BTS_INTRO + Anpanman│2018 MAMA FANS' CHOICE in JAPAN 181212

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
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  • The Girls
    The Girls Hour ago

    Daengg Jhope did it again. Not even surprised with my bias anymore smh 😍🥺. Also Namjoooonie so cute. 94z killed it like always.

  • Anami- Chan
    Anami- Chan 2 hours ago

    loving jimin’s grey hair and jacket ❤️
    4:58 it was jin’s turn but they didn’t zoom him idiots

  • Moon Themis
    Moon Themis 3 hours ago

    Okay... I'm not sure. That's my army's eyes or 90% of the crowd have an army bomb ?

  • emisha vhyung
    emisha vhyung 17 hours ago

    I think this one is BTS own concert😍

  • Shite Soecs
    Shite Soecs 21 hour ago

    You ever notice that they don’t lip sync, they have a backing track instead

  • NurNisa Diana
    NurNisa Diana Day ago

    If there's no mama logo there, i prolly would believe this is their own concert :)

  • Garou
    Garou Day ago

    Ughhh i really want to go to their concert even just once cause i want to sing and dance with themmm 😭😭 i really love these 7 dorks sooooo muchhhh. No one can ever replace them in my heart 😊😊

  • Yunita Septriani astuti

    Gaktau kenapa suka banget sama performance anpanman yang ini ❤️

  • Sarah Owens
    Sarah Owens Day ago

    Okay namjoon we get that you wanna fly, but.... if going on a rocket is the way, so be it✊🏽

  • Sarah Owens
    Sarah Owens Day ago

    That moment when everyone realized... that they came to a bts concert

  • 엉엉블랙탄
    엉엉블랙탄 Day ago

    JinMin is real 7:31 💜
    Jiminssi i see youu😏

  • Mysterious Girl
    Mysterious Girl Day ago +2

    BTS transforms every MAMA in their own concert 😂❤️❤️ ARMY 💜

  • Ariana #
    Ariana # Day ago +1

    Did no one notice Jimin slap Jungkooks butt off 7:30!!!🤔🤔🤔

  • moonchild.
    moonchild. Day ago

    this just turned into a bts concert and i’m here for it

  • Rime-e-Lettere
    Rime-e-Lettere Day ago

    Cameraman fell in love with Yoongi there for a moment, I know the feeling!

  • Uun Nurhida
    Uun Nurhida Day ago

    BTS 💜💜
    V taehyung 😍😍

  • Anukta Pandey
    Anukta Pandey Day ago +1

    *Please protect that baby who is being an astronaut on the stage and has 148 IQ. He is too precious for his own good.*

    • Melaniaa
      Melaniaa Day ago +1

      Babbyyyy 💜💙💜

  • gabriela flor
    gabriela flor Day ago

    1:09 como eu te amoooo amo todos vcs

  • Linh Bùi
    Linh Bùi Day ago

    7:35 JungHoseok ahhhhhhhhhu

  • Ayesha Alim
    Ayesha Alim 2 days ago

    Oh my god, Kim Namjoon😂🤣🤣

  • Ayesha Alim
    Ayesha Alim 2 days ago

    Jimin looks like a piece of art

  • Marie
    Marie 2 days ago

    They turned it into a BTS concert. 😂💜

  • Alexis Schmidt
    Alexis Schmidt 2 days ago +1

    They can literally make an award show into their own concert 😂 I love it

  • Park Jiminie
    Park Jiminie 2 days ago

    Jimin is the best dancer ❤ That's the reason why all of his fancams have million views👑

  • LoLLoL Seven07
    LoLLoL Seven07 2 days ago +1


  • Marinette Agreste
    Marinette Agreste 2 days ago

    The cameramen are so shookt. Can't blame them though.

  • Avisa 2008
    Avisa 2008 3 days ago

    Ih gila siub pas intro kesatu nya kaya mereka di surga bareng bareng...siapa yang ngerasa kaya aku like

  • Jei Kei
    Jei Kei 3 days ago

    WoWwwww ARMY!!!! It’s soooo good💜💜 yayy

  • Barina Fatima
    Barina Fatima 3 days ago +1

    Love u BTS, stay blessed. ARMY

  • Tahir Bhimla
    Tahir Bhimla 3 days ago

    4.59 what happening with suga 😕😕🤔🤨🤔

  • IliveforBTS
    IliveforBTS 3 days ago

    I can't believe how cute namjoon is in that outfit 😍

  • zxt
    zxt 3 days ago

    this is better than disneyland.

