Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Prank Jimmy Kimmel

  • Published on Dec 16, 2014
  • Jimmy and his wife Molly have a beloved holiday tradition with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt - they play pranks on each other. This year John and Emily got Jimmy multiple times.
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    Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Prank Jimmy Kimmel
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Comments • 3 099

  • a_ name
    a_ name 2 hours ago

    I guess he is a master at gift wrapping

  • Jonathan Pontel
    Jonathan Pontel 4 hours ago

    Emily blunt is so fing hot

  • wandering soul
    wandering soul 7 hours ago

    Jim would be so proud.

  • Rebecca Woehler-Moss
    Rebecca Woehler-Moss 7 hours ago

    Rich people wasting money together. But the piano was classic!

  • Zoey Inkling
    Zoey Inkling 20 hours ago

    Did Jimmy really forgot Jim’s (John Krakinski) prank skills came from him messing with Dwight (Rainn Wilson)

  • Jamieson Riggs
    Jamieson Riggs 22 hours ago

    rich people showing off money really

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S Day ago

    I'd be kinda pissed.

  • Very Saucy
    Very Saucy Day ago

    “It’s a beard on a beard”

  • Sam Pacheco
    Sam Pacheco Day ago

    He is a black belt in gift wrapping

  • tanu rampal
    tanu rampal Day ago

    Oh that's how rich people prank.

  • Alexandra Delliou

    My heart broke when the piano broke on the car...

  • Scampstar
    Scampstar 2 days ago

    He just of done the thing where he wraps the car but then takes away the car so it's just the empty shape of it

  • uh.
    uh. 2 days ago

    John snd Emily are basically Jim and Pam

  • Choco
    Choco 3 days ago

    I just wonder how they got access to his car.

  • Salma M
    Salma M 3 days ago

    he wrapped the car in 5 minutes. like he said “he is a black belt in gift wrapping”

  • mangarang
    mangarang 3 days ago +1

    So who has to clean that up? Shouldn’t be the janitorial staff.

  • Reet Bhattacharya
    Reet Bhattacharya 3 days ago

    He has a black belt in gift wrapping

  • Guess You
    Guess You 4 days ago

    Lmao wish me and my friend were neighbors and rich at the same time

  • Luke Newton
    Luke Newton 4 days ago +4

    "Krasinski, I bet it is" Kimmel sounds like Yoda in this...

  • Tj Cherry
    Tj Cherry 4 days ago +1

    jim halpert and his master wrapping skills

  • Enoch Bonney
    Enoch Bonney 5 days ago

    They sing so perfectly 😭😭😭

  • Jimena Cervantes
    Jimena Cervantes 5 days ago

    Amazing!!! 2019, how r they doing it now?? Haha

    8 ANDY HARRIS 8 5 days ago

    Plot twist: It was Matt Damon the whole time

  • Andrea Marinoni
    Andrea Marinoni 5 days ago

    what a shitty house they live in... looks like a motel

  • C.S.Allen
    C.S.Allen 6 days ago

    Sooo how did he get into the car without his key?

  • Kinorett
    Kinorett 6 days ago

    guys, john was bleeding

  • TheWorstPCGamer _
    TheWorstPCGamer _ 6 days ago +2

    Don’t Mess with John, he’s got experience from Dwight.

  • Forgetron 4005
    Forgetron 4005 7 days ago +2


  • Media Man
    Media Man 7 days ago

    Sry jimmy you messed with the world champion of pranks

  • Lemon-Joe
    Lemon-Joe 7 days ago +1

    I guess Jim really is a black belt in gift wrapping

  • Karl
    Karl 7 days ago +4

    If only jimmy kimmel was Dwight

  • Dennis Menace
    Dennis Menace 8 days ago +1

    the balls were class

    I tried putting ballbales, but clearly, I can't spell and gramily didn't have a clue what I was trying to spell

  • SlickX76
    SlickX76 9 days ago +4

    Jim said it himself he is a black belt in gift wraping

  • Lilly K
    Lilly K 9 days ago

    This is what would happen if Jim and dwight were neighbors

  • Michele Mascia
    Michele Mascia 9 days ago

    Did he seriously expect to prank Jim and get away with it?

