Voice Teacher Reacts to "Lucid" by Termina! Feat. Andy Cizek & Nik Nocturnal

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • Another VERY unique reaction video because these guys were kind enough to send me the vocal tracks!
    I take a look at the isolated vocals of RU-clipr Andy Cizek (ru-clip.com/channel/UCu1AYRNUsGwNaNaRhby-OgA) in his new band with guitarist Nik Nocturnal (ru-clip.com/channel/UCLhcQ0bBZTLipRJ7D42Riow) called Termina. We check out their song "Lucid" which features a lot of powerful high singing and tons of solid Fry Screaming!
    Lucid by Termina official video:
    Instrumental bed for "Reactions" intro provided by Casket Robbery
    Vocals for "Reactions" intro provided be Me, Mary Z
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  • Ich Und Nicht Du
    Ich Und Nicht Du 12 days ago


  • Melody thedark
    Melody thedark 25 days ago

    What the heck?! This is soooooooo good like I never realized how freakin good that song is until now

  • LOLQualityContent
    LOLQualityContent 3 months ago +1

    the camera movement is exhausting...simply putting it somewhere stable would be much more enjoyable

  • Oh its Mike
    Oh its Mike 4 months ago

    By far my favorite vocalist right now. Nice to see a video about him here! The kid is a prodigy.

  • FuckSafety
    FuckSafety 4 months ago

    it sounds so over processed

    • Oh its Mike
      Oh its Mike 4 months ago +2

      Then go check out his cover songs and live acoustic versions of his band Makari's songs if youre a big baby.

  • Mitch / Zodis.
    Mitch / Zodis. 5 months ago

    Could you check out Andy's cover of Speak Softly by Picturesque? Super high notes, I love it.

  • Zeppinator
    Zeppinator 5 months ago +1

    could you one day please review Tomas (Tompa) Lindberg from At the Gates? I feel like he has a very unique sound I haven't quite heard in other bands :)

  • witchjumper
    witchjumper 5 months ago

    Very cool!

  • Trevor Okonuk
    Trevor Okonuk 5 months ago

    I'd REALLY like to see you do a react/explanation video on more hardcore vocalists like Bryan Garris/Knocked Loose, Brandon Murphy/Counterparts, Matt Honeycutt/Kublai Khan. I believe that span of music has a lot more false chord screaming, which I'd like to see more of this content on

  • Zeke Cove
    Zeke Cove 5 months ago +1

    I absolutely love how you broke this down track by track. This was insane! Thank you Mary!

  • s_e_a_n666
    s_e_a_n666 5 months ago +1

    Andy has a really high voice me being I guess a baritone cannot belt that high to save my life

  • Kale Cotrell {Musician}
    Kale Cotrell {Musician} 6 months ago +2

    React to angelmaker song "in death"

  • slorr55
    slorr55 6 months ago

    Can you react to when good dogs do bad things by TDEP?

    SOULVOID 6 months ago +1

    You have to check out Venom Prison, insane female vocalist and really fresh DM band!

  • Ryan Cole
    Ryan Cole 6 months ago

    Omg that was cool...

  • Panda In Denial
    Panda In Denial 6 months ago

    I always like these videos! Even though I'm a weaker vocalist, it's still super interesting to watch. If I could make a suggestion, would it be possible to balance the volume levels between the music/commentary a bit more? I find myself turning up the volume for the commentary, but then when the music starts back up, I have to turn stuff back down. I like my music loud, but maybe not that loud lol. Anyway, thanks for the video!

  • ConvincingPeople
    ConvincingPeople 6 months ago +2

    Even when the stuff you break down isn't my cup of tea, the technical stuff and neat little new ideas are always super worthwhile. Thank you.

  • Adam Sharp
    Adam Sharp 6 months ago +2

    I heard Nik Nocturnal’s cover of bury a friend on Spotify featuring Lauren Babic and I LOVED IT! It came up on my discover weekly playlist and I’m glad it did 🤘🏻

  • Patrick Skramstad
    Patrick Skramstad 6 months ago +1

    I am going to be busy in October with concerts... :D It seems they are all in October. Saving now. :D

  • Oliver Hill
    Oliver Hill 6 months ago +21

    Andy is the MAN!! Glad he introduced me to your channel.

  • Joaquin TomorrowWeFall
    Joaquin TomorrowWeFall 6 months ago +7

    Great video, as always.
    Have you thought about analyzing Chester Bennington's screams? I would love to see some reaction to the 17 seconds scream in Given Up.

    • Ale MOO
      Ale MOO 5 months ago

      Hope she is not going to say it's a fry scream.

  • Nik Nocturnal
    Nik Nocturnal 6 months ago +161

    Thank you so much for checking out the track! It was super cool to see someone analyze Andy's vocals like that.

    • VoiceHacks
      VoiceHacks  6 months ago +16

      Nik Nocturnal Thanks for the tracks Nik!

  • mairimka
    mairimka 6 months ago +9

    That was so interesting! I love hearing all those individual layers by themselves.
    Btw, I would also love to see your reaction to Anna Murphy from Cellar Darling/previously Eluveitie :D

  • Lichbane 1401
    Lichbane 1401 6 months ago


  • Final Entity
    Final Entity 6 months ago +2

    Yesssss I love both of them!! I was so happy when I saw they released a song together!!

  • Andy Cizek
    Andy Cizek 6 months ago +124

    I love this video/your insight! Thank you so much for featuring us on your channel :)

    • VoiceHacks
      VoiceHacks  6 months ago +14

      Andy Cizek My pleasure Andy! you guys rock

  • Lormill
    Lormill 6 months ago +2

    I didn't know any of them, but it sounds good anyway. I'll keep an ear out for 'em.

    • Lormill
      Lormill 5 months ago

      Cool, will do.

    • Zachery Anderson
      Zachery Anderson 5 months ago

      Lormill definitely check out Andy’s solo stuff and both of the bands he works with; WVNDER and Makari. He is also currently on tour with Monuments as the vocalist but idk the story on that, only that he’s leading vocals for this touring stint. 🤟🏻

  • Jessica Quarles
    Jessica Quarles 6 months ago

    Super cool video, I like hearing the individual parts of the songs as far as breaking up the vocals from instruments and stuff. Also, I'll be at the Helion Prime show at the Boardwalk!! \M/

    • VoiceHacks
      VoiceHacks  6 months ago +1

      Jessica Quarles Awesome! 🤘🤘🎤

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez 6 months ago +2

    Can you do a video of the inhale scream I love the channel

    • Lormill
      Lormill 6 months ago +2

      Hm. Weird. She might've made the video private for some reason, I dunno. I do remember it was a thing. She uses to stream a lot and all her streams are gone. From RU-clip, at least, I dunno why. I do remember her saying that the vocal equipment isn't built to make sound when inhaling, especially a loud, distorted one, and continuous pressure against the folds can cause bleeding and nodules and stuff. But you might wanna confirm that with herself, or I dunno. She had a facebook group, I believe. Maybe they can confirm that, I dunno.

    • Midaspl
      Midaspl 6 months ago +1

      @Lormill do you know which video was it?

    • Lormill
      Lormill 6 months ago

      She already has a video on inhale screaming, I believe. And how harmful it can be. You can check the one she has, but I doubt she'll do a tutorial on something she believes to be harmful.

  • burnout1256
    burnout1256 6 months ago +1

    I love this🤘