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How to use TENS for PTNS

  • Published on Feb 7, 2021
  • This video will go through the set up process of a TENS 7000 unit when used for bladder dysfunction in children with overactive bladder, enuresis or difficulty with emptying the bladder.
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  • Kevin Kearns
    Kevin Kearns 10 months ago

    Great Video. We weren't sure where to exactly place the pads. Your video cleared that up.

  • N P
    N P 8 months ago

    Thank you, for explaining everything

  • Selfie Stick Adventures

    Would you recommend the same settings for adults?

    • The Drop Therapy
      The Drop Therapy  3 months ago

      Yes, you can use the same setting for adults. You could also increase the frequency per week of use. Best of luck!

  • Stewart W David
    Stewart W David 8 months ago

    All of my toes except my big toe move/twitch quite a bit. Is that a good sign, or does it mean I do not have the correct placement of the pads?

    • The Drop Therapy
      The Drop Therapy  8 months ago

      That should be sufficient. Most of the times it is the big toe that moves, but the same nerve root innervates the small ones too. Good luck!

  • Bettye Sue Schwab
    Bettye Sue Schwab Year ago +1

    Going to give it a try

  • N P
    N P 8 months ago

    It's recommended 30 min only, or can I do it longer time. Thank you

    • The Drop Therapy
      The Drop Therapy  8 months ago

      20-30 should be sufficient. But you can try more time. There shouldn’t be side effects from doing it more. Alternatively, you can do it more frequently. So instead of twice weekly, you can try every other day or daily

  • sandy stevens
    sandy stevens Month ago

    Thank you for this

  • Miriam Shejtman
    Miriam Shejtman 3 months ago

    Thank you for your video. I whant to do it at home. Electrical stimulation can be helpful for urinating frequently -? Can I do it myself with teens at home? I live in Israel

    • The Drop Therapy
      The Drop Therapy  3 months ago

      Yes, doing electrical stimulation as it has been demonstrated has been shown to improve urinary frequency and urgency associated with an overactive bladder. Adults and children can use it. Best of luck!

  • laura doering
    laura doering Month ago

    also if there are 2 channels, can use use 1 on each leg at the same time?

    • The Drop Therapy
      The Drop Therapy  Month ago +1

      Technically you could do both channels at the same time. But our protocol only calls for one at a time.

  • Soal Camara
    Soal Camara 6 months ago

    I live in Brazil here I don't sell, can you tell me a site that I can buy, I really need one of this

    • The Drop Therapy
      The Drop Therapy  6 months ago

      You can purchase it off the web. I found it on tens7000.com and tenspros.com. Just not sure if they would ship to Brazil. However, I’m sure you can get a similar machine sold in Brazil

  • laura doering
    laura doering Month ago

    Does it matter which electrode -red vs black- is the proximal one ?

  • eric lopardi
    eric lopardi Year ago +2

    Does it matter if you place the sticky electrode higher up on the leg because all the pictures I’ve seen on the placement are having one by the ankle and then one higher up

    • Jeanne Brian
      Jeanne Brian 2 months ago

      I agree you Eric. All the studies I’ve checked shows the electrode higher up on the ankle. I just bought a TENS/EMS machine to give myself treatments for over active bladder. I really hope it helps because I cannot get a proper nights sleep. I’m up 5 to 6 times a night to pee. Please let us know if this has helped you. Thanks, Jeanne

    • The Drop Therapy
      The Drop Therapy  Year ago +1

      @eric lopardi I would use it for at least 3 months and it is likely that you would need to continue using it for as long as you have the symptoms (so months or years). You should see your urologist if you continue to have the symptoms despite the TENS. Best of luck!

    • eric lopardi
      eric lopardi Year ago

      @The Drop Therapy Thank you! Also, I had one more question. Is this treatment something that you have to do forever or just a couple months to maybe a year? I’ve been struggling with urge incontinence for 2 years now and my doctor recommended I do this to see if it will solve my problems of incomplete emptying. Please let me know!

    • The Drop Therapy
      The Drop Therapy  Year ago

      The electrodes are intended to stimulate the posterior tibial nerve which is best stimulated around the ankle because it is close to the surface. Higher up the leg, the nerve is not as easily stimulated. Hope that helps!

  • Mahmood Mohamed
    Mahmood Mohamed 2 months ago

    Thank u very much