MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order - Rise of the Phoenix DLC Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Four more X-Men join the alliance-Phoenix, Gambit, Ice Man, and Cable- as part of the second of 3 DLC packs included with the MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order Expansion Pass. This pack includes these four playable characters, the newly added Danger Room Mode, and additional Gauntlet missions.
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Comments • 452

  • NeoDanomaru
    NeoDanomaru 10 days ago +1


  • DeltaPrime350
    DeltaPrime350 11 days ago

    It be so cool in the next update if you can create your team like in the first game where you pick which characters are members and a team name and logo.

  • Toby W
    Toby W 12 days ago

    Fantastic four?

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 19 days ago

    or they could add a Dlc pack with Beta ray bill , velkery ,korg and skurge

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 21 day ago

    or a Dlc pack called the Spider-man into the spiderverse pack with Scarlet Spider , Spider-man 2099, spider woman and Iron spider

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen 22 days ago +1

    "Welcome to the Danger Room. I hope you survive the experience."
    I see what you did there :)

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 22 days ago

    or a Giggly Goblin Pack with New goblin , Green Goblin and Hob Goblin as a Dlc

  • Beating life
    Beating life 23 days ago

    Lame X-men dlc could of been way better

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 23 days ago

    Do you think any of these will come after Shadow of Doom

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 23 days ago

    or a Asgardian Dlc pack with Korg , Valkery, Heimdal and Skurge

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 23 days ago

    or a Revenge of the Symbiots Dlc Pack with Carnage , Anti Venom and Scream And Lasher

  • Max Kysl
    Max Kysl 23 days ago

    mates fix the fps, even in your trailer it lags

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 25 days ago

    Do you think any of these could come after shadow of Doom

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 25 days ago

    Or a Dlc pack called the Magic Pack that comes with Baren Morto , Wong ,Clea and Brother voo doo

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 25 days ago

    or a Dlc Pack called Revenge of The Symbiots With Scream, Carnage , Anti Venom and Lasher

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 26 days ago

    do you think they will make any packs like this after shadow of bane

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 26 days ago

    or an Dlc pack that’s called the Asgardian pack with Valkery and Korg, Himdal and Skurge

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 26 days ago

    or some other Dlc pack like a Magic pack with Mystrio ,Wong and Morto

  • evan steiner
    evan steiner 27 days ago

    do you think after the shadows of bane they will add a revenge of the symbiots with carnage ,Scream ,Anti Venom,Lasher

  • The Bearded 1
    The Bearded 1 29 days ago

    Upon playing this mode further, I feel Danger Room could use some tweaks. I've tried playing online for a while and very rarely do I get to finish a match before a communication error kicks me out. It wouldn't be so bad if I got Event Points for trying, but unless I finish Round 3 after it boots me out, I get nothing. I understand online multi is the main focus so I'm okay with getting more points that way, but I can't advance the event too much when I've only successfully finished 1 game where I didn't suffer a communication error. Other than that, I love this update.

  • Anduin Brothar
    Anduin Brothar Month ago

    no colossus?

  • Jeremy Bennett
    Jeremy Bennett Month ago


  • It's-a me Megatron.

    Couch co-op doent work after update

  • Nicolas Nunez
    Nicolas Nunez Month ago

    Fix the offline coop asap!!

    T SMACKS Month ago

    One question why don’t ice man have his traditional beam?? Not seeing it hurts.

  • Blade Ballet Productions


  • Prince Envi
    Prince Envi Month ago

    So cable and punisher basically the same character in this game.. they should have gave us a different set of characters. Jubilee( LoL), Rogue, & The White Queen .. ( and this game takes forever to level up ya characters.. like what adult has that much time to repeatedly play this damn game all damn day?

    • TonyKanameKuran
      TonyKanameKuran Month ago +2

      Activision is no longer licensing MARVEL Games. Where have you been?

  • Tuvya Maeir
    Tuvya Maeir Month ago


  • purextreme
    purextreme Month ago +3

    So where’s the story content?

    • purextreme
      purextreme Month ago

      Best MUA was part 2.

    • Anthony J
      Anthony J Month ago +1

      I know, Curse of the Vampire was in dire need of a story, not a new mode that acted like a story.

    • Alejandro Perez
      Alejandro Perez Month ago +1

      Gauntlet Mode is the story mode.

    • Christian Evans-Walker
      Christian Evans-Walker Month ago +1

      They didn’t promised any, or did they and I’m living under a rock

  • Anthony O'Neal
    Anthony O'Neal Month ago

    Man... I can't even beat Dr Strange.

  • TrapSkateLive
    TrapSkateLive Month ago

    Okay my only beef is Cable... Beast is way more logical than Cable...I knew I was gonna get Iceman and Gambit no matter what...But Cable? I'd rather run squad with Kitty 💯

    • Anthony J
      Anthony J Month ago

      @Christian Evans-Walker If only he had a moveset that was already demonstrated in the X-Men chapter, like Scott and Piotr.

    • Christian Evans-Walker
      Christian Evans-Walker Month ago +1

      What Boi is trying to say is that it would be best and logical to make beast free dlc like cyclops and colossus was.

    • Boi Z
      Boi Z Month ago

      Beat being dlc is stupid he is already in the base game

  • Jose Salinas
    Jose Salinas Month ago +1

    I Like The Characters That We R Getting In This Expansion Plus The New Danger Room Mode Looks Interesting. Hopefully Professor X Will Be Narrating The New Gauntlet Mode.

    • Anthony J
      Anthony J Month ago

      Probably Beast too. I saw him in his lab coat in the gauntlet menu.

