Why Disney failed with Star Wars, but succeeded with Marvel and Pixar

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • #StarWars #RiseOfSkywalker #KathleenKennedy
    “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” will end both the Skywalker saga, and the sequel trilogy made under Disney. So far, the Lucasfilm acquisition arguably hasn’t worked out for them nearly as well as hoped. With the benefit of hindsight however, we can pinpoint where things went wrong, and why Lucasfilm failed under Disney ownership, whereas both Marvel and Pixar thrived.
    In this video, we will go through the interrelated Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm acquisitions, and uncover why the Lucasfilm acquisition alone failed, what Kathleen Kennedy had to do with it, and if there is any path forward from here.

    Star Wars Playlist:

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Comments • 2 775

  • Tareltonlives
    Tareltonlives 7 hours ago

    Abrams is part of this. He destroyed Star Wars and Star Trek himself

  • Tareltonlives
    Tareltonlives 7 hours ago

    Iger is a ruthless, mercenary man

    • Tareltonlives
      Tareltonlives 7 hours ago

      He seduced and betrayed Lucas, and Kennedy was too greedy to protest

  • Just Watch
    Just Watch 12 hours ago

    Disney did not succeed with Marvel and Pixar. They are failing them as well. They just haven't crashed and burned as hard as Star Wars ... YET.
    Pixar has been turned into a sequel machine.
    Marvel is succumbing to identity politics.
    The transition from "good" to "awful" is taking longer with them, because some of the original team still had control and hadn't been replaced yet... but just watch it happen.
    Pixar and Marvel will be as awful as Disney's golden cash cow, Star Wars, soon.

  • Jarred Pearman
    Jarred Pearman 21 hour ago

    This was interesting until the very end where the tone takes a nasty downward emotional bend calling SJW with a vitriol. It's amazing how these stories were always about social justice, always. And suddenly its not cool to go along with very real changes in the world. It's astounding the number of rampant cry-babies there are in the era of T-rump.

  • Acrocanthosaurus
    Acrocanthosaurus 21 hour ago

    Dizney succeeded with Marvel? I beg to differ. The exact opposite in fact.

  • DarkWolf7609
    DarkWolf7609 22 hours ago

    I think Kennedy needs to be axed and they should put LucasFilm in the hands of Dave Filoni and or Jon Favreau. Only then would they be able to save the Star Wars franchise. This is the way

  • CJ Dude
    CJ Dude Day ago

    Hopefully now they're starting to see, it's the fans who make or break the movies. mess with our childhoods and the movies which we love the most, and we'll make you pay for it. Disney know fuck all about star wars, they should stick to the animations, real world politics and star wars don't mix. In fact, note to disney as a whole - STOP USING MOVIES FOR YOUR POLITICAL PROPAGANDA!!! IT JUST MAKES FOR BAD MOVIES!!!!

  • Chickknight Greenleaf

    "Et tu, Kennedy!"
    George Lucas

  • Chim chim Cheree.

    Kathleen is a woman, they do not unferstand Star Wars

    • Tareltonlives
      Tareltonlives 7 hours ago +1

      Iger and Abrams destroyed Star Wars and they're men

  • User
    User Day ago

    I find it hard to believe all the blame can be laid at Kennedy's feet.

  • David Goodman
    David Goodman Day ago

    They should’ve just fired Kennedy, brought in Lucas with his choice of director and given him complete control of the story line.

  • Eddy Baystar
    Eddy Baystar Day ago

    George Lucas didn't do wrong by choosing a female. He choose wrong because he picked Kathleen Kennedy! He should have took his time and picked a fan or someone who at the Least KNEW STAR WARS. Had the best interests in it like him and wanted to see it's legacy carried on. Who cares about the long run, which would have made More Profits then the 'quick, easy buck' method.

    Kathleen is a lazy ass rat who wanted for the right moment and George at his most vulnerable was the precise opportunity she needs to get her vision across. She know or care about Star Wars. Hell, one of her first Dumb mistakes of many were to consider it's continuum canon "Expanded Universe" non-canon. There is SO MUCH DAMN CONTENT! SW doesn't have to even be about the Skywalker Saga. You had the Fetts or any other bounty hunter(s). You can derive a story about smugglers and scoundrels; the space pirates, hustlers & swindlers that they are. There could have even been a Jawa or Ewok movie.

