Top 10 Most Amazing Grammy Performances of All Time

  • Published on Feb 12, 2017
  • Top 10 Most Amazing Grammy Performances of All Time
    These performers set the Grammy’s stage on fire! Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the top 10 Grammy Performances! Whether it be Radiohead, Adele, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Tina Turner, Daft Punk, Eminem or Michael Jackson, these superstar performers put on a show no one will forget anytime soon. What was your favorite Grammys performance? Let us know in the comments.
    00:33 #10: Bruce Springsteen & Dave Grohl & Elvis Costello
    01:36 #9: Eric Clapton
    02:52 #8: Beyoncé & Tina Turner
    04:01 #7: Kanye West & Daft Punk
    04:59 #6: Eminem & Elton John
    06:10 #5: Adele
    07:12 #4: Radiohead
    08:17 #3, #2 & #1: ????
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Comments • 5 113

  • singingfan
    singingfan 29 minutes ago

    Kendrick Lamar’s performance was so beautiful. I’m not into rap but it brought me in.

  • J Mac
    J Mac 4 hours ago

    The white stripes, honorable mentions? No I don't think so

  • J Mac
    J Mac 4 hours ago

    Man if you could've played the performances I may have come back. Eric Claptons song was for his toddler son who fell out of a high story window to his death

  • Aaron Soto
    Aaron Soto Day ago +1

    So #1 was the only none live performance? this list is a joke!

  • Clearview68
    Clearview68 Day ago

    Pink - Glitter?????

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Day ago

    Adele should have been #1

  • K Hawk
    K Hawk Day ago

    My #1 is Aretha Franklin subbing on short notice for an ill Luciano Pavarotti to perform "Nessun Dorma" in 1998

  • LIL Savage
    LIL Savage 2 days ago +2

    Who just came because you saw adele😂😂😂😂

  • Darshan Dani
    Darshan Dani 2 days ago

    I'm a huge a fan of MJ. But undoubtedly, Adele was the clear winner. The only artist who has enough courage and trust on her talent that she doesn't need anything else expect for her voice. That's pure magic. That's art.

  • AbbyNormal777
    AbbyNormal777 2 days ago

    I think that Bono and Mary J. Blige singing "One" should have been included on the list.

  • christy callaghan
    christy callaghan 2 days ago

    Michael Jackson never fails to make my heart race! the world has truly lost a legend.

  • jaleoman
    jaleoman 3 days ago

    Wow no Ricky Martin with his performing “ The Cup Of Life that made history at the Grammy? This list completely lost credential that it was not included on the list.

  • Tony Bautista
    Tony Bautista 3 days ago

    Too bad you missed, like, three complete decades, minus the 'one' mentioned for 1988. *sigh 3:)

  • jillybean651
    jillybean651 3 days ago

    This is a really bad list

  • Matt Deans
    Matt Deans 3 days ago

    Am I wrong? I thought MJ lip-synced at least part of that performance.

  • Detassler 1
    Detassler 1 3 days ago +5

    U2 and Mary J. Blige performing “One” was nothing short of sensational. I would have put it on this list.

  • Regal Lamb
    Regal Lamb 3 days ago

    Mariah and Whitney????? Delete this mess

  • Jerey Kobalt
    Jerey Kobalt 3 days ago

    Aside from MJ and eminem. These are fucking horrible unmemorable moments in any award show. No one remembers any of these until this video.

  • Pema Lepcha
    Pema Lepcha 4 days ago

    You tlkng spoiled tears in heavn

  • Sangeeta Mukherjee
    Sangeeta Mukherjee 4 days ago +1

    Ok....I just clicked on the video Only because I saw Adele on the thumbnail...❤❤❤

  • Angel P
    Angel P 5 days ago +5

    Will MJ ever be overshadowed??? He is such tough act to beat.

  • Amyrella Dfw
    Amyrella Dfw 5 days ago

    Fuxk Adel....where is Pink....Glitter in the Air ? Seriously????

  • Najmus Saqib Mahboobi
    Najmus Saqib Mahboobi 6 days ago +1

    Who else came just to make sure Michael is still on top?

  • Ann Shannon
    Ann Shannon 6 days ago +1

    I do not agree to Grammys where he did Billie Jean is the most memorable.

  • Lavel M
    Lavel M 6 days ago

    Rihanna and Eminem for LTWYL?

    PHOENIXZERO 6 days ago +4

    Apparently the Grammy Awards didn't exist prior to 1988.

  • Tim Wells
    Tim Wells 6 days ago

    Ruined by the commentary un needed

  • Kathleen Diaz
    Kathleen Diaz 6 days ago

    I'll take Tina without Beyonce

  • tompo010101
    tompo010101 6 days ago

    yay a peado at No1

  • King_Todd_23532
    King_Todd_23532 7 days ago

    I was gonna say how could Michael not be on the list. Then BOOM there he is

  • Jose Luis Gochi Contreras

    7:43 "... They took a simple song..." yeah, sure. "Simple"

  • RockWithYu
    RockWithYu 7 days ago

    I won't argue against MJ's 'Man in the Mirror' - I saw it live and had goosebumps the rest of the night - but he lip-synched 'The Way You Make Me Feel' (as evidenced by the lack of a mic). No way lip-synching should make a list of live performances.
    A glaring omission is the Bad Boy medley that featured 'I'll Be Missing You.' That performance occurred shortly after the death of Biggie Smalls, and instead of an angry performance on his home turf (Radio City) Sean Combs delivered one of the most touching, most inclusive and most conciliatory performances I've ever seen. Couldn't help but become choked up about it.

