Underappreciated Historical Weapons: The SWORDBREAKER (the European and Chinese)

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • What is a sword breaker and why is it called that and where does it come from?
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  • politianos politis
    politianos politis 5 months ago +1890

    Actually you wouldn't have to "grind away" you just hot cut the teeth with a chisel and it's not so difficult.

    • Qwerty
      Qwerty 5 days ago

      Not difficult, riiiiight.
      Hit a cold blade, it breaks. Heat the blade and first of all you're ruining the temper, remove chunks with a chisel and it deforms, and oh yeah, you can't miss once because the teeth will be fragile.

    • John-Paul
      John-Paul 17 days ago

      Bit late to the party but the breaker part refers to breaking the attack/offense

    • AceGaming64
      AceGaming64 Month ago

      or the mold could already have the teeth cut out

    • Jessica Mason
      Jessica Mason Month ago

      @Harry Mills I really don't get what your comment has to do with mine I simply stated line fighting didn't die out over night where as your talking about skirmishing units

    • Harry Mills
      Harry Mills Month ago

      @Jessica Mason : Those skirmishers on the British side in the Napoleonic Wars were using Baker rifles. They traveled light and they traveled fast. And they used every bit of terrain they could. What some are missing, here, is that those musket formations (and artillery!) were all about taking strong points or cities that did NOT want to be taken, and it was gonna be a slug-fest to decide who owned that piece of ground and what was on it. Pulling numbers outta my ass, I'd guess that turn-of-the-19-century armies had less than 10% rifles, but that 10% was pretty important. They were the elite ranger types, if they survived.

  • Paladin Danse
    Paladin Danse 2 hours ago

    Wait...that’s illegal

  • spiffinthebox
    spiffinthebox 10 hours ago

    The terrible Disney three musketeer movie with charlie sheen had a sort of swordbreaker, it was the three finger looking kind, like a hybrid swordbreaker-parrying dagger. Then they actually used it to break a sword with the flick of the wrist. they had to make sure people knew what it was i guess.

  • Satria Kurniawan Djaenal

    The common jian is actually very stiff, and you can think of the Chinese swordbreaker as a long, heavy truncheon.

  • William Beyer
    William Beyer 12 hours ago

    I think it was rare because it was a era of honor, and since everything was honor based it would of probably been frowned upon as cheating or un-honorable to use such.

  • A T
    A T 23 hours ago

    I bought a Cold Steel Sword Breaker and... All 4 edges are sharpened. It is the most user-unfriendly "weapon" I have ever used due its weight and risk of losing control. The Windlass Bar Mace does the same job and better.

  • william nicholson

    Wider blades are used differently than rapiers and stopping a strike from a long sword with a onhanded sword breaker is alot more difficult .

  • John Deez
    John Deez Day ago

    Impossible to watch with this db talking.

  • Erocknrolla
    Erocknrolla Day ago

    Chinese "sword breaker" Jian is actually just a metal rod/baton used in a similar way as a mace to counter heavily armored cavalry as it has the weight to crush armor

  • Whita Cat
    Whita Cat Day ago

    i know another sword breaker named Pistol hahaha XD no? I'll show myself out

  • fadhy faizhhh
    fadhy faizhhh Day ago

    Dude, that’s offensive

  • Chris Lisk
    Chris Lisk 2 days ago

    Lol, the buster sword, yeah "CATCH THIS"

  • ignacio Gil del Valle

    I think that against a wider sword since the sword would be heavier there are chances that it can damage or even break the sword breaker , so even if its possible to use the sword breaker against a wider sword it would be better to use a parrying dagger (or even better a shield) since the sword breaker doesnt seem to be easy to repair

  • Salud 74
    Salud 74 2 days ago

    1970s Three Musketeers Movie is the only piece of cinema i know where parring Daggers an even a Swordbreaker is shown

  • Hunter Lowe
    Hunter Lowe 3 days ago

    You could punch the protrusions and bc it wasn’t honorable to use

  • bryce rawls
    bryce rawls 3 days ago

    I read the title in his voice

  • Jomes ?
    Jomes ? 4 days ago

    Because it is not cool

  • k dzurko
    k dzurko 5 days ago

    For larger weapons, just make it have bigger crevices.

