Ariana Grande "thank u, next" Interview

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • #ArianaGrande stopped by the studio to talk about her new album "thank u, next"

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Comments • 8 158

  • mikee
    mikee Hour ago

    Im so inlove with ariana!! 😭💘

    VHC BHU 3 hours ago

    Please tell Ariana I love her and happy birthday! Tell her I'm sorry about this position I got myself into. I am okay and happy. I brought the Thunder!!! Tell her Jove says Lightning comes first.

  • Trippie sHrEk
    Trippie sHrEk 17 hours ago

    I love her voice

  • Amer Khan
    Amer Khan Day ago +1

    Who else noticed her super cute outfit!!

  • Timya Young
    Timya Young Day ago


    • Timya Young
      Timya Young Day ago +1

      Marc Jacobs long story short I like the way she cuss ig😂🙄

    • Timya Young
      Timya Young Day ago +1

      Marc Jacobs lol no, that’s just what I do when I’m watching something and I see i part I like and I track it down in the comments (for me to go back on) instead of watching the whole thing over again.

    • Marc Jacobs
      Marc Jacobs Day ago

      what?! you're gonna gif that and make it as a reactionary meme?

  • tyra sage
    tyra sage 2 days ago

    okay but mikey and ariana are the most beautiful people

  • llgrctps
    llgrctps 2 days ago


  • Blerim Lalaj
    Blerim Lalaj 2 days ago

    She is so honest and loving. Oof I have goosebumps. #arianafan

  • Marissa Torres
    Marissa Torres 2 days ago

    Petition for Ariana to be Audrey in little shop of horrors PLEASE

  • oofers mcmuffin
    oofers mcmuffin 2 days ago +1

    I swear, I watch this every day because everyone in this interview is just.... everything!

  • david k
    david k 3 days ago +2

    hi can we appreciate how nice victoria’s talking voice is lol

  • Emme Michelle
    Emme Michelle 3 days ago +1

    34:10 Me too Victoria, me too.

  • T McC
    T McC 3 days ago

    I came into this not being a Ariana Stan..just a neutral person. This didn't go as planned. She's so awesome and awkward and real. I had no idea. I get why my friend is such a Stan.

  • Evelyn Lukin
    Evelyn Lukin 3 days ago

    Ariana is the freaking best, I love her 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Alexis Zarate
    Alexis Zarate 4 days ago

    1:17:34 creeped me out so bad BECAUSE IT WAS SO GOOD

  • David Long
    David Long 4 days ago

    I guess everyone has forgot about her Paris show

  • Green Cane
    Green Cane 5 days ago +2

    The way she smiles.... gooooooood😍😍😍

  • Klara S.
    Klara S. 5 days ago

    Where did she say how tall she is.

    • alyssia rodriguez
      alyssia rodriguez 3 days ago +1

      she said she’s 5’2 but i don’t remember where the time slot was

  • MeiLi Mccannsayles
    MeiLi Mccannsayles 5 days ago +1

    Zach dang is able to bring the most honest interviews and he’s nice and doesn’t want to talk about relationships which I love

  • Jonathan Whigham
    Jonathan Whigham 5 days ago +1

    I love this song but I hate myself I 😆😆

  • Marissa Yerxa
    Marissa Yerxa 5 days ago +1

    This is the first time ive seen her without her pony tail

  • Naj Renchelf
    Naj Renchelf 5 days ago

    Does Ariana have the grayscale, pink color scheme saved for serious productions? I see the One Love Manchester concert recommended to me - the thumbnail has the same color scheme.

  • Valerie M-T
    Valerie M-T 5 days ago


  • DayxdreamTV
    DayxdreamTV 6 days ago

    fuck a fake smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean Nascimento
    Jean Nascimento 6 days ago +2

    Zach: What is that (ghostin) about for you?
    Ariana: ........ _next :3_

  • Erika Rain Bailey
    Erika Rain Bailey 6 days ago +2

    Thank you for having a decent interview with Arianna grande and talking to her like a human

  • Jasmine Karlsson
    Jasmine Karlsson 6 days ago +3

    More Ariana interviews please I swear everyone wants our queen back at the couch

  • Potato Anime
    Potato Anime 7 days ago

    It's the 18 of June why is this in my recommended ?

