathered 9 theories as to why he survives. And, who asked for your god damn opinion? No one. Now shut up and leave me the hell alone

    • goinbothways
      goinbothways 7 months ago

      They never brought Coulson back.
      Loki is dead.
      Get over it.

  • [ Insert Name Here]
    [ Insert Name Here] 8 months ago

    Im 12 and witnessed all of this without being fazed

  • 4ever Awesome!
    4ever Awesome! 8 months ago

    03:03, not the Space Stone, the Power Stone.

  • 4ever Awesome!
    4ever Awesome! 8 months ago +1

    00:39, General Ross and Red Skull survived.

  • GGfallerXD
    GGfallerXD 8 months ago

    Uuuuhhhhhmmmmm when Natasha pulls banner down the Bar in Age of Ultron

  • Xeno Mama
    Xeno Mama 8 months ago

    Oh yeah when that guy got turned into a little red blob

  • Bailey Harrell
    Bailey Harrell 8 months ago

    I will avenge u Loki

  • Maki-プレ
    Maki-プレ 8 months ago

    honestly, i’m hella confused how they didn’t add the Christine everhart sex scene from Ironman 1-

  • Siddartha Kumar
    Siddartha Kumar 8 months ago

    If T.A.H.I.T.I was used to revive fallen Avengers, why don't they revive Quicksilver

  • Siddartha Kumar
    Siddartha Kumar 8 months ago

    3:03 Power Stone not Space Stone

  • BondBillJack -Playz
    BondBillJack -Playz 9 months ago

    Why am i here,,,

  • Jesse
    Jesse 9 months ago

    I really just wanted to see the thumbnail- ;-;

  • Screaming Knife
    Screaming Knife 9 months ago

    Avengers:*stops bad guys*
    CBR:Not meant for kids

  • Mr.Jelly Pants
    Mr.Jelly Pants 9 months ago

    One of the in iron man with the reporters

  • Tahu Luke
    Tahu Luke 9 months ago +1

    Its not like the movies altogether are for kids anyways like, have you all seen the age rating for them?

    • Harry Balls
      Harry Balls 8 months ago

      I still don’t understand the PG-13 ratings. I thought marvel in general was a kids franchise?

    GONK DROID 9 months ago

    Another moment is the entire civil war movie

  • 1C3YB01
    1C3YB01 9 months ago

    End game let’s go get that son of a bitch scene

  • Bryce Sabio Narbonita
    Bryce Sabio Narbonita 9 months ago

    U forgot the death merchant scence from iron man 1
    Also stop clickbating😂

  • EWMilk
    EWMilk 9 months ago


  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang 9 months ago

    1. Curse Scene
    2. Curse Scene
    3. Curse Scene
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    5. Curse Scene
    6. Curse Scene
    7. Curse Scene
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  • Poopy Films
    Poopy Films 9 months ago


  • Stop motion Animation
    Stop motion Animation 9 months ago

    You mean the power stone

  • Kelly Reid
    Kelly Reid 9 months ago +1

    Is MCU reaaallly for younger kids tho? I mean,,, LANGUAGE

  • Juke Master
    Juke Master 9 months ago

    Abmantion survied.

  • Concentrated Orange juice

    3:04 I guess that’s the space stone