Casually Explained: Evolution III - Life as a Video Game

  • Published on Mar 23, 2017
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  • Op Tricks
    Op Tricks 23 hours ago

    Update incoming: Your parent player now has a option to pay for college bribes it makes it a lot easier to get the College DLC.

  • Op Tricks
    Op Tricks Day ago

    There are rumors for a future update for America and it apparently has a wall being put around the boarder.

  • The Real Mitsu
    The Real Mitsu Day ago

    Some characters think that whatever wrongs you had did in game will come back as challenges that attack you every time you play.

  • K eee hi
    K eee hi Day ago


  • Koals
    Koals 2 days ago

    I just finished the tutorial and have no idea what to do now. There seem to be millions of different paths to take, even if I buy the university DLC there are thousands of options. The tutorial fucking sucked, it didn't teach me any of these things!

  • ansh sachdeva
    ansh sachdeva 3 days ago


  • GamerDude2088
    GamerDude2088 3 days ago

    The smartest person on the internet.

  • borat bruno
    borat bruno 3 days ago

    I really like this game, but I hate the other players.

  • SomeGuyNamedTy
    SomeGuyNamedTy 4 days ago +1

    Thinking about life as a video game is oddly therapeutic

  • Shadow Playz
    Shadow Playz 5 days ago

    Guys i need help, i unlocked the intercourse minigame but i got a buff called "Aids" help me idk what that mean.

    • Alex Hidalgo
      Alex Hidalgo 3 days ago

      more like a debuff, no cure avalible at the moment fam.

  • Logic Trumps Emotion

    Try not to go to the areas in red unless you're trying to speed run the game. Hahaha

  • MRKI
    MRKI 6 days ago

    I am level 15 and i am really bad😂

  • Jyots Singh
    Jyots Singh 8 days ago

    This episode was so creative I wanna cry

  • HeavenlyTuber
    HeavenlyTuber 9 days ago +1

    I’ve had this bug with the game where levels 1-6 are just constant PVP with two parent players

  • Marshall Cross
    Marshall Cross 9 days ago

    This is brilliant, made my day hahaha

  • I hate to be that guy but

    Why do you guys recommend Myanmar server over Thailand's?

  • AgroBabb
    AgroBabb 18 days ago

    I wouldn't recommend spawning in any of the pvp zones as the civilan class because there is a 80% chance you will have to move to another area

  • Sabiki Kasukō
    Sabiki Kasukō 19 days ago

    I'm a level 19 myself and it boy, this game is fucking hard xD I can't even find the LFG menu and the balance of the DLC is throwing my entire walkthrough to shit, it is SO unbalanced and the curve of difficulty looks like a vertical straight like at this point, like come on >:v

  • Peter Quad
    Peter Quad 20 days ago

    Some players are talking about WW3 patch because they obviously didn't learn from previous WW.
    This could mean completely wipe of characters and their stats. :|

  • quweexin19
    quweexin19 21 day ago

    I want to quit this game. It sucks.

  • Shian Sin
    Shian Sin 22 days ago


  • TheWingsofprey
    TheWingsofprey 22 days ago

    I know this is late. But i dont think Indonesia would be red. It should be yellow.

  • Larofigure
    Larofigure 23 days ago

    Is this TierZoo?

  • YouCanAffordThat
    YouCanAffordThat 23 days ago

    My character bugged out and my social tree reset... very disappointed

  • Dan Everton
    Dan Everton 24 days ago

    The premature ejaculation mini quest keeps aborting the game to windows, even though for years the producers said that quest would be released quickly.

  • Penelope Jenna Hensley

    can I delete my character and get a refund please

  • Javi Rios
    Javi Rios 28 days ago

    I think the love part should've been exp. Points not love meter. The more you know the better adapt you could get to a healthy relationship.

  • Matt Bright
    Matt Bright 28 days ago

    The tutorial is just designed to sell you the college or university DLC...that's fucken brilliant. I almost fell out my chair laughing the first time I heard that.

