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  • Published on Nov 30, 2015
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Comments • 208

  • intellectualidiot
    intellectualidiot 6 years ago +2

    So much respect for this man. So happy for the Fury family.

  • NUFC72
    NUFC72 6 years ago +4

    Peter Fury is very honest, talks a load of sense, very much an underrated trainer as well. Breathe of fresh air.

  • Jordan Curtis
    Jordan Curtis 6 years ago +9

    Wins a world title - Not even two days later and he's back in the gym to train Hughie. Peter Fury is a living legend.

  • Mark Ryan
    Mark Ryan 6 years ago

    well done peter..brilliant stuff, and you all deserve the success you've got. Tyson is the best thing to happen to the heavyweight division for years.

  • cragus2004
    cragus2004 6 years ago +7

    One hell of a trainer! Congratulations once again. I think we are going to have a great champion for a very long time

    • I took down the buffalo
      I took down the buffalo 6 years ago

      His lack of discipline is a concern for me especially against weaker opposition. Against wlad he was motivated.

  • Codezero4657
    Codezero4657 6 years ago +29

    How can you not like Peter Fury.

  • unclebrizey
    unclebrizey 6 years ago +4

    Fucking love this dude. Peter Fury is as real as they come. Well deserved victory for him and his nephew.

  • Dani
    Dani 6 years ago +51

    top guy uncle peter and very under rated trainer deserves alot of credit and tyson is the best!

    • Don Peyote
      Don Peyote 6 years ago +1

      +Martin Capote Until Saturday gone, underrated by everyone.

    • Dani
      Dani 6 years ago +2

      +Rhys Kent yeah but its true all team fury great people!

    • Rhys Kent
      Rhys Kent 6 years ago

      +Danny Small i was just watching this thinking wat a top guy peter is, i scroll down and you have said it all lol

  • Alias
    Alias 6 years ago +2

    Peter Fury is the main man behind Tysons rise to the top, what a incredibly intelligent man hats off to you sir!

  • ray dollars
    ray dollars 6 years ago

    What Peter has done with Tyson is nothing short of amazing. Kudos to Team Fury and proving all the doubters wrong.

  • felipeb49
    felipeb49 6 years ago

    Real respect to Peter Fury, great coach and tactician, straight talking no bullshit kind of guy, a rare breed...

  • Dr A Ali
    Dr A Ali 6 years ago

    Mate, Peter, I was a fan, always admired your calm cool demeanor, your thoughtfulness etc....I NEVER realised you were so flippin clever to train your guy and demolish Klitshkos army!!!! Stunning, you are the best my friend.

  • LobsterBlacc
    LobsterBlacc 5 years ago +2

    this man has the gameplan to beat just about anybody in the Heavyweight division

  • Espy
    Espy 6 years ago

    I have so much respect for Peter and his family. They are down to earth and no nonsense. I'm over the moon that Tyson won, I knew he would. Kugan you do a brilliant job. iFL TV is superb.

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams 6 years ago +5

    I'm sure Peter realises, that under no circumstances should they conduct the rematch back in Germany. Fury holds the aces now and he needs to use them.

    • Laid Back
      Laid Back 6 years ago

      fury dont hold shit to get the chance in the first place the rematch was already signed even monies

  • MarvellousDazza
    MarvellousDazza 6 years ago +5

    Such a top bloke. Could listen to him talk about boxing for hours lol

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 6 years ago +2

    I like Peter! Tells the truth, good lad! Excellent interview.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 6 years ago

    i love your interviews especialy any with team fury the trust you and them seem to have is great peter always seems like a true gent but been a bit hard of hearing i struggle with hearing peter on the vids any chance of making the volume any louder ps keep up the good work guys fantastic stuff :-)

  • James Bond
    James Bond 6 years ago

    As someone else said, Richie Woodhall picked Tyson to win and he speaks sense in general about boxing because he knows what it takes to be a world champion.

