Stacey Abrams launches campaign to protect the vote | Pod Save America Live from The Greek Theatre

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • The Democratic primary is relatively stable heading into the fall campaign, voters are still trying to define electability, and Stacey Abrams passes on 2020 to focus on protecting the right to vote. Jemele Hill of The Atlantic joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan on stage at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. “Vote Save The Greek.” (LIVE from LA!) out now:
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Comments • 29

  • Gary Indiana
    Gary Indiana 29 days ago

    Like Jon Lovett just said, let's Bern this shit, from sand to a glass slipper

  • Suzanne Tourtillott
    Suzanne Tourtillott Month ago +1

    I love Lovett's passion.

  • rolback
    rolback Month ago +1

    What we need to do to protect the vote, is a law that puts a person in jail, for 10 years, for registering non US citizens to vote. Illegals are foreigners interfering in our elections and destroying our democracy.

    • Origami Help Desk
      Origami Help Desk 24 days ago

      Brian Walkup then why do you refuse to engage in a substantive discussion? You have no critical thinking skills if you believe the Democrat propaganda that Trump is a racist. You bought that lie like a fool because you already didn’t like republican policies. The media is playing you like a chump and you’re acting like a little child believing anything the big media machine churns out. A woman’s ‘right’ to murder her child? If that’s the logic of your critical thinking then I want no part of it!

    • Brian Walkup
      Brian Walkup 24 days ago

      Origami Help Desk I can see why you think I am not sincere, but nothing could be further from the truth. Please know that I pray every night for all of you who are lost in the right wing conspiracy. I pray everyday that you will return to your rational mind and rejoin our society. Not by all of us having total agreement on everything, but by being able to compromise with each other. My heart breaks for you, that is a sincere truth.

    • Origami Help Desk
      Origami Help Desk 24 days ago

      Brian Walkup you are using mock concern to patronize me which i have to say while it is not violence, whacking off my hat, stabbing or hitting me, it does show an inability to really engage on any issues. You are an NPC. You scream racist because you are so sure you are right but when it comes time to actually fight me you claim that you’ve already won and I must be too stupid to know any better. Well, keep using violence buddy. It won’t win you any body to your side but it may make you feel better.

    • Brian Walkup
      Brian Walkup 24 days ago

      Origami Help Desk I know you don’t understand. Believe me when I say with my whole heart that understand how broken and damaged you are, but I also know that you have to be the one to call an end to it. If you want to reclaim your rational mind, you will have to be the one to do it. You could start by a google search of the phrase critical thinking skills, and reflect on what comes up. Making up silly false arguments with me won’t help to end what is broken inside of you. All I can do is point you in the right direction, but you must walk that path alone. Good Luck. Brian

    • Origami Help Desk
      Origami Help Desk 24 days ago

      Brian Walkup damage like killing kids? No thanks. How about the damage of thinking Donald Trump is racist when 30+ years of testimony from the biggest names in Hollywood, politics and the media prove otherwise? How about falling for the bought and paid for smear campaign written by Hillary Clinton about trump being a Russian spy? You have suffered tremendous mental losses. You are now living in a propaganda bubble made up of lies and hatred.

  • Scar
    Scar Month ago +7

    great episode! love Jemele Hill. happy birthday Jon!