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  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
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    Christopher Walken, talking grizzly's, and country music? How could anything in this go right? Well believe it or not, Nostalgia Critic finds a few things right in, The Country Bears.
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    The Country Bears is a 2002 American family musical comedy film, directed by Peter Hastings, produced by Walt Disney Pictures, and based on the Disney theme park attraction Country Bear Jamboree. The film stars Haley Joel Osment as the voice of Beary Barrington with supporting roles done by Christopher Walken, Stephen Tobolowsky, Daryl Mitchell, M.C. Gainey, Diedrich Bader, Alex Rocco, Meagen Fay, Eli Marienthal, and the voice talents of Diedrich Bader, Candy Ford, James Gammon, Brad Garrett, Toby Huss, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Stephen Root.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  5 months ago +808

    That ad was something...
    Support this week's charity -

    • green creó
      green creó Month ago

      Channel Awesome bears

    • Lil_A_20 2.0
      Lil_A_20 2.0 Month ago

      Your ads are off the walls random. You’re not that good at random.

    • GamingDemigodXIII
      GamingDemigodXIII Month ago

      @Tyler Buck But first, do Vlogs on the Netflix series, like with Last Airbender. Or if your particularly thorough, read the books.

    • Leonardo Crocetta
      Leonardo Crocetta 3 months ago

      I'm shaving.

    • Gungelion
      Gungelion 4 months ago

      He made a joke about Christopher walken having a past life as orangutan and not make a jungle book reference? For shame!

  • Gage King
    Gage King Day ago

    One of my favorite childhood movies. I still love it for nostalgic reasons when I watch it. I honestly still find myself singing the songs from it at work. Country Bears left a big impression on me no matter how dumb it is.

  • Virgil Sanders
    Virgil Sanders 2 days ago +1

    Love your videos 👍💜

  • Dare Dawg
    Dare Dawg 3 days ago


  • Lizard'sss Reviewsss
    Lizard'sss Reviewsss 4 days ago +1

    "Donald Trump"

  • FlawedCoil82
    FlawedCoil82 4 days ago +1

    That ad with him shaving the dollar was hilarious! Now I am going back through other videos to see what other funny ads I "might" have skipped over.

  • Terrell Thompson
    Terrell Thompson 5 days ago

    Sora was a bear?

  • Mon Hunterz
    Mon Hunterz 5 days ago

    8:32 should it be the other way around?

  • Ed SkyNight
    Ed SkyNight 5 days ago

    I thought country bears was a pretty fun movie when I was younger.

  • Play Crud
    Play Crud 6 days ago

    Boy the FiveNightsatFreddys movie sure looks weird

  • the Cannon
    the Cannon 6 days ago

    Woken is great at it because he can act however he wants and no one of the cast will get mad

  • The chaos Bros.
    The chaos Bros. 7 days ago


    O k

  • Don M
    Don M 7 days ago

    13:12 he said Rip Holland to remind himself of who to find to make sure the concert didnt happen. When i mumble to myself half of the first word doesnt always come out either lol

  • Don M
    Don M 7 days ago

    I watched this movie like 20 times as a kid. Still think it was great. All star musical cast

  • virgohedgie
    virgohedgie 7 days ago

    This review was hilarious lol

  • Vincent DiPietro
    Vincent DiPietro 8 days ago

    wtf was that dollar shave club ad...
    doug are you okay???

  • クロケイ
    クロケイ 9 days ago

    I love this movie and everyone else hates it ...

  • Logan Hudson
    Logan Hudson 9 days ago

    I went through a period when I was like 8 or 9 where this movie was my life. Looking back its kinda trash

  • Heath Trantham
    Heath Trantham 9 days ago

    It's weird to listen to people critique a childrens movie intended for young children where it's only job is to entertain children. But critics point out things like its attempting high brow comedy or like the movie is trying to citizen kane! But I actually loved this movie as a kid.

  • Josh O
    Josh O 9 days ago

    I actually thought it was Reese from Malcolm in the Middle.

  • Cory Baxter
    Cory Baxter 9 days ago

    Wow! I just realised this movie stole it’s plot from the Lovehandle episode from Phineas and Ferb

  • smsararosy86
    smsararosy86 10 days ago

    I love this movie! I do not get the hate at all.

  • David Herrera
    David Herrera 10 days ago

    8:49 Hah :) The Rock afire Explosion is a better animatronic show anyway, so I don't blame em.

  • Ulysses Fontaine
    Ulysses Fontaine 10 days ago

    *My god...bears, don't let them get you hun, they figured it out.*

    KML HS 'THS' SK 10 days ago

    +channelawesome i love ur videos and ur reaction are so hilarious:D

  • mishai nutr
    mishai nutr 10 days ago

    17:30 I strongly regret using headphones now....