  • Mr Foxy
    Mr Foxy 5 days ago

    shad, i dont know what, but u can do something.......

  • A Subject Number
    A Subject Number 6 days ago +2

    E S T O C S

  • K Vjqxzz
    K Vjqxzz 6 days ago

    fun new sword-breaker vid from Tod Cutler channel: ru-clip.com/video/jr8tSuMyGOI/video.html&feature=em-uploademail

  • video games in real life


  • Jesse Henderson
    Jesse Henderson 6 days ago +1

    Perhaps the hooks could potentially lock the fuller of a wider blade or just provide an additional angle. I doubt I a combat scenario you'd have a lot of time to pull your longsword out of the sword breaker's clutches before you were on the receiving end of your opponent's blade.
    Frankly if it was life or death I'd be inclined to drop the caught sword altogether and flee. Might be honorable to die on a blade but pleasant it is not.

  • Tamteetleytoo
    Tamteetleytoo 7 days ago

    oh ye, I bought one of the wheels of time books. I think it was the 13th. I missed the part where it said that it was a book in a series, and since I hadn't read the other 12, I didn't get very far in.

  • Farmer Jack
    Farmer Jack 7 days ago

    I believe in the Musketeers film from the nineties, with Tim Curry, one of the characters uses this weird three-bladed thing to catch a sword and break it off. Probably someone heard "swordbreaker" and thought here, this'll work.

  • etai feder
    etai feder 7 days ago

    make a sword call i t a gun XD

  • neorenamon
    neorenamon 7 days ago

    Maybe I'm wrong, but there seems to be a big drawback to the European Swordbreaker. Once locked onto a blade, the wielder is committed to the action, but a stronger enemy can push/pull the swordbreaker and get them off balance before their sword breaks (and many fencing swords were quite flexible and fairly hard to break). The "trident sword breakers" on the other hand didn't grip quite as hard, but could disengage very quickly if the enemy tries to use it against you.

    Another point is that rapiers came in many forms, most of them with very long reach and some of them with fairly hefty blades (like a straight saber), so only the end of the blade could be caught and possibly broken with the Swordbreaker. Meanwhile, the blade is moving pretty fast and could get around a shorter weapon to strike at the defender. Certainly faster than a broadsword or longsword.

  • Wahyu Perkasa
    Wahyu Perkasa 7 days ago +5

    Shad: "Jian.. Gian... Xian..."
    Chinese guy: "GUN"

  • Al
    Al 7 days ago

    What about a review of a Mace-Staff like used in the Hussite wars?

  • frankbauerful
    frankbauerful 7 days ago

    I've seen RU-cliprs avoid words like "rape" because they cause videos to be demonetized. I wonder if this channel has had issues with videos that talk about "rape here".

  • Brayden Rankin
    Brayden Rankin 7 days ago

    I like that whacking stick.
    That’s a nice whacking stick.

  • CookieGod 101
    CookieGod 101 8 days ago

    ru-clip.com/video/PS_YVv0pKhQ/video.html just watch this video, you'll see what a Chinese sword breaker is capable of🤕

  • Michael Hendrick
    Michael Hendrick 8 days ago

    Introducing the greatswordbreaker...

  • Voss Li
    Voss Li 8 days ago

    If im hearing that correctly the Chinese "Gun" directly translates to Baton

  • saitama -san
    saitama -san 8 days ago

    I prefer the European one

  • M
    M 8 days ago

    Can I ask where did you take that awesome throne chair ?

    • InventorZahran 327
      InventorZahran 327 7 days ago

      He probably dragged it out of a castle that didn't have machicolations...

  • Zogg from Betelgeuse
    Zogg from Betelgeuse 8 days ago +1

    In a medieval setting, would there be any way to weaponize a _really strong magnet_ ?

    • 73isthebestnumber
      73isthebestnumber 8 days ago

      Make your sword out of titanium and make your kite shield partially out of neodymium magnets. Their sword gets caught on your shield and you have a field day on them.

