Top 10 Worst Animated Superhero Shows of All Time

  • Published on Aug 9, 2017
  • Top 10 Worst Animated Superhero Shows of All Time // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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    There have been countless incredible animated superhero shows that have graced the small screen over the years... but this list isn't about those. For ever Batman The Animated Series, there's an Iron Man: Armored Adventures: shows that are so bad, we'd rather pretend they never existed. Whether they're Marvel or DC, what unites these shows is how unbelievably terrible they are.
    00:38 #10: “The Super Globetrotters” (1979)
    01:27 #9: “UltraForce” (1995)
    02:25 #8: “The Avengers: United They Stand” (1999-2000)
    03:22 #7: “The New Fantastic Four” (1978)
    04:11 #6: “The Super Hero Squad Show” (2009-11)
    05:01 #5: “Swamp Thing” (1990-91)
    05:56 #4: “Super Friends” (1973)
    06:48 #3, #2 & #1: ????
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Comments • 9 975

  • Dan Evans
    Dan Evans 20 hours ago

    Why is Super Hero Squad on this list? WatchMojo must just "hate those Squaddies!"

  • Joey Arruda
    Joey Arruda Day ago +1

    Iron man armoured adventures and super hero squad are gems

  • Carl Marron
    Carl Marron Day ago

    When a channel has an entry on both its top 10 best and top 10 worst series it’s time to write off said channel

  • gargi playz
    gargi playz 2 days ago +1

    And where is WatchMojo on this list?

  • ITVProductions
    ITVProductions 4 days ago

    WTF super hero squad wasent made for adults i used too watch it when i was a kid that was the shit

  • Jean Tuto
    Jean Tuto 4 days ago

    You call this worst super hero cartoon show, but you put IronMan Armored Aventure in it. This show is so dope! WTF WATCHMOJO?!

  • DanyKilson
    DanyKilson 4 days ago

    I liked The Superhero Squad Show when I was young. I remember very little.

  • Jakildinho Ramsey
    Jakildinho Ramsey 4 days ago

    My entire childhood was put on this list☹️

  • Young Boiii
    Young Boiii 5 days ago

    Superhero squad show was ass. Yall just nostalgic. Just cause you remember it from your childhood doesnt make it good.

  • Supreme Mewtwo
    Supreme Mewtwo 5 days ago +1

    Who loved super hero squad
    Like here

  • Hayden TCEM
    Hayden TCEM 6 days ago +1

    Giant Man? You mean Ant-Man, right?

  • TheGreatAltair
    TheGreatAltair 7 days ago

    Superhero squad was fucking awesome

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer 8 days ago

    Teen titans are on this list!! Im unsubscribing also its my opinion

  • Gamer Elliot
    Gamer Elliot 8 days ago

    I like teen titans go. It shouldn’t be on this list

  • Beter Parker
    Beter Parker 8 days ago

    Damn cuz he Jewish?

  • Alpha - Official Music and Anouncements

    I actually liked armored adventures

  • Tundra ._.
    Tundra ._. 9 days ago

    Hero squad wasn't bad, Armored Adventures just had a terrible tony stark look, but a great Iron man

  • Black CloraxMan
    Black CloraxMan 9 days ago

    How dare you out super hero squad

  • Younger Family
    Younger Family 9 days ago

    Who didn't see teen Titans go coming 😒

  • cartertothemax
    cartertothemax 9 days ago

    Are they ignoring the fact that these are aimed at kids and not for everyone

  • Ninja Fake
    Ninja Fake 10 days ago

    i regret watching this video not for the person talking about this horrible tv shows but the very bad graphics

  • FMJ Raven
    FMJ Raven 10 days ago

    I disagree right there bud, iron man armored adventures was a great show, despite what other crap that was on Nicktoons/nickelodeon

  • Obeng
    Obeng 11 days ago

    Yeah don’t disrespect SHS or Ironman armored adventures ever again

  • Pleb
    Pleb 11 days ago

    you have committed a sin by having superhero squad on this

  • Ingrid Tobar
    Ingrid Tobar 11 days ago

    How dare you include the super hero squad show I loved watching the show when I was 4 years old I even had the x box 360 game and this is my moms account

  • pyro
    pyro 12 days ago

    If Super Hero Squad and Iron man Armored Adventures are bad than I'm gay

  • Riaan Nobbs
    Riaan Nobbs 12 days ago

    Plain and simple. You guys need to get your shit together.
    I just watch a list wherein you say that Superfriends is one of the best animated shows ever

  • Viewtiful Jay
    Viewtiful Jay 12 days ago

    When everyone bitching about SHS is underage

  • Coolpotato9000
    Coolpotato9000 12 days ago

    Most of these are lies!!! >:(

  • Keith Cordes
    Keith Cordes 12 days ago

    "It's comicbook art style makes it seem like the animation is jumping right off the page." it's literally from right off the page 😂

  • christianedwa706
    christianedwa706 12 days ago

    WatchMojo shut your dumbass up shs was the best you always want to say something bad when it good

  • ben thanos
    ben thanos 13 days ago

    Does anyone remember Nick fury toons of superhero city?