  • alyssia rodriguez
    alyssia rodriguez 7 days ago

    1:12:36 you could see it in her face she was most likely thinking about mac when they were talking bout pittsburgh :/

  • jessica johnson
    jessica johnson 8 days ago

    now ik why i fw her so hard i’m a taurus lol

  • Many Gamers
    Many Gamers 8 days ago

    Everyone saying she copied mean girls but i dont think so

  • skrrawr
    skrrawr 9 days ago

    her voice is so soothing like omg😭💘

  • Hanane Peace love
    Hanane Peace love 9 days ago

    I love you so much Ariana💌 I am really happy to see you in August in belgium big kiss sweetheart

  • Its_ Karina
    Its_ Karina 9 days ago

    Where can I get a group of friends as supportive as hers? I love her so much she is such an angel. 😭😭♥️

  • Ava Isabella
    Ava Isabella 9 days ago

    She’s so cute😭

  • mirella *.
    mirella *. 9 days ago +2

    my idol is so brave. i love you ariana grande. ♡

  • Rosegold Bud
    Rosegold Bud 9 days ago

    The host is such a Cuck

  • Katarína Szücsová


  • Ricardo Pina
    Ricardo Pina 10 days ago

    This guy is a terrible interviewer horrible questions

  • Arianas Clouds
    Arianas Clouds 10 days ago

    twitter stans wya?

  • Lexi Froio
    Lexi Froio 10 days ago

    My favorite interviewer and interviewee yaaaasssssssssss I only watch Zach when he interviews Ariana thats it

  • Elliot Shelton
    Elliot Shelton 11 days ago

    She's the best 5ft 2in little WOMAN I love

  • Emily Bartchy
    Emily Bartchy 11 days ago

    I am glad Ari is healing and focuses on how blessed she is and I would love to she her on Broadway!!!!!!! I would love to sing with Ari any song especially from Wicked or anything with Kristen Chenoweth!!!!!

  • leather so soft
    leather so soft 11 days ago +1

    I love her

  • MalibuGirl 15
    MalibuGirl 15 11 days ago


  • Whitney Blockman
    Whitney Blockman 12 days ago

    I watch this when I’m sad

  • Tristan Reyes
    Tristan Reyes 12 days ago

    She doesn't realise how good of friends we would be. BITCH I WOULD BE SO LOYAL TO U😭❗💓

  • androy96
    androy96 12 days ago +2

    the hair going down the middle of his face really makes me feel weird

  • Jake Perez
    Jake Perez 12 days ago

    God I would die to be her friend 😭

  • Ramírez the barber
    Ramírez the barber 12 days ago

    Niggas out here be like "i wonder what her poop smell like"

  • Ramírez the barber
    Ramírez the barber 12 days ago

    She kinda sounds like a little girl

  • Ariana Grande's fan acc

    56:00 EDIITTTT

  • 7ringsvfx
    7ringsvfx 14 days ago +47

    The part you’re here for is 17:32
    *thank me later*

    • Fabb' Gmmz
      Fabb' Gmmz 4 days ago +2


  • Ashton
    Ashton 15 days ago

    17:28 .....22:51 Don’t ask Ariana questions...

  • Alayna Millbrooks
    Alayna Millbrooks 15 days ago +1


  • abby hehe
    abby hehe 15 days ago +1

    are we just not gonna talk about the way mikey looks at ariana?

  • alexa *
    alexa * 15 days ago +10

    1:14:00 Taurus appreciation ♉❤️

  • MaddieCat
    MaddieCat 15 days ago +3

    For literally 10 years Zach has called her Ariana GranDE

  • Júlia Araújo
    Júlia Araújo 15 days ago +3

    She was so sick at this interview! 🥺💖 happy she is better :)

    ֳCOOLEGO 15 days ago +2

    I love Arianna very much!
    She's the most cute in the world!
    And her music is just perfect✨

  • Eline Esmaeli
    Eline Esmaeli 16 days ago

    1:13:23 speed 0.5

  • Matthew Rader
    Matthew Rader 16 days ago

    Who else is digging Ariana’s hairstyle?

  • Dennis Coja
    Dennis Coja 16 days ago +1

    46:28 her height to those who are curious

  • Lexi Froio
    Lexi Froio 16 days ago

    like for real i had the most upset stomach from having my moms gravy (only my fellow italians will get it) I TURN THIS ON AND I FEEL HELLA CHILL AND RELAXED YESSSSSSS OH MY GOD THIS IS INSANE ARIANA, HER GANG, ZACH THEY BRING THE GOOD VIBES YESSSSSSSSSSS

  • Lexi Froio
    Lexi Froio 16 days ago

    this relaxes me sooo much oh my God

  • Lillie Kelly
    Lillie Kelly 16 days ago

    It’s sad that she feels like she has to still be happy bc of how blessed she is. She knows she’s blessed and doesn’t wanna let anyone think she’s sad bc then their gonna be like “people would love to be where you are and you don’t even appreciate it.” When in reality she does appreciate it but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still upset and sad sometimes.