  • chris ,
    chris , 29 days ago

    What kinda outside knockoff is this game fuck it

  • Faggot F. Faggot
    Faggot F. Faggot 29 days ago

    I'm a level 12 player, and I usually pass my playtime playing the "Hentai" side-quest. I think the NTR category is the most exiting.

  • Badass Good Guy
    Badass Good Guy 29 days ago

    After watching some of the older gameplay videos,I can safely confirm that the characters from Level 1 were much more playable than the current ones.The primary objective of the players was to survive,nothing more!Damn the new updates screwed over everything

  • urboi yousef
    urboi yousef Month ago

    me is in the pvp zone + im in da IRAQQQQQQQQQQQQQ, wOOw i tHinK i wAS DrUnK wheN i CHoSE thE SeRver

  • Furkan Karakus
    Furkan Karakus Month ago

    i do speedrun

  • Shao Kahn Shoulder Charge

    There’s enough comment section material for a part II

  • Fluffsy1
    Fluffsy1 Month ago

    Im level 20 and purchased the college DLC expansion pack It certainly comes with perks but I am not sure it was worth the amount of money required for the purchase. The good thing is that it connects you easily with guilds and such that will help you with your interests and possible job prospects if you don’t plan on going the entrepreneur route. On a side note, I find at this level that it is more likely for the depression status condition to appear and Im having trouble removing it. It really is affecting my gameplay and makes it almost unenjoyable to play at times, I did go to the doctor npc characters to obtain the medication item and utilized the lower cost therapy center in my city and that seems to help the frequency of it appearing slightly. I’m hoping this status condition becomes less frequent as the game progresses as it makes everything in the game more difficult to do as it costs much more energy points to do anything while the status condition is present. Ive heard this is also a problem with the anxiety status and various other status effects as well. I don’t think these status effects are supposed to be this hard to remove, and sometimes my game glitches out after repeatedly showing me the new status condition alert along with the anxiety or depression status effect.

  • Стив Кольт

    There are some fractions "Sk1nH3ad" and "R@C1$TS" that judge people by their skin. Considering skin is not choosable. Fix this please.

  • Santiago Blanco
    Santiago Blanco Month ago

    In the most recent patches you get some some extra difficulty characteristics randomly, like your family's wealth or your good looking level

    ILOVEBLUE Month ago

    "I think there's no difference between before you start and after you finish" I feel bad

  • 2Big
    2Big Month ago +1

    Is there a way to remove the “unattractive” perk?

  • SnoopJohnson
    SnoopJohnson Month ago

    When you put it in these terms, it’s pretty fucked

  • My time
    My time Month ago

    Can I buy in game currency?

  • Omar Huda
    Omar Huda Month ago

    My tutorial level lasted until 22

  • hahstiko
    hahstiko Month ago

    TierZoo, casually explained

  • big boi
    big boi Month ago

    Does it have mod support?

  • Mr. Choco
    Mr. Choco Month ago +1

    I think that there's a bug in the game because female players don't acknowledge my (or any other male players) existence. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Sebastian Lang
    Sebastian Lang Month ago +2

    "Don't choose the red regions unless u wanna speedrun"
    oh noo

  • Emerson Fanko
    Emerson Fanko Month ago


  • Gentlemen Beatz
    Gentlemen Beatz Month ago

    They created a patch for my cheat codes and now i have to lose most of my playable time and start over again...

    *guess ill just hit reset

  • FT
    FT Month ago

    Fucking legendary😂

  • Yeng Lor
    Yeng Lor Month ago

    Speed run lmao

  • polemikful
    polemikful Month ago +1

    Once I realized there are no cheats to emit kamehamehas from my hands I lost interest in the game. Then I got absorbed by the innocuous hack of youtube, where I could watch npcs throw kamehamehas and ride dragons all the time

  • Skål Productions
    Skål Productions Month ago

    That last sentence hit different

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy Month ago

    Id say that school years are the story because theyre the most improtant years and work afterwards is the end game where u repeat the same grind over and over for ingame money

  • Mark Murex
    Mark Murex Month ago

    I'm waiting for that new broken patch in the works that allows you to assign new features to your character, and edit your character's file to become immortal. I so want to hack my character.