  • FanOMisery
    FanOMisery 6 years ago

    I just looked up the skysports heveyweight rankings, updated 05/11/15 and fury is at no8 behind stiverne! i think most people would have put him at 2 or 3 before the fight.
    Whats Hughie going to do now? Hughie vs AJ would be a great domestic, but i dont think they are able to play the hype game well enough to get him that fight. perhaps aim for the looser of AJ/Whyte, but i respect the path of resistance he is going on.

  • Mr G
    Mr G 6 years ago

    Peter Fury interview are always a good watch. Top guy and top, top trainer. The voice of reason!

  • Czar Christoph
    Czar Christoph 6 years ago

    A lot of respect for this man.

  • bridge0370
    bridge0370 6 years ago +13

    What about Tyson's shorts? They were a big distraction to Tyson as they kept falling down, which could've risked him getting knocked out.

    • Disk San
      Disk San 6 years ago

      +bridge0370 Very true, I've also seen Tyson have problems with his shorts falling down before.

    • Steveuploads
      Steveuploads 6 years ago

      +Adam B They weren't big shots.... They were momentos....of a big occasion

    • Glad Tidings
      Glad Tidings 6 years ago +7

      I'm glad someone else noticed that. he got caught with two big shots in the 12th round whilst trying to pull his shorts up.

  • Ruth Beeson
    Ruth Beeson 6 years ago

    Hats off to you Tyson well done good man for bringing it home now the games begin with what's out there in the heavy weight division getting the belts are fucking hard keeping them fucking harder

  • vibes0001
    vibes0001 6 years ago

    I could listen Peter all day, a very wise man and true gentleman. We should all get behind the fury's, they are proud fighting men that speak the truth. Plus he won me a nice little bit of cash :)

  • Travel With Adrian
    Travel With Adrian  6 years ago +2

    Wlad the lad deserves a 2nd chance to make up for his first loss in 9 years. If he loses again this will well and truly be the end of Wladmir Klitschko.

  • Michael Bartley
    Michael Bartley 6 years ago

    Great interview! Got a lot of respect for him and what he says!

  • Dani
    Dani 6 years ago +2

    A rematch in old trafford ground manchester would be epic!

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B 6 years ago

    very wise man Peter seems there has been some cracking interviews on IFL TV with Peter and rest of Fury Camp

  • Swearengen
    Swearengen 6 years ago

    Top interview, thanks Kugan and Peter.

  • guitarHero1885
    guitarHero1885 6 years ago

    "when they get in there with him its a different ball game" - the look on tyson's face when he and vlad met in the center of the ring and the look on vlads face - says it all - different ball game. vlad did not look too keen and tyson looked well up for it. it was like the situation just dawned on klitschko - oh shit.

    • guitarHero1885
      guitarHero1885 6 years ago +1

      he was shouting that? wow! i had no idea but i was laughing when i saw them square up. its was mental!! a really good fight as well. you think fury will fight wilder? thats goona be a great fight if it happens.

    • Don Peyote
      Don Peyote 6 years ago

      +guitarHero1885 IIt was great, Tyson was shouting, "look at the size difference now, where's your platforms" That was before the first bell as they were in the corners.

  • 2.FRESH! 76
    2.FRESH! 76 6 years ago

    Peter Fury, more class than Oxford, Cambridge, Harrow & Eton. Must get trainer of the year or decade.

  • Yasar
    Yasar 6 years ago

    Great execution of the gameplan. Wlad was not poor or old, he was made to look it. And for all those British journalists and so called 'experts' discrediting Fury's performance: Disgrace.