  • Daddy Joonie
    Daddy Joonie 3 days ago


  • 2 IT ZY kim FOREVER
    2 IT ZY kim FOREVER 3 days ago

    Minggu cenah ke dalam air panas jdjdgdidjhfkfjj di dunia dan ayah yang

  • Henia W
    Henia W 4 days ago

    I love moment when ARMY and others fandoms singing where are you anpanman

  • Henia W
    Henia W 4 days ago

    Someone is ready on MAMA 2019?
    I'm not yet

  • jungkookie jeon
    jungkookie jeon 4 days ago

    LOVE #Jungkook

  • jungkookie jeon
    jungkookie jeon 4 days ago

    LOVE #Jungkook

  • SofiAna Ana
    SofiAna Ana 4 days ago +1


  • Bts jimin ARMY
    Bts jimin ARMY 4 days ago

    في أحد عرربي أكيد لأن وين ما رحت القا عربي!

  • Young King
    Young King 4 days ago

    Нахуй они под плюс поют?

  • Feya Ahmad
    Feya Ahmad 4 days ago


  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams 4 days ago

    They really know how to put on a show, tae kept distracting me though lol

  • Prashant Bansod
    Prashant Bansod 4 days ago +2

    You rock my world you know you did! ✨

  • Mino Playz
    Mino Playz 5 days ago +1


  • lz
    lz 5 days ago +2

    The performance of this song made me love it! Is it even possible to have a favorite song of theirs?? So many hits 👌🏼

    • Bela S
      Bela S 4 days ago +1

      lz Anpanman is actually my favorite song. Tear is an absolute beauty of an album.

  • Violeth c:
    Violeth c: 5 days ago

    why they never focus on jimin wtf

    • ANA HITA
      ANA HITA 4 days ago

      Violeth c: Yeah !

    • Violeth c:
      Violeth c: 4 days ago +1

      @ANA HITA i know, the camera work is disappointed :(

    • ANA HITA
      ANA HITA 4 days ago +1

      Honestly Jimin , Jk and V ALWAYS have the most screen time in k- awardshows. MAMA, MMA and SBS generally have the worst camera work . here they didn’t catch most of members correctly in their verse. too much zoom out.

  • sydney diamond twice are legend



  • Jorge Correa
    Jorge Correa 5 days ago +10

    6:12 Jhope sounded fluent af

    • JK제이홉
      JK제이홉 4 days ago +3

      Yeah .. esp his deep ass eng. voice is killin me !

  • Tasya Ayang
    Tasya Ayang 5 days ago

    This like bts concert wow daebak 😘

  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim 5 days ago

    Để ý ms thấy miễn đến V là quay chỗ khác hok ak sao kỳ v

  • Analy herrera
    Analy herrera 5 days ago

    Esto parece mas un concierto de ellos☺☺☺🙌🙌😎armys!!!!!

  • Oh My Mia X3
    Oh My Mia X3 5 days ago +2

    Are we not going to talk about how they didn’t show Jimins part: 4:58

  • Oh my my my BTS
    Oh my my my BTS 5 days ago

    4:57 look at our Yoongi breathing

  • gostupidgocrazy
    gostupidgocrazy 6 days ago +13


    FaZe KINGEH 6 days ago +1

    Its amazing that whenever BTS performs on Awards Shows they turn them into a concert. IM SO PROUD

  • bts pro
    bts pro 6 days ago +1


  • madelines
    madelines 6 days ago +12

    Jhopes sexy af and Joons adorable. I love my 94liners

  • n ans
    n ans 7 days ago

    Can we talk about how cool japanese armys are

  • Erlina Olivia
    Erlina Olivia 7 days ago

    Kim Seok jin I❤️you

  • Paula R
    Paula R 7 days ago

    This is iconic

  • Mani Lee
    Mani Lee 7 days ago

    Did the award show pass out army bomb cuz the whole audience got one or it's a BTS award show!

    • stream DNA n Piri, Thanks!
      stream DNA n Piri, Thanks! Day ago

      So we can see at 4:04, it’s not only army bomb, mama prepared a special light for that night, so everyone has that kind of light.

  • Jemimah Fallesgon
    Jemimah Fallesgon 7 days ago

    love you all especially tae

  • A Syrdal
    A Syrdal 7 days ago +3

    I love this performance because of how happy they all seem. I hope they're doing alright (though I know this wasn't recent.)
    Also, Jungkook and Yoongi in the intro are KILLING MEEEEEE...