  • Mark Murex
    Mark Murex Month ago

    I don't know if this game sux, or it's just this server. Gunna Leeroy Jenkins this b.

  • Angry Face Reaction
    Angry Face Reaction Month ago +5

    I'm having the error *depression.exe*

  • Revoosh Noj
    Revoosh Noj Month ago +4

    Guys help....

    *I skipped the tutorial*

  • WiggaMachiavelli
    WiggaMachiavelli Month ago

    I'm in one of the Easy zones but it seems that other players are coming in from the Yellow and Red zones and are able to PvP unilaterally. Is this intended functionality or some kind of bug?

  • BlueThunder
    BlueThunder Month ago

    I hate these players that find excuses when they fail like it was either their ping, their party that sucks, they chose the wrong faction, the wrong area,... I just hate it man it is all about skill if you fail it's ok but just take the responsibility. Skill is meant to be improved.

  • BlueThunder
    BlueThunder Month ago

    Isn't it annoying when you wants to log out to rest but your party just want you to stay up late to XP ? uuh...

  • Mr Kash
    Mr Kash Month ago

    Every time I try to up my relationship bar with a first date it usually ends up in them not talking with me, or going into this game stage called "the friend zone"

  • Alphagod197
    Alphagod197 Month ago

    The caucasian male has the most privlage

  • Primm's Hood Cinema
    Primm's Hood Cinema Month ago +2

    I chose Black but didn't get the Basketball perk yet. Lvl 26.
    Do I have to do something else?

    • Op Tricks
      Op Tricks 23 hours ago

      You can likely get the wide receivers football perk I hear playing it can get you a lot of in game currency.

  • Telnobynoyator _
    Telnobynoyator _ Month ago

    I see C++ (or c)

  • Jonas
    Jonas Month ago

    Pay2Win Game, don't like it.

  • Debbie Pawlik
    Debbie Pawlik Month ago

    Frickin Hilarious and Brilliant!

  • Simenvh
    Simenvh Month ago

    Norway is super easy mode btw

  • Ceko Cekoblox
    Ceko Cekoblox Month ago

    im at level 8 and i am having fun

  • Mr. Unlicensed
    Mr. Unlicensed Month ago

    Does my country (NI) have no difficulty then

  • Genesis Corp
    Genesis Corp Month ago

    These comments are also clever. I'm a Level 13 player trying to help other players succeed in their tutorials since most of them quit before they finish it. Some people in my learning academy have tried to quit but people stopped them. I just want to let people know that this game could be better for you, you just have to have a good strategy at playing, when a player tries to knock you down, show them what you got and stand up. You can't stop yourself from leveling up, so make the most of your playtime with your parent players, and the interactable players called "friends". Love you all, there's still hope for players in this worldwide server :)))

  • Genesis Corp
    Genesis Corp Month ago

    Some comments in the comment section are so dark and sad it makes me feel depressed omg, guys are you okay?

  • Truman Sharp
    Truman Sharp Month ago

    I'm only level 18 but I unlocked Listening to Old Music and Bragging About It is this good?

  • Alejandro Zamora
    Alejandro Zamora Month ago

    What where!?

  • Adarsh Inginshetty
    Adarsh Inginshetty Month ago

    This game is probably made by FromSoftware.(makers of dark Souls)

  • AhBao阿宝
    AhBao阿宝 Month ago

    My depression skill tree are almost maxed out if the game keep throwing me more challenges i will use ciggarettes and beer as a temporally potion to let me fight it and when i maxed my depression skill level i am going to quit the game since theres no point of playing it anymore

  • Perry de Zeeuw
    Perry de Zeeuw Month ago +1

    Can someone help me? For some reason two hidden ability recently unlocked in my skill tree called anxiety and depression. I didn't choose to unlock them and they're lowering my overall stats does anyone know how to devolve or something? I'm getting pretty tired of it and I'm starting to think about resetting my game... 😂

  • Jake B
    Jake B Month ago


  • Ethan Chernick
    Ethan Chernick 2 months ago

    I loved how you used an Arma 2 loading screen to really emphasize the wait time

  • Marin Milos
    Marin Milos 2 months ago +2

    A heard that along time ago there was a hacker who would mess with the water texture but also fix bugs for other players and allegedly managed to get back in the game with the same character after he was killed

  • Spike The Lizard
    Spike The Lizard 2 months ago

    Tierzoo should have featured!