  • Ishwar Deo
    Ishwar Deo 16 days ago

    I love u ariana plse plse marry me really it will a blessing from God if u marry me

  • Maimouna Diakite
    Maimouna Diakite 18 days ago +4

    Watching this over months later I realize how much the song monopoly makes sense now

  • Kultured Kat
    Kultured Kat 18 days ago


  • Clara Golubovac
    Clara Golubovac 18 days ago

    Hello Ariana y love you

  • ashanti hudson
    ashanti hudson 19 days ago +1

    Ariana:" Can Mikey and Scooty sit here?" "cuz everyones in here but them"
    such a thoughtful, humble, and selfless thing to do and say. You can tell she truly cares about the people she loves and are around her. She's not self-centered or has a big ego like most celebrities and that's why i love her.

  • Noah Pierson
    Noah Pierson 19 days ago +1

    Didn’t realize that Ghostin was so hard to record. Listening to it made me cry.

  • Wig 2.0
    Wig 2.0 19 days ago +3

    “And sorry if I.... say sorry waaaaay too much.” That’s all I thought at the end of the interview

  • Ola Jakubowska
    Ola Jakubowska 20 days ago +3

    "its just like" "you know what i mean" "like" "you know"

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez 20 days ago +4

    1:16:34 “good I forget I’m Ariana Grande all the time” omg she kills me

  • Chris Morgan
    Chris Morgan 20 days ago +1

    I want to know who decides which profanities to bleep. Like bleep this and bleep that and then "shit" then back on it.

  • Joseph Colella
    Joseph Colella 21 day ago

    Ariana sounds tired

  • ZE AS
    ZE AS 21 day ago +1


  • TogeKing1
    TogeKing1 22 days ago

    I gotta baaaad iddeeeYYUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH

  • TeRa Everett
    TeRa Everett 22 days ago

    Best Interview Ever!!!😍😍😊👌

  • Ratchetry Redefined
    Ratchetry Redefined 22 days ago

    I like her, but is she high in this?

  • jordan atha
    jordan atha 23 days ago +6

    her energy in this video is so different from the last one :,(

  • Adam Mayhew
    Adam Mayhew 23 days ago +3

    "Not a real person" Girl you are a god! Like you i look up in the sky, see the stars! That shit's real Ari!!!!!!!

  • Eilidh Lewis
    Eilidh Lewis 24 days ago

    Love u ariana she's perfect

  • Shaian Matthews
    Shaian Matthews 24 days ago


    ZJ MAGB 24 days ago

    20:51 23:00

  • Victoria Gonzalez
    Victoria Gonzalez 25 days ago

    her skin is fucking perfect wtf

  • Grandex Buterax
    Grandex Buterax 25 days ago +12

    I subscribed to Zack just to watch Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies interviews!

  • Summer Hansen-Baird
    Summer Hansen-Baird 25 days ago

    Isn't the hair in mikey's face annoying him? i would be pissed

  • Grenadae
    Grenadae 25 days ago

    Did anyone notice that long ass scar behind her thigh?

  • immaculate daisy
    immaculate daisy 25 days ago +1

    Love the where she imitates her Nonna 26:30

  • ajbordallo
    ajbordallo 25 days ago +9

    This is probably my favorite interview ever, it’s just close to my heart ♡

  • Ernesto Lopez
    Ernesto Lopez 25 days ago


  • pierina •
    pierina • 25 days ago +1

    did she just- said where she lives at?

    • pierina •
      pierina • 2 hours ago

      So basically u can Google the address lol

    • pierina •
      pierina • 2 hours ago

      @S Nilsson I know but she mentioned the studio's name and said that she lives across the street

    • S Nilsson
      S Nilsson 2 hours ago

      pierina • she lives in new york

  • Favour Linus Ali
    Favour Linus Ali 25 days ago


  • Paola F
    Paola F 26 days ago

    17:26 can someone explain to me why she didn’t answer this question? and it looked like she wanted to cry? i have a feeling the person who said no don’t do it is pete but i can be wrong? i’m confused

  • Tenement Rhapsody
    Tenement Rhapsody 26 days ago +39

    that was the most entertaining 1 hour 23 minutes of my life

  • Rice Krispies
    Rice Krispies 26 days ago +1

    Ariana please do an ASMR please

  • depressedkidxx
    depressedkidxx 27 days ago +15

    u are literally my favourite interviewer! u make ari so comfortable and you don't ask pushy questions!!💛

  • Xavier
    Xavier 27 days ago

    shit my pants