  • Matt the Terrier
    Matt the Terrier 11 days ago

    8:30 Kevin Michael Richardson: An amazing voice actor that's done a little bit of everything, but still doesn't get nearly enough attention as other voice actors

  • Pro Wrestling & Video Game Fan 486

    One of the worst Disney movies ever made.

  • Cool girl 123
    Cool girl 123 11 days ago

    Pirates of The Caribbean is based of a ride. The first 2 movies were good.

  • Glucose Lover
    Glucose Lover 12 days ago +1

    I never skip your ad because it's so entertaining to watch. Thank you for the extra effort you and your team put in.

  • Dallin N
    Dallin N 13 days ago

    26:14 what about that Limp Bizkit poster right under it?

  • celestiarulerofequestria

    I really like this movie. Still watch it on occasion.

  • ᐅᓇᓕᒃ Nanuq
    ᐅᓇᓕᒃ Nanuq 16 days ago

    At 13:37... why does it look like the Bear is jerking off?

  • Nemosis Alpha
    Nemosis Alpha 16 days ago

    Why is everyone ignore the f-troop joke it was one of the funniest shows produced in 60s. Seriously I think everyone should watch it it's hilarious.

  • Fire Shot Studios
    Fire Shot Studios 16 days ago

    16:42 Shock shock shock
    Flashbacks to the amazing piece of writing that is "Sparkle sparkle sparkle"

  • Maggs
    Maggs 19 days ago

    I've only ever seen a trailer for this movie, therefore I am morbidly curious

  • Jamie Caldwell
    Jamie Caldwell 20 days ago

    I LOVE this movie so much and was obsessed with it when I was a kid. I've always enjoyed it because I never once tried to take it seriously. It's extremely weird and when I was growing up, I didn't understand half of what was going on but that made it all the more entertaining. It was just so random and wacky. And also, the "OH NO! COUNTRY BEAR HALL HAS BEEN CRUSHED" moment has always been my favorite.

  • Viola Chess
    Viola Chess 20 days ago

    this was my favorite movie as a kid THANK YOU critic :)

  • Ancientgamer246
    Ancientgamer246 21 day ago

    Ok, 2 things.
    1) I love this movie for the reason that it embraces all the weird shit and essentially pokes fun at itself.
    2) every time I hear Beary speak I think of Sora from kingdom hearts, specifically the first one. Same voice actor

  • Dr G.Fimhouse
    Dr G.Fimhouse 22 days ago +2

    "Oh no!"
    "Country bear hall has been crushed!"

  • Isaac Vanden Bos
    Isaac Vanden Bos 22 days ago

    I loved that movie growing up. There I said it

  • Thewifeswapped
    Thewifeswapped 23 days ago

    I thought I had made this movie up in a fever dream I had.

  • MyLifeIsOdd
    MyLifeIsOdd 23 days ago

    13:37 he looks like hes..... Playing with somthing

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 24 days ago +1

    This is what nostalgia looks like.

  • James Ward
    James Ward 25 days ago

    He said Rip Holland really quietly and quickly

  • Caeser Tullo
    Caeser Tullo 26 days ago

    omg it's been 3 years of presidency and this is the first joke about Donald Trump I've found funny and not pandering.

  • Jimmy Mack
    Jimmy Mack 28 days ago

    Do y’all have to scream so much!!

  • Anarchy Gaming
    Anarchy Gaming 28 days ago +3

    The sponsorship ads are pretty funny

  • cubbleshasreturned
    cubbleshasreturned 28 days ago +2

    17:30 someone give props to Tamera and her acting skills in this

  • Movie Maniac
    Movie Maniac 28 days ago

    Fun fact: Christopher Walken was nominated for a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor for his performance.

  • Shadow Werewolf6
    Shadow Werewolf6 28 days ago +1

    4:21 "Mom. Am I adopted?"

  • Joshua Solis
    Joshua Solis 28 days ago +1


  • Crafts with Abby
    Crafts with Abby 29 days ago

    I loved this movie and still fo

  • Mallard Duck/JRH
    Mallard Duck/JRH 29 days ago

    This was made the year I was born

  • TheSonOfTheDragon
    TheSonOfTheDragon 29 days ago

    28:49 well Walken did play King Louie in the remake of Jungle Book.

  • Fironel
    Fironel 29 days ago

    You talk about Hailey Joel Osment but not kingdom hearts even when you have the chance and when you have a chance to talk about kingdom hearts ypu talk about kingdom hearts

  • Reviewed Caleb
    Reviewed Caleb Month ago

    15:24 you missed a perfect kool aid man joke opportunity

  • j s s
    j s s Month ago

    what is the music in the beginning?? ♥️

  • MutterBilk Miscuit
    MutterBilk Miscuit Month ago

    Look up “Bears Discover Fire” on is presented by Dust.

  • The Scribe
    The Scribe Month ago

    Steve Martin: I was born a poor black child

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare Month ago +1

    I just want to show off my “bear necessities” 😂

  • Codename: Xelda
    Codename: Xelda Month ago

    I was born the same year this movie was...
    I don't know how to feel right now... 🙁

  • the iron dragon
    the iron dragon Month ago

    Barry:mom am I adopted?
    Me:have you looked in the mirror lately?

