David Letterman Remembers Robin Williams

  • Published on Aug 20, 2014

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  • sultanabran1
    sultanabran1 19 hours ago

    this show would get no laughs if it wasn't for the signs telling the audience to laugh

  • Transgender Diaries

    I don't get why all these people who steal videos have to make the most obnoxiously loud intros on top of it. -_-

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy Day ago

    He was a giant among humans . I cry every time I watch him. He was the best of the best but always remained humble. Surely do miss him. God bless you for all the years of laughter. RIP

  • Dirk Boersma
    Dirk Boersma Day ago

    How awefully shallow this showbusiness is. From a colleague who knew him for 37 years I would expect him to reflect on the question: 'how can a man who laughed so much, take his own life?' How do you deal with depression when you are in show business? Do you have to hide it? Can comedy be a way to deal with it, or is it a avoidance technique? Depression is real and dangerous, I know from experience.
    The Late Show is just fun, I know. But once in a while one would like to hear real questions asked about things that matter. Not asking those questions makes the whole business incredibly shallow. America is amusing itself to death.

  • Dirk Boersma
    Dirk Boersma Day ago

    'there goes my chance at show business because of this guy from Scotland!' :-)

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Day ago

    He made you laugh even you did not want to. I miss him a lot...

  • Henry Robinson
    Henry Robinson Day ago

    I don't know if I can see the remake of Aladdin because it just will seem empty without Robin Williams he was the god of that universe.

  • Vincent Whitley
    Vincent Whitley 2 days ago

    What a tortured genius Robin was. Letterman is a class act.

  • marie joy
    marie joy 2 days ago

    Robin Williams' autopsy showed he had Lewy Body dementia. Lewy Body comes from Parkinsons and it is worse than Alzheimers. He had to be going through hell.

  • Leo Zaza
    Leo Zaza 2 days ago

    I would have loved to have met him. Very sad the way he left us but he must have felt it was his best option. No wonder we need comedy and laughter in our lives.

  • derek mattingly
    derek mattingly 2 days ago

    damn he was funny . he is with god now .

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  • Karen Shurley
    Karen Shurley 2 days ago

    Behind that infectious laugh and giving heart was a troubled man. Fighting his demons the only way he could; depression is a dark, empty place but Robin soldiered through as best he knew. He wasn’t perfect.This world is a little darker without him, but we all have memories of the gifts of love and humor

  • sjtom57
    sjtom57 3 days ago

    He hid his pain well. Maybe too well. Rest in peace, Robin, and thanks for the memories.

  • Edna L'Herault
    Edna L'Herault 3 days ago


  • Jacquelyn Hancock
    Jacquelyn Hancock 3 days ago

    Miss him so much! I think there was so much more to his death:-(

  • Gary Truthteller
    Gary Truthteller 4 days ago

    "He was in a medical pain hell on "Earth", so 'suicide' means he'll have to go to "Hell".... SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU IGNORANT, OFTEN MINDLESS BIRTHIN' FUCKS.. Just SHUT UP!!!!!! Your religious "science"/"proof" proves NOTHING of the sort to me -- IDIOTS!!!!!!! Religious FUCKING FOOLS!!!!

  • Budd Wolf 1966
    Budd Wolf 1966 5 days ago

    Nice tribute

  • Snow owl 15
    Snow owl 15 5 days ago

    I grew up on robin, and was so mad when he killed himself that I was unable to watch him, till I heard he was on meds that “may have” contributed to his suicide .

  • EPJ M
    EPJ M 6 days ago

    why would this be disliked?

  • reformed09
    reformed09 6 days ago

    Psalm 103:15 The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field;the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.

  • Lee Maiden
    Lee Maiden 6 days ago +4

    Thank you David, wonderful to see two iconic people, both of you are treasures.