  • Xuanathan
    Xuanathan 8 days ago

    I remember the swordbreaker appearing in the Japan exclusive Tear Ring Saga, it was pretty bad since it didn't break lances, and lances were broken in that game.

  • Sidney Simons
    Sidney Simons 9 days ago

    There's a variant of the European sword-breaker in the Drakengard video game series called the "Sword-Smasher". Strangely, though, it is both designed and described to cut through enemy swords, rather than smash them. Not sure why they didn't call it the "Sword-Slicer". Would've made a lot more sense.
    Levels 1 and 2 look like a traditional sword-breaker, but levels 3 and 4 are much more akin to an exaggerratedly serrated and polished short-sword.
    Just came to mind while I was watching this video.

  • Barry Hill
    Barry Hill 9 days ago

    I think the reason it probably wasn't very prevalent is because rapier dagger was more a dueling thing, as opposed to battlefield weapons. So you probably wouldn't find that many of them by that logic alone.

  • felixignorantia
    felixignorantia 9 days ago

    Hey man u might wanna check out 十手. a katana trapper cops used during edo era.

  • Robert Worboys
    Robert Worboys 9 days ago +1

    It's almost like the bladed bracers that Batman wears are based from this very concept!

  • Benjamin Altube
    Benjamin Altube 9 days ago

    Also, it would probably look more foul to use a sword breaker over a dagger. You just lock the sword and done. With the dagger you can only deviate the slash.
    Pretty much you were a fuggin try hard sweat if you used a sword breaker

  • Benjamin Altube
    Benjamin Altube 9 days ago

    It's like a combat knife

  • Gerald Garcia
    Gerald Garcia 9 days ago

    I think they wernt common because they were hard to make and the quality of the steal may snap after a battle or worse in battle.... I have no ideas just a guess

  • Jay 156
    Jay 156 9 days ago

    Sophitia from soul calibur has had one of these as an alternate weapon since 1995. Really cool

  • Munen
    Munen 10 days ago

    Kinda forgot about the Japanese Jitte also used to break blades and catch em

  • Daniel O'Brien
    Daniel O'Brien 10 days ago

    I just discovered your channel, it's awesome. Have you done a top 10/20 favourite fantasy book series? That would be amazing

  • shamim daud
    shamim daud 10 days ago

    Theres another similarity between the European ( rapier & parring dagger) and the Japanese ( katana & ... wakizashi)
    Something you can make a video on🖒🖒

  • Trent Werner
    Trent Werner 11 days ago

    I thought one of them might be a tuningfork-like object that, when hit against a sword, would resonate in a way that shatters the metal...

  • chinqalicious
    chinqalicious 12 days ago


  • Shawn B
    Shawn B 13 days ago

    Thanks for the deep dive on this strange weapon! True story - My first time hearing of it was when I read the Tunnels and Trolls rulebook. I’ve been fascinated with it ever since. One thing comes to mind about the rarity of this weapon: Perhaps it was difficult to track down someone who knew how to craft one properly? Given how the notches are designed, I could see it possibly compromising the strength of the blade if done incorrectly. Having your own sword breaker snap or break during a duel would be very unfortunate indeed.

  • I like beans.
    I like beans. 14 days ago

    If I ever do get off my lazy ass and finish writing that D&D adventure, I’ll make sure to include a swordbreaker or two.

  • John Leach
    John Leach 14 days ago

    Very interesting , had never heard of the sword breaker- either kind. Just aesthetically I like the European version because the teeth make it look very aggressive. Thanks again for another interesting video!

  • Iesika
    Iesika 14 days ago

    curious if sais would fall into this rough category

  • EmemonD
    EmemonD 15 days ago

    MARVEL Literaly made a Weapon from a Swordbreaker

  • I touch little b9ts
    I touch little b9ts 15 days ago +1

    "Some type of freelance cop" ... so a mercenary then...