    It was a spin-off of superhero squad

  • Fire Layers
    Fire Layers 13 days ago

    And teen titans go is not too bad🖕

  • Rusty Shock
    Rusty Shock 13 days ago

    This video has not aged well.

  • Nitrell Forest
    Nitrell Forest 14 days ago +1

    What the hell. You talking about super hero squad for that was my og cartoon that’s why you guys are running out of content 😂

  • stainshield
    stainshield 14 days ago

    Super Friends, Iron Man Armored Avengers, and Marvel Super Hero Squad were amazing. The shows that should be on this list is the shit made by that fucking idiot hack Jeph Loeb. I am talking about Ultimate Shit-Man, that shitty ass Avengers Assemble, Guardians, and Hulk Agents Of SHIT which were shows that nobody wanted or asked for.

  • vuk vucurovic
    vuk vucurovic 14 days ago

    retated scumbags

  • Bobby mclean
    Bobby mclean 14 days ago

    Excuse me wtf, super hero squad was the best

  • Michael Owen
    Michael Owen 15 days ago

    How dare you watch mojo the superhero squad was my favorite show when I was a kid

  • Nick Miller
    Nick Miller 15 days ago

    How dare you super hero squad is a masterpiece

  • Coolbird00
    Coolbird00 16 days ago

    Thank you God, Teen Titan Go was a disaster! I saw one episode and I stop watching TV.

  • B9M - Paladin Games
    B9M - Paladin Games 16 days ago

    Super Hero Squad wasn't even that bad...

  • PenDragon 24601
    PenDragon 24601 16 days ago

    I actually liked Armoured Adventures . . .

  • That Weird Kid
    That Weird Kid 16 days ago

    The CGI in Armoured Adventures reminds me of a cutscene from Megaman X8

  • charizard4321
    charizard4321 16 days ago

    I agree teen titans go is the worst and should be #1 on this list

  • Shadow King
    Shadow King 17 days ago

    Super hero squad theme song is my favorite

  • Neziah Adell
    Neziah Adell 17 days ago

    SUPERHERO SQUAD🤦🏾‍♂️😤.....WHAT!?

  • Kelli Vincent
    Kelli Vincent 17 days ago

    Why did you put SHQ and Armored Adventures and not Avengers Assemble

  • J G
    J G 17 days ago

    Dc is great with their animated series just not the movies. A lot

  • Editor Entertainment
    Editor Entertainment 17 days ago

    Iron man armored adventures was by no means perfect but it's still better entertainment than your entire channel. 😊

  • Joe Scope5
    Joe Scope5 17 days ago

    Teen titans go is really good

  • Tyler Matthew
    Tyler Matthew 17 days ago

    I refuse to believe that you think that the super hero squad show is worse than a fantastic 4 show without human torch

  • eugeneriettie
    eugeneriettie 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who likes Teen Titans Go!? Sure it's not the same as the original Teen Titans but I think it's still enjoyable

  • Lori W Bahadur
    Lori W Bahadur 18 days ago

    I Adore the SHS! Spotting the different Hulk changes in the intro is fun!! And Stan Lee as the unheroic mayor so cute! It's not FOR Adults... But, it is SO CHIBI & KAWAII!

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 18 days ago

    Teen Titans go never should have been made, let alone aired

  • F4lconer Official
    F4lconer Official 18 days ago +4

    Ooooh my God, so I am not the only one who thinks, that #1 is the worst😂😂😂

  • Hamburgerishere 122
    Hamburgerishere 122 18 days ago

    I use to watch superhero squad and collect the toys. WHY DID YOU MENTION SUPER HERO SQUAD AND IRONMAN ARMOURED!!!! THERE GOOD SHOWS!!!!

  • Basava Prabhu
    Basava Prabhu 18 days ago

    U shouldn't have mentioned 'SUPER HERO SQUAD'

  • RadRuby 270
    RadRuby 270 18 days ago

    Teen Titans Go is amazing I love that show

  • I pee when I poop
    I pee when I poop 18 days ago

    I only clicked for super-hero squad.