  • Joaquin Mijares
    Joaquin Mijares 9 days ago +1

    Why are they surprised he is a black belt in gift wrapping

  • breakerofnames 123
    breakerofnames 123 11 days ago

    Emily blunt is just a British Pam

  • Science ain't fiction - that's what they say

    That reindeer was gorgeous

  • PewPew Guns
    PewPew Guns 11 days ago

    It's cringe as hell

  • Mrs. Hansen
    Mrs. Hansen 13 days ago

    Rice Krispy Treats Cereal was a thing in the mid 90’s when I got married, and my brother-in-law filled our car with boxes of them. We were still cleaning them out 5 years later. 😆

  • Merry Lake
    Merry Lake 13 days ago

    Oh no

  • Rebecca Koehl
    Rebecca Koehl 14 days ago

    jim and dwight pranks 2.0

  • May Emperess
    May Emperess 14 days ago +2

    John is so much like Jim! It’s amazing!

  • Tobin Tan
    Tobin Tan 15 days ago

    I hope thats biodegradable

  • Mohit Saini
    Mohit Saini 15 days ago

    If I had did it to my neighbour he would have killed me

  • Tanmay Jain
    Tanmay Jain 17 days ago

    Goddamn rich people

  • Sam Willingham
    Sam Willingham 17 days ago

    Does he just not lock his car? Lol

  • Israel Luna
    Israel Luna 18 days ago +1

    They should actually make a movie about this like come on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fernando Cervantes, Jr.


  • Mahmoud Haidar Ahmad
    Mahmoud Haidar Ahmad 20 days ago

    Poor cleaner

  • Valerie Alexandra
    Valerie Alexandra 20 days ago

    My joy running down to the street left to die leaving nothing else 🖤

  • benjamin tyler manry
    benjamin tyler manry 20 days ago

    Are you sure you didn’t gift rap his desk

  • Nicole Lamonica
    Nicole Lamonica 20 days ago

    I am the only one who thought when John keep falling it reminded you of when Pam and Jim got really drunk at work

  • James McManus
    James McManus 21 day ago

    How tf they get inside his car?

  • John Andrei Pineda
    John Andrei Pineda 21 day ago

    Should've put the car in jello

  • Haven Sabaini
    Haven Sabaini 22 days ago +1

    I wish John and Emily were MY neighbors! Flipping AWESOMENESS!!!!

  • White Lee Ross
    White Lee Ross 23 days ago

    *picks up saxophone*
    Jimmy: That’s my clarinet!!!

  • TiTianaa Why a last name

    If I had a lot of money, I would do this too

  • Evan Stock
    Evan Stock 24 days ago +15

    9:49 Jesus he is actually bleeding, I thought it was all scripted

  • Nikhil shetty
    Nikhil shetty 25 days ago

    Dammit Jim

  • Bambi with a T
    Bambi with a T 25 days ago

    Rich people problems.

  • Ash Tree
    Ash Tree 25 days ago

    Jim and Dwight in real life

  • kErMIt iS tEa
    kErMIt iS tEa 26 days ago +27

    john krasinski is jim halpert and jimmy is dwight.


  • Jordan Risager
    Jordan Risager 26 days ago

    John should have trapped his car in jello

  • SVSpc13
    SVSpc13 26 days ago

    Matt Damon. You know what to do to get on the show.... :D

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali 27 days ago +4

    8:47 Jim just broke Dwight’s car

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali 27 days ago +2

    This video just proves that the ruck keep getting richer

  • Gpaderna
    Gpaderna 27 days ago +8

    Robert Downey jr lauging while watching this

  • oV Linx
    oV Linx 27 days ago

    The Office trained this one well.

