Watch Tua Tagovailoa, Taulia Tagovailoa, Mac Jones, and Paul Tyson at practice

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • #TuaTagovailoa #TauliaTagovailoa #MacJones #PaulTyson
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  • Alabama Football
    Alabama Football  Month ago +11

    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Alabama held its third practice of spring camp Wednesday as players dressed out in shorts and shells under sunny, 67-degree weather. Here are some notes from the media viewing session.
    - After missing the first two practices, sophomore linebacker Ale Kaho was back in action. He wore shoulder pads with the rest of the inside linebackers and went through drills. He had a sleeve on his left leg but looked to be moving well.
    - Dylan Moses and Joshua McMillon were the first two inside linebackers to go through drills. Next up were Jaylen Moody and Markail Benton followed by Shane Lee and Kaho.
    - Junior tight end Kedrick James was also back with the team after missing the first two practices. He was also a full participant and wore shoulder pads with the rest of the tight ends. Earlier this month, head coach Nick Saban confirmed that James will be suspended for the first four games.
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    • Keno Noke
      Keno Noke 25 days ago

      Alabama Football question is the spring game free to the public?

    • Keno Noke
      Keno Noke 25 days ago

      Alabama Football awesome I’m so excited I’m glad last yr went the way it did n away I hope it opens there eyes cause on paper doesn’t mean anything they have to show up Tyson kid looks good

  • Kameron Chatman
    Kameron Chatman 2 days ago

    Who else got a younger twister reading this

  • Jiggy Bah
    Jiggy Bah 17 days ago

    Still can’t believe Tua folded like that. Really 2 picks? N couldn’t score in the second half shit was brazy. It’s still Roll Tide though smh

  • Austin Lee
    Austin Lee 21 day ago

    Surprised to see most receivers aren’t tucking the ball high and tight or bursting after the catch

  • RubTheRock64
    RubTheRock64 21 day ago

    AJ Terrell intercepted that first pass again. Lol

  • Kendrick Ellis
    Kendrick Ellis 23 days ago +2

    Roll-Tide 🐘

  • TheKnowitall
    TheKnowitall 24 days ago

    Take care of that football this year Tua.

  • Darden Jackson
    Darden Jackson 24 days ago

    Man I'm die heart bama fan we not going to win with these QBs they try to throw home runs instead of just playing as team I'm sorry we lost the best qb Jaylin man

  • Tevoy Shaw
    Tevoy Shaw 24 days ago +2

    Tua has such a nice touch

  • George Traglia
    George Traglia 24 days ago

    Not sure who #15 is but he is smooth with his throws and motion

    • Jasper Feaggins
      Jasper Feaggins 24 days ago

      George Traglia for what I heard that's​ Paul Tyson (the Great grandson to Paul "Bear" Bryant) I ask that same question.

  • Michael Toland
    Michael Toland 24 days ago +1

    Btw tua just threw another pick 😂

  • Kendrick Toney
    Kendrick Toney 24 days ago

    This year has to be our year..secondary should be hitting on all cylinders..Roll Tide

  • Caleb Higgz
    Caleb Higgz 24 days ago +1

    mac jones looks really impressive

  • Jay Lofa
    Jay Lofa 25 days ago +3

    Best tackler I seen since Joe montayna

  • Delilah Puddingstash
    Delilah Puddingstash 25 days ago +1

    Run forrest run

  • mis nomer
    mis nomer 26 days ago

    Watch Bear Bryant's nephew, he is a sleeper but can chunk the ball and can see over the defensive line.

    • mis nomer
      mis nomer 26 days ago +1

      Great great grand son not nephew.

  • Elroy Jefferson
    Elroy Jefferson 27 days ago

    Trash Trash Trash & Trash.

  • Douglas Vines
    Douglas Vines 29 days ago

    Just watch his highlights you will no two

  • Douglas Vines
    Douglas Vines 29 days ago +1

    Paul Tyson has got a pro arm he is going to be our quarterback bet me on it i now this man

  • Isaac Kim
    Isaac Kim Month ago +2

    Marcus mariota at 2:25

  • J Pam
    J Pam Month ago +1

    Why is Taulia not wearing #12?

  • nia henderson
    nia henderson Month ago

    Every quarterback looking solid from the amazing prospect nfl player #1 Tua Tagovailoa , his freshman brother #3 on depth chart Taulia Tagovailoa might b better than his oldest brother Tua once he get enough experience playing back up , it also go for Paul Tyson #4 on depth he was marvelous during his time in High School also his family is NFL LEGENDS so once he make his way as a starter he will show off his talent IF HE STAY WITH NICK SABAN & don't transfer to another school. Last #2 on depth chart is MARC JONES who has talent and a cannon for an arm with him sitting behind Tua and Jalen he have enough experiences ...GOOOOO BAMAA

  • MrYoumadbra
    MrYoumadbra Month ago +1

    until yall play Clemson !!! 44-16

    • J Pam
      J Pam Month ago +1

      Honestly I’d rather lose like we did to you guys in a blowout the how we did 2 years ago on the last play of the game

