Kevin Hart Explains Why Ice Cube Sounds Irish - The Graham Norton Show

  • Published on Jan 22, 2016
  • Graham and Ice discuss the possibility that they could be related.
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  • Duk Duk
    Duk Duk Day ago


  • joshue Oshinski
    joshue Oshinski Day ago

    So is Marcus

  • Marilyn N
    Marilyn N 2 days ago

    It's funny' but I'm also mad because that's how I came up with my son's name. 😂

  • C Burkens
    C Burkens 4 days ago

    So a white man claims to be related to a black man.....ask Andy Bernard about that.

  • Hip Hop Lover
    Hip Hop Lover 4 days ago

    Straight Outta Compton crazy motherf___r named "O'Shea"

  • CaptainAMAZINGGG
    CaptainAMAZINGGG 5 days ago

    Ireland has black roots/history tho. Mixed with Spanish and Viking. not just white. Dude legit is actual irish lineage and doesn't realize :')
    I want cube to be on who do you think you are. :p
    Shaquille O'Neal, Eddie Murphy etc tho, last names are Irish as well.

    • R H
      R H 2 days ago

      CaptainAMAZINGGG no it doesn't
      And why do you say Viking and Spanish as if they were separate from white
      Vikings were from Scandinavia literally the whitest people in the world
      The reason many African Americans have Irish surnames is because lots of Irish moved to America and had children with African American
      Ireland has black people in the last 50 years from immigration

  • CH-17 VEVO
    CH-17 VEVO 6 days ago

    Ice cube rarely laughs at Kevin’s jokes

  • Dan Becker
    Dan Becker 6 days ago

    Ice cube sounds American to me

  • down 4 whateva
    down 4 whateva 7 days ago

    Blacks are notorious for seeing everything put a little twist on it and claim it as there's then when someone else does it there like look they trying to be black lol SMH

  • Damian Brantley
    Damian Brantley 8 days ago

    Kevin is a genius.

  • Pankaj Gorey
    Pankaj Gorey 8 days ago

    That Kkkhhhhhkkkkkhhhhh laugh from Ice Cube though

  • DecarabiaSatanachia
    DecarabiaSatanachia 9 days ago

    Doesn't like Irish name because it's associated with white people. Racist!

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 10 days ago +2

    My friends daughter named her baby, Zeus (God of War). Was she inspired by the mythical GOD? No, after a pair of Zeus Jeans. Ironically, he joined the armed forces. He was regarded as a lucky charm & highly respected. With many tours in Iraq & Afghanistan.

  • J
    J 11 days ago

    i love kevin hart lol

  • yun chang
    yun chang 14 days ago

    Hahaha me my wife we gave my son name Kingston because we always travel Montreal to Toronto and we said this is a nice name for are son :)

  • vero hmora
    vero hmora 15 days ago

    Kevin is brilliant

  • Aidy W
    Aidy W 17 days ago

    Roy’s rolls hahahaha brilliant

  • Made New
    Made New 17 days ago

    Kev is just a funny person period

  • muahful
    muahful 19 days ago

    A lot of us picks a combination of the mom and dad names lol

  • Mark Anthony Leo
    Mark Anthony Leo 19 days ago

    Both Rock
    Kevin is hilarious

  • The Shawn Murphy Journal

    These Irish names came from slave owners back in nineteenth century that was documented by historians

  • Xcris crosX
    Xcris crosX 25 days ago

    A white woman fell in love with a name for her future baby boy. She liked the masculine Latino ring to it. Much like 'Ramon' would be pronounced she said it slowly, Ra - ton, as she said it in a growling guttural voice. Her face completely dropped when I told her the name raton in Spanish means mouse

  • Marcus Green
    Marcus Green 27 days ago +2

    Check out Kevin Hart and Ice Cube this summer in their next blockbuster movie "This Friday"

  • Xorpe
    Xorpe 29 days ago +2

    Ice Cube is Muslim Graham

  • Ashley Lloyd
    Ashley Lloyd Month ago +1

    I keep repeating it!!!. So funny!

  • T R
    T R Month ago +1

    Related lol not 😂

  • fender katana
    fender katana Month ago

    No matter how cube act and be I see him as a straight up G who dont give a f lol

  • J Diaz
    J Diaz Month ago +1

    Gosh, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart always cracks me up! 😂❤️

  • J Jay
    J Jay Month ago +1

    Kevin and cube - comment
    Kevin and rock - like

  • Ms. Floyd
    Ms. Floyd Month ago

    The explanation for baby names 😂😂🤣

  • Agents Monkey07
    Agents Monkey07 Month ago +2

    Black Future Mom: OMG I found out what my kid name is
    9 month later
    Black Mom: It my beautiful baby crispy chicken

    I’m not good with jokes

  • Romar Orpilla
    Romar Orpilla Month ago

    pls give them two a good movie together. thats really LT

  • Oleos Santiago
    Oleos Santiago Month ago

    Is ice cube drinking milk?

