R5 Talks Tour, EP & New Music

  • Published on Dec 6, 2012
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    Joslyn Davis sat down with Hollywood Records recording artists R5 - Ratliff, Rocky, Riker, Ross & Rydel - to talk about their upcoming tour, working on their new EP, and growing together as a band.
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Comments • 223

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores 4 months ago

    Mix R5 Christmas Eve I am Bardy dean abouse Ross Lynch I am Bardy Jeff hardy dean abouse Ross Lynch I am Bardy dean abouse Ross Lynch I am Bardy dean abouse Ross Lynch

  • Amy Limplatya
    Amy Limplatya Year ago

    They are all wearing converse. I really wish Rydel wore converse too.

  • BTS BP R5 and Driver Era

    2:23 the converse

  • Foheetah
    Foheetah 3 years ago +2

    Was it just me or was Ratliff completely copying rocky for the first couple minutes of the video

  • Mega Girl
    Mega Girl 3 years ago

    02:51 "He still is"👍😂

  • Nicole Finken
    Nicole Finken 3 years ago +3

    ross sounds like a little baby awwww

  • ashleypaige17
    ashleypaige17 3 years ago +7

    still cant get over ratliff an rocky hahahah

  • Vampiretears
    Vampiretears 4 years ago +3

    Ellington and Rocky kept doing the same thing

  • Amylie Huynh
    Amylie Huynh 4 years ago +5

    I really wish Rydel wore converse. Lol

  • rachel stone
    rachel stone 4 years ago +4

    Is it just me or did Ross say 'like' a lot

  • Nafisa Ahmed
    Nafisa Ahmed 4 years ago +9

    Is it just me or you just want to stop the video jump on tie Ross's shoe lace and jump out and okay it again.
    K, just me...

  • Kimberly Lindsey
    Kimberly Lindsey 5 years ago +4

    Ratliff copying Rocky’s moves 😂

  • Melissa And The Diamonds
    Melissa And The Diamonds 5 years ago +3

    los amo!!! Y punto Son mi nueva obsesion

  • ℕeℋa Styℒes
    ℕeℋa Styℒes 5 years ago +1

    okay RATLIFF was like copying ever leg move !! that rocky was doing lol !!!

  • Tuesday Schmidt
    Tuesday Schmidt 5 years ago +1

    i want to surf sooo bad

  • Corina Ward
    Corina Ward 5 years ago +18

    Ok, is it just me or Ratliff was copying Rocky's moves

  • the123katie4ever
    the123katie4ever 5 years ago

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu- I live in Florida and I didn't see them last year

  • Sunny R
    Sunny R 5 years ago

    On EP gonna be R5 songs yea i think so xD

  • Girlygamers4life
    Girlygamers4life 5 years ago


  • Girlygamers4life
    Girlygamers4life 5 years ago


  • Quynh Le
    Quynh Le 5 years ago +2

    Ratliff copying rocky! Hilarious!

  • Clare Ferguson
    Clare Ferguson 5 years ago +1

    Rydel moving ross's shoe lace

  • Clare Ferguson
    Clare Ferguson 5 years ago +1

    Ellington and Rocky's mocking lol! I just gotta looveeeee them!

  • Kai McConnell
    Kai McConnell 5 years ago

    no ur not i saw it too :)

  • Kai McConnell
    Kai McConnell 5 years ago +1

    they probably did just like Rocky and Ratliff looked like they purposelly kept doing the same positions

  • Kai McConnell
    Kai McConnell 5 years ago

    and then his head in 2:27!!!

  • Cecilie S. Højberg
    Cecilie S. Højberg 5 years ago

    I'm sensing a love for Converse :b

  • kay s
    kay s 5 years ago

    Ratliff mocking rocky

  • Iris Delgadillo
    Iris Delgadillo 5 years ago

    "Like like like like" OMG Ross❤❤

  • Crystal Blue
    Crystal Blue 5 years ago +1

    Ross: Like, like, like, like, like, like........

  • Queen ofHearts
    Queen ofHearts 5 years ago

    Rocky and Ratliff... SO CUTE!

