Report: Trump's "promise" to foreign leader sparks whistleblower complaint

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • President Trump's communications with a foreign leader were concerning enough to prompt a whistleblower complaint, according to the Washington Post, which reports an offiical in the U.S. intelligence community was so alarmed by a "promise" the president made to a foreign leader, he alerted investigators. CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang joins CBSN to take us through the report.
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Comments • 459

  • Miles North
    Miles North 25 days ago

    What if it's a dogwhistleblower complaint? Would anyone even hear it? Hmmm.

  • Hunter Phung
    Hunter Phung 27 days ago

    bad efficient cars are good for oil companies.

  • WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation

    I think the American people are less concerned about the Presidents conversations and more concerned about Jeffrey Epstien's close friends like Bill Clinton and Bill Gates and others. I think the American people would like to know why they haven't heard anything about the investigation into world leaders who may have raped underage girls at Jeffrey Epstien's house.

  • WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation

    President Trump is the finest leader this world has ever known.

  • Drops Boms
    Drops Boms 28 days ago

    The real story here is Biden and sack the investigator into his son if you want 1billion dollars watch this backfire on demoRATS . Ill bet you will all fall silent yet again, just like you have over Russian collusion whic was actually the demoRATS

  • Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell 28 days ago

    Keep it up slim balls! You attack this president means you are attacking the people of this country. All of you don't have much time left!!! the clock is ticking!! Just wait and see what happens next because all of you small minded Dems are about to have a really really bad next 10 years! Being dishonest and untruthful will be coming back to bit you all. This is how the Universe and GOD Works!!! The pain is coming Q!!!

  • Robby D
    Robby D 28 days ago

    They should investigate Biden and his son!

  • Dale Press
    Dale Press 28 days ago

    FAKE NEWS: It was a call to Ukraine's President to investigate Biden's crooked son and NOTHING was promised. FAKE NEWS

    FLDOOLEYS 29 days ago

    It is well known that republican supporters will look the other way towards illegal activity as long as it promotes republican values. But why would republicans in congress be withheld URGENT info on one of their own? Is there a limit to criminal behavior that crosses the line? Aside from asking Moscow Mitch, how much can a republican supporter stomach, how far will they go to protect the hive? They don’t care to know what the republican congress can find out? So Sad.

  • BNB 2017
    BNB 2017 29 days ago

    Bring back "lyi'n Brian Williams" and "Dan I don't need no stinki'n proof Rather" to tell us that the sky is falling and BAD ORANGE MAN caused it.

  • harley dude
    harley dude 29 days ago

    This just in Jerry "The Penguin" Nadler and his co conspirator Adam "The Joker" Schiff was seen talking to each other after a news report coming out of an un-named newspaper, from an un-named person made comments about Trump making promises about putting a Dairy Queen in North Korea.

  • Misskt15
    Misskt15 29 days ago

    for sure it was the qatar tamim.. promise something in exchange for his new building in qatar.

  • Darrell Charles
    Darrell Charles 29 days ago

    It has to do with Ukraine About getting Dirt on Biden's Son if they help him with that he will give them military aid

  • serafin nieves
    serafin nieves 29 days ago

    Republicans aren't running for PUTUS because they don't want change for good and to have to fix Trumps mess. They just want to make the money and sit in the office collecting but have absolutely no ideas on working for the people. Republicans work for corporate and high dollar donations not the people. The only good that came out of Trumps presidency is the exposure of the immense corruption in our government. Other than that Trump is a failure and a really bad greedy selfish man.

  • serafin nieves
    serafin nieves 29 days ago

    Republicans aren't running for PUTUS because they don't want change for good and to have to fix Trumps mess. They just want to make the money and sit in the office collecting but have absolutely no ideas on working for the people. Republicans work for corporate and high dollar donations not the people. The only good that came out of Trumps presidency is the exposure of the immense corruption in our government. Other than that Trump is a failure and a really bad greedy selfish man.

  • Judy
    Judy 29 days ago

    I thought it was Ukraine...he wanted them to investigate Mr.Biden,,or was that just a red herring...hmmm

  • Bertha antoine
    Bertha antoine 29 days ago

    I used to watch America news now I dont,reason why, it is to one sided to much about Trump and nothing else

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 29 days ago

    Trump does something stupid every single day get rid of him

  • LAs0rts
    LAs0rts 29 days ago

    Wow...First time watching CBS. Never realised how biased they were. The analysis and reporting is very low grade. The lady in green is also a mindreader; who knew? This same lady wonders why President Trump has little faith in certain members of the Intelligence Community who illegally spied on him and his family before, during and after the election. I honestly don't know how these people can look at themselves in a mirror any more! Perhaps someone should tell them that by continually swinging left you end turning circles.

  • LAs0rts
    LAs0rts 29 days ago

    Coates out and suddenly this? Go figure!