  • Alfian Fahmi
    Alfian Fahmi 15 days ago

    I would rather use the "sword-breaking" armguards, but the european sword breaker is quite interesting nonetheless. The chinese ones..... Well, it kinda feels like it's too long. Maybe if it's a bit shorter and has a longer guard, but it's asian weapon, so the guard isn't getting prioritized that much.

  • Sonnet of the wretched

    A dark infused rapier with a chaos parrying dagger ...

  • oktopustrainer
    oktopustrainer 15 days ago

    "Having a sword breaker vs an opponent w/ a dagger means you have AN edge".

  • Alessandro Mariani
    Alessandro Mariani 15 days ago

    I think a sword breaker is delicate to use ... and can break, lol. Am i right? Becouse you cut all the back support of the blade.

  • Joe Lopez
    Joe Lopez 15 days ago

    You want a REAL sword breaker, the kanabo club is the one for you

  • gr81disp
    gr81disp 16 days ago

    The problem with sword breakers is that they are very hard to manufacture WELL. While grinding and chiseling out will work, you must be careful not to create a weakpoint that will develop a microscopic stress fracture once the blade is quenched. A well made sword breaker will help you win a fight, a well made one with a stress fracture will break on you and kill you. See just about any episode of Forged in Fire with blades using a sawback.

  • Joshua Makler
    Joshua Makler 17 days ago

    would it work in a slightly larger version the size of an arming sword and the width of a broadsword? even if it was heavy that still might make for a mean weapon, one side would be more blunt like a 2 handed mace (side with teh notches) and widening it migh tmake it more effective at catching the sword, throwing it to the side and stabbing in, or against armored foes, beating them with the non-blade side like a mace/warhammer if you couldnt get the stab. one side would have to be thicker and im not sure if it could handle the stress or not because of lack of ductility. but think like a swordcatching mace with a sword blade on the other side. a compromise between them with added defense. it wouldnt have as much weight behind it as an actual mace, but could still inflict blunt trauama as well as slashing stabbing.

  • edgar Rodriguez
    edgar Rodriguez 17 days ago

    I remember that from Way of the Samurai

  • Mscape 7777
    Mscape 7777 17 days ago

    That naeeze waa fuckin gross. Lost a viewer. Edit next time

  • The Ghost Of Sparta
    The Ghost Of Sparta 17 days ago +1

    Where’s fighter pl at?

  • Ramón Pais Urios
    Ramón Pais Urios 17 days ago

    Use the parrying dagger u noobs

  • gydyaka
    gydyaka 17 days ago

    i think if there would be a swordbreaker for wide swords, it would be simply same thing but with longer cathing teeth

  • Charlie Hinde
    Charlie Hinde 17 days ago


  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky
    Pyotr Tchaikovsky 18 days ago

    God damn pay to plays

  • Random Duder
    Random Duder 18 days ago

    Never thought the storm breaker is a sword back in the days

  • Would Have
    Would Have 18 days ago +1

    "My goodness, did they have an edge." I see what you did there.

  • Jebu911
    Jebu911 18 days ago

    You can do some serious damage with a buckler too

  • Anun Batbold
    Anun Batbold 19 days ago +129

    *pulls out gun* in my language, it is called GUN, parry this u fkin casual

    • Anun Batbold
      Anun Batbold Day ago +1

      Al Red Oh Yeah Yeah

    • Al Red
      Al Red Day ago +1

      Anun Batbold Oh Yeah Yeah

    • Boom12
      Boom12 3 days ago

      Makes me think Indiana Jones for some reason...

    • Godnando V. Corpes
      Godnando V. Corpes 5 days ago

      Never saw him, but I gonna do it too

    • sengiko
      sengiko 5 days ago

      Dude you are like in every video I see. From now on I’ll say “hello there” in your comment

  • VedHB
    VedHB 19 days ago +1


  • SirVyre
    SirVyre 19 days ago

    I can't see the Swordbreaker working out too well in combat outside of 1v1. I also can't see it working out well if your opponent greatly outsizes and out-strengths you. With a wider blade, your opponent may even disarm you if they throw what you perceive to be a cut, only to hit your swordbreaker intentionally with the width of the blade, rather than the edge.
    More than that though, to echo other comments, what can it do to catch polearms, bludgeons, or arrows? I definitely see it more as a dueling piece than a military one. It also came into the game very late compared to other parrying daggers, and firearms started to really take over combat.

