BEST Places To Live In LONDON! #germangirlinlondon | Jen Dre

  • Published on Jul 13, 2016
  • London is huge and when first arriving it can be difficult to know where is good and where isn't so good to live! In this video I give some tips.
    Part 2:
    Boroughs mentioned:
    - Islington
    - Kensington & Chelsea
    - Hammersmith & Fulham
    - Hackney
    - Tower Hamlets
    - Haringey
    - Greenwich
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Comments • 395

  • Tobey Transport
    Tobey Transport 15 days ago

    I can’t find the worst places video?

  • oroboro Charlie
    oroboro Charlie Month ago

    Anyone knows Camden ?
    Well cheers m'y dears
    Hawleys Arms...
    World End.....

  • HRBFC Josh
    HRBFC Josh 2 months ago +1

    Worst places to live in London:
    End of list.

  • Luca Knowles
    Luca Knowles 2 months ago

    Chelsea is the nicest probs

  • Galactic Princess Neve
    Galactic Princess Neve 3 months ago

    *but Bromley is just so nice and greennnnn*

  • Jamie Keeble
    Jamie Keeble 3 months ago

    I would recommend docklands and stratford

  • Laura Turudda
    Laura Turudda 4 months ago


  • Maria 101
    Maria 101 5 months ago

    I feel like every borough has both really posh and really rough parts of it, so I think that even if you're thinking of moving to one of the boroughs here, it's important to look at the specific area

  • Ben West
    Ben West 8 months ago

    Barnet gang, where you at?

  • Aisha Mahamed
    Aisha Mahamed 8 months ago

    Enfield is my home town and it’s beautiful It’s just that Edmonton Green really ruins it...its just a dirty area which they’ve-just started to fix up

  • JGtheboss776 lol
    JGtheboss776 lol 8 months ago

    Obviously mans from Lewisham

  • Titan Virtual Airlines
    Titan Virtual Airlines 8 months ago +3

    Don’t move to richmond upon Thames it’s shit

  • Do you mind
    Do you mind 9 months ago

    Me personally .. I feel safe in Southwark

  • Zorka Kelly
    Zorka Kelly 9 months ago

    Greenwich !!

  • Rogan Bryan
    Rogan Bryan 9 months ago

    All of Kensington proper, by that I mean NOT north Kensington or West Kensington, neither of which is actually Kensington, All of actual Kensington is VERY expensive. Wycombe square, for example , is just for Russian oligarchs. £100million for a house there ! Nearby Knightsbridge has apartments for the same money. One member of the “ kleptocracy “ has 3 or 4 of them opened up into one huge apartment costing close to half a BILLION pounds ! Central London can be rather expensive. I’m afraid this lassie misleading you , what could she know at about 14 years old?

  • Ronnie Bishop
    Ronnie Bishop 9 months ago

    How much?

  • _fok_off _tentacion
    _fok_off _tentacion 9 months ago

    I love the way you talk 😍
    Video is totally helpful , thank you

  • Dorian G
    Dorian G 10 months ago

    Richmond no 1

  • Afonso C
    Afonso C 10 months ago +2

    Richmond/Kew/Greenwich/Hampstead/Highgate are my favs to live :-)

  • Kostas Mamalis
    Kostas Mamalis 10 months ago

    What about Harrow

  • Hydro 13
    Hydro 13 11 months ago

    I live in Amersham in Buckinghamshire however I work in Canary Wharf And from what I’ve seen tower hamlets has gotten a lot better than it was 8 years ago when I lived there and greenwich also looks great

  • ralph whinney
    ralph whinney 11 months ago

    This is London, you take the rough with the smooth

  • Jumping Dolphin
    Jumping Dolphin 11 months ago

    Is Lewisham a good place ?

  • Ricardo Guilherme
    Ricardo Guilherme 11 months ago +8

    Oh my days... Islington, Haringey, Hackney, Tower Hamlets? When were you there in the 60's? You don't look that old lol.. You've just listed some of the most dungerous parts of London...

  • Atul Jaiswal
    Atul Jaiswal Year ago

    I'm planning to join kingston university next year, would you recommend that university and yeah also the borough?

  • Z A
    Z A Year ago

    Camden is fine. No problems.

  • Z A
    Z A Year ago

    Greenwich is great. 👌

  • Z A
    Z A Year ago

    Kensington ain’t cheap Luv.

  • Z A
    Z A Year ago

    I’ve lived in nine different London areas as well as Brighton.

  • Ann dartmoor pony
    Ann dartmoor pony Year ago +2

    harrow on the Hill

    • Brian Parker
      Brian Parker 4 months ago

      Yes! I love looking down on London....:)

  • Arav 8 ball pool
    Arav 8 ball pool Year ago

    Tower hamlets
    My ideas
    Newham (parts)

  • focus channel
    focus channel Year ago

    Hi ur soooo beautiful lady

  • Ed the Boom
    Ed the Boom Year ago

    Lambeth is the best and Millwall are bad

  • Yar Winter
    Yar Winter Year ago

    I'm thinking about Kingston or Richmond (a bit closer to the centre than King.). I hear a lot of good things about this area. Loved Greenwich from what I experienced. Haven't been living in any of them though, so I don't know them THAT well.

    • Sabotaz80
      Sabotaz80 Year ago +1

      The areas between Kingston and Richmond are hands down the nicest, most middle-class family orientated parts of London, if you can afford it though

  • Dawn & Matthew Doherty

    You hate Enfield

  • Dawn & Matthew Doherty

    I've been to Canary Wharf but not lived there

  • Dawn & Matthew Doherty

    I've been to Enfield that's my home bourogh

  • quirkyvero
    quirkyvero Year ago

    I am trying to decide which tube stations to consider. I will work as a supply teacher all over East London. Commuting cost, accessibility and time need to be considered. Any ideas Londoners? Zone 2 would be ideal but I am open to zone 3 as well. The place I enjoyed the most when I visited last summer was Greenwich market(Cutty Sark). It felt safe, was charming and had a neighbourhood feel. I didn't know it was on the pricey side as it is not central. Sorry Jen, I just don't know where else I can inquire about this. x

  • sean ehni
    sean ehni Year ago +2

    I was born and raised in Peckham and people give it a bad wrap I'm not gonna lie Peckham used to be bad but now it's calm I haven't heard about a stabbing or shooting in Peckham for ages and the last one that happend was gang related so if ur not involved in any of that you'll be safe I feel the safest when I'm in Peckham swear down I love it here

    • AJ Kuthubkhan
      AJ Kuthubkhan Year ago

      Then why did you watch this video? Not in a rude way just asking :) im in Dulwich

  • Woof Olliesmydog
    Woof Olliesmydog Year ago +4

    I love the Chiswick/Hammersmith area. I always lived in West London. West is best in my book.

  • J Nagra
    J Nagra Year ago +2

    But the best part is Richmond

  • J Nagra
    J Nagra Year ago

    Hillingdon is the best

    • Sabotaz80
      Sabotaz80 Year ago

      Hayes and West Drayton are shit though

  • J Nagra
    J Nagra Year ago +1

    Kensington Is boring??

  • Alex V
    Alex V Year ago

    Planned to study in London for 2 years gave up and went to Amsterdam and i dont regret that

  • Bermal
    Bermal Year ago

    Merton or Kingston UT

  • Garry Morgan
    Garry Morgan Year ago +1

    I hate London I want to move out of London

  • Shamir Patel
    Shamir Patel Year ago

    What about Redbridge in particular Wanstead and South Woodford.

  • Lawrence Martin
    Lawrence Martin Year ago

    Kingston's great!

  • mnmnm
    mnmnm Year ago +3

    Tower Hamlets????? I lived in Campbell Road and a man was murdered by gunshot in a gang related shooting just minutes before my wife and I walked by that particular section of road.

    • Sabotaz80
      Sabotaz80 Year ago +1

      That murder wasn’t gang related, it was a father in his 40s who was shot AND stabbed to death after asking a group of drug dealers to stop selling crack on his road. Bow has always been a dodgy area

    • Aeria Tiger
      Aeria Tiger Year ago

      mnmnm yeah but it's safe if your not in a gang

  • Alex James
    Alex James Year ago

    hahahahaa shoreditch and hackney is 0 art, it's been completely commercialised and is full of 'young proffesionals', coming from a lifetime hackney resident born in whitechapel

  • MugTheBoss
    MugTheBoss Year ago

    Here in south London it is THE most sketchy place i have ever seen in my life

  • MyDaisy66
    MyDaisy66 Year ago +1

    I’m from Islington. A great place to grow up. Many generations of my family are from Islington including my own Children. We have a canal running right through and close to theatres and museums. We were very privileged to have all this close by for school trips and outings with our parents. We also have beautiful parks. It’s one of the most expensive boroughs because it’s so close to the city.

  • jrgboy
    jrgboy Year ago

    It does very much depend on what services you require, tube, overground railway, clubs, shops, libraries,schools, supermarkets, they all matter to different people..

  • Omorinsola Hassan

    Hackney is alright I live there now but u should really avoid hoxton at night too much gangs

  • Stella
    Stella Year ago

    Finchley? ?

  • Aliyah Aintnobodygottaknow

    Southwark ❤️

  • harrison booth
    harrison booth Year ago

    i live and have grown up in hackney, there is poverty and almost ghetto like streets, there are gangs every where, i know people who have been stabbed by hackney gangs

    • harrison booth
      harrison booth Year ago


    • Jen Dre
      Jen Dre  Year ago +1

      oh no! my friend was born and raised in hackney and loves it. guess it depends on where exactly.

  • Transport News Finland

    I HATE the Northern line Bank and High Barnet branches. I only ride on the Charing+ trains or to Edgware/Mill Hill East. Now I know Mill Hill East trains go via the High Barnet branch, but OK. I especially HATE the Finchley area.

  • Transport News Finland

    Earl’s Court is not a borough, but still the best place in London.

    BTW I live there

  • jayesh bunkar
    jayesh bunkar Year ago

    please help me
    in want job in London