  • Azhar M
    Azhar M 29 days ago

    you dont know what is what but you know its bad for america and that Trump is guilty and need to go down. i hope you fkkkkks just close down and go die somewhere near the border walls

  • Tamara Savage-White
    Tamara Savage-White 29 days ago

    Hitler Trump in prison 2020!!😁😁😁

  • Roz Hill
    Roz Hill 29 days ago

    How about Netanyahu and a promise of war support if they attack anyone...and the key point was likely that he would bypass Congress to initiate war action. That is illegal.

    • Roz Hill
      Roz Hill 24 days ago

      @I Heart Art Profound!

    • I Heart Art
      I Heart Art 24 days ago

      Roz Hill unless your name is Obama.

  • Ron Chrisman
    Ron Chrisman 29 days ago

    Another fake story with zero facts !!

  • alastair knowles
    alastair knowles 29 days ago

    MSN stitch up. wow America has the same bias as we are experience in Britain now. The BBC is no longer neutral it is hard-core liberal and very antiAmerican. Most normal people both sides of the pond agree with President Trump.

    • Beryl Pegues
      Beryl Pegues 28 days ago

      Completely untrue, the majority of Americans do not agree with Trump.

  • David Pitts
    David Pitts 29 days ago

    This president is putting us back to the stone age. it seems we have a lam-duck congress a lame duck system of no over sight where whistle blowers are not protected hence neither are we the people.

  • Panhead Dude
    Panhead Dude 29 days ago

    lol......not a surprise that the lying radical left has another BS complaint - more will follow - they are a pitiful, venomous, obsessed group of airheads

    • Panhead Dude
      Panhead Dude 29 days ago

      @b50262 I'm hanging in far - thanks for asking! - I hope you're doing good

    • b50262
      b50262 29 days ago

      Panhead alright man?

  • The Fishy Life !
    The Fishy Life ! 29 days ago +1

    This is about more than a promise,I suspect that the whistleblower put multiple communications together and figured out "something" very troubling and the IG did as well flagrant wrongdoing and urgent concern ,the DOJ gets involved and now out of nowhere Moscow Mitch wants to support the houses election security bill!!! Yes as of Thursday night 9/19/19 Moscow Mitch is surprising on board to protect our elections.....maby he knows something we don't? This is truly the most repulsive president and administration I've think this country has ever had!!!! Pay attention people this story is just getting started!!!

  • Adolfo Maldonado
    Adolfo Maldonado 29 days ago +2

    Shiff is holding the football again and here come all Democrats to kick it juzt to find out its another Mueller ...Lol

  • liam mt
    liam mt 29 days ago

    Sorry you do not know the source of this information or what foreign leader He was speaking to. If this is another nothing burger as have many from the past being . Media are grabbing at Sky Hooks . Never admit after.

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams 29 days ago

    Again another day another scandal.

  • tony russell
    tony russell 29 days ago


  • Anne Pham
    Anne Pham 29 days ago


  • K FT
    K FT 29 days ago

    Trump promised Putin that he would undo the Magnitsky Act by Executive Order for a previously arranged promise from Putin to give him a cut of the money.

  • K FT
    K FT 29 days ago

    K FT
    1 second ago

    Trump made a promise to Putin to undue the Magnitsky act by Executive Order, if they give him a cut of the money that they will get.

  • Laquasha Green
    Laquasha Green 29 days ago +1

    now cbs is fake news

  • morris saltekoff
    morris saltekoff 29 days ago +1

    You know absolutely nothing.

  • STeVe PNW
    STeVe PNW 29 days ago

    😃 😀 😱 😎 😁 😂 😃 😀 😱 😎 😁 😂 😃 😀 😱 😎 😁 😂 😃
    Who benefits most from getting Trump out of office now? I say Republicans.
    Is the republican party behind getting this reported? YEP!
    2020 Be Com'n
    😃 😀 😱 😎 😁 😂 😃 😀 😱 😎 😁 😂 😃 😀 😱 😎 😁 😂 😃

  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed 29 days ago

    Another news story about trump doing something bad but we dont know what bad thing was. I really hope he promised Putin those pancakes he stole...

  • cowofdeath777
    cowofdeath777 29 days ago +2

    Actually impressive, y'all managed to turn the fact that "Trump met with someone and said something" into an 11 minute video

  • laila bia
    laila bia 29 days ago

    I told you Trump is about to sell America for his own gain.He broke all intelligence agent to nothing to do what he want He is dumb but clever to do these things .He has a dubble agenda when he became president.That's why Putin helped him to win.Putins lab dog.

  • Wilhelm Taylor
    Wilhelm Taylor 29 days ago +3

    The garrotte was invented just for treasonous whistleblowers.

    • jab1552
      jab1552 24 days ago

      treason in the US Constitution specifically outlines an enemy of the state (officially declared by Congress) in a time of war (again, officially declared by Congress). Treason in the Constitution regards providing gifts or secrets about the sovereign state, not the President. He is not treasonous. Trump fits that definition much better than anyone else guy

    • Tamara Savage-White
      Tamara Savage-White 29 days ago

      And prisons were invented just for people like you 😁😁😁

  • Paul Craig
    Paul Craig 29 days ago +1

    Fake news,why?to protect Brennan, Clapper and Comey ECT.