  • John Lee
    John Lee 6 years ago

    Fair play to you Peter you know what has to be done I know you if anyone can get them to where they need to be its you it speaks for itself you Tyson tod heavyweight champion of the world champion of the world people need to realise this I think your lad will do the same in the future proud to call both my them my cousins I don't think they would get there without you you know what it takes Joe Gorman

  • Hugh Morris
    Hugh Morris 6 years ago

    Trainer of the Year and a great man. #TeamFury

    • markybyeah
      markybyeah 6 years ago

      Yes, the king - peter bad boy fury

  • Squire Seven
    Squire Seven 6 years ago +35

    Only Richie Woodhall had faith in Fury doing the job...

    • Joe Tabner
      Joe Tabner 3 years ago

      And glenn mcrory

    • DanJMC91
      DanJMC91 6 years ago +1

      +LetsTalkSense1 mayweather put thousands on fury

    • boxing monthly
      boxing monthly 6 years ago +1

      +Squire seven and me cos the experts dont know shit

    • Squire Seven
      Squire Seven 6 years ago

      +Squire seven P.S. I'm on about this channels footage which has been superb.

  • Jesus1
    Jesus1 6 years ago

    Pure love for the fury family and IFL TV....

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 6 years ago +1

    I must admit i was convinced wlad would have won this fight however total respect to tyson and peter. Masterful performance.👌👋

    • Robusti09
      Robusti09 6 years ago

      +David Taylor Same thing and saw also this fight as the best so far from Fury. He was more fit/quick than ever before. No arguing, that he won clearly. Fury fought an intelligent fight. having a LOT of head/body movement and also using the ring well. Klitschko fought too cautiously and also couldn't/didn't follow up in a ninth round(around 1-1.30) when clearly Fury was hurth. If Klitschko wants to win Fury, he must at least fight more aggressively, change footwork, tactics, counter punch, fight as a smaller guy etc. Will be interesting to watch the rematch, if it's gone happen!

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 6 years ago +2

    Imagine what he could do with Hughie by 27 years old!
    watch this space! Fury's could dominate this division for a while

  • Dames Jay
    Dames Jay 6 years ago +1

    Massively respect Peter Fury. He also showed what he was about on saturday. There is one thing Peter says here which I think sums up Fury. "It's one thing looking at him on the outside, but it's different ball park when they get in with him". I believe Fury is perhaps not a good looking boxer stylistically. But his awkwardness, size, speed, movement makes him something unorthodox, but very effective. I think he may jab and frustrate Joshua for 12 rounds and maybe knock out Wilder.

    • Don Peyote
      Don Peyote 6 years ago

      +Rowan Williams He's a bit like Columbo. Plays a complete fool, an idiot, everyone laughs at him. But as a boxer, he's huge, quick for his size and despite maybe not having great power, he hits hard enough to get respect.
      I've been a fan for years.

  • Nicholas Garner
    Nicholas Garner 6 years ago

    This man knows his stuff - Peter is the man

  • Amsterdam Boxing
    Amsterdam Boxing 6 years ago +1

    18:25 to 19:10 Sums it all up!

  • Gee M
    Gee M 6 years ago

    This man is the driving calming force of team fury,what an intelligent man

  • nick riley
    nick riley 6 years ago +1

    Johnny Nelson mentioned the spongey ring in Austria so obviously Klitschko was training to try and stitch Tyson up from the off!

  • Barrie Tooke
    Barrie Tooke 6 years ago

    Yeah proper guy Peter fury is awesome can't wait to see more of Hugh ie he is a fabulous fighter!

  • Dan Main
    Dan Main 6 years ago +1

    Absolute top man right here, such class aswell

  • OneToothGolden
    OneToothGolden 6 years ago +1

    what a class act peter fury is.

  • chris lennox
    chris lennox 6 years ago

    Worst HW fight in my 47 years ,Klitschko never made an attempt to win even after his brother told him he had to KO Fury, looked rigged for a mega money rematch only my view.

  • manchester mad man
    manchester mad man 6 years ago

    all the best pete hope Tyson stays at the top hard work pays off godbless

  • tommybluenose
    tommybluenose 6 years ago

    my favourite boxing personality - why can't everyone else in the game speak with the same level of total honesty & common sense like he does?