  • Leonor
    Leonor 5 years ago

    Rocky and Ellington doing the same position xD

  • Shannon Dunne
    Shannon Dunne 5 years ago

    In the end some1 said peace lol nd LOUDER is comin out this month ahh cnt wait

  • jasmineadams11ja
    jasmineadams11ja 5 years ago

    I'm in a r5 sandwich (so corny)

  • Katherine Pierce
    Katherine Pierce 5 years ago +3

    At 5:14 Rocky put his leg down the nudged Ellingtons' leg with his own so he would put it down then they put they're other one up.

  • Roxy love
    Roxy love 5 years ago

    i wonder where they got the r5 necklace
    there cool

  • Sassy Batgirl
    Sassy Batgirl 5 years ago +3

    Am I the only one that noticed that the three blondes were on one couch while anyone who wasn't blonde was on the other? Did they do that on purpose?

  • Sydney Sirait
    Sydney Sirait 5 years ago

    the bloopers, ross laugh till he cried srsly..so dayum cute

  • lauren rodriguez
    lauren rodriguez 5 years ago

    Lol Ratliff's foot popped up

  • Vilma Lusth :))))
    Vilma Lusth :)))) 5 years ago

    all the blonde on the right dide and the dark haired on the left

  • faith yay
    faith yay 5 years ago

    rocky and ratliff were doing the same things and it was soooo funny

  • Samantha
    Samantha 5 years ago

    ross's shoes are untied, i think im the only that seen that lol :))

  • Maylene Ombao
    Maylene Ombao 5 years ago


  • Someone that goes to Reno high

    1:33 "It's not its not its not the... The way they say is learning it but its not its not like................"

  • Someone that goes to Reno high

    Have you seen the bloopers it is so funny ross laughs and cries so much

  • tialouise321
    tialouise321 5 years ago

    lol i love when ross stutters

  • lauren rodriguez
    lauren rodriguez 5 years ago

    Noo ryland isn't a blonde

  • Mas Bais
    Mas Bais 5 years ago

    its only rocky who is not a blonde in the family

  • ChloeLouiseeB
    ChloeLouiseeB 6 years ago

    HAHA When Rydel stops Ross from playing with his shoelace i literally laughed out loud. And Rocky and Ell constantly switching legs in sync with each other.. hilarious.

  • Ashley Canales
    Ashley Canales 6 years ago

    Ross says that Rocky's hair has gotten from short to long... No Ross, It was longer before then it magically started shrinking xD

  • hafsa bieber
    hafsa bieber 6 years ago

    Ross is sexy

  • Lauryn Hylton
    Lauryn Hylton 6 years ago

    How Rydel stopped Ross from playing with his aglet

  • Ruby Masri
    Ruby Masri 6 years ago

    the two guys on the left keeps on doin the same move HAHA

  • Erik Flores
    Erik Flores 6 years ago

    Ohh and Thecomputernerd01 has more subscribers than Clevertv

  • Erik Flores
    Erik Flores 6 years ago

    Rydel kept on messing with Ross and Ratliff put his shoe in front of the camera and Rocky showed his hair to the camera

  • whateversir21
    whateversir21 6 years ago

    This was on my birthday! :D

  • Jenneidy Alvarez
    Jenneidy Alvarez 6 years ago

    @meganbroomemb tmi. Im 11 did not need to know thst

  • Parker Day
    Parker Day 6 years ago

    ross is hot

  • Forte
    Forte 6 years ago

    and hollister XD

  • Aesha Mumtaz
    Aesha Mumtaz 6 years ago

    That's Ratliff

  • Miski Hassan
    Miski Hassan 6 years ago

    The gingerhead guy look a little like des or something!! Haha lol

  • Josie Gallion
    Josie Gallion 6 years ago

    I ment to like the video I hit the wrong botton anyway I love u

  • Josie Gallion
    Josie Gallion 6 years ago

    OMG I'm so mad I meant to like this video but by accident I unlinked it and it won't let me switch it sorry anyway I love u guys

  • taylorelizabeth 1999
    taylorelizabeth 1999 6 years ago

    am i the only one who saw like ross flip of the camera on accident?. O.O

  • lauren pruske
    lauren pruske 6 years ago

    love R5!!! :)

  • anna g
    anna g 6 years ago

    umm that girl that Ross Lynch has his arms around is his sister Rydel

  • JouanLiao
    JouanLiao 6 years ago

    ... His sister... O.O lol

  • jayde b
    jayde b 6 years ago


  • jayde b
    jayde b 6 years ago

    watch ratliff and rocky from 0:20 - 0:34 they're like always doing the same thing with their legs. it's so cute!