  • ZTruth NY
    ZTruth NY 29 days ago +2

    Going forward anyone wanting to do anything with Trump is going to be risking their careers as well as look upon as historical tyrants supporting tyranny.

    • Adrian Cardona
      Adrian Cardona 25 days ago

      @Ron Chrisman I know right.... Who would think of buying steaks in a mall????
      Better yet... Who would sell them there.
      O Yea... Our Dump Presidente did

    • Ron Chrisman
      Ron Chrisman 25 days ago

      @Adrian Cardona That's dumber than your first comment.

    • Adrian Cardona
      Adrian Cardona 29 days ago

      @Ron Chrisman Tell Putin he looks ugly on horse. Maybe better with the horse riding him.
      Idk. He should try it.
      If you don't think that Trump is a lying conman then maybe you buy your steaks in the mall too.

    • Ron Chrisman
      Ron Chrisman 29 days ago

      you are really stupid.

  • ZTruth NY
    ZTruth NY 29 days ago

    Netherlands are driven by utmost greed, my bet!

  • Bunson Honeydew
    Bunson Honeydew 29 days ago +1

    The toxic attitude of this woman is an example of why CBS news is losing viewers

  • Dustin Doan
    Dustin Doan 29 days ago

    Fake new

  • Shelf Cloud
    Shelf Cloud 29 days ago +4

    Tomorrow's headline: Whoops, sorry, we got it wrong again! My bad!

  • Jaycee
    Jaycee 29 days ago +1

    The promise was that if Putin helped him win the 2020 election he would remove all sanctions on Russia.

  • Ghosty Boo
    Ghosty Boo 29 days ago +1

    Look what they did to this president they hounded him for 3 years are you kidding, I wouldn't want to trust them either!

  • Ghosty Boo
    Ghosty Boo 29 days ago +3

    Did we know anything about the conversations between Obama and Iran when he paid all those millions or was it billions of dollars in cash that were secretly transported to that country without anyone knowing about it so there are conversations that need to be kept quiet.

    • Ghosty Boo
      Ghosty Boo 28 days ago

      @Beryl Pegues You do have a point there!

    • Beryl Pegues
      Beryl Pegues 28 days ago +1

      Did we know it was Iran's money any damn way?

    • Tamara Savage-White
      Tamara Savage-White 29 days ago

      Gosh, I don't know. How is President Vladimir Putin, since the last time that you chatted with him?? 😁😁

  • patrick18051949
    patrick18051949 29 days ago

    Good work Mr President take no notice of the numptie CBSN remakes why not wait until we have the information your speculation is way over the top.

  • Roadstercycle
    Roadstercycle 29 days ago +3

    How exciting for the fake news to get fired up again to try to take the President down. They have no idea what was said and to whom but "he's guilty" Aren't you all sick of this crap?

  • eltingville81
    eltingville81 29 days ago

    This is News delivered through a Liberal lenses

  • Ghosty Boo
    Ghosty Boo 29 days ago +2

    It all depends on what they were talking about yes there will be a record but it could be classified that's why it's not being brought out.

  • Hard Core Hope Foundation

    Why is no one alarmed that there are Intel agents still spying on a sitting president.
    This is what is scary to me.
    The intelligence agencies do not have the right to monitor Presidential communications.

    • b50262
      b50262 29 days ago

      Hard Core Hope Foundation ..... your totally gone man.

    • lisette lewis
      lisette lewis 29 days ago +1

      If not them THAN WHO? Someone has to watch him...he's trying to ruin our country...or maybe its just a by-product of his policies...either way he needs a watchin......

  • Jessie Belenski
    Jessie Belenski 29 days ago

    Let the Russia Russia Russia and Fake News comments begin!

  • kvdgadj
    kvdgadj 29 days ago

    Trump made a deal with Putin. Build a hotel in Russia. They get half-half between them.

    CALI CONFESSIONS 29 days ago

    So what is the big deal about this story? Is the president is not allowed to make promises to foreign leaders?

    • b50262
      b50262 20 days ago

      Election meddling is an established fact to everyone but trump and you.

      CALI CONFESSIONS 20 days ago

      @b50262 he didnt even make a promise looks like he is not allowed to look into 2016 election meddling with a foreign country because it could expose his rivals for breaking the law

    • b50262
      b50262 29 days ago

      CALI CONFESSIONS ...depends.

  • Elvoray Bane of the Darkness

    Trump promised Putin a job at CNN. Big deal.

    • Donald Kasper
      Donald Kasper 29 days ago

      Biden promised Putin a job. Biden promised Xi a job. His son Hunter approves and wants another deal with each to launder more family money through foreign accounts.