  • Jan Edmunds
    Jan Edmunds Month ago

    There’s such a thing as “Black Irish”

  • Savage Da Product
    Savage Da Product Month ago

    Who are the ppl to the left of them?? Lmao 🤣

  • Rawdiswar
    Rawdiswar Month ago

    MLKJR, X, Thomas Sowell, Chappelle, Denzel and now, Hart. Can I get an amen?

  • Kanishk Anand Sharma

    It's amazing how spontaneous Kevin is, cooking up comedy on the go.

  • YO YO
    YO YO Month ago

    Wee info for ya,ll white folk. Yes there is black irish folk out there, boxer dillian Whyte grandaddy is irish white. I am black scottish irish. If you met me yes you will see a big black man. But i have scottish irish stock 👍🏿

  • Ben Fisher
    Ben Fisher Month ago

    Why has Graham got this homophobe on his show? Also he's not funny

  • maximus Maxwell
    maximus Maxwell Month ago

    muhammed ali is the best known blackman with white irish great grandfather to be proud off

  • Elizabeth Knoerle
    Elizabeth Knoerle Month ago

    we could be related even kevin lol NO SIR GO WITH YOUR JOKE LMAO
    American culture nope same as last name smh lmao
    Brown skinned😘 own ppl

  • Daniel Prosser
    Daniel Prosser 2 months ago

    Kevin is really not funny

  • HP Lovecraft
    HP Lovecraft 2 months ago

    Ice Cube is adorable! I’m pretty sure he is Irish!

  • Zl Yasser
    Zl Yasser 2 months ago

    Im here for ice cube not for the little man

    MMA MASTERCLASS 2 months ago +1

    Ice cube is a racist, he is an absolute tool.
    Thank God Kevin Hart was there too save the interview. Kevin Hart is an absolute legend.
    Class act

  • Danial Tabumi
    Danial Tabumi 2 months ago

    Its true kev 🤣🤣🤙🏾🤙🏾

  • Sean Brown
    Sean Brown 2 months ago +1

    Seen it

  • Just Beyond The Corner Productions

    No one pointed out Kevin is an Irish name too 😂

  • james benedict
    james benedict 2 months ago

    my mom picked up my name from a bunch of stickers names placed in a taxi cab. One day I rode an old taxi with a bunch of sticker names with my name seemingly popping out. I took a picture and showed it to my mom and she started laughing hysterically. Parents are crazy!

  • Alevtina Mikhailov
    Alevtina Mikhailov 2 months ago

    Would like to have Kevin with an Ice please. Thank you.

  • Kael Arceo
    Kael Arceo 2 months ago

    Great Conversation... Thumbs up!!!

  • Brian O'Neill
    Brian O'Neill 2 months ago

    Kevin Hart said "all black people are notorious for doing" something. He culturally appropriated white people.

  • sllsllsllsllsll
    sllsllsllsllsll 2 months ago

    haha that’s what happened to Kobe Bryant

  • Amrit K.
    Amrit K. 2 months ago

    When ever Graham has African american celebs on his couch its soo entertaining and always fun... the one with will smith, kevin hart, octavia was gold.... rest all beside them just fade away... so gud these people are actually fun to listen to....

  • Tommie Reid
    Tommie Reid 2 months ago

    Look at Ice Cube.. The angriest Gangster Rapper in the 90's.
    He's all grown up, and he totally SOLD-OUT.

  • PJ
    PJ 2 months ago +1

    So true my boy sean is jamaican and his younger brother, BROTHER, is named shivaun (siobhan). I'm like "ur lucky ur mom has no clue of Irish spellings or you'd have a girl's name".

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 2 months ago +1

    Ice Cube is hardly hiding his laughter...after the show he bursted into laughter

  • Ade
    Ade 2 months ago

    Na that’s black people in US. Africans on the other hand don’t just pick names

  • Christian Westling
    Christian Westling 2 months ago

    I thought most american blacks got their last name from the family that owned their ancestors as slaves back in the day.
    Well then.

    • Lynx Galaxy
      Lynx Galaxy 2 months ago

      Christian Westling O’Shea is his first name

  • abhi_neet hpy
    abhi_neet hpy 2 months ago

    Every show that Kevin does is his show.

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas 2 months ago

    Ice Cube looking like I Stressed.

  • Iosif Dzhugashvili
    Iosif Dzhugashvili 2 months ago

    “Cornashun street”

  • maya summers
    maya summers 2 months ago

    Kevin aint lying about that whole name thing. 😂😂😂😂 At least in my experience and with the people I know in my life.