    Nope! NOPE! Kathleen had a "Get Woke, Go Broke" idea with pushing her SJW agenda across and head of Lucasfilm was her ticket to showcase it, where else? Star Wars films. But it never Ever occurred to her about the female empowerment of characters like Leia who didn't have to push or shove ideas in people's faces or down their throats, via on screen. Leia had a story, she was a Bad Ass who could handle herself & she was amazing enough that male & female both Loved Her endlessly. That's not the case here. Enter the new lead...
    Rey! The poorly written 'Mary Sue' stereotype protagonist that has zero explanation. She just puts her hands on Anything and is automatically great at it. She has no struggles, troubles or problems. She can one-up anything that you throw at her. And what else; She doesn't acquire anything because she Takes it.
    Had Kathleen instead maybe Used George's idea or at least kept the EU canon to find another character like Jaina Solo. Then fans and folks would have had a story and character they could get behind, feel for and like. The people that Go to movie theaters and pay to see them. Not the keyboard warriors and other online trolls & clickbait artists who either pirate or have zero idea what they are talking about they just show negativity towards anything purposely.

    But that's me and I have been a Star Wars fan since 82'. What do I know about the franchise and it's best interest...

  • Joe Bloe
    Joe Bloe 2 days ago

    Disney didn't 'succeed' with Marvel. They had Kevin Feige. He is the single reason behind Marvel's success. Disney has turned into a complete joke with the creativity and risk taking of a brick.

  • Edward Batchelder
    Edward Batchelder 2 days ago

    I laugh at these comments and criticisms because after watching Lucas' Episodes I, II, and III, I think Disney has done a fantastic job. Better acting, better action, more believable set pieces... No stupid and corny love stories and no annoying characters of the likes of Jar Jar Binks.

    Good job Disney. Maybe not on par with IV, V, and VI, but light years above the s**t show that Lucas created later.

  • illwitness
    illwitness 2 days ago

    SJW and feminists,......take note.

  • John Kinney
    John Kinney 2 days ago

    Kevin Feige... Basically

  • Diviy Idnani
    Diviy Idnani 2 days ago +1

    Kennedy(to Johnson):ever hear the tragedy of George Lucas the wise?
    Johnson(after the whole explanation):is it possible to learn this power(how to disappoint fans)
    Kennedy:not from a good director

  • BirdArvid
    BirdArvid 2 days ago

    The problem wasn't abandoning Lucas' vision; god knows that should have happened after the first movie. No, the mistake was not replacing it with something, ANYTHING better..

  • Luis Vidalon
    Luis Vidalon 2 days ago

    Dude, just bring Anakin back.

  • BillyRvil
    BillyRvil 2 days ago

    He can't save it!!

  • The Smartest Guy In The Room

    Monday night quarterbacking: female as the lead jedi... nope not feeling that , Finn the clone being black....nope nope not feeling that, maybe if they made 3 jedi with finn and Rey being one and someone else.... maybe passable.... each having there equal part ..... but this new thing about females taking the lead...... nah .... politics shouldn't be in movies....

  • Geoff English
    Geoff English 2 days ago

    Putting a little more faith in a movie making veteran would been good choice number one.

  • Jedi S.H
    Jedi S.H 3 days ago

    succeeded with marvel? nice joke look at captain marvel

  • jkgaming101
    jkgaming101 3 days ago

    1st and second trilogy: a new dope
    3rd trilogy: the sjws strike back
    Mandalorian: return of the star wars

  • Lord Megatron
    Lord Megatron 3 days ago +1

    Star Wars has been a solid part of my life for nearly 30 years, and I've loved it from day 1. It absolutely burns my ass that Disney has done such a ridiculously unquestionably AWESOME job with the MCU, but has done almost the exact opposite with Star Wars. Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed Rogue One and the Rebels tv series, but those were both in a way limited to material that already existed, they could only go so far with it. But when they COULD go far they went way TOO far and completely ruined it.

