5 Ant Farms. 66 hours in 2 minutes

  • Published on Oct 28, 2016
  • This is a time lapse video showing 66 hours condensed down to just two minutes. Ants Alive brings you 5 different ant habitats with live harvester ants exploring and tunneling around. These formicariums are perfect for science projects. On the top row, left to right: Uncle Milton's Giant Ant Farm and Ants Alive's Ant Viewer Observatory. Bottom row, left to right: Uncle Milton's Original Ant Farm, Uncle Milton's Light-up Gel Colony, and Insect Lore's Live Ant Hill Order yours today at www.antsalive.com

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  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 3 months ago

    rip ants :( im going to raise a real ant colony with a queen

  • Devin plays
    Devin plays 4 months ago

    Show us the ant Queen

    • Blue Keith
      Blue Keith 3 days ago

      There's no queen ant and the tubes are disconnected and they are dead

    • Blue Keith
      Blue Keith 3 days ago

      There's no queen besides there all dead and the ant farms are disconnected

  • Gaming mobile
    Gaming mobile 9 months ago

    Siema sub za sub ja już dałem;),

  • Rodrigo Pacab
    Rodrigo Pacab 10 months ago

    I need to know if the anthill is unicel?

  • Kepta
    Kepta 11 months ago

    Where are the queens ?

    • Blue Keith
      Blue Keith 3 days ago

      There's no queens and they are dead

    CHIKITIBOMBA :v Year ago +4

    I hate this people that make ant farms without getting information and giving ants flat ant farms

  • Waffles _ Fries
    Waffles _ Fries Year ago

    I bought the really big one and I’m finding a queen and some worker ant

  • Nick the legend Rules

    The biggest female ant is the queen

    • Ryan Putens
      Ryan Putens Year ago

      Aidan and Nicholas Rule Theydont come with queens

  • Nick the legend Rules

    Do you know ant kepping


    how long they survive

  • Guden09
    Guden09 Year ago +3

    why is it just tunnels and no chambers? are they only digging to find their queen or just energy they have to get rid of?

  • Marcelo Tejada
    Marcelo Tejada Year ago +30

    Poor ants without queens they will die. And the gel will mold killing them. 👎

    • Cassie D
      Cassie D Month ago

      Marcelo Tejada do the ants really live shorter lives without a queen?
      Wouldn’t they just die at a normal rate?There’s just no new ants being produce

    • Toxicdoom 3
      Toxicdoom 3 7 months ago

      I mean it can be hard to get a queen bc shipping em r illegal not to long ago someone got cought and got arrested

    • Christopher Collins
      Christopher Collins 11 months ago

      FormalThread479 yes but they are bullet ants and not many people want to have colonies of aggressive ants that make you feel like you have been shot if they sting you.

    • Ryan Putens
      Ryan Putens Year ago +1

      I owned one of these as a kid and had the ants that they sent which I believe where harvester ants from Arizona. I than introduced a red ant queen huge compared to the harvester ants(i live in MD) that I found out in my garden, the first HR or 2 was interesting didn't know if they where gonna kill her or not. But later I found they had taken her down to one of the chambers and she started producing eggs. So luckily I found a fertilized queen. The nest was thriving until a I had water disaster(flood) destroyed it. Wish I could try it again and find or build a larger ant farm.

    • FormalThread479
      FormalThread479 Year ago +1

      There is a genus that doesn’t need queens but the most dominate worker in the colony acts as one.

  • Caring for Budgies
    Caring for Budgies 2 years ago +6

    do they come with queen ants

      CHIKITIBOMBA :v Year ago

      No he is an idiot

    • Ant nation
      Ant nation Year ago

      Caring for Budgies sorry I thought you said they do come with queen ants my bad

    • Ant nation
      Ant nation Year ago +1

      Ant farms have no queens ant colonies have queens why does no one understand this😐

    • Gabriel Marandola
      Gabriel Marandola Year ago

      Ravenphin It's prohibited to transport queens between the states, but you can raise them.

    • Anaris10
      Anaris10 Year ago +2

      You can buy queens of local types. Look up GAN ant dealers.

  • Jens Aukema
    Jens Aukema 2 years ago

    cool !