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Installing our Wood Stove before Snowstorm! / Ep90 / Outsider Cabin Build

  • Published on Nov 26, 2021
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    ...With winter just days away, the pressure is on to chink the interior, and to install the 300lb wood stove before it gets too cold.

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  • The Outsider

    To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out Policygenius:

  • Meg'sCarpentry,lovedogs

    Honestly sharing your first lite wood stove with a brewing cup of coffee was a super special moment!💝💛💚❤️‍🩹🇨🇦😍 Quality editing and music selection during that part of the video as well! The music pulled us in with warmth to sharing imagination that we were with you and your father. I had to view this heartfelt milestone several times because it brought such warm fuzzy feelings of joy for you and your father. Namaste to you both!😉

  • Casey Dangar
    Casey Dangar Day ago +1

    I've been watching this whole little series with this cabin. Never thought I could sit around for hours watching a single video on RU-clip. I've now done it several times watching these guys. Absolutely amazing job on both the cabin and the filming. So much hard work and so much time to do this.

  • Betty Timberman

    I've been watching since the beginning of this build im so glad to see it getting finished.God bless you both .stay safe and well hope everyone is doing better now love to your families.

  • Michael Mengual

    I've been on this journey from the beginning, I cant tell you how satisfying it was to see them having a cup of coffee in front of the stove. Well done you guys, you had a vision and turned it into a reality.

  • art holcomb

    I doubt you’ll ever read this, but on the outside chance, I’ll post it. I’ve been watching the last few episodes of your cabin build and subsequently subscribed. That led me to scroll pervious videos and land on the story of yours and your wife’s struggle shortly before and after your marriage. I’m touched and moved by the God inspired beauty of your character, the humility that frames everything your do, and your faithfulness. I’ll add my voice to those who are praying for you as well as looking for ways to support your work which I believe is a ministry.

  • Jeri Atrix

    As an oldtime Canadian cabin builder (Dryden, Ontario region) it was nice to see someone who knows how properly to install the stove pipes. Apart from eliminating the creasote running down the outside of the pipes and smelling-up the whole cabin, both the ceiling jacks and stove collar are female and male so pipes will fit inside each other top to bottom. Well done vid; you chaps know what your doing.

  • Brad Armstrong

    Have to admit, seeing you and your father sitting in front of the wood stove almost brought a year to my eye. A beautiful moment of father and son gently celebrating a very special moment together. Thanks for sharing these moments.

  • Ryan Strong

    I too have been following this project from day 1, from high school to now. Can't wait to see you guys finish the cabin and see all of that hard work come to fruition. You guys inspire a lot of us on this channel and I'm glad for your example. I wish you guys all the best and hope that this cabin will be something that your family will be able to enjoy for generations to come. God Bless. Waiting semi-patiently for the next video!

  • Tim Shipman

    It was so inspirational seeing you and your Dad enjoying the coffee and the fire. I hope soon your entire family will be present to see firsthand the legacy you and your Dad have created. I’m blessed watching this, thank you!

  • P J. Hynes

    Thank You for sharing this with us. I sit and watch your workmanship and your dedication to the task at hand. I could not think of two men who deserve more to sit at that fireplace and enjoy a cup of coffee. Father and son together … it doesn’t get any better, may God bless you all.

  • Cashmeister96

    I've been following your cabin build from the start for I don't even know how many years.

  • Dylan Bennett

    Absolutely love the tractor. My grandpa had a farmall my whole childhood. So many memories in fact I named my son Case. Unfortunately when he passed it was like a who could sell my grandpas stuff the fastest and while I was gone in basic training it was all gone. I couldn’t believe my family would do that to the point we haven’t talked in years. But just seeing you all working with that tractor brings a big smile to face and takes me back to much better times in my life and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

  • Rob Lavoie

    Congratulations... I have been here since the rocks were brought in for the foundation..I can't express how much I enjoy watching the cabin come to life .... stay blessed....

  • Mindy M.
    Mindy M.  +14

    The cabin looks so beautiful in the snow. The wood looks crisp and new, but also timeless. I'm so glad you've brought us along with you!

  • Steven McMullen

    I have watched since the beginning and watching the fire light with you two guys sat together made my nice safe room feel very smoky, I wasn't teary eyed it was the smoke ?

  • Robert Wagner

    How wonderful to see you both in front of the fire. Our hearts are filled with love and admiration for both of you.

  • Juraj Šmíd

    I spend whole evening watching your videos. From very start to that perfect moment with your dad. Absolutely love your work and all the details. Amazing...

  • Placido Jr. Menaje

    I have been waiting for a new episode of THE OUTSIDER and now here it is! Thank you! It always brings me so much joy to see you work on your log cabin side by side with your Dad. I continue to pray for the complete healing of Mrs. Outsider so that your family can enjoy to the max your first Christmas in your brand new log cabin. Be careful and God bless you and your dear ones.

  • Jeff Gannon

    Nothing better than a wood stove fire on a winter day. The cabin is looking awesome.