Art Teacherin' 101: Episode 5 ART SUPPLY ORDER


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  • Cone
    Cone 4 месяца назад

    That was very helpful, thank you!

  • jenjean70
    jenjean70 5 месяцев назад

    I made the mistake of trying to stretch my budget and I ordered the cheap construction paper= what a waste!

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 8 месяцев назад

    What are the art catalogs you use?

  • Mary Bois-Byrne
    Mary Bois-Byrne 9 месяцев назад

    For all that powdered paint: put it in dollar store salt & pepper shakers and/or recycled parmesan shakers and spice shakers. Spray water on art paper, then let students shake the paint powder onto it. These art papers could then become the background painting for a fabulous piece of art.

  • Sarah R
    Sarah R 11 месяцев назад

    I use the watercolor concentrate sold by sax. Kids love it. Colors are amazing

  • Emily Franz
    Emily Franz Год назад

    Hi Cassie! Just discovered you last week and I am thrilled. You are teaching me so much. I have my own art studio in Il, and I am really watching your videos so you can teach me as much as I can learn about working with kids. So, thanks!
    I was watching your rainbow tree set up and caught a glimpse of your painted mannequins. How did you paint them...what kind of paint? Are those the inexpensive IKEA mannequins?

  • Kayore Grace
    Kayore Grace Год назад

    This is SOOOO helpful!!!

  • Sacramento Spark
    Sacramento Spark Год назад

    I just inherited a summer art camp from a local artist and I have quite the shoes to fill! I’m getting ready now even though summer is months and months away. Your channel has been so helpful! Thank you for what you do to make learning so fun for both your students and fellow teachers 😊

  • Orr Brette
    Orr Brette Год назад +2

    I had a ton of powdered tempera paint left over from a previous teacher for the longest time too! One summer school I taught I went around to local home improvement and furniture stores collecting large refrigerator and furniture boxes and we made a giant box city cutting windows and doors and fashioning roofs in groups. I used up ALL of my random colored powdered tempera! I mixed up with water in gallon ice cream buckets and the kids used large brushes to paint them (I mixed it up more watery to extend it and it still covered great). We set it up in the gym when we were done and had a play day! It was a blast. We learned about architecture and different buildings needed in a town/city to make a community work. We even made things to go along with our buildings/businesses. We had a bakery, a fire station, a police station, clothing store and a lot of other fun ideas. I used my canvas drop cloths from clay on the ground (since I was looking to replace them) when we painted. It still was a huge mess, but the kids did great mopping with rags and drying the floor with large towels afterwards.

  • Kare Bear
    Kare Bear Год назад +1

    Ha! I've been teaching art for 18 years now and wow we are similar! I do the same thing with glue. Except for the Elmers clear glue. I like to put food coloring in them for raised colored glue projects. Blickrylic paints are my fav as well as the liquid watercolors. However washing them off of clothes and staining of the hands is a challenge. I don't mind the crayons at all. We work a lot on lighter applications with layering of color. Dipping your brush in a little rubbing alcohol and brushing over the layers makes it blend nicely. It's especially nice with fruit and a little light and shadow. (Upper elementary). Oh and of course taping bits of broken crayon at the end of year to a board and then using a heat gun to melt them so they drip down the paper is great fun! Obviously it's supervised. I usually pull a few kids at a time each week to accomplish their end of the year masterpiece. Love your videos!

  • alba Castro
    alba Castro Год назад

    I am so excited... Just wondering where can I get the soft pastel by Koss?

  • Rachel Arts
    Rachel Arts Год назад +3

    You're hilarious 😂 I'm totally enjoying your channel!

  • llama
    llama Год назад

    I work at a paint and sip and I'm currently pursuing alternative certification as a k-12 art teacher.....let me TELL YOU, when you panned by that Blickrylic it sent SHIVERS down my spine.....I was like NOoooOoooOo ahahahahah! I'm always warning the littles that it won't come out of clothing, and no matter how much we cover them up it still finds a way into their clothes (the whiter the clothes, the bigger and drier the splotches it seems...)