  • Boxing Barmy
    Boxing Barmy 6 years ago +2

    Funny that I think his parole will get revoked 😂😂 ledgend Pete

  • Squire Seven
    Squire Seven 6 years ago

    'snatch van' Hahaha That made me chuckle

  • Chris Down
    Chris Down 6 years ago

    that last comment on probation haha. made me chuckle

  • Solomon Ultra
    Solomon Ultra 6 years ago

    I wonder if klitchko did something to the canvas in the David Hayes fight to make him fall through out the fight.

  • mizofan
    mizofan 6 years ago

    Tyson did very well, deserves credit for it :) One in the eye for the racists, haters of romanies, and those who called him an idiot with no chance.

    • James Bond
      James Bond 6 years ago

      @Chris McCaul did I make a racist statement? I was asking a question. Do people have reason to dislike them? I never said I did. I don't have an opinion as I've never met any.

    • James Bond
      James Bond 6 years ago

      +mizofan Do you think people had/have a dislike for the gypsies/romanies for nothing? Or can you see why they might dislike them?

  • Alan Shaw
    Alan Shaw 6 years ago

    They're straight to me. Big up to them

  • 101GetMeStarted #IAM
    101GetMeStarted #IAM 6 years ago


  • Jose Burrola
    Jose Burrola 6 years ago +1

    From Everyone here in America congrats Tyson fury I'm a big fan now

  • baan58adam
    baan58adam 6 years ago

    Do not mess with the best !

  • SavageGaming
    SavageGaming 6 years ago

    Kugan - Unusual spot for an interview, Peter looks like he's propping the ceiling up with his head lol

  • Ghauri
    Ghauri 2 months ago

    Sad peter and tyson don't even talk anymore :(

  • Alan Shaw
    Alan Shaw 6 years ago

    massive respects to the them

  • paul parker
    paul parker 6 years ago

    His comments in the last 3 minutes of the video are very articulate and on point,people from the travelling community might have very little formal education but there very educated in life

  • PipersSon
    PipersSon 6 years ago +1

    @Killarney: I am unwilling to intrude on Tyson Fury brief moment of fame, my concern is to steer young men away from boxing, my fear is tell a child he can fight, and he wants to go out and punch someone, The boxing ring is littered with brain injured participants, thats bad enough but most get fleeced by promoters, by trainers, and by managers, Don King Alis ex-mngr, handed a fighter $200 000 dollars in cash, and got him to sign a release for a $2.5m payday, Don Kings son was charging the same fighter $18 dollars a day for JUST ONE WHITE towel rental, the kid was paying a $1000 dollars a week towel rentals at their so called training camp. Read the History of Madison Sq when gangsters owned it.

  • A S19
    A S19 6 years ago +4

    Glenn Mcrory was pissed that weekend, should have seen his scoring

  • Dames Jay
    Dames Jay 6 years ago

    8:10, I think Mick's feet would disappear in any ring.

    XBASS KINGTING 6 years ago

    Man Tyson furry made alot people eat shit,even my slef ,big up too him ,he shocked the world

    MICKY BOY 6 years ago

    it would be good to see what peter could do with a light or welterweight.

  • Gary
    Gary 6 years ago

    I agree with that trainer Tyson is the best in the world but if Klitschko was the same age as Tyson who would win then

  • PipersSon
    PipersSon 6 years ago

    Alexander Povetkin to be the next heavyweight champion of the world, 2/1.
    Tyson Fury to lose title to Klitscho after suffering serious eye injury, referee stopped fight in 4th round, 4-1. Klitscho regains title but loses it to Povertkin 3-1.

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 6 years ago +24

    I wish Peter Fury was my Uncle....