  • ScrambledAndBenedict
    ScrambledAndBenedict 18 days ago +1

    Gotta be honest. I actually really REALLY want to see that Globetrotters show now

  • The gunner 5000 games
    The gunner 5000 games 19 days ago

    Teen titans no

  • Rygart Arrow
    Rygart Arrow 19 days ago

    I honestly loved Iron man Armored adventures

  • Terrenz Subebe
    Terrenz Subebe 19 days ago

    I like super hero squad

  • Anirban Sarwar
    Anirban Sarwar 19 days ago +1

    U must be joking teen titans is awesome

    MLG GAMER 19 days ago +1

    Why?! Why put Super Hero Squad Show and Iron Man Armored Adventures? They were both so good! If it weren't for them I wouldn't have even known about the other superheroes aside from Avengers and X-Men. Heck I wouldn't even have had a reason to be disappointed in Iron Man 3 cuz I wouldn't have even known the Mandarin! Also what's wrong with teen Iron Man? That offered a little bit of originality to the thing cuz it made you kind of follow his development as he grew up and the storytelling was excellent! Come on!

  • Logical Juan
    Logical Juan 19 days ago

    Man, some people to have taken exception to Superhero Squad. And as much as I dislike TTG, it shouldn't be number 1. Mega Babies should not be a dishonorable mention. It should be high on the list.

  • Da1 King0fWakanda
    Da1 King0fWakanda 19 days ago +1

    Super Hero Squad & Armored Adventures???
    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but your’s is just wrong. 😂

  • Danyequix Neme
    Danyequix Neme 19 days ago


  • Rolcan Verty
    Rolcan Verty 19 days ago +3

    Iron Man amored adventures has such good antmitaion sorry for my spelling

  • The unwanted Collector
    The unwanted Collector 20 days ago +1

    You shall not bash super hero squad

  • S. Herrera
    S. Herrera 20 days ago +2

    My favorits shows as a kid
    1.Avengers Asemble(classic on not the new shitty reboot)
    2.Superhero squad

    Scooby-doo mystery incorperated

  • S. Herrera
    S. Herrera 20 days ago +1

    As a kid I honestly like superhero squad

  • Jacq Torres
    Jacq Torres 20 days ago

    Just delete this video if you don't like cartoons.

  • Jacq Torres
    Jacq Torres 20 days ago

    Super hero squad is a legend and you put him in the list of top 10 worst animated super hero cartoon? u are wrong

  • Bekesel Omelau
    Bekesel Omelau 20 days ago

    I unsubbed

  • GojiDoesGam3z
    GojiDoesGam3z 20 days ago

    Unsubscribing because of you mention super hero squad and armored adventures

  • Just a normal Weeb
    Just a normal Weeb 20 days ago +2

    Armored adventure and super hero squad was my childhood

  • Richchigga Brian
    Richchigga Brian 20 days ago

    Super hero sqaud n Ironman was tha shit

  • kriss 25anime
    kriss 25anime 21 day ago +1

    marvel suck at making show


  • Miranda Pelletier
    Miranda Pelletier 21 day ago


  • Harshal Khaparde
    Harshal Khaparde 21 day ago +1

    I enjoyed Super Hero Squad as a 9 yr old 😅

  • sackchief
    sackchief 21 day ago

    Superhero Squad Show was actually good. This video is trash.

  • Leo,the heartbreak Kid

    Superhero squad has amazing animation and I liked it

  • c sm
    c sm 21 day ago

    yes swamp thing's show sucked but its opening makes my heart sing

  • APT the3rd
    APT the3rd 21 day ago

    Watchmojo y’all have issues if u think superhero squad and armored adventures were bad

  • Andrew Ace
    Andrew Ace 21 day ago +1

    Armoured Adventures worse that Super Hero Squad??? Are you out of your minds!?!

  • asthma
    asthma 21 day ago +2

    superhero squad is literally ttg done right it actually shown a huge part of the marvel universe

  • Amux Moose
    Amux Moose 22 days ago

    Watch mojo u guys are drunk ass hell

  • Amux Moose
    Amux Moose 22 days ago

    Super hero squad was my freaking child hood I played all of there video games I have toys of them

  • Andrew Leyton
    Andrew Leyton 22 days ago +2

    The super héroe squad show is actually better that teen titans go

  • Raul.Marin
    Raul.Marin 22 days ago +1


  • alex toll
    alex toll 22 days ago

    Why wasn't mega babies number 1. Lmao fuck

  • Marcus Xavier
    Marcus Xavier 22 days ago

    Teen titans was shit

  • Alexander Luna-Lima
    Alexander Luna-Lima 22 days ago

    What how is the marvel superheroes here I love that show and same with teen titans go

  • Sumana Majee
    Sumana Majee 22 days ago +1

    Iron man as a teenager was best

  • Jareesh Roozbeh
    Jareesh Roozbeh 22 days ago

    Add Ben 10 omniverse too, this show literally ruined Ben 10.

  • kaleb nelson
    kaleb nelson 22 days ago +1

    Sees super hero squad on the list, gets triggered instantly and dislikes

  • eye flabbs
    eye flabbs 22 days ago

    they put superhero squad on her i say we burn the heratics

  • Sandman552
    Sandman552 22 days ago

    Iron Man Armored Adventures is what got me invested in Iron Man..........