  • B A K A R I
    B A K A R I Month ago +4

    Doesn’t look the same without Jalen 😥

  • James
    James Month ago +1

    Taulia is our 2nd best QB when you factor in his running ability. He's a good bit faster than Tua. I think people are really sleeping on Taulia

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago +3

      Nobody ain't sleep on Taulia but he has to work and I think him and Paul need a bit more time to develop. Nick wants Mac to have a chance and he said all Mac has to do is show he can run the offense with leadership and I don't think Mac is a bad thrower at all and Nick thinks highly of Mac. Mac was just caught in the situation with Tua and Jalen and he really never got the chance to develop how he wanted or how Nick wanted because of it. He'll likely be the back up but I don't know if he'll start after Tua leaves for the NFL.

  • silva silva
    silva silva Month ago

    Turtle soup for all

  • Matt Horne
    Matt Horne Month ago

    I can't wait for the press conference this spring or fall, when someone ask about who starting or not having to worry about a decision or whatever, the quarterbacks. Then running backs. Saban will rip them apart.

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago +1

      Let them ask that and Nick will go crazy on them. We know it's Tua starting but the media like drama and I think Nick will nip that in the bud real quick. Nobody on Tua level in the QB room.

  • NeNe G
    NeNe G Month ago +4


    • Jasper Feaggins
      Jasper Feaggins 24 days ago

      MrDownWithTheSouth I would love to see Mac get the back up role, I'm just saying, anything can happen. but you're right about Mac Jones though.

    • MrDownWithTheSouth
      MrDownWithTheSouth 24 days ago

      +Jasper Feaggins Mac is the backup and it's not even close

    • Briant Mosley
      Briant Mosley 27 days ago

      NeNe G I definitely agree

    • Jasper Feaggins
      Jasper Feaggins Month ago

      NeNe G right!!! I hope Mac Jones gets the back​ up roll.

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago +1

      +Jasper Feaggins I really think it'll be Mac as back up but I'm just saying, but no one really knows.

  • Troy Hicks
    Troy Hicks Month ago +2

    Tua future dolphin

  • LAFC 4EVER Ahloe
    LAFC 4EVER Ahloe Month ago +1

    I know you miss me!!🤣

    • Dionne
      Dionne 23 days ago

      LAFC 4EVER Ahloe when is his next video? Hopefully after Aday

  • Cedar Digital
    Cedar Digital Month ago +7

    Mac Jones looking like a clear #2

  • kaleve pilikaki
    kaleve pilikaki Month ago +8

    Somebody get the windex!!! Roll Tide!!!

  • 44- 16
    44- 16 Month ago +1


    • In Christ 100%
      In Christ 100% 24 days ago

      +Oscar Evans the 11 Natty's are fake. Look it up in the sports almanac bruh. Rammer jammer yellow hammer go to hell Alabama!!! War eagle!!! 🦅

    • Buddah Theepoet
      Buddah Theepoet 26 days ago

      Ya mammi!

    • 44- 16
      44- 16 27 days ago

      +Ron Williams 44-16 😎

    • Ron Williams
      Ron Williams 28 days ago

      +44- 16 You sound like your boys never lose a game. Tell you what.....when your boys win 5 national titles in 9 years you can holla back at all of us! And we won't be holding our breath either. RTR!!!!!

    • 44- 16
      44- 16 28 days ago

      +Oscar Evans 44-16...
      The Clemson Dynasty continues.....

  • David Merlin
    David Merlin Month ago +9

    If the offensive line can do a better job keeping the teams with the better defenses out of the backfield, Tua and the rest of those QBs will light up the scoreboard!

    • TheKnowitall
      TheKnowitall 24 days ago

      Agree David. Tua was under as much pressure as I've seen the back half of the season. Clemson sold out on going to tua every play and we were shut down. Conversely, we generated no pass rush last year. Not just against Clemson. We didn't pressure anybody.

    • M 3 r K
      M 3 r K 25 days ago +1

      David Merlin alabama already overpowered what you talking about 😂

  • David Merlin
    David Merlin Month ago +6

    I had a great feeling about Bama last year but we weren’t ready for Clemson. But I have a feeling that this team could be Bamas best with most depth ever!
    Can’t wait until ADay game!

    • Jasper Feaggins
      Jasper Feaggins Month ago

      Michael Curry I don't know about "60" on Duke, but can't wait for the whole football season in general. also I wish you guys good luck this season, love Mississippi State ( when they're not playing Alabama. lol)

    • Michael Curry
      Michael Curry Month ago +1

      Jasper Feaggins wow you can’t wait for a game that Bama is going to put 60 on duke

    • Jasper Feaggins
      Jasper Feaggins Month ago +1

      David Merlin I hope for better turn around this season, but knowing this Bama team, they'll bounce back. I can't wait for the first game vs Duke in Atlanta.

  • Grune D
    Grune D Month ago +4

    It looks like Latu might stay with the TE’s?

  • Jasper Feaggins
    Jasper Feaggins Month ago +2

    #15 at QB???