    • Michelle Calicchio
      Michelle Calicchio 8 месяцев назад

      llama I use Murphy's oil to get the block acrylic out of clothing and it works great. However, make sure to let your kids know ahead of time that they need to tell you while the paint is still wet otherwise it will be very difficult to get out. Hope that helps!

  • Andrea Koch
    Andrea Koch Год назад +8

    Getting re- art teacherin' inspired by everything you share! Thank you so much!! Okay, powder paint... when I was in first grade (probably about when that stuff was in it's prime}, my teacher did the most memorable project. We sprinkled analagous power paint on heavy paper and put them in the window sill to wait for a rainy day. We couldn't wait! Finally on a rainy day we went outside, crouched under the eaves, poked our paper out into the rain, and watched the colors mix and brighten up! The art was meh, but the experience was unforgettable!

  • Eleanor Ann Cavallo
    Eleanor Ann Cavallo Год назад +1

    Here's a great idea for your ancient powder tempura - use primary colors and cotton balls like a powder puff, let little kids (or big kids that want to play) puff them around on a piece of white paper, then spray with water, it will turn to paint and primary will turn into secondary and you will have some really cool paper. IF you are a nature type and have the ability to do so you can take these powder paintings outside in warm rain or snow to wet the powder and turn it to paint.

  • Christina Hilger
    Christina Hilger 2 года назад

    This is fantastic! Question. I am so ridiculously OCD (God laughed good and hard when he thought that up. An OCD art teacher!) And I have six tables in my room, each one is a different ROYGBV color. Red table has a matching red tote and red lanterns above it. They use red paint brushes. That way when a paint brush ends up on the floor we can tell which table is responsible for it. What I would LOVE would be color-coordinated scissors too. But I just can't seem to find scissors that come by specific color. I've got lots of greens and blues. A couple reds. One lone lonely yellow. It sets the little OCD monster growling inside when I pop them into the color-matchy totes. Any advice on where to order colored scissors? I look around at all the leftover school supply sales. It's like a quest.

  • Victoria Taylor
    Victoria Taylor 2 года назад

    Do you have more info on the construction paper crayons with the clay and black tempera process? Very intrigued!

  • Lauren Frosty
    Lauren Frosty 2 года назад +2

    Hi Cassie!
    How do you set up your liquid watercolors for the students? Small containers for each individual student? Or containers for a table group? In palettes? I have some of those plastic solo to-go sauce containers that I used as liners in a muffin baking tin, (which are great, cuz they have little lids to save leftover paint), but the liquid colors look pretty similar and kids mix them up. I'm open to suggestions! what do you do?

  • Stoya England
    Stoya England 2 года назад +1

    I love your videos! I would love to see a video on how you choose projects for the year. I am an art teacher and I see teachers battle between the idea of producing lots of work in a year versus fewer projects with higher quality. I would love to hear your thoughts and how you apply content during projects.

  • shayshay
    shayshay 2 года назад

    I'm 13, and my middle school DOESNT HAVE and art class! How crazy is that?!

    • Cassie Stephens
      Cassie Stephens  2 года назад +3

      that is a BUMMER!! I didn't have art until high school so I understand.

    • shayshay
      shayshay 2 года назад


  • Julie Staehling
    Julie Staehling 2 года назад

    Where do you buy your Koss chalk for the best price? I tried to find it a few months ago, and had a difficult time. Thanks!!

    • Cassie Stephens
      Cassie Stephens  2 года назад

      Hi Julie! Amazon is where we purchase it from. Decent price (it's good stuff so pretty expensive). Our school has a Prime account which was great b/c that meant we got it pretty quick. I was recommended KOSS by a professional chalk artist so it's "what the pros use" ;)

  • Erin S
    Erin S 2 года назад

    you supply list is SO similar to my own!! We seem to dig the same stuff! I will say I stopped using fiskars when their quality started taking a nose-dive. School specialty brand works great! Been using liquid watercolors for years and while I occasionally bring out the watercolor cakes sets....I soon remember why I don't use them.... You should really try paint sticks by Playcolor. They've simplified so many projects for me! Glue stick shaped tubes fill with poster paint that dries in 20 seconds, doesn't warp paper because there's so little water... you can paint and draw on top/cut it out on the same day! Also, I use a cheaper alternative to Art Stix - Crayola Color Sticks. I can get a set of 24 for $13 with our county's deal with School Specialty.