  • whyme777x
    whyme777x Month ago

    Pretty sure he said "pollen", in the context of bees and hives

  • Marvin the Maniac
    Marvin the Maniac Month ago

    I can't help but think this movie ripped off the Blues Brothers.

  • merge m8
    merge m8 Month ago

    The Shining scene lmao

  • Zoloko 18
    Zoloko 18 Month ago

    did anyone else pause the video just to laugh uncontrollably?

  • Jacob Lakins
    Jacob Lakins Month ago

    Country Bears is NOT a ride!! It's an Audio-Animatronic stage show. It's in the same vein as things like Hall of Presidents, Carousel of Progress, America Sings and The Mickey Mouse Revue, thank you very much!

  • Dabman77777
    Dabman77777 Month ago

    24:48 come on man, no nick cage in bear costume joke

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson Month ago

    I remember this as a kid. Yeah it hasn’t aged well. Those bears look hideous.

  • The Wastelander
    The Wastelander Month ago

    17:54 that was eerie

  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster Month ago +1

    Did you make a Freakazoid reference in your review?

    • o0cacoto0o
      o0cacoto0o Month ago

      He should have finished the line segment though. Always got me in Freakazoid.
      ps. -scream-

  • Vulture X
    Vulture X Month ago


  • KaijuKid 14
    KaijuKid 14 Month ago +1

    One of my grade school teaches actually showed us this movie in class

  • Micah Clark
    Micah Clark Month ago

    1:51 what’s the name of the show with the group of kids standing in front of that theater?

  • chuck grable
    chuck grable Month ago

    You forgot to mention that he had not one, but two limp Bizkit posters🤣

  • Can we get to 0 subs with no videos?

    So it's literally just The Muppets.

  • Cerulean Majesty
    Cerulean Majesty Month ago

    Country Bears is one of my favorite movies. And I'm not ashamed to say that nostalgia plays a heavy factor. The first time I watched it, I was in a "bear phase" where I was reading books about bears and watching every movie and documentary about bears I could get my hands on. So, to my weird bear-loving 12-year-old self, The Country Bears was everything I could've asked for.

  • Jack Jeager87
    Jack Jeager87 Month ago

    Keep filming in this hd it looks great

  • TJS_123
    TJS_123 Month ago

    Country bears: that’s no bear that’s my brother
    Stuart little: that’s no mouses that’s my brother

  • kniffenkid
    kniffenkid Month ago

    At 10:50 turn on auto generated captions. You won't regret it.

  • Nik Tour
    Nik Tour Month ago

    Funniest ad

  • Waffelmeister 06
    Waffelmeister 06 Month ago

    I just realized the guy at 14:25 is really Brian Setzer. What does he in this movie? He's actually a good musician.

  • america roleplayer
    america roleplayer Month ago

    Is the Fozzie moment a reference to that scene in the muppet movie? "Nope, sorry. I only work alone." "Oh." "ALRIGHT!! Ya talked me into it! We'll be a team!" "Oh, good!"

  • James Barbatano
    James Barbatano Month ago

    This is the funnest review I have ever watched.

  • Garret Marucha
    Garret Marucha Month ago

    I'm not sure if it's been mentioned in the comments, but Walken was a lion tamer. Like legitimately a circus lion tamer, him being in a cage with five large predators, and being the boss is in his resume. Hell that might be why he's more comfortable with the bear suits than he is with people.

  • A Frog
    A Frog Month ago

    Picked up some info from IMDB:
    Everything is Broken.

    Sure is, lmao xD

  • the ultimate comidIAN

    Sadly kid had to watch this on her birthday

  • Nate Grettenberger
    Nate Grettenberger Month ago

    Are those defibrillators just door handles

  • Dire
    Dire Month ago

    I didn't only see Berry listens to NIN

    Also Limp Bizkit

  • Paragon Josh
    Paragon Josh Month ago

    Wow, it's been years since I've seen an episode and i'm really happy to see it's improved. Keep up the good work, Doug.

  • Galactistar Animation

    I can’t believe this guy even knows what the Rock afire Explosion is.

  • Game Predator
    Game Predator Month ago

    Came here from /r/Cringetopia.

  • daltysmilth
    daltysmilth Month ago

    What? No "disappearing bears" reference?

  • Noah Blair
    Noah Blair Month ago

    OH NO!!!

  • karen ontiveros
    karen ontiveros Month ago

    Not going to lie but I liked watching country bears 😂

  • Alix Rettig
    Alix Rettig Month ago

    forgot that no one is capable of acting is these things

  • Carlton Dean
    Carlton Dean Month ago

    Every time Christopher Walken yells, "THIS IS NOT OVER! BEARS!" an angel gets his wings.