  • ashvill the boi
    ashvill the boi 2 months ago +1

    I am gonna ask the admins to lower the difficulty

  • Evan has no friends
    Evan has no friends 2 months ago

    Did he just just try to explain religion with subtlety? Damn risky move

  • ludendorff
    ludendorff 2 months ago +6

    There's a long time going bug called cancer, the conspiracy theory guild says there's been found a patch, but the admins dont want it to be released for the normal players.

  • Ahmad Amer
    Ahmad Amer 2 months ago

    Chose the arab/german hybrid build. Since arabs arent the easiest class... they got the "lots-of-siblings" perk. Comes in quiet handy and boosts your overall social skills which can counter the "you-are-an-arab" social buff.

  • Ediberto Santos
    Ediberto Santos 2 months ago

    School is the story mode but summer is an open world

    • Emily G.
      Emily G. 2 months ago

      The 90s-2000s updates made summer a pot more structured and restricted. You weren't even allowed to leave the house by yourself

  • amon mercury
    amon mercury 2 months ago

    relationship meter is bullshit....female players suck

  • amon mercury
    amon mercury 2 months ago

    Saudi Arabia should be a bit reddish tho sure it's money and resources friendly af but the freedom and game play it self sucks ass

  • Liam Slavin music
    Liam Slavin music 2 months ago

    I’m level 20 right now game is great. I need to work on my social and skills so help me by adding me as a friend on the insta menu my gamer tag is ljslavin

  • Cookies Are the center of the universe

    Am lvl 20 and in lvl 18 I found about some hiddin stones called drugs.. they were everywhere and they boosted my social skils but damged my life bar. Now my game la..g alot.

  • Gabriel David
    Gabriel David 2 months ago

    3:13 Lol

  • james johnson
    james johnson 2 months ago

    Ive always known. And people say' You think this a game? Haha. Explain random nonsense. It is a game. Hopefully the thing thats playing you isnt a lower level.

  • Heart of Iron RGF
    Heart of Iron RGF 2 months ago

    *Random Skill:*
    Trumpet Player
    When playing a Trumpet all nearby players gain Mental Stability and lose Corruption.
    *Random Trait:*
    Diesel Powered
    You have 50% less Willpower to begin Quests and Contracts, but 50% more Willpower to end Quests and Contracts.

  • DerpPotato Kat
    DerpPotato Kat 2 months ago

    I have a problem, my game keeps spazing out and when it's done I'm crying because my mom beat me

  • VeoBroLIVE
    VeoBroLIVE 2 months ago

    Lol my brother is such a. Noob he lost at level 4. Cancer was op

  • Antune Yabon
    Antune Yabon 2 months ago

    Unless u tryna speedrun the game? in war and poor countries?
    Bro you killed me xD

  • Sea Dog
    Sea Dog 2 months ago +1

    Well shit. I made my character ugly and I need to pay 300,000 to recustomize?

  • P796
    P796 2 months ago

    Lol im playing on Canada Server and trust me its hard, winter mod is hard.

  • - Crackers
    - Crackers 2 months ago

    That was low key a little bit depressing

  • Taylor Robertson
    Taylor Robertson 2 months ago +1

    So I'm still currently on lvl 15. It's not that bad other than the puberty with pimples and zits. I wish you explained how to overcome that bit of the game.

    • Op Tricks
      Op Tricks 23 hours ago

      Sadly there are not to many good solutions for the problem your experiencing. Best to just try not to focus on that bug.

  • K1RTB
    K1RTB 2 months ago

    Speedrun the game = die early