    • Erin S
      Erin S 2 года назад

      Of course! You've given me enough tips over the years with your blog! (The only one I really follow) :)

    • Cassie Stephens
      Cassie Stephens  2 года назад +2

      Thank you for the info on the Crayola Color Sticks!! Agree about the scissors! I'll have to invest in some School Specialty ones. Thank you for the tips!

  • Janie S
    Janie S 2 года назад

    Do you have advice for getting pencil lead tips out of an electric pencil sharpener? I have a sharpener that I can't use because there's the tip of a pencil jammed into it. I can usually get them out, but not this time. ;-(Tks for the supply info!

  • Lauren Schutz
    Lauren Schutz 2 года назад

    I also HATE glue bottles. I feel like I'm always trying different approaches to avoid them! I have tried using junky brushes like you said but then they are so hard and a pain to wash. Do you even bother washing them? Do you keep the glue in reusable containers with lids?

    • Cassie Stephens
      Cassie Stephens  2 года назад +1

      Hi Lauren! Okay, here's what I do: I keep my glue in little plastic lidded containers (purchased from the grocery...i used to use condiment cups but they are too flimsy for this) and I only fill it about 1/4". I use those HORRID dirt cheap brushes that you can purchase by the million (I assume because no one wants them!). At lunch, I have a kid collect them all and put them in an old plastic coffee container filled with water where they soak until the next morning. My afternoon kids get new brushes for gluing. Letting the brushes soak overnight is the key. I hope that helps!

  • Ashley Monks
    Ashley Monks 2 года назад

    Great Info!!

  • Jessica Gann
    Jessica Gann 2 года назад

    Hi! Do you do any speciality paper or wire projects? What about beads? Do you have early finisher stations for your students? Have you ever done scratchboard projects?
    Thank you so much for your blog and this channel. I'm just finishing my first year, and all my students got to do paper weaving in the past two months or so because I found one of your blog posts. I love how well you explain everything, thank you!

  • Talar Martin
    Talar Martin 2 года назад +4

    Your students are so blessed to have you as their teacher!! I love all your info.- very helpful!!!

    • Cassie Stephens
      Cassie Stephens  2 года назад +1

      You are very sweet! Thank you and so glad you found it helpful!

  • JKlatinagirl
    JKlatinagirl 2 года назад

    Have you ever tried paper mâché with students? Love you channel! I'm hoping to be an art teacher myself!

    • Cassie Stephens
      Cassie Stephens  2 года назад +2

      Ah!! An aspiring art teacher, welcome to Crazytown. Yes, we did it this year, in fact, when we made our giant sized crayons and pencils. I liked Art Paste...which comes in a very small package but makes a ton of papier mache. Good luck on you journey! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Amy L. Horn
    Amy L. Horn 2 года назад

    Wow! so helpful! What about colored tissue? what kind of wells do you use for liquid watercolor?

    • Priscilla Ofca
      Priscilla Ofca 7 месяцев назад

      Styrofoam egg cartons if you use paint conservatively. The whole table can share and toss at the end because you know they will mix them til they're mud, lol.

    • Lynn Morgan
      Lynn Morgan 2 года назад +1

      I buy the plastic holders for round tempera cakes, and put the plastic condiment cups of diluted liquid water color in these so they are less likely to spill. I have pairs share. I can also put a few colors (ex. cool) in each holder, then stack them in a box so it's fast and easy to hand out to the next class that works with these materials.

    • Cassie Stephens
      Cassie Stephens  2 года назад


    • Amy L. Horn
      Amy L. Horn 2 года назад

      +Cassie Stephens perfecto!

    • Cassie Stephens
      Cassie Stephens  2 года назад

      I don't think they have a brand name...they are like little condiment cups and the lids are sold separately. They come in a couple of different sizes. They can be rinsed out and reused...a handful of times before they are done. I get them thru my art supply catalogs :)