  • rudolf sanchez
    rudolf sanchez 3 days ago

    looks like lucas lost in corporate environment Lucas lost a war he did not realize he was in a war he was not a warrior he used a woman as a shield not a hero but coward

  • rudolf sanchez
    rudolf sanchez 3 days ago

    british royalty uses titles... to influence people like Kennedy

  • rudolf sanchez
    rudolf sanchez 3 days ago

    british roman politics try to destroy countries so called friends like USAby brain wasing the females and getting them in positions of power

  • rudolf sanchez
    rudolf sanchez 3 days ago

    kennedys coctact with the British is where it has gone wrong bad politics started

  • Hrema
    Hrema 3 days ago

    Holly crap I watched this video with interest just to turn in to an angry macho social justice is ruining everything rant. Even if it was (and it's not) if that's what you have to worry about, a movie franchise that hasn't worked even with Lucas at the helm, you should just count yourself lucky. Take your own advice, don't be such snowflkes.

  • BlueHooloovoo
    BlueHooloovoo 4 days ago

    I really have to wonder- is this what the EU did to the series and the obsessive fans? Rob Star Wars of all the wonder, all the scale, all the warmth, all the humor of the series? Is that the series these people are so set on defending?
    Because that doesn't feel like Star Wars to me.
    Luke was already fallible. The Last Jedi simply didn't play into the notion of Luke becoming an all powerful super saiyan and the most powerful being in the universe, which a lot of people couldn't handle.
    They wanted a power fantasy, not a story.

  • BlueHooloovoo
    BlueHooloovoo 4 days ago

    Yes there are many new fans of Star Wars. The Fandom Menace are not the gatekeepers of the franchise. A whole new generation of fans have embraced Star Wars including members of my own family and friends. The only thing "ruining" Star Wars are the trolls online that don't understand how stories work or how movies are made. I could frankly care less about how you feel about TLJ and you inability to get over your immature behavior regarding it. When 'Rise of Skywalker' makes over a billion dollars at the box office what are you going to complain about then? Obviously, all your complaining and threats would of amounted to nothing.

  • wagnar
    wagnar 4 days ago

    In terms of box office the only Disney Star Wars movie that failed was Solo. The Force Awakens is the second most sucessful SW movie after the New Hope when you adjust by inflation.

  • davidv2002
    davidv2002 4 days ago

    Need I Say More?

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris 5 days ago +1

    Lucas: One vision, one writer, one director, one complete saga.
    Disney: No vision, no writer, no director, no complete saga.

  • Ivaylo Iontchev
    Ivaylo Iontchev 5 days ago

    Kathleen betrayed Lucas. Disney should've hired JJ for all 3 episodes of the new Star Wars trilogy. I liked how JJ set up TFA. But Johnson fucked up with TLJ. If ROS disappoints then all hell will break loose.
    However, Star Wars fans are hard to please. A lot of them complained that TFA is too much like A New Hope, basically a copy. I don't think so. But that is what happens when you stick to the spirit of the original trilogy. Which to me is more important than to try something ridiculous and destroy the legacy like Rhian did with TLJ.

  • chris fern
    chris fern 5 days ago +1

    To answer the question to the title of this video for how Disney is successful with Marvel and Pixar and not Star Wars is simple. People don’t have any previous Marvel & Pixar films that are in connection with today’s Marvel & Pixar films for them to reference and criticize from. This is why if Rise of Skywalker is a failure, Disney will still be successful with SW. They’ll just come out with a movie or trilogy that is it’s own thing and doesn’t touch the original material therefore fans have no material to criticize from, because it is new and its own material. Somewhat of an example would be the show Mandalorian.

  • Polar333Bear
    Polar333Bear 5 days ago +2

    They needed someone to head the franchise that was as passionate about Star Wars as Kevin Feige is about Marvel. But instead they got a businesswoman whose career is built off the association with bigger names.

  • edua172
    edua172 5 days ago

    Disney kill Lucas Arts and starwars 1331 T_T

  • Kolumaic
    Kolumaic 5 days ago

    The music when they are traveling on speeders is horrible.

  • OgamiItto70
    OgamiItto70 5 days ago

    One of the things that I've noticed, that wasn't mentioned in the video, is how often we get last-minute directors and sudden changes of writers. And Star Wars isn't the only franchise to suffer from these happenstances. Apparently, the same thing happened to Star Trek.
    The "Solo" project faceplanted because the writing was so poor--it was even worse than old episodes of CHiP's--it was nearly unwatchable.
    I saw "The Force Awakens" in a theater. They killed Han Solo and I swore to myself that I wasn't going to spend one more dime on Disney-era Star Wars movies. And I haven't. (I checked "Solo" out of my local library, fortunately.)
    "Rogue One" was better than the other Disney Star Wars stuff, but even it was pretty iffy.
    Such a shame. Maybe they'll really bomb an upcoming movie and Lucasfilm will get sold off to someone who will truly understand how to make Star Wars movies...