  • Rana Hamwi
    Rana Hamwi 7 days ago

    Who loves bts ♥️♥️👇👇💋💋😍😍😘😘🤗🤗

  • Rana Hamwi
    Rana Hamwi 7 days ago

    Any peaple is here 👇👇♥️♥️

  • Min Park
    Min Park 7 days ago

    rm is so cute with his outfit

  • Mutiara Sabila
    Mutiara Sabila 7 days ago

    aku balik lagi dibulan juni 2019

  • itsjustnoelle
    itsjustnoelle 7 days ago

    That moment when your overdramatic self starts crying during the intro

  • awill2
    awill2 7 days ago

    these guys are SO amazingly awesome!! much love to BTS from NY, USA!!

  • Prensa Cultura
    Prensa Cultura 7 days ago

    Esta intro... no sé...pero pareciera un previo al inicio de la cancionde Dionysus ¿no les parece?

  • Dagmar M.
    Dagmar M. 7 days ago +3

    5:35 Jin is my bias but I LOVE kookie's part in Anpanman woah! + Jin is the cutest backup dancer :D

  • Coleen the Wild cat
    Coleen the Wild cat 7 days ago

    wth namjoon

  • MuSiC xxx
    MuSiC xxx 7 days ago

    This is one of my fav performances because you can tell they are having so much fun . Bts are so charismatic ❤

  • Vanessa Morales
    Vanessa Morales 8 days ago

    idk why but the guard at 6:47 makes me lmao every time, he's like "y'all really about to do spaceman crap again" lmaooooo

  • AQilla Putri
    AQilla Putri 8 days ago +1

    Its perfect

  • Violeta Stark
    Violeta Stark 8 days ago +11

    The whole comments is about jHope and RM
    and I Love THAT

  • Dea Nopitri
    Dea Nopitri 8 days ago +5

    Gak tau Knpa sukaaa bgt sama jhope 😍

  • Ky Xcx
    Ky Xcx 8 days ago

    bts is the best ...see that only a concert or i dont know but there so good and energetic watch the melon 2018 you will be shocked there so good there proops and dance are lit .compare to other group so boring

  • Heidi MG
    Heidi MG 8 days ago

    What does he say? 2:58

  • JD Beast
    JD Beast 8 days ago


  • Svetlana Berdisheva
    Svetlana Berdisheva 8 days ago


  • Sitara Neo
    Sitara Neo 8 days ago

    The fact that all those lights are Army bombs tell how far they've come

  • Talia MLon S
    Talia MLon S 8 days ago +10

    Jhope is epitome of sexiness and talentry . he just looks alike a whole damn *S N A C C.*

  • stan plt thots
    stan plt thots 8 days ago


  • Lan Hương
    Lan Hương 8 days ago

    I love ❤bts

  • Kapani Kavani
    Kapani Kavani 8 days ago +3

    V you are so cool, perfect handsome
    Suga you are amazing
    Jungkook you are oh my god

  • Fakepunz ??
    Fakepunz ?? 9 days ago +1

    1:16 Hey Jin how can u be so handsome?!

  • Kookie_97 Bangtan Boys
    Kookie_97 Bangtan Boys 9 days ago +5

    4:57 Cameraman’s Mistake 😒😭🥺Jimin’s Part is so Special for Us

  • min suga yoongi
    min suga yoongi 9 days ago

    Are nobody going to talk about how cute Yoongi looks at 4:58? Like, he’s so cute I just wanna squish him in a big hug❤️😭

  • christalame
    christalame 9 days ago +2

    7:32 jimin himself couldn’t even believe he slapped Jin’s butt

  • Haya farooqui
    Haya farooqui 9 days ago

    i just keep coming back to this iconic performance.....

  • Mariana alcantar
    Mariana alcantar 9 days ago

    Namjoon es un bb astronauta que se cayo es muy tierno es el bb de bagtan

  • Mahnoor Osmani
    Mahnoor Osmani 9 days ago +10

    J-hope NAILED it!!!

  • islam bkz
    islam bkz 9 days ago

    Still my favorite♥♡♥♡

  • Gamzeli RM
    Gamzeli RM 9 days ago +1

    Namjoon 😍😍

  • park jimin
    park jimin 10 days ago


  • jimin's lachimolala
    jimin's lachimolala 10 days ago

    wtf is this mama or a bts concert??? sO POWERFUL.

  • Daniella sophia
    Daniella sophia 10 days ago +1

    Why is namjoon wearing an astronaut but he is acting like a robot?

  • عاشقة BTS 1
    عاشقة BTS 1 10 days ago