  • Chris Craven
    Chris Craven 6 days ago

    9:09: young Dave looks like Michael Shannon

  • 1bls
    1bls 6 days ago

    When Robin Williams laughs, I dare you to try not to laugh yourself

  • Francis Maxino
    Francis Maxino 6 days ago

    David Letterman's self depecrating humour is so poignant and fitting here. Actually such a touching tribute it brings a tear to my eye.

  • Tom Clark
    Tom Clark 6 days ago +2

    Still recall when I heard the news in Boulder; it really took me aback.

  • Matthew Coolness
    Matthew Coolness 6 days ago

    Mitzi Shore is Pauly Shore’s Mom, she died recently I’m pretty sure.

  • Chrys Marty
    Chrys Marty 6 days ago

    Still too sad to talk about it. God i miss him.

  • vulcanman64
    vulcanman64 6 days ago

    Letterman is the absolute best. Robin, i miss you.

  • Ian Combs
    Ian Combs 7 days ago

    I always loved how Dave seemed noticeably annoyed when the audience interrupted him.

  • freakyflow
    freakyflow 7 days ago

    I would say i hate him for doing what he did but that would be selfish of me From a man that gave everyone so much A spirit that screamed at 200 mph You were laughing at his first joke as he was half way done the 2nd one ...If there is a heaven and Robin is there No one is resting in peace .. Give them hell Robin !

  • Kevin Rogers
    Kevin Rogers 7 days ago

    Dearest Robin, You made our world so much more joyful. I wish you had stuck around.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 8 days ago +2

    *5 years and I still cry everytime I think about it too much*

  • Chris Snodgrass
    Chris Snodgrass 8 days ago

    That the saddest David letterman I ever watch way he talk about robin williams I always like his movies and that tv show mork and mindy

  • Cianisboss
    Cianisboss 8 days ago

    Oh man, if we all just could have given Robin a hug

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson 9 days ago

    david was in such pain here.

  • sgt lamancha
    sgt lamancha 9 days ago

    When I was a kid, there was Jonathan Winters...a singular force, I thought. Just amazing versatility. Then Robin showed up and dialed that genius to 11.

  • Steve Dee
    Steve Dee 9 days ago

    I think of Robin Williams in “Good Will Hunting”
    There was so much pain behind those sad eyes.
    Then I realized he wasn’t so much acting as letting his guard down and showing his true self.
    We are all fighting our own private battles.

  • typhoon
    typhoon 10 days ago

    whos the guy laughing in the background like an anime villain and saying "well" every couple minutes

  • nikita nakeets
    nikita nakeets 10 days ago

    he was brilliant.. amazingly funny.....but look into his eyes....you can laugh and joke as he did but his eyes are not happy .....his eyes are sad...his eyes tell a different story, we as fans don't know

  • Sea Jay
    Sea Jay 10 days ago

    Thanks for sharing Dave.

  • FollowerOfChrist
    FollowerOfChrist 10 days ago

    And for fat grease balls like Rush Limbaugh to besmirch Robin Williams is like a ball of shit telling us that flowers stink. When Limbaugh said that? I would have knocked that fat motherfucker out with one punch directly into his fat fucking face. No, I wouldn't have jumped up and down on his face while he laid there unconscious. That is dirty and beneath me. But you know what isn't? Pissing on him. And making a video of it. Love you Robin Williams. Hope to run into Limbaugh some day in an elevator.

  • FollowerOfChrist
    FollowerOfChrist 10 days ago

    I wish death on Dick Cheney and that kind of evil, but I do so for the safety of others. Many monsters are on Earth that must be prayed away. I loved Williams and I love letterman and this touched me..... I feel bad when anyone dies, especially children. Not the Cheney of the world. If they catch fire, I feel no empathy. I thank God almighty. But Robin hurt me

  • Ole No. 1
    Ole No. 1 10 days ago +1

    Five years already. Man how time flies by. RIP Robin

  • KidDerby
    KidDerby 10 days ago

    I still miss him......and someday if I can grow enough brains I will be able to explain him to my 4 year old son.

  • Tim Mill
    Tim Mill 10 days ago +1

    Dave looks horrible. No wonder he had to grope his female staff members.