  • Celso Alvarenga
    Celso Alvarenga 7 days ago

    Christina Aguilera singing James Brown’s It’s A Mans Mans World was elected by the Academy itself the third best Grammy performance of all time and y’all just pretended that it didn’t exist

  • Sami Abbott
    Sami Abbott 7 days ago +3

    Prince always gives the performance. WTF

  • Zakary Werkheiser
    Zakary Werkheiser 7 days ago

    I feel that Sir Elton and Eminem should be a couple spots higher. Not only was the performance amazing, it also helped Eminem prove he wasn't the bigot he was accused of being.

  • patrick gilligan
    patrick gilligan 7 days ago

    Sting and Bruno Mars

  • Angelfox Studio
    Angelfox Studio 8 days ago

    What!!! Pink and Lady Gaga is not on this list! Blasphemy!

  • K Nickole
    K Nickole 8 days ago

    Mariah Carey X Fly Like a Bird in 2006. Legendary. Kendrick Lamar 2016.

  • Benji Price
    Benji Price 8 days ago

    The BEETLES *only Paul*

  • Twiki Robot
    Twiki Robot 9 days ago

    Most of these are crap.

  • Chris Evert
    Chris Evert 9 days ago

    Pink's Glitter should be here!

  • jdddskk
    jdddskk 9 days ago

    What do you mean with "amazing"???

  • Michael Petersen
    Michael Petersen 9 days ago

    Pink's Glitter in the Air is my pick for the #1 Grammy Performance.

  • dooweekee
    dooweekee 9 days ago


  • AdamRock
    AdamRock 9 days ago

    How the hell do you leave out P!nk singing "Glitter in the Air" while spinning through the air, in all kinds of positions, and even after dipping into some water, and never missing a note or going off key?!

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee 10 days ago +1

    There had been better, but London Calling with Elvis Costello, Adele, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, and M&M.

  • Andre G
    Andre G 12 days ago

    Barf and Kanye

  • Krystian Kozłowski
    Krystian Kozłowski 13 days ago

    you can see that it's not for singing skills

  • jerry y
    jerry y 13 days ago

    No i dont agree at all ….just goes to show how out of touch the music industry is

  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy Harrison 13 days ago +9

    I don't know, I stopped watching the Grammy's about 20 years ago once rock became irrelevant and rap crap was always in the forefront.

    • Folke Bruno
      Folke Bruno 13 days ago +1

      Timothy Harrison lol what rap has been ignored by the Grammys forever

  • Ks K
    Ks K 14 days ago

    Mj 👑♥️

  • Clarissa Davis
    Clarissa Davis 15 days ago

    Pink should be in this list...She deserve number 1 or 2

  • Gabriela Chacón
    Gabriela Chacón 16 days ago

    For many reasons: Ricky Martin's performance of "The cup of life" in 1999.

  • kajal pomu
    kajal pomu 16 days ago

    Came for Micheal

  • Sebastian Cristan Bellarmino

    Watchmojo needs to do A LOT of research. Keep up!

  • Chocolate Smitten
    Chocolate Smitten 17 days ago

    Oh, I was about to say, MJ better be on here. #1 baby. I know Beyonce is mad because she desperately want people to forget about him. I got receipts.

  • Rui Fernandes
    Rui Fernandes 17 days ago +1

    Where is Eminem with Dr. Dre, Skylar Grey and Rihanna?

  • Sarah Sittinger
    Sarah Sittinger 17 days ago

    Part two!!!

  • Lisa Cunningham
    Lisa Cunningham 19 days ago

    Too many more recent performances here. Not a fan of Lamar or West!

  • Marcel Halat
    Marcel Halat 19 days ago

    i was bout to say what bout michael haha but you delivered

  • ********
    ******** 20 days ago +1

    *Michael Jackson didn't win an award or nomination that night bcoz his previous album Swept most of all the awards . MJ slapped Grammy with ICONIC Performance that night* 😂

  • Ned Ryerson
    Ned Ryerson 20 days ago

    Narration is ridiculously loud. Ruining the music for me. Wtf..... ?

  • Nick senick! !
    Nick senick! ! 21 day ago

    Now if you do this list again you have to add lady Gaga and Bradley cooper’s shallow and Ik it’s from oscars but still

  • MAria Elena Velazquez
    MAria Elena Velazquez 22 days ago

    I expected Pink Glitter in the air to be number 1, at least top 3. I remember the first time I saw it I was blown away.

  • Jeff Dranetz
    Jeff Dranetz 22 days ago

    A very emotionally touching song. The movie was Bradley Cooper's masterpiece, his creation was painstakingly controlled and detailed, hard hitting, and subtle. He really directed Stephanie Germanotta (Lady Gaga) to a level of acting that was remarkable. It was Mr. Cooper's labor of love. Bravo!

  • htjdavid
    htjdavid 22 days ago

    Ummmmm but Macklemore literally turning the Grammys into a wedding chapel and marrying people isn’t in the top 10? Wtf

  • Birdman PB
    Birdman PB 23 days ago

    Overall a trash list

  • Ian Couper
    Ian Couper 23 days ago

    Number one Micheal Jackson . Pish

  • JohnJacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt

    Christina Aguilera performing “It’s A Man’s World” by James Brown & Betty Jean Newsome should be in the Top 5 on this list. She killed it when she performed that song.

  • cassandra nichols
    cassandra nichols 24 days ago

    Christina Aguilera's tribute to James Brown should be on this list.