  • kay
    kay 6 years ago

    2:08 lol rosses reaction to riker

  • mandm
    mandm 6 years ago

    He is ross lynch and that girl is his sister @lulzipopable

  • Ellix Knight
    Ellix Knight 6 years ago

    riker... gah... i jus cant..

  • Yoongiwaffles
    Yoongiwaffles 6 years ago

    ratliff: PEACE xD

  • Lioness Queen
    Lioness Queen 6 years ago

    CleverTV do another interview with R5!!!!!!!

  • Julia Clubb
    Julia Clubb 6 years ago


  • Tiani B
    Tiani B 6 years ago

    4:26 ROCKY OMFG

  • _Heather_
    _Heather_ 6 years ago

    omg did you see them they like both put their legs up then switch their feet at the same time T_T lol

  • Amber Jailee
    Amber Jailee 6 years ago

    Ross Lynch is HOT.

  • HeatherLovesR5
    HeatherLovesR5 6 years ago

    Ross singing Look At Us Now

  • Tony
    Tony 6 years ago

    i love R5! i love Ross! lol :)

  • Sara Flores
    Sara Flores 6 years ago

    Hahaha everybody was like: Oww Riker*w* And Ross was like: :|
    hahahha love them.

  • Yi Li
    Yi Li 6 years ago

    I love their CONVERSE's

  • Lan Tran
    Lan Tran 6 years ago


  • brynn gallagher
    brynn gallagher 6 years ago

    buy a concer ticket. duh!

  • Luzz Lu
    Luzz Lu 6 years ago


  • maginoodley
    maginoodley 6 years ago

    Lol at rocky and Ratliff imitating each other throughout

  • Amy Jaggernauth
    Amy Jaggernauth 6 years ago

    i will love to meet ROSS LYNCH

  • CreativeLouise45
    CreativeLouise45 6 years ago

    5:48 LOL you can watch Ross's smile grow bigger and bigger, awh!
    and lol I can totally see how much in sync Ratliff and Rocky were!

  • adventuretimelova
    adventuretimelova 6 years ago

    1:27 ross playing with his shoe lace then his sis thinking "what r u doin?" and then he does it again at 3:45 then the sister gets really annoyed 3:47 lol and 2:18 or 2:17 ross is trying to push away from his sis thinking "get off me"
    lol, r5 just awesome I get why they call it r5 alll their names start with R so you got the r bit then there is 5 of them r5 please don't judge me saying o really I just found out about this band today and they are really good

  • Sully Sullivan
    Sully Sullivan 6 years ago

    ross said "and tape ourselves"

  • Sonny Burghart
    Sonny Burghart 6 years ago

    Have you ever noticed that rydel doesn't talk.

  • Layla Anastasia
    Layla Anastasia 6 years ago

    Anyone notice at 5:36 when they were saying stuff like, Yeah, we'll have to watch the tape later, someone said, "And we'll notice Riker sucks."
    Haha I laughed so hard! I love how they can poke fun at themselves and don't take themselves too seriously. Thumbs up if you agree.

  • Emily S
    Emily S 6 years ago

    Well u can surf every Christmas here in Austral

  • David Ramos
    David Ramos 6 years ago

    Have u ever noticed that rooky and the other guy r doin the same thin

  • Gamou .N
    Gamou .N 6 years ago

    they are walking advertisements for converse, lol

  • Kimmy Hruska
    Kimmy Hruska 6 years ago

    Funny part is u can't surf in Florida waves aren't big enough well maybe If you go to the east coat area with a storm out their then maybe other wise no you can surf in Florida other wise I would know how to surf

  • Abbey Michel
    Abbey Michel 6 years ago

    I love how Riker called them his best friends in the whole wide world! 3 Awww solo cute

  • Lieve Velstra
    Lieve Velstra 6 years ago

    i love R5

  • cookie12131
    cookie12131 6 years ago

    Ahahaha rydel was like a mum to Ross ahaha she was stop plying wif ur shoelaces ahahah

  • Sarah Russell
    Sarah Russell 6 years ago

    when Ross looked at the camera i melted!