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  • Published on Nov 4, 2017
  • Watch this award-winning 3D animated short called "Hewn" as a wooden father struggles to support his metal child who consumes wood to survive. As the boy grows older so does his rate of consumption. The day comes when he brings their home to the ground, they have nothing left. Later, the father awakens in panic, his son is gone. He finally finds his son; eyes closed and furnace fire out. The wind begins to slowly turn a pinwheel the child holds. The father realizes something and begins working on the child’s furnace. As morning comes, a propeller spins within the boy. He opens his eyes, beginning a new life.
    The Animation School is proud to announce that The New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards has awarded graduates of The Animation School a World Gold Medal "Khaya" in the Best Student Film Category.
    Situated in Cape Town and Johannesburg South Africa, The Animation School offers a three-year full-time Animation Diploma. Since its launch in 2000, the school has established itself as the leading specialist animation training institution in South Africa. Its students consistently win top honors at various award ceremonies and its graduates have been employed by leading studios.
    Would you like to study at The Animation School? Visit Their website:
    DIRECTOR: Kelly McCarter
    PRODUCER: Toni Andrews
    WRITER: Kelly McCarter
    ART DIRECTOR: Sebastian Kristiansen
    TECH.DIRECTOR: Kelly McCarter
    EDITORS: Dayaan Abarder, Toni Andrews ANIMATION: Kent Mayne, Tyler Solomon
    MODELLING: Kent Mayne, Kyle Maier
    TEXTURING: Kyle Maier, Sebastian Kristiansen
    LIGHTING: Toni Andrews, Kelly McCarter
    SOUND: Jarryd Lottering
    MUSIC: Antoni Schonken
    About the film and the team behind it:
    The team is made up of graduate students from The Animation School in Cape Town, South Africa.
    It won a World Gold Medal in the Best Student Film Category at the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards; been selected for the Durban International Film Festival; and been included in the Children"s Program at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017.
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  • Annalyn Cox
    Annalyn Cox Day ago

    I cry omg so sad

  • xXHORIZONXx2020
    xXHORIZONXx2020 8 days ago

    Oh cmon dont cry the son is still alive

  • Niharika Khurana
    Niharika Khurana 22 days ago

    nice story

  • annabelle fitria
    annabelle fitria 29 days ago

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  • cr7 messi fans
    cr7 messi fans 3 months ago

    More than I think I am just crying man very good

  • gaming with gidgette
    gaming with gidgette 4 months ago

    i just gotta say, i love all your animations! they are so heart felt and motivational!

  • Rosalie Salvador
    Rosalie Salvador 5 months ago

    I super super hate the rock

  • Windows - Dabberu
    Windows - Dabberu 5 months ago

    Congrats , the kid is now a fidget spinner

  • kiik
    kiik 6 months ago

    hola gente queria decir que pase por aqui.. gracias por su atencion

  • Enotion
    Enotion 7 months ago

    What special *instrument* did the composer use to create this *beautiful piece* of music???

    • Antoni Schonken
      Antoni Schonken 4 months ago

      I used a mandolin in this soundtrack, that I struck with a violin bow :) Hope you liked it!

  • Ghostrider B.
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  • Anna
    Anna 7 months ago

    Ur telling me is the furniture his skin or is his skin the furniture

  • mark hennry roblox
    mark hennry roblox 7 months ago

    Naked story

  • Star Boi
    Star Boi 7 months ago

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  • Just A Kid
    Just A Kid 8 months ago

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  • asiong alanib
    asiong alanib 8 months ago

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  • Samadhan Khandagle
    Samadhan Khandagle 8 months ago

    you made me cry !! love from India !!!

  • Ikmal syah saifullah Simanjuntak

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  • A Z
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    I thought it was about Silver and Gold...
    Just me?

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  • cata tonia
    cata tonia Year ago

    This is beautiful ❤

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  • Chakra Abu Djibril

    Gua ngerti maksudnya 😊

  • safin سَفِن
    safin سَفِن Year ago

    He should be eat all wood his dad could be a woodman . His dad had to give his body to his son to make his boy alive... It will be a good story among the dad and sons

    • safin سَفِن
      safin سَفِن 8 months ago

      @Sebastian Kristiansen whatever my friend thats good story you made i hope best for you.

    • Sebastian Kristiansen
      Sebastian Kristiansen 8 months ago +1

      @safin سَفِن hey, that was definitely one of our ideas when we wrote the story. However, as we went on it was starting to impede the ending of the story so we took it out. Its a pity because it would have been a great archetype to have in there (fathers representing the past sacrificing himself to create something new)

    • safin سَفِن
      safin سَفِن Year ago

      I am waiting for the story what i wrote tag me thanks.

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  • wwe you
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    Alice AFTERLIFE Year ago


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  • Glitched Fox
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    And then the boy eats his dad, the end :D

  • Ancient Bloodline of Light

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    Lord of the Grains Year ago +1

    This hit hard. I loved it. I only wonder what happened to the mother

  • Ceedyn Jackcummings

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  • Lorelei Balansa
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