    • Laid Back
      Laid Back 6 years ago

      +Danny D gisss a kiss

    • Laid Back
      Laid Back 6 years ago

      unlucky you got me and im like uncle allan i like wee knobs

    • stiv Sonny2012
      stiv Sonny2012 6 years ago +1

      haha aye hes sound as fk

  • Pulvi 33
    Pulvi 33 6 years ago

    Peter Fury - The next Emmaunel steward - top trainer & top bloke.

  • shaa jaa
    shaa jaa 6 years ago

    peter fury will be in demand now!

  • monkeymagic436
    monkeymagic436 6 years ago

    if you watch the video 'inside the kiltschko camp with johnny nelson ' he was training on a thick layer of sponge

  • SB
    SB 6 years ago

    I get the vibe that Peter is potentially a very nasty bloke, more so than his brother because he just spouts rubbish

  • Steveuploads
    Steveuploads 6 years ago

    Word up!

  • 94 Kid
    94 Kid 6 years ago


  • Ayup Meducks
    Ayup Meducks 6 years ago

    I watched the us broadcast, Jim watt, nice fella but i cant stand listening to him prattle on on the sky broadcast.. That said.... Roy jones jnr can talk out of his arse as well but, they had Tyson a street ahead. P.S. Peter is star.

  • Owen Maughan
    Owen Maughan 6 years ago

    tyson fury will never be beaten

  • whos who
    whos who 6 years ago

    Class act

  • Paranoid Reggie
    Paranoid Reggie 6 years ago +3

    wonder how many fighters fought under all them things they try to press on tyson dodgy canvas, gloves etc

    • Joe Tabner
      Joe Tabner 3 years ago

      They knew well before but only said on the afternoon of the fight.. Refused to fight if they never changed canvas.. And they stuck to there guns and shamed them

    • Joe Tabner
      Joe Tabner 3 years ago

      It showed klitschko was worrying and needed every advantage hes a bully mentally imo.. He comes to the ring with shoulder pads in his robe ffs

  • Nick
    Nick 6 years ago

    Need a gym with a higher ceiling. Everyone walking about bent over. Tyson must be crawling through there.

  • Kieran Ledger
    Kieran Ledger 6 years ago

    Peter is such a sound guy.

  • Guy tyrie
    Guy tyrie 6 years ago

    Congratulations !

  • cvjss2
    cvjss2 6 years ago

    These Fury's are so tall, literally can't fit in any room

  • boxer wayne
    boxer wayne 6 years ago

    Top Man!

  • Sean
    Sean 6 years ago +1

    Peter is the reason Tyson is champ

    • Sean
      Sean 6 years ago

      derr oh yeah silly me

    • Laid Back
      Laid Back 6 years ago

      no hes not you damp squid tyson is the reason

  • Evocati
    Evocati 6 years ago

    All the judges were from the Americas, not Germany or Europe.

  • baan58adam
    baan58adam 6 years ago

    Ha ha the Furies are givin it out to everyone

  • andsam
    andsam 6 years ago

    I want to see kugen in the ring and knock seckbach out for all the hate he gives Tyson

  • chris lennox
    chris lennox 6 years ago

    Not a fight for the public ? who do you want to buy the pay per views ?

  • ESP revaluation
    ESP revaluation 6 years ago

    good stuff real

    HERBY DRUMS 6 years ago

    true rocky story

  • SalemKid
    SalemKid 6 years ago +1

    peter fury - the only fury that looks like he isn't missing a chromosome

  • David Geraghty
    David Geraghty 6 years ago

    Why doesn't the winner of whyte an Joshua fight hugie??

  • Frostioz MOVED
    Frostioz MOVED 6 years ago

    Asked Tyson to sing you need me ,I don't need you by ed sheeran to David haye .

  • Trucker Tom
    Trucker Tom 5 years ago

    top man

  • Stef
    Stef 6 years ago

    Roll on aj Wo wooo

  • Jerry Lune
    Jerry Lune 6 years ago

    Your sound needs sound improvement.

  • Zexzy
    Zexzy 6 years ago

    How big do ya think Allan hopes knob is?