  • The Bearded 1
    The Bearded 1 Month ago +1

    I love the new characters and I love that they add new modes each update and the Gauntlet expanding is great, but will this get a new story mode like Nightmare? I thought that was a cool way to change up the story mode in a fun way, so I wonder if this will get one. Maybe random enemies develop mutant powers? That would be cool. :-)

  • Male Ivy
    Male Ivy Month ago

    Not going to lie, I would only purchased this for Iceman.

  • Cliff Alfaro
    Cliff Alfaro Month ago

    Why dont we have beast?

  • Marcelo
    Marcelo Month ago

    Rogue and Jubilee ☹

  • Iceman Cometh
    Iceman Cometh Month ago +1


  • Alejandro Flores
    Alejandro Flores Month ago +2

    What is causing this "great cosmic disturbance"?

  • Orangerry
    Orangerry Month ago


  • Mauricio Winston
    Mauricio Winston Month ago

    This game is a rip off, if you already have been playing it.

    • Boi Z
      Boi Z Month ago

      Mauricio Winston

  • hostilebogeyinbound

    Cant wait to get Scott, Jean, Bobby and Piotr on the same team. Guess I am going to have to retire Cap, Storm, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow.

  • Nick thompson
    Nick thompson Month ago +1

    Danger room looks fun

  • _Lycostehwulf_
    _Lycostehwulf_ Month ago

    I don't care about these games. I bought a switch thinking "Nintendo would be stupid not to port windwaker and twilight princess to the switch within the first year!" Well, damn. I expected the switch to be the Apex Nintendo console as far as virtual console and retro gaming go. I mean, it's not powerful enough to keep up with modern games so it only makes sense to capitalize on your massive library of incredibly famous older games with remakes, remasters ETC. I thought that by this far into the things life span I'd have windwaker, twilight princess, Oot, MM and many other Zelda games at my fingertips.... Guess what? There's a total of 5 Zelda games on switch and 4 of them are 20 years old or more. None of them remasters or remakes of the more recent 3d Zelda games we actually want on the system. The only good Zelda games on switch are BOTW, Links Awakening, and Link to the past. Both of the latter are over 20 years old. It would be so so so cool so be able to play Mario 64 and Majora's mask anywhere any time, or play twilight princess on a plane. There are so many awful games of mobile phone quality on the E shop and it's genuinely very sad to see how far downhill Nintendo's standards have gone down in regards to the content they release and distribute. Nintendo used to be synonymous with quality, now it's synonymous with shady.

    • Hypno Bagels
      Hypno Bagels Month ago +1

      _Lycostehwulf_ It’s obviously going to come in a separate game app. They said they got rid of the virtual console branding, and how they did things with the virtual console but they weren’t getting rid of trying to bring classic games to new systems.

    • _Lycostehwulf_
      _Lycostehwulf_ Month ago

      @Hypno Bagels also what makes you think they're working on it? They said they have no plans for an n64 virtual console or any virtual console for that matter

    • Hypno Bagels
      Hypno Bagels Month ago +1

      They’re working on it chill. They still prefer more quality over quantity. Get off your Zelda hype train and play something else. Geez you sound so whiny.

  • The Bourban
    The Bourban Month ago


  • Raiden8816
    Raiden8816 Month ago +2

    I held off on a purchase due to no Gambit at launch. Now I will buy the game with all the DLC. Thank you Nintendo.

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy Month ago +1

    The Phoenix is awesome!

  • dino Slayer
    dino Slayer Month ago

    manga Master race

  • dino Slayer
    dino Slayer Month ago +5

    let's hope they make X-Men Legends remastered

    • dino Slayer
      dino Slayer 20 days ago

      ​@KhaosLord that's new comic Iceman's powers that your scene

    • dino Slayer
      dino Slayer 20 days ago

      @KhaosLord actually you're wrong about that

    • KhaosLord
      KhaosLord 26 days ago

      @dino Slayer the quality of the comics have nothing to do with the games.

    • dino Slayer
      dino Slayer Month ago

      @TonyKanameKuran have you saw Marvel Comics are garbage lately

    • TonyKanameKuran
      TonyKanameKuran Month ago

      @dino Slayer That is ACTIVISION's problem... not MARVEL.

  • Juan Gomez
    Juan Gomez Month ago


  • Mondy Hightower
    Mondy Hightower Month ago


  • Brandon Schneider
    Brandon Schneider Month ago


  • nikos yanopulos
    nikos yanopulos Month ago

    This dlc is not bad. I like Phoenix, iceman and gambit. Cable...not so much. Emma frost, rogue, shadowcat would be much much much better to be in the game than Cable for many many reasons. Not very excited for this one. And I am a huge x fan...

  • stgladichev
    stgladichev Month ago

    No Emma ? ....

  • Velin Caroline Huang
    Velin Caroline Huang Month ago +1

    I Like this America Action RPG!!! 😍😍😍

  • Nomar Sasherhime
    Nomar Sasherhime Month ago

    Yes Gambit!! Now just need Silver Surfer and this is complete. Maybe some more levels too

  • Fanatic Comics
    Fanatic Comics Month ago +1

    So how do I unlock these characters in game? I haven't played since the game came out and I bought the dlc pack back then. Do I get them as I progress through new dlc content story or through the rift thingies?

    • tyler2813
      tyler2813 Month ago

      You have to do the gauntlet challenges to unlock them

  • RubyCoolGuy FinalForm

    Would've preferred Rogue over Cable or Phoenix but I'm still excited

  • Cyanity
    Cyanity Month ago +1

    This is nice I hope the next free characters are vision and ant man then beast and nova and then everyone else

  • James Burke
    James Burke Month ago

    Gonna be honest, I was really hoping for X-23.

  • Evelyn Pumarejo
    Evelyn Pumarejo Month ago +1

    I want Winter soldier please 🙏