10 Dark 90s Cartoon Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
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    Cartoons from the 90s were pretty darn awesome and they still hold a place in the memories of many people today. But despite the fond memories, there are some dark internet theories out there that may just ruin some of your favorite childhood memories. For instance, Ash from Pokemon is potentially in a coma for the whole entire series. That, or he wished to remain a child for the last twenty years. Pinky from Pinky and the Brain may in fact be the brain that the song talks about. Doug Funnie from Doug may have schizophrenia, which is the reason for his vivid daydreams and how he’s able to interact with them. Caillou on the other hand, may have it worse if it’s actually diagnosed with cancer. Two characters from Samurai Jack and Powerpuff girls may in fact be the same character. There also may be a connection between Magic School Bus and Dr. Who. Ed, Edd and Eddy may all be living in purgatory, which would honestly explain a few things and Angelica from the Rugrats show may have been imagining the whole thing in her head. Spongebob Squarepants was insanely popular, but what if he’s existence, along with his pals, were the result of nuclear testing? There’s also substantial evidence that the main villain from Inspector Gadget is a familiar person. By the time we’re done listing the reasons behind these theories, we’re you’re going to look at these hit 90s cartoons in a different light, thanks to these dark theories.
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Comments • 2 940

  • ChrisC Origami
    ChrisC Origami 3 days ago

    Caillou could have Alopecia

    MLG PANDAS 3 days ago +1

    9:11 lets play spot the mistake

  • Throwing cats Productions

    The cancer one I think it’s true

  • Will Brin
    Will Brin 5 days ago

    Then why does no one else ages in Pokémon?

  • creamcone 24
    creamcone 24 5 days ago

    My theory about Pokemon is that every show is from a different reality but such shows as black and white and x & y are connected

  • Essance Fay
    Essance Fay 7 days ago +12

    you wanna know why Ash never ages?

    Because Pokemon is a kids show

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 7 days ago +1

    That's a fake make up stories which is not even true the story writer didn't mean all this you made up all this rumours

  • Jasveer Morar
    Jasveer Morar 7 days ago

    Caillou didn't have Cancer, he grew up and started making songs. He starts off his songs with Mr World Wide. You feel old yet?

  • Lucas Fuqua
    Lucas Fuqua 9 days ago

    A bikini bottom with Krabs? Ouuch steer clear.

  • Piddy Fiddy12
    Piddy Fiddy12 9 days ago

    i spent my childhood watching kablam so this title is a lie, Im GoNnA dOwNvOtE tHiS

  • FunkyHouseProduction
    FunkyHouseProduction 10 days ago

    Bro stfu ....

  • TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity

    That iso really sweet about that cayoui character being a positive role model for children with cancer, they doint throw it in yoru face, so kids who actually ave cancer dont feel patronized, they will see the bald head and the bear and little hints and probab;ly feel like someoen is paying attention

  • SethanielC
    SethanielC 10 days ago

    Very interesting stuff and well put together. BUT did anyone see the "BIRD IN THE BUSH" 'illusion' at 9:12? I just noticed it. Whether purposeful or not, still quite an interesting happenstance. One of my favorite illusions, or merely, in actuality, habits of the brain. This will probably get buried, but I had to say something haha

  • Chris Britt
    Chris Britt 11 days ago

    Well you know I may be wrong but I seem to recall an episode of Caillou where it was actually mentioned he was going to chemotherapy now I might be wrong I might have seen something else but I'm fairly certain he has cancer which makes that a much sweeter show to me

  • Spider- Cat
    Spider- Cat 12 days ago

    If This Will Ruin Childhood........Then, Why Are Watching This!

  • Salem Bendeck Vlogs
    Salem Bendeck Vlogs 12 days ago

    is it wrong that this didnt ruin my childhood at all?

  • OrangeLake 55488
    OrangeLake 55488 12 days ago +3

    Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results.
    ~Albert Einstein

  • dolphintattoogirl
    dolphintattoogirl 12 days ago +1

    Please correct yourself, a Theory is something that has EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE behind it! A HYPOTHESIS is a proposed explanation with little or no proof behind it.

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 12 days ago

    Caillou doesn't have cancer, he just trained so hard till his hair fall off.

  • Charles Young
    Charles Young 13 days ago

    My girlfriend says and I quote "go to hell" for ruining her childhood have a nice day!

  • ryley howard
    ryley howard 13 days ago

    Why him I watching all the way true?

  • Antoine Robinson
    Antoine Robinson 13 days ago

    Well this was different but as a child Brain was a genius, the Edds are not dead, and those babies are really there (Rugrats) the rest really doesn't matter

  • R.G.A. Club
    R.G.A. Club 15 days ago

    "Pinky and the bran"

  • Slightly Poisoned
    Slightly Poisoned 16 days ago

    How did I get to this.

  • Raw and Uncensored
    Raw and Uncensored 16 days ago

    When I hear of Pinkie and the Brain I can only remember one episode. The one where the brain falls in love with a female mouse and they had to go their separate ways.