  • Anirudh K.s
    Anirudh K.s 28 days ago

    Rich people pranks.......

  • Santanu Phukan
    Santanu Phukan 28 days ago

    So did they break the lock on his car?

  • Aashish Neupane
    Aashish Neupane 28 days ago

    Doesn't your heart warm up when the real life personality is exactly like their reel personality? John is so like Jim in real, So is Jenna-like Pam, RDJ is Tony Stark, Tom Holland-Peter Parker. This just feels so nice.

  • antIm4tt3r
    antIm4tt3r 28 days ago

    This is pure gold lmao

  • Sleepy Toucan
    Sleepy Toucan 29 days ago

    should have gift wrapped Jimmys chair and desk

  • Packers Nation
    Packers Nation 29 days ago

    Freakin rich people

  • 90 days too change my name

    It’s like when Jim form the office rapped dewhites desk

  • Carlos Cuxil
    Carlos Cuxil 29 days ago

    emily blunt, and rosamund pike are my perfect type lol ahahaja

  • Mary Walsh Philippus
    Mary Walsh Philippus 29 days ago


  • NoobMaster 69
    NoobMaster 69 29 days ago

    Wow I never knew how much of a perfect couple they were. She's still hot too

  • ashlin1902
    ashlin1902 Month ago

    AH rich people things....so relatable..

  • bandita das
    bandita das Month ago

    Awesome prank😂

  • irule1021
    irule1021 Month ago

    That’s rich people’s prank 😂

  • Muneef M
    Muneef M Month ago

    there is a rolling cage inside jims car, 8:59

  • TheSegacampGamer and Werecamp

    in a Way it looks like Jim hasn't left the Office whatsoever that was John's Character in the Show!

  • Lainey A.
    Lainey A. Month ago

    Haha let’s just laugh at the people that had to clean all that up! Oh my god it was just too funny! Hahaha!

  • hearttune98
    hearttune98 Month ago

    Legend has it that these baubles still lie around the Jimmy Kimmel Live parking lot.

  • Trevor L.
    Trevor L. Month ago

    Imagine if Jim did that to Dwight.

  • Evan L
    Evan L Month ago +1

    well, he is a black belt in gift wrapping...

  • Raul Cruz
    Raul Cruz Month ago

    He really is a black belt at gift wrapping

  • jessiekai
    jessiekai Month ago +1

    pretty dumb. I expect better from Jim.

  • tyra stark
    tyra stark Month ago

    john and emily are basically jim and pam

  • Diedrie Gibbs
    Diedrie Gibbs Month ago

    It's all fun and games until someone has to clean up that mess

  • GaRrEtT H
    GaRrEtT H Month ago +1

    i wanna see a comedy movie about this...everyone playing themselves but it turn into over the top pranks that almost go too far

  • Shannon-Nicole R.
    Shannon-Nicole R. Month ago

    The funny thing is that Jimmy kept saying “no, not my clarinet”. But, that’s not a clarinet, that’s a saxophone😂

    • READ Comics
      READ Comics Month ago

      Shannon-Nicole R. That’s not a saxophone

    • Neon Light
      Neon Light Month ago

      Actually, it’s a bass clarinet.

  • Lake Show
    Lake Show Month ago

    He really is Jim 😂😂

  • L. B. G
    L. B. G Month ago

    Delete my history first

  • CerberuS.
    CerberuS. Month ago

    @ 8:58 you can clearly see the roll bar cage on the front over the dash obviously fake asf

  • Issa Odeh
    Issa Odeh Month ago

    Is that fake blood?

  • Reyna Soraten
    Reyna Soraten Month ago

    "May God help you next year"

  • Duane's Domain
    Duane's Domain Month ago

    When you have so much money that you can rent carollers, reindeer, like 5k worth of wrapping paper, pianos, "junk cars" only to destoy them and everything else that was bought, just for a prank 😆