    • SpydR513
      SpydR513 Month ago

      Yep Paul Tyson, Paul Bear Bryant’s great grandson. I wonder if we’ll be able to keep him and Tualia after this season. Whoever doesn’t start after Tua leaves probably transfers as they both had plenty of offers outside of Bama. I’m hoping to keep them happy and in house.

    • zzcorndog
      zzcorndog Month ago +3

      Paul Tyson

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams Month ago +22

    I'm thinking this is going to be one of the best secondaries BAMA has had in a while 😎👍☑️ Roll Tide ✍️👐🙏

    • Jiggy Bah
      Jiggy Bah 17 days ago

      Travis Williams shit we need em got killed by Clemson last year🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Wtf

    • x Who x
      x Who x 27 days ago

      Travis Williams ....sure hope so😂😂😂

    • Justin Carter
      Justin Carter Month ago +1

      Travis Williams why you think that?

  • Efrem Norwood
    Efrem Norwood Month ago +9

    #5 seems to be working with safeties full time.

  • Sarah Crain
    Sarah Crain Month ago +1

    I like what I'm seeing. Roll Tide!

  • Maximus Wolfe
    Maximus Wolfe Month ago +29

    Nobody in the long history of the game of football throws a prettier bomb than Tua T.

    • Michael Toland
      Michael Toland 24 days ago

      U.S. POWER! 44-16 was way more humbling tho

    • Michael Toland
      Michael Toland 24 days ago

      Or a prettier interception..... any blitz package & he chokes . Not a Clemson fan but it’s night & day difference between he & Trevor .

    • Maximus Wolfe
      Maximus Wolfe Month ago

      +skan khunt42
      You really are an imbecile. Watch and learn all season long, fa99ot.

    • skan khunt42
      skan khunt42 Month ago

      +Maximus Wolfe everybody knows tua isn't an intelligent high IQ quarterback which is why he throws in tight windows. Kinda like a JaMarcus Russell. I think it's the minority thing, just not as mentally inclined.

    • Maximus Wolfe
      Maximus Wolfe Month ago +2

      +skan khunt42
      Your logic is MIA. If he were a choke artist then he obviously would have played like garbage when coming into the 2017 national championship without ever having started a game. Instead he gave a performance that is already apart of football lore. Did you even watch the 2018 national championship game? It was much more about Alabama's defensive inadequacies and poor game plan than Trevor Lawrence outplaying Tua. I could have hit the receivers that Trevor Lawrence was throwing to because they were open by a country mile. Tua's ability to hit receiver hands in tight windows is well-documented and something which only the ignorant dispute. Since we've now exposed your lack of football savvy, go ahead and waddle back to your La La Land where Alabama is no longer relevant.

  • Sole MyUce
    Sole MyUce Month ago +13

    We’re back baby!!!! This year is gonna be perfect record. 🍻🍻

    • Sole MyUce
      Sole MyUce Month ago +1

      koolcat420 I know right!??! But I doubt it. They got this 🍻🙏

    • koolcat420
      koolcat420 Month ago +2

      Sole MyUce it would be funny if y’all lost the season opener

    • Jasper Feaggins
      Jasper Feaggins Month ago +2

      Sole MyUce I hope so!!!

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago +3

      Roll Tide!!!!

  • Lee Roberts IV
    Lee Roberts IV Month ago +16

    2:52 Such a pretty ball.

    • 100anti
      100anti Month ago

      +dorito Bag 3 digits

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago +6

      +dorito Bag I believe it'll be different this year with the O line...but you right, they got to protect him way better and definitely against the tougher teams.

    • dorito Bag
      dorito Bag Month ago +2

      NeNe G only thing I’m worried about in the O-line though we need to protect him at all costs

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago +3

      +dorito Bag Go crazy 🔥

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago


  • Ernesto Uribe
    Ernesto Uribe Month ago +14

    Waddle and Jeudy are on another level compared to the rest of the wideouts

    • Maximus Wolfe
      Maximus Wolfe Month ago

      Ruggs is right with them. In fact, at this point in their maturation I would definitely put Ruggs ahead of waddle. He's a touchdown machine with some of the best hands I've ever seen on a wide out.

    • James
      James Month ago

      Just because Ruggs ran a fast hand-timed 40? Waddle is the second coming of Percy Harvin, and is our most dangerous offensive weapon. Hopefully the coaches will figure that out, and move him up from second string

    • David Merlin
      David Merlin Month ago

      Booker's Rebirth I don’t know about that, those 2 are weapons!

    • 100anti
      100anti Month ago +1

      All of them are doing good.

    • Ernesto Uribe
      Ernesto Uribe Month ago

      Booker's Rebirth you think so? I was thinking Waddle is the best out of the four with a higher ceiling

  • iPooKaePoo
    iPooKaePoo Month ago +9


  • Langdon
    Langdon Month ago +14

    Bama be looking pretty solid 👀💯

  • Blake Hopper
    Blake Hopper Month ago +2


  • Blake Hopper
    Blake Hopper Month ago +5

    Go tua