  • H.J.W
    H.J.W 2 months ago

    Kevin posing in front of Roy's Rolls is too funny. He doesn't understand how funny that is...which makes it even funnier.

  • Jonny Harding
    Jonny Harding 2 months ago

    I swear Kevin Hart could read the dictionary and crack me up 😂😂

  • Cmaskold
    Cmaskold 2 months ago

    Ice Cube drinking milk? 1:32

  • 2Kvids 50subs
    2Kvids 50subs 2 months ago

    DaKevintarious Hart

  • Al-Bara
    Al-Bara 2 months ago

    Dat Royal Oak tho

  • Iman Akari
    Iman Akari 2 months ago +2

    Ice Cubes reaction when host said your " Christian " name... 😂

  • slash slash
    slash slash 2 months ago


  • Contrarian DC
    Contrarian DC 2 months ago

    His mom was reading the newspaper? I highly doubt that.

  • Jobcenter 57
    Jobcenter 57 2 months ago

    o shea was the name of the masters back then

  • Rob Sutherland
    Rob Sutherland 2 months ago

    Sometimes I like to take the light bulb out of the bathroom at night and leave Lego bricks around the toilet. Just saying.

  • taylor drn
    taylor drn 2 months ago

    it really looks like he grow up there 🤣

  • Claire M
    Claire M 2 months ago

    Ice cube's laugh sound like a spray bottle

  • Dyan Poot
    Dyan Poot 2 months ago

    Olivia colman 💙💙

  • nathan oshea
    nathan oshea 2 months ago

    Yeah Cube O'Shea is an Irish name

  • John C
    John C 2 months ago

    African Americans and the Irish have a lot in common because the Irish were discriminated against for 700 years. You all know what I'm talking about.

  • Matt man
    Matt man 3 months ago

    Ain't all black men Irish? Coz they are always up for the

  • Reece Scrowston
    Reece Scrowston 3 months ago

    Kevin Hart=Hilarious!!!

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 3 months ago +1

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  • Ayanime Edem
    Ayanime Edem 3 months ago +2

    "Ice-Cube we could be related"
    I'm like hollup, hollup, hollup hollup🤣🤣🤣

  • NAC Person
    NAC Person 3 months ago


  • Bobby Simar
    Bobby Simar 3 months ago

    I love Kevin's jacket.

  • Tiktok Official
    Tiktok Official 3 months ago

    I love Ice Cube

  • Sauga Comics
    Sauga Comics 3 months ago

    best video ever!

  • Alex M.
    Alex M. 3 months ago

    I want to kill you 0:53

  • Everlastinghope Prods
    Everlastinghope Prods 3 months ago

  • draqul i am
    draqul i am 3 months ago

    Kevin is soo short

  • draqul i am
    draqul i am 3 months ago

    I'm glad my momma didn't call me garbage truck

    BARÇELONISTA4EVER 10 3 months ago

    The way he said "no", I died hahahahahahahhaha

  • Travis Fletcher
    Travis Fletcher 3 months ago

    Off topic a bit...but black americans act as if they represent all black ppl of the world...just saying

  • Cynical Teacher
    Cynical Teacher 4 months ago

    Slave name...

  • Yawovi E.
    Yawovi E. 4 months ago

    Kevin is so right. I’ve seen so many of my friends say they will give their kids a name while we are watching a movie.

  • MicahiLove
    MicahiLove 4 months ago

    Lol! Kevin is spot on about Ice-Cube's name. My dad's name is Bellino, uncles are Lothario and Percival. Also my grandaddy pronounced pizza excatly how it's spelled "pee-zuh" instead of "peet-suh." So I guess he was just bougie 😂😂😂
    My daddy has an Italian name but we are straight up blackity black

  • Gene Code
    Gene Code 4 months ago

    I like black people.

  • NerdGirl72
    NerdGirl72 4 months ago

    I love Cube

  • Earth is dying !
    Earth is dying ! 4 months ago +1

    *The planet is overpopulated, overexploited and overpolluted, if humans want to be alive on a living planet, they have to decrease and live better : less births, good consumption (organic, vegetable garden, recycled, renewable...) and reforestation for a living planet (trees, oxygen, climate, biodiversity...).*

  • Jame Caldwell
    Jame Caldwell 4 months ago

    Jay , where Beyonce

  • Amado Carranza
    Amado Carranza 4 months ago

    Wow amazing Kevin made cube laugh

    • hafiz nazri
      hafiz nazri 4 months ago

      Its more amazing that olivia made kevin and ice cube laugh so much. This show is golden when the guests actually enjoys themselves and not being too uptight