  • 3 El Tercero
    3 El Tercero 19 days ago

    Shad I see you do field analysis sometimes. Can you get a sparing partner to portray the weapons in use.

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar 19 days ago +2

    Don't bring a sword in a G U N fight ...

  • David CCH
    David CCH 20 days ago +6

    The Chinese sword breaker "鐧", is actually a dual wielding, anti armour weapon for the most part.
    So basically, a pair of dual wielding mace with longer striking portion.

  • Shadowstorm Vash
    Shadowstorm Vash 20 days ago

    The Obsidian Chronicles Book series by Lawrence-Watt Evans has several appearances of this weapon.

  • Cory Davis
    Cory Davis 21 day ago +8

    Wow, a dagger with crenelations. Now we need a dagger with... MACHICOLATIONS!

  • Odival Quaresma
    Odival Quaresma 21 day ago +1

    Isnt it easier tough to simply use a katana and splint the space-time continuum at the local coordinates of the oponent's sword, removing it from causality?

  • Timothy Ahene
    Timothy Ahene 22 days ago

    11:45 lol

  • Alex Coopman
    Alex Coopman 22 days ago +6

    Hey! If you do another under appreciated weapon you should totally do the Lantern Shield. It comes from Italy.

  • Richard Plante
    Richard Plante 22 days ago

    I so say old chap; what's this about breaking swords, braking swords and all this other nonsense? Clearly you are not a blacksmith; they make swords. That's right old chap; that's an M, not a B! By the way, what planet are you from; I do like your accent!

  • Chickenwon
    Chickenwon 22 days ago

    Bless you

  • Kevin Bell
    Kevin Bell 22 days ago

    I mean the name and design of the blade seems pretty clear toward it's purpose.

  • Hyrum Erdman
    Hyrum Erdman 22 days ago

    This is just speculation, but perhaps the (European) swordbreaker would be ineffective against thicker/heavier blades because it might be (literally) broken itself. A heftier blade would hit into those notches much harder but I think the greatest danger to the swordbreaker is when you twist to lock the opponent's blade. That type of force being applied to a blade that's been compromised so much by those deep grooves might just be too much. Plus, a shield seems much more effective at catching greater amounts of momentum reliably. I've no practical experience with arms and armor, though, so just a guess.

  • yeah cool
    yeah cool 22 days ago

    your intro sucks

  • Matt Fick
    Matt Fick 22 days ago +12

    Chinese sword-breaker: it's a clubbing weapon that can thrust
    It's a mace rapier

  • Jason Jarnet
    Jason Jarnet 23 days ago

    Idk, I love Blade catcher too, true tho that sound breakers sounds OP

  • ares of olympia
    ares of olympia 23 days ago

    I’m saying that modified sword breakers would catch larger blades

  • Glenn Tang
    Glenn Tang 23 days ago

    "Freelance cop" excuse me?

  • mastgamer GAME OVER
    mastgamer GAME OVER 23 days ago +2

    0:53 this is pronounsed: "Gan"

  • Maximos
    Maximos 23 days ago

    This weapon is in soul calibur the video game

  • Josh Nugent
    Josh Nugent 23 days ago

    Do you like the wheel of time

  • Roy Cohen
    Roy Cohen 23 days ago

    4:07 I think I saw these in Assassin's Creed Rogue

  • Lightning McQueen
    Lightning McQueen 24 days ago

    Maybe swordbreakers were expensive or were unreliable and the prongs broke often?

    • Lightning McQueen
      Lightning McQueen 22 days ago

      @Jay Dominic you're implying I am a mortal being who was once born?

    • Jay Dominic
      Jay Dominic 22 days ago

      Thanks for the insight mr. Lightning McQueen! But why does a car have knowledge about deadly swords in the renaissance era?

    GOD IS DEAD 24 days ago +1

    Combat was so brutal back then, a bunch of angry killers with giant knives and sharp sticks just going at each other..