  • Aaron ewing
    Aaron ewing 10 days ago

    My faverite robin willams movie is & will always be his 2005-6 movie rv non-stop comity

  • Miguel Fierro
    Miguel Fierro 11 days ago

    If I had a friend like Robin Williams that I lost I would say every day that I miss my friend so much. RIP Mr Williams

  • joe blow
    joe blow 11 days ago

    A class act and legend, honoring a class act and a legend.

  • S. man
    S. man 12 days ago

    True Virtuoso... R I P.

  • Thomas Swafford
    Thomas Swafford 12 days ago

    Letterman has the ability to give the most touching tributes. They are always heartfelt and honest.

  • Gary Anderson
    Gary Anderson 12 days ago

    I remember the day he died I was buying a brand new truck. The news really spoiled that day.

  • tdamtoft
    tdamtoft 13 days ago

    Great tribute to Robin Williams, shame about the decidedly poor taste intro...

  • Tim Wright
    Tim Wright 13 days ago

    One of America's brightest gifts to the world.

  • Garrick Harris
    Garrick Harris 13 days ago

    David Letterman was right. Whenever I saw that Robin Williams was going to be on a talk show, I made a point to watch. Robin Williams was incredible.

  • Chris Star
    Chris Star 13 days ago +2

    338 people can go fuck themselves.

  • Albert Michaels
    Albert Michaels 13 days ago

    Maybe part of what drove his brilliance was that it helped him deal with his pain.

  • Dan Guthrie
    Dan Guthrie 14 days ago

    I love him too.

  • donny blondy
    donny blondy 14 days ago

    some of the funniest people who can make others laugh are sometimes the most saddest inside.

  • ziggy2009
    ziggy2009 14 days ago

    How the Late Show has gone downhill with Colbert.

  • Count D
    Count D 14 days ago

    Letterman has to be the worst, most ego-centric, self-indulgent ass-ever. Rotten guy.

  • The softest part of a woman's breast is?

    The pic... tells so much without saying a thing! Richard Eyes, Robin Eyes, and Dave is smiling.

  • Sean Richards
    Sean Richards 14 days ago

    I can't help but cry for him. He felt like a friend for how many times he filled an evening with entertainment and laughter. He was the best of all time by 100X. Rip my friend.

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 14 days ago +2

    As someone who deals with depression, I get it. RIP Robin. I, we, love you. I hope you found peace.

  • freaker126
    freaker126 14 days ago

    all i can say is, why?

  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone 15 days ago

    The takeaway is that we have no idea what anyone else might be going through regardless of outer appearances. We should always strive to be kind to everyone all the time. For some, they could be having the worst day of their lives and an act of kindness could make all the difference in the world to them.

  • Dennis Cassley
    Dennis Cassley 15 days ago

    BEAUTIFUL segment... "The longer Robin was on stage at the Comedy Store, the worse we -- other comics -- felt about ourselves..."

  • gruntgrip
    gruntgrip 16 days ago

    Such a great improve actor! #myidol

  • Cameron D
    Cameron D 16 days ago

    Sadly many who are in pain are great actors/actresses..................They hide it so well, no one realizes it till there gone.
    Depression is NOT about being weak, it's about being tired of constantly working hard to put on a brave face and act like nothing is wrong.
    Eventually you grow to tired to keep it up, you break down and it's often fatal. Sadly men are more susceptible to fatalities, as we are raised to be strong men and failure is NOT an option. We usually succeed first time, as even in the face of death we don't want to be remembered as a failure.

  • Camer1Lee
    Camer1Lee 16 days ago +1

    Just heartbreaking. I will never get used to Williams not being part of life.
    And then Tom Petty.

  • Leedy
    Leedy 16 days ago

    Awesome Dave .. I miss robin alot xox "All i want to do is make people laugh" is what he said often RIP Robin :) You beautiful Soul

  • Keith Finkel
    Keith Finkel 16 days ago +2

    We miss you Dave. And Robin. America could use more of the both of you right about now.