  • Roxtaf Argilath
    Roxtaf Argilath 6 days ago

    They have friggin laser swords, it is never to late !

  • Akainu Sakazuki94
    Akainu Sakazuki94 6 days ago

    Who the hell is he ?

  • Charles Jannuzi
    Charles Jannuzi 6 days ago

    After watching Abrams fuck up the Star Trek film franchise, why would they let him do it to SW too? Still, they didn't stink it up at the box office until the failure of the Han Solo film.

    • Tareltonlives
      Tareltonlives 7 hours ago

      Because he made money. Iger and Kennedy are mercenaries

  • Hidden Hawaiian
    Hidden Hawaiian 6 days ago

    It’s simple Disney had real comic book fans lead Marvel. Disney did not take guidance from real Star Wars fans.

  • Jesse Cruzen
    Jesse Cruzen 6 days ago

    all she had to do was side with george (as she was paid to do)..... her ego destroyed a 4 billion dollar film juggernaut. you would think 30 years of making your living off of films, you would understand how to make one. hell if i were friends with spielberg and lucas... i would have learned something. seems like she was kept around for her..... ASSets. the play toy thought she was a business stud... RIP SW

  • idoj654123
    idoj654123 6 days ago

    I didn't mind the "new" Star Wars trilogy from 1999 to whenever the last one was released. The one where the emperor picked up what was left of his prized student and officially made him into Darth Vader. Since then, there's been at least one more trilogy, one more movie based on destroying a Death Star, and several offshoot movies.
    The novelty ended with Darth Vader's creation. I mean, real cute that the second trilogy preceded the first in the storyline. And now it's "woke."

  • Ethalos M
    Ethalos M 7 days ago

    Disney didn't fail with Star Wars...

  • nicolochan leo
    nicolochan leo 7 days ago +1

    Looking what Disney is doing in business is showing me alot on how to do great business partnerships, how to grow and learn from mistakes

  • Chris Berg
    Chris Berg 7 days ago

    Lucas arts 👍 for Mr movie universe

  • Elijahvincent coronado

    You can't feel pain in agony from the sequels if haven't watched it yet. Honestly, I haven't watched the sequels yet, since I knew from the prequels and the originals that the story was over. But the sequels just seem, off.

  • Lori R
    Lori R 7 days ago

    Marvel and Pixar had movies already in motion. Just wait and see once ‘Disney’ takes over. Ugh! The last Toy Story already showed some signs. Disney will kill both. The Left destroys everything it touches.

  • Luis Vidalon
    Luis Vidalon 8 days ago +2

    I used to love Disney when I was a kid...

    *Not anymore.*

    • Luis Vidalon
      Luis Vidalon 2 days ago

      @BlueHooloovoo I do like baby Yoda, he's cute.

      *But Yoda was way more badass.*

    • BlueHooloovoo
      BlueHooloovoo 4 days ago

      Baby Yoda makes your opinion invalid.

  • Röda Pringles
    Röda Pringles 8 days ago

    They will fail with, Marvel too now when every male-hero will be changed into female just for being political.

  • erhe etrherh
    erhe etrherh 8 days ago

    I really doubt George's direction would have been any better see his prequels.

  • star
    star 8 days ago +1

    Why Disney failed with Star Wars?....still butthurt over diversity being the norm as opposed to decades ago?
    ok boomer

  • Bill Writer
    Bill Writer 9 days ago +1

    You can point to three things that sunk the franchise. The hiring of Kathleen Kennedy, and then her hiring J.J. Abrams, and Rian Johnson.

  • ohplezz
    ohplezz 10 days ago +2

    The SJW movement kills everything it touches like cancer. It is toxic.

  • Jelly
    Jelly 10 days ago

    At least The Mandalorian is good

  • Sumanadasa Wijayapala
    Sumanadasa Wijayapala 10 days ago

    Sorry, but the argument that Lucas had everything down pat perfectly until Disney messed it up does not fly. This is the same Lucas who gave us Phantom Menace. I'll take JJ Abrams new movies over the prequels any day.

    Disney did much better with the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series. The confrontation between Ahsoka and Darth Vader was hands down the most epic and emotional scene in the entire franchise.