  • Mr6ixmusic
    Mr6ixmusic 16 days ago

    ....Samurai Jack came in 2001...he doesn't belong in this video at all. Lol wut?

  • Justin Merrill
    Justin Merrill 16 days ago

    alopecia can cause complete baldness/hairlessness.

  • connor shappell
    connor shappell 17 days ago


  • Omego2K
    Omego2K 17 days ago

    Einstein didn't say that

  • Seamus Harrison
    Seamus Harrison 18 days ago

    it does not say which is which on Pinky and the Brain? in the title scene as it is saying "one is a genius and one is insane" brain is solving equations and pink is in a straight jacket. That is a long way to go to fool people if you really mean it the other way

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis 18 days ago

    The Pokemon theory isn't a very good one

  • Martin Keefe
    Martin Keefe 19 days ago

    Inspector Gadget is listed as an 80s show as the narrator states it is a 90s show. Wut.

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M 19 days ago

    2:16 is he dressed up as whinnie the pooh?

  • Shamara
    Shamara 20 days ago

    5:26 professor Uranium????? Nah my guy... professor Utonium !!!!

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    Or not

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    If anyone has any comments to make pls do bc I will like to know if my theory is right

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    Until he finally seceeds

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    For the rest of his life

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    Leaving him to try to get his false daughter back

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    But while he was in the bunker he became insane

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    But he keeps this secret bc he's afraid no one will believe him

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    And the reason he calls himself "Dr claw" Is bc he trying to grab onto the girls hand and to never let go again

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    And he got pushed into the entry of the base

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    But didn't have time to save her

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    And he cared for that little girl

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    Causing him to go underground

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    And Dr claw is the original gadget that might have knew the robotic one was being made at that time period

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    That the gadget brain washed everyone except Dr claw

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    The gadget might be evil while Dr claw is good

  • Darkoverlord 444
    Darkoverlord 444 21 day ago

    My theory of I specter gadget is different

  • Jason Howard
    Jason Howard 21 day ago

    I heard bikini motel alot

  • Your 1839
    Your 1839 22 days ago

    I was always pretty sure Cayou had a trait called baldness.

  • bruh_itz _arzon
    bruh_itz _arzon 22 days ago

    i sub

  • CMH 2017
    CMH 2017 22 days ago

    I actually remember the Pinky and the Brain theory being confirmed in a Kids WB promo when I was a kid.

  • reckless reckless
    reckless reckless 23 days ago

    Caillou has no hair because even his own body recognizes how immature he is and that he doesn't deserve hair. (lol)

  • derek vonb
    derek vonb 24 days ago

    All these theories was terrible !! Only good one was the pinky & the brain one .

  • Jake Busekrus
    Jake Busekrus 24 days ago

    Caillou was based on a baby but he got changed last minute, and couldn’t create the hair in time

  • Green science
    Green science 24 days ago

    Where are the writers at

  • Green science
    Green science 24 days ago

    2:48 wtf people...

  • Mathieu291
    Mathieu291 26 days ago +2

    Did he say COLLECT THEM ALL?!?!🤨

    • Chase Heard
      Chase Heard 26 days ago

      Mathieu291 “Pokémon! gotta collect em all” lol

  • Pève Valson
    Pève Valson 26 days ago

    Caillou is bald for helping kids with cancer identify themselves... It's not a theory at all..

  • Sterling Nash
    Sterling Nash 26 days ago

    Yes the Pokémon and Rugrats theories are bull ish lol they were family the rugrats she was playing wit were friends so she imagined they parents and the parents interactions lol Angelica and Chucky are cousins 😂 so yeah debunked but I rather enjoyed this this gets the wheels going in ya head

  • trollingassassin
    trollingassassin 26 days ago +3

    Where’s Courage the Cowardly Dog tho🤔

  • Sophie Vanventurer
    Sophie Vanventurer 26 days ago

    The caillou theory is debunked in one of they episodes it shows the mom character pregnant with rosie

  • Gary L
    Gary L 27 days ago

    Thay are CARTOONS, dipshit! They are created for enjoyment. If you can't deal with that you pathetic pile of dog excrement then you really need to take a long walk on that short pier while wearing cement shoes.

  • Kyle Waters
    Kyle Waters 27 days ago

    So the rugrats theory... Go back to the 25 best crossover episodes or whatever it was and the theory is busted cause Eliza can understand the babies.

  • Cheeky bastard !
    Cheeky bastard ! 27 days ago

    Need to get your history straight if you're going to pull a face with Will Smith in the middle of a Pokemon ad. You must be a millennial or younger!

  • Happablapp
    Happablapp 27 days ago

    their pinky, their pinky, their pinky and the brain brain brain brain brain...

  • i_am_spiderman
    i_am_spiderman 28 days ago +1

    One of my friends has alopecia areata and he doesn't have any hair. He's otherwise perfectly healthy, just bald. Maybe that's what Caillou has

  • Jesse Valdez
    Jesse Valdez 28 days ago

    I thought i seen that caillou was 6 foot tall?