  • Bombay Electrique
    Bombay Electrique 16 days ago

    Miss you Dave your a treasure

  • Matthew Cummins
    Matthew Cummins 16 days ago

    334 pieces of human garbage have downvoted this video.

  • Douglas Olsen
    Douglas Olsen 16 days ago

    I 'met' Robin Williams when I was an AF photog, when he came through the Middle East in 2007 on a USO tour. My boss told me, before the USO team, Robin Williams, Lewis Black, Lance Armstrong, Rachael Smith and Kid Rock, arrived, that her favorite comedian was Robin Williams. She told me that, at some time during the USO tour at our base we would be covering, I would hear her call me to take a photo of her and Robin Williams. At a point when the USO team was relaxing after they had performed for our troops, I hear, "Doug! Doug!" from my boss, then, "Doug! Doug!" from Robin Williams, yelling at me to take their photo. I went over to where they were at and took that photo. That was my meeting with Robin Williams. I take away the honor of once being yelled at by Robin Williams.
    Great guy! Unforgettable time. Missing Mr. Williams and appreciating his love for the troops.

  • xxl96
    xxl96 17 days ago

    We let Robin Williams down.

  • Ron Regan
    Ron Regan 17 days ago +1

    I deal with depression every day, and its not a fun way to live. Need to stay strong for those who do love you when you don't love yourself

  • Jaerock
    Jaerock 17 days ago

    We love and miss you Robin. Can't wait to see you again .

  • R Vasquez
    R Vasquez 17 days ago +1

    Not a big Letterman fan but you did really good by Robin. Good job David....What a life gone all to soon.😢😢😢

  • cubdoge 1981
    cubdoge 1981 17 days ago

    I can't think of one movie he was bad in. Even if I never liked the movie which was rare he made it worth watching. One of my favorite actors ever.

  • Malynn Conch
    Malynn Conch 17 days ago

    Grew up watching Robin Williams in whatever TV show he was on, or movie he was in (he was my favorite), but his appearances on The David Letterman Show were always especially fun to watch. It was just amazing to watch him, and the laughter he brought made me forget my own troubles. Almost 5 years have passed, and even with DVD's, and youtube videos, to remember his greatness, I still miss him. I also miss being able to watch him in new projects that might have been if he were still here with us today. He seemed like a kind hearted soul, and I love hearing stories about how he helped others like giving homeless people jobs on projects he was involved in, so caring. I'm sure many of us felt like we lost a family member the day he passed... gone too soon.

  • Steven Rigney
    Steven Rigney 17 days ago

    If you haven’t seen the collection of RW appearances on the Craig Ferguson show it’s a must watch! Search for, “Chlamydia, your father’s here”. They had a special chemistry.

  • Logan’s mom Browning

    I lost my 16 year old son 3 years ago. We never saw it coming. He was wonderful. He was funny and smart and loved his mom. He suffered for his entire life basically with bipolar disorder. He was frequently manic and sometimes irrational. He laughed a huge laugh and crossed his skinny arms across his skinny belly and just laughed. He reminded me of Robin Williams sometimes when he was very manic and spoke quickly and flew from one thought to the next....flight of thoughts its called. My logan almost never seemed depressed, he had bipolar type 1 so was usually manic. He was the youngest of our 4 boys. God i miss him.

  • Smilin' Dro Frazier
    Smilin' Dro Frazier 17 days ago

    Only person left in the picture is Dave now.

  • sunil solanki
    sunil solanki 18 days ago

    Oh captain my captain...

  • Sunspot Dawn
    Sunspot Dawn 18 days ago +1

    Always reminded me of Andy Kauffman, who also died way too young.
    I wonder if he ever used a whoppie cushion?
    Ate a Whoppie pie?
    I wonder if hes spoken to Patrick Swayze?
    Kathy Najimy?
    Billy Crystal?

  • April Simnel
    April Simnel 18 days ago

    He had a cousin in Milwaukee. When I was 16, I went to a Sunday show at ComedySportz on the east side, which was a new thing back then. It's a live, short-form improv show whose conceit is that there are two teams that "compete" and the audience votes on which team, red or blue, are funnier. Well.

    We got a surprise that day-Robin Williams dropped in. He joined the blue team, and of course they won. I'll never forget the shrieks of surprise and joy from the audience (and me, of course) when he bounced onto the stage. He would've been in his mid-30s then, and was probably in town to visit his extended family. He was a terrific improviser and played very well with the whole group; very generous with the young performers.
    I feel so badly that he was suffering as he was.

  • Aaron Bradley
    Aaron Bradley 18 days ago

    David Letterman's a douche but poor Robin Williams and it's pretty emotional I hate to give him a thumbs-up but.......I don't have to I expected this to be emotional buddy just endlessly drones on I can't watch the whole 10 minutes of this crap. Love Robin Williams and will miss him. I know all too well about depression and I don't know how much longer I can hang on I've been fighting it since 6th Grade and I am almost 42. But I expect this to be an emotional tribute but the idiot just he just keeps droning on I'm not watching 10 minutes of this crap

  • Jas Ron
    Jas Ron 18 days ago +7

    A wonderful tribute to a great talent from a true comedian and entertainer, so unlike the political crap on late night now.

  • Søren Larsen
    Søren Larsen 18 days ago

    Quite unbelievable, that it's already been 5 entire years, since news struck about Robin's passing...

  • T Clark
    T Clark 18 days ago

    Could always see a great deal of pain behind the showbiz...I think that's why he was able to do drama so well

  • Vince Barto
    Vince Barto 18 days ago

    In tears. He was so full of life. Miss that guy.

  • Olivia Duke
    Olivia Duke 19 days ago

    Oh, we miss him so.

  • tone wheel
    tone wheel 19 days ago +1

    It`s taken me five years to address the effect Robin Williams brilliance had on my life personally. I`d rather focus on his life than his death, as it hurts to darned much. I loved Robin Williams. I guess it was inevitable that he died prematurely, as most meteors burn up before their time. Right from the outset, I watched him flourish in the 70`s as a fledgling comedian on sitcoms. His standup was totally out there, as were his interviews. (I`ve attached the following link... an interview with Johnny Carson back in 1991). Manic chaos, constantly being pulled back in to heel, before it went too far south! He always reminded me of a young Labrador... racing around, trying to please all in sundry... and that`s a compliment my friend... as dogs are mans best friend! That constant mischievous grin accompanying that special twinkle in your eye... looking around for that next comedic effect. His guest appearances with the likes of Johnathan Winters and Billy Connolly were off the planet! Yep. Dave Letterman pretty well summed it all up. The only thing for me to say is... thanks Robin. I know your comedic skill was your money earner, but we all knew how much you liked to make us laugh... and hell buddy... we miss you. You gave and gave... then gave again! Wishing you well in your afterlife endeavors Robin. Take care. 😔
    Hilarious interview on Carson with Johnathan Winters. ru-clip.com/video/qzv6EhE7Cbo/video.html Robin on the Scots and golf: ru-clip.com/video/pcnFbCCgTo4/video.html *contains swearing*

  • Alex Kinsville
    Alex Kinsville 20 days ago

    Who was the woman in the middle of the picture?

  • slimydick23
    slimydick23 20 days ago

    I want to talk with the 329 thumbs down people. I really would like to know the thought process.

  • ghost500e
    ghost500e 20 days ago

    Life is just fucked up without Robin...…………………………………….

  • zack157
    zack157 20 days ago

    Imagine...over 300 people actually put thumbs down on this. Sheesh! What a world !

  • Conaire Mclaughlin
    Conaire Mclaughlin 20 days ago +2

    Robin say hi to my brother Declan its his birthday. 😍💔💔

  • August VanDeVoorde